What time is today's coronavirus press briefing on Wednesday, May 20 and who is speaking?

A SENIOR member of the Government will today (May 20) address the country as part of the daily coronavirus press briefings at 5pm, according to Downing Street.

The press conferences aim to inform the public on decisions being taken by the Government to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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What time is today's coronavirus press briefing?

According to No10, the briefing will be held today at 5pm.

They are usually held at Downing Street.

Since March 16, the Government has held these meetings on a daily basis.

In the briefings officials reveal the latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

Who is speaking and what will be said?

Boris Johnson or a senior member of the Government will chair the Government's coronavirus press briefing.

They often inform Brits about how various departments of government is handling the coronavirus crisis and what is being done to usher the country back to normal.

The briefings are usually co-chaired by officials from various communities including the scientific and medical who also provide updates and inform the public how their sectors are helping in the fight against coronavirus.

The conference comes after reports questioning whether schools will be opened from June 1, as suggested by the Government.

Reports also suggest pubs and restaurants could open as early as July in a bid to get the economy back on track, although this has not been confirmed by the Government.

Also, the World Health Organisation has also issued a directive for clinicians worldwide to be on alert for a condition associated with Kawasaki disease.


How can I watch it?

The briefings are broadcast live by the BBC.

It can also be watched on the Government's official YouTube page.

Also, by following our coronavirus live blog, you will be kept up to date on what is being said at the press conference.

What was said in Tuesday's press conference?

Environment Secretary George Eustice chaired the press briefing on May 19 alongside Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Angela McClean.

He spoke about the Covid alert system, revealing that the UK is currently on Level 4.

According to Mr Eustice, Level 5 represents when the virus is at its worst but said the UK is working towards the third tier.

He urged Brits to help farmers and growers by taking part in the harvest as migrant labour is restricted this year as a result of the travel restrictions.

There are currently fewer people from other countries who would take part in the harvest.

"Only about a third of the people who would normally come are already here and small numbers may continue to travel," Mr Eustice said.

"But one thing is clear and that is that this year we will need to rely on British workers to lend a hand to help bring that harvest home."

The Environment Secretary announced the website, Pick For Britain, which advertises fruit picking jobs for Brits who have been furloughed or are unemployed.

Although the website was "unavailable" within moments of its announcement, it appears to be up and running again.

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