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A SEVERE weather warning has been issued with wild thunderstorms set to lash Britain for the next two days – as many areas already suffered flooding overnight.

Strong downpours have caused chaos in Manchester, Birmingham and Stourbridge, and the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for storms and torrential rain across most of the country.

The massive front is moving from the west across Britain, and stretches from Cornwall to Glasgow, even reaching parts of Northern Ireland. The wild weather could cause rapid flooding of homes and cause damage to buildings through lightning strikes, hail or strong winds. Major roads including the M60, M62 and the M602 have already been disrupted by the rain. It comes after the Met Office initially issued three yellow warnings for thunderstorms and rain across many parts of the UK for three days yesterday.

Weather forecasters warned flooding could damage some buildings due to floodwater, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds. They also said some areas could face power cuts due to the heavy thunderstorms causing havoc for businesses and homeowners. Storms will gradually decrease by tomorrow afternoon, but the south coast is expected to be hit by further heavy showers which will likely cause more flooding.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: "Although some places will miss these heavy showers and thunderstorms, where they do occur they'll be quite lively bringing torrential downpours with 25 to 35mm rain falling in an hour and a few places seeing perhaps 40 to 50mm rain in a couple of hours.

"With this heavy rain falling in a short time we could see some disruption to transport or damage to properties due to localised flooding, as well as the chance of lightning and hail."

In more welcome weather news, Britain will be hit by a heatwave towards the end of June with temperatures surging to scorching levels, the latest weather graphs suggest. It comes as lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease across the UK as the number of coronavirus infections drops. Long-range forecasts show temperatures will mainly remain in the mid-20s, but some areas of the southeast of England will see highs of around 30C. The Met Office weather forecast from June 30 to July 14 says that although there is a risk of showers – with some turning heavy and possibly thundery across the south – the UK should also see some drier and brighter interludes.

The weather warnings for Wednesday and Thursday followed storms on Tuesday evening which brought flash flooding to parts of Greater Manchester and lightning which set a house on fire in Sheffield.


UK weather forecast – Thunderstorm and torrential rain warnings in force for three days before 28C heatwave hits'

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