UK weather forecast – Brits to sizzle in 32C heatwave today and could enjoy hottest June day in 40 years tomorrow – The Sun

BRITAIN are set to sizzle in 32C heat today before what could be the warmest June day for more than 40 years tomorrow.

Temperatures are tipped to rocket towards 36C tomorrow as the country continues to bask in a summer heatwave.

Thursday could set a new record above the hottest June day ever when temperatures hit 35.6C in 1976.

It would also beat last year's hottest June day when highs of around 34C were recorded at Heathrow, West London, on June 29.

The hottest day of the year so far was 28.9C in May, but today's temperatures are due to soar past that and hit 32C before climbing even higher on Thursday.

Met Office forecaster Luke Miall said: "Thursday will probably be the hottest day in the region of 33 or 34 degrees".

Across the UK, sunseekers have flocked to beaches and parks to soak up the summer rays this week.

Brits cooled off with a pint of beer or a dip in the sea as the hot weather continued.

England and Wales will stay warm this evening but could and occasional rain could hit northern and western Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland.

The UK's balmy weather is likely to lessen by the weekend, with fresher air cooling the country down.

The hot spell has sparked concerns about wildfires and the wellbeing of elderly residents cooped up indoors during the UK's coronavirus lockdown.

And the Met Office has warned sunseekers to take care while outdoors in the next few days.

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has warned against starting campfires which can easily get out of control.

The NFCC said: "The weather is forecast to improve and, although we've had our fair share of rain recently, the risk of wildfires remains.

"These fires are often preventable, so if you are enjoying the countryside please be wildfire-aware and look out for our advice."

People with elderly relatives should make sure they keep cool during the lockdown, Age UK has warned.

The sizzling conditions are due to air arriving from the Atlantic and warming up as it moves across the UK.

But there could be an increased risk of storms by the end of the week.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Matthew Lehnert, said: "We’re also seeing an increased risk of thunderstorms towards the end of the week which is expected to bring an end to the very warm and sunny weather."

Meanwhile, firefighters have called for disposable barbecues to be banned due to fears they could spark grass fires.

The London Fire Brigade has had to battle more than 1,400 grass fires across the city so far this year.

The Brigade's Deputy Commissioner Richard Mills said barbecuing on dry grass was "thoughtless and reckless".

"We understand a barbecue ban can be hard to enforce and many councils already have one in place, but we need our partners to do whatever they can to help us protect our city’s open spaces from devastating blazes," he said.

"There is likely to be a prolonged spell of hot weather and for the sake of our city and of our firefighters – who have to work in sweltering temperatures to tackle these blazes – it’s time people listened to our warnings.

“All it takes is one inconsiderate act and a huge area of grass can go up in minutes.”

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