Police speak to Wayne Rooney for meeting Kyle Walker during lockdown

Wayne Rooney ‘is told off by police for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules by meeting friend Kyle Walker’ – days after fellow footballer breached rules by holding £2,000 sex party with two prostitutes at his flat

  • Rooney, 34, and Walker, 29, swooped on by police as they walked with families
  • ‘It was all totally innocent and not deliberate,’ says a source 
  • Piers Morgan says footballers ignoring lockdown rules ‘bring a stain on industry’ 
  • ‘It’s disgusting hypocrisy, its unbelievably selfish and reckless,’ adds Morgan

Former England ace Wayne Rooney has been told off by police after he was spotted walking with Manchester City defender and neighbour Kyle Walker in the middle of the Britain’s coronavirus lockdown.

The Cheshire neighbours were both walking along Prestbury golf course with their families – flouting rules to only go outside with your own households.

News of the swoop comes a day after Walker, 29, came under fire for holding a £2,000 sex party while telling followers to stay home and protect the NHS.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Piers Morgan warned players who ignore social distancing rules ‘bring a stain on the whole industry of football’. 

Wayne and Coleen Rooney with their boys. The family was seen out walking at a Cheshire golf club with next door neighbour Kyle Walker, despite lockdown rules telling the public not to meet with friends or family

Kyle Walker with his ex Annie Kilner, the former couple were seen out walking with their children at Prestbury golf course with former England captain Wayne Rooney and fis family

A source told The Sun: ‘Their kids go to the same school and spotted each other and understandably ran over.

‘The families stopped to talk when all of a sudden the police swooped on them.

‘It was all totally innocent and not deliberate.’ 

Manchester City and England defender Walker apologised over the weekend for inviting two escorts to his home while he had a friend round his flat. 

One of the escorts, Louise McNamara, 21, told The Sun: ‘Kyle really should know better.

‘On the one hand he’s inviting strangers round to his house for sex and the next day he’s lecturing everyone on the need to stay safe.’

Walker, who has 48 England caps, has apologised for the incident.

He said: ‘I want to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for the choices I made last week.

Kyle Walker has apologised after inviting escorts to his flat while repeatedly reminding his 1.7million Instagram followers to stay inside and protect the NHS 

‘I understand that my position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model.

‘As such, I want to apologise to my family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down.’

Manchester City said it was be opening disciplinary proceedings against Walker in the coming days.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday, Piers Morgan critcised Walker and fellow footballer Jack Grealish, who was also caught ignoring lockdown rules.

The GMB presenter said: ‘Footballers are posting rousing messages to the country saying stay indoors, don’t do anything stupid, be a good citizen.

‘Within literally a day [Walker] has hired two escorts to come to his home with his friend for a party. What could be more reckless than that?  

‘Like the chief medical officer [in Scotland] it’s disgusting hypocrisy, its unbelievably selfish and reckless.’ 

Former England captain Wayne Rooney has also grabbed headlines has questioned why footballers appear to have been exclusively targeted from the world of sport by the government to provide extra funds to aid the coronavirus crisis.

There were calls earlier this week, most notably from Matt Hancock, for players to give up a chunk of their wages, with the health secretary urging Premier League footballers to ‘do their bit’.

The Premier League held discussions with the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) on Saturday regarding a proposed player pay cut of 30 per cent, but that has been met with fury as a number of top-flight players are already planning to make direct donations to the NHS as they battle with COVID-19. 

But Rooney, who now plays for Derby County, has claimed footballers are ‘easy targets’, have been made ‘scapegoats’ and asked why ‘big stars from other sports’ have not been publicly called upon to make their contribution.

Writing in his Sunday Times column, Rooney said: ‘Whatever way you look at it, we’re easy targets. What gets lost is that half our wages get taken by the taxman. Money that goes to the government, money that is helping the NHS.

‘And what about the big stars from other sports, who are able to avoid tax by living in places like Monaco — why are they not getting called out? Why aren’t all the wealthy being forced to contribute extra? Wouldn’t that raise more money?’

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