Miracle moment newborn boy is found ALIVE after being buried beneath piles of mud following landslide – The Sun

A NEWBORN baby who had been buried alive in a landslide was saved by selfless villagers in northern India.

The little boy was pulled from piles of thick mud after one of his rescuers spotted his tiny leg sticking out from the soil.

He was trapped at the Sonoura village of Siddharthnagar district in northern India's Uttar Pradesh on May 25.

The villagers, who had been looking for house construction after the landslide, quickly dug out the mud and carefully pulled out a newborn child from the soil.

It is not yet known why the baby was buried, and if he had been dumped and buried alive intentionally.

After being pulled out by the villagers, covered in mud and soil, the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Doctors said he swallowed mud that blocked his respiratory tract but the baby is said to be stable.


Laxmi, a village woman, stepped forward to adopt the baby who is currently under the supervision of the doctors.

In March this year, a newborn baby girl was rescued from a sewer in Sao Paulo after being abandoned.

She was rescued when neighbours heard her cries coming from the gutter.

The girl was dumped in the sewer in the city of Sao Paulo wrapped in plastic bags.

Four military police officers rushed to the scene after a neighbour called the cops when they cold hear crying on February 29.

The little girl was found partially covered in rubbish before she was rescued and taken to the Vila Nova Cachoerinha hospital.

Military Police wrote on social media that the officers “were sure everything was fine with the baby and were “happy for having saved her”.

Brazil's health secretary said the baby was in a stable condition.

An adorable video shared on social media shows the smiling baby having a bath.

In the footage a nurse can be seen bathing the tiny baby as can be heard sayig: "She's so cute!"

Police have launched an attempted murder investigation as officers are working to identify the girls’ parents.

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