Could turmeric be the key to you and your dog staying active?

‘We both now enjoy our walks more than ever’: Could turmeric be the key to you and your dog staying active?

Now more than ever, the simple pleasure of canine companionship and a daily walk with your dog has been brought into focus. To make the most of that all-important exercise, it’s essential that adults and dogs alike are able to walk in comfort.

The benefits of turmeric for us are well known, but they also apply to our much-loved canine friends.

Taking turmeric may help both dogs and dog-owners to continue to enjoy their daily walk and exercise in the fresh air; a simple pleasure we all now appreciate more than ever.

Now more than ever, the simple pleasure of canine companionship and a daily walk with your dog has been brought into focus

FutureYou Cambridge, consistently receives high praise for the effectiveness of their Turmeric+ supplement. But it was their customers who convinced them to develop a turmeric formulation specifically for man’s best friend.

‘Many customers were telling us they were giving Turmeric+ to their pets after having a positive experience themselves. Most of them were sharing it with their dogs,’ says Adam Cleevely, FutureYou Cambridge’s CEO.

In response to their feedback, Curcupet-K9 was born. This highly absorbable turmeric formulation for dogs contains Curcuma Phospholipid Complex, a patented combination of curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric – and soy lecithin, a fat from soya beans. It’s the same formulation as Turmeric+, which is 30x more absorbable than standard turmeric.

Curcupet-K9 is an absorbable turmeric formulation for dogs containing Curcuma Phospholipid Complex, a patented combination of curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric

It seems that many dog owners are benefiting from more than just companionship, as Diane Poole from North Yorkshire explains:

‘I began to take Turmeric+ as I witnessed how much it helped my thirteen- year-old Golden Retriever, Pippa.

Diane Poole started to give her thirteen-year-old Golden Retriever, Pippa, turmeric after experiencing significant benefits when taking it herself

Pippa is now able to to enjoy her daily walks with Diane more than ever 

‘When I was out with my niece, a couple asked me how old my puppy was. That made me smile. I now recommend Curcupet-K9 to all my dog-walking friends.

‘I suffer from issues with my lower back, I was so impressed with the canine turmeric I decided to take the human form – Turmeric+.

Diane says taking Turmeric has helped her with her back problems, as well as helping Pippa 

‘Pippa did me a great favour, we both now enjoy our walks more than ever. I also like to sew and I’m able to get out of my chair more easily when I’ve been sitting for a long time.’

Margaret Gunstone, who lives in Cardiff found the ‘little tablet’ really made a difference;

‘My twelve-year-old Cairn Terrier, Toby, was struggling to walk normally and he didn’t find it easy to get out of bed. This meant that I didn’t like to take him out so much, as I didn’t feel he was up to it.

Twelve-year-old Cairn Terrier, Toby is now bouncing around again after a couple of months of being given Curcupet-K9

‘I’ve been giving him Curcupet-K9, daily, for a couple of months and he now bounces around playing with his two year old sister again.

‘My own sister couldn’t believe how different he was. She has a little chihuahua who kept jumping on him – Toby didn’t mind at all which wouldn’t have happened before, when he was out of sorts.

‘I believe this little tablet has really made a difference. In fact, because I’m not as mobile as I used to be, I’m going to try the Turmeric+ and see how I get on.’

Ros Davies, from Devon, has been giving Curcupet-K9 to her twelve-year-old Bedlington Terrier, named Dexter, for a couple of months.

‘I’ve got more than one dog but Dexter, a Bedlington, had developed stiffness in his hip when quite young – only six or seven. He’d been on various forms of medication for many years which caused quite a lot of stomach problems.

‘We struggled for a long time to find anything that didn’t upset his digestive system.

‘Having found one solution, it then became unobtainable and I was not prepared to put him through more discomfort.

As a Bedlington (stock image used) is a rather rare sight, Ros says that he always attracts lots of attention on his walks 

‘At the same time, I noticed an advertisement for the Curcupet-K9 supplement and decided to give it a go.

‘He’s now much more interested in his walks, which is great for me too – and his appetite has returned.

‘Dexter draws a lot of attention when we are out walking as Bedlingtons are quite rare. In just five weeks people are saying they can’t believe he is twelve.

FutureYou Cambridge’s Curcupet-K9 is the same formula as their hugely popular Turmeric+ for humans, and both are 30x more absorbable than standard turmeric

‘I’m really happy for him. At his age I’m aware that he has limited time available, but he’s now getting so much pleasure out of life.

‘When you give a supplement to your dog, you can tell if it’s working based on their behaviour’ adds Cleevely. We’re absolutely thrilled with the feedback we’re getting from customers.’

Remember not all turmeric supplements are equal. Popular supplements may include high levels of curcumin, but while claims of high curcumin levels might catch consumers’ attention they should also look carefully at ease of absorption (‘bioavailability’) and whether they are developed by a trusted source.

* Curcupet-K9 is a dietary food supplement specifically formulated for use in adult dogs. It is not intended to restore, treat or correct physiological function in pets. You should keep your vet advised of any concerns you have about your dog’s health, and make sure they are aware of any supplements your dog is taking.

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Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Consult with your animal’s vet before using this product if your animal is pregnant, lactating, taking medication or under medical supervision. If your pet suffers any adverse reaction while using this supplement, discontinue use and consult a vet. Not suitable for puppies or kittens. Keep out of the reach of children.

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