The Voice star Catherine Harding is expecting Chelsea ace Jorginho’s baby – The Sun

THE Voice star Catherine Harding is expecting Chelsea ace Jorginho’s baby, The Sun can reveal.

Catherine, who already has a child with actor Jude Law, is nearly five months pregnant.

She announced her baby news on Instagram on Mother’s Day and has given a series of clues about her romance — but has never revealed who the father is.

Married Jorginho has two children but his representatives said he separated from wife Natalia Leteri in secret last year before he started dating Catherine.

Jorginho and Natalia had been together for more than eight years but only got married in 2017.

A source said: “Cat fell hard for him and has struggled to keep their romance a secret.

“It became known to her circle of friends, the music industry and — through her role on The Voice — backstage on TV.

“She told Jorginho she was pregnant just before her announcement.

“He was delighted and she’s looking forward to becoming a mother for the second time.”

Irish-born Catherine, 29, was mentored by Olly Murs on the current series of the ITV show and made it to the knockout stages.

In an interview last month she said: “I definitely write a lot of love songs, especially last year.

“Last year I entered into a new relationship and that ­definitely gave me loads of creativity and inspiration.”

The lyrics of one declare: “I know this kind of love can’t leave any traces.”

She has been learning Portuguese — the native language of Jorginho, who was born in Brazil but plays for Italy — and signed off an Instagram post: “To you my love, Et te amo”. The phrase means “And I love you”.

Catherine dated Jude in 2014 and gave birth to their daughter Ada, his fifth child, the following year.

Jorginho made a £57million move from Napoli to Chelsea in 2018 and is now vice-captain.

He and Natalia have a son and a daughter, born in November that year.

Despite their split, the couple appear together on social media, with Natalia posting a family video to her 12,500 Instagram followers this week.

Catherine did not respond to requests for comment.

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