Piers Morgan rips into Matt Hancock in Marcus Rashford row: ‘Who did he think he was?’

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Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford has gained support from up and down the country as he recently started a campaign for children to be given free school meals over the summer. The England star’s pledge has hit headlines after raising millions of pounds himself as he calls on Boris Johnson and MPs to commit to the cause but is yet to be successful. The topic was subject to a heated outburst from GMB’s Piers this morning as he too called on politicians, particularly Mr Johnson and Matt Hancock, to U-turn and back the footballer’s campaign.

Rashford shared an open letter to the government via social media yesterday in which he called for action to be taken for children who may go without food this summer. 

The 22-year-old cited his own experiences growing up in similar circumstances and implored his followers to contact their local MPs with the campaign.

Piers and Susanna both spoke out in support of the England star this morning, with the former beginning: “Well, Marcus Rashford has raised £20million for these causes.

“He’s not going to affect real government change. It’s a wider point though, isn’t it?


  • Government respond to Man Utd star Marcus Rashford’s plea

“Who the hell did Matt Hancock think he was? Lecturing footballers, not prepared to follow that himself.”

He added: “Wasn’t prepared to lose a single penny of his own salary. He’s been a total fiasco in this pandemic this Health Secretary.

“We have the worst record in the world in terms of death rate. We have the worst approval rating by our own people here in this country for how our government’s handled it.

“And there he is lecturing footballers about what they should be doing to do their bit. Well they just did”

The GMB host then called on the government directly to jump into action to get behind the footballer.

Piers continued: “So why don’t you do your bit, Mr Hancock (and) Boris Johnson, now,

“Give Marcus Rashford a win on this very, very worthy and good campaign.

“Let these kids get some food for the rest of the summer. That’s doing your bit!”


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