Michelle Visage: Who’s in How’s Your Head Hun? Star warns ‘we are not the Kardashians’

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Michelle Visage might be best known for Strictly Come Dancing and RuPaul’s Drag Race but now the star is inviting viewers into her home. The new show How’s Your Head Hun? follows Visage and her family as they deal with lockdown in their Los Angeles house.

How’s Your Head Hun? is a new eight-part series from Michelle Visage and BBC Three.

The fly-on-the-wall show follows the Drag Race judge as she attempts to learn some new skills as well as catching up with some old friends virtually.

However, at the heart of the series is Visage’s family as viewers follow them dealing with lockdown in their own way.

Behind the camera is Visage’s husband David Case while the show also features one of her daughters, 18-year-old Lola and her new boyfriend Dylan.


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And according to Visage, they were all quite excited about the prospect of the new series when she told them about it.

She told Express.co.uk recently: “I had to tell them – obviously I couldn’t just be, ‘Surprise, the cameras are here.’

“But when I pitched it to them, I said, ‘How do you guys feel about it?’ They were all down for it, they were all really into it.

“I said, ‘I hope you know what this means you’re gonna have to do X, Y and Z and be open to things being out there’, and I was mostly worried about my daughter and not my husband.

“He’s gonna do what I say anyway. But for my daughter and her boyfriend, they were surprisingly okay with it.

“I think the idea of doing something while we’re in quarantine is exciting because a lot of people are struggling to find what to do with their time.”

As Visage mentioned, alongside them they also have their daughter’s new boyfriend quarantining with them, which has added a unique dynamic in the house.

The pair had been dating for just three months before the lockdown order came in, which the star revealed left them making a quick decision.


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She explained: “They were dating for three months before they quarantined and I know we as parents, looked at each other and we’re like, well, these are our options.

“Is she going to try to sneak in and out of the house constantly to try to see this new boyfriend or do we have quarantine with us and we take a risk of them doing naughty bits under our roof?”

But the pair have been adjusting well to the cameras as Lola finishes her final year at school despite not being able to have a graduation.

Visage also revealed how her husband has been dedicating himself to the new show, taking charge of all of the filming.

She added: “My husband is the cameraman. He’s the sound man. He’s the lighting man.

“He’s on it like he’s doing everything if anybody deserves the award it’s my husband.”


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However, above all, she hopes the new series will show how normal they all are and how they are dealing with lockdown just like anyone else.

Visage added: “We’ve got a house that’s not the cleanest, so I’m trying to tidy that up because we are not the Kardashians but I’m trying to be in my best way!

“Because we don’t have a guest house or pool or anything like to run to so trying to get our own space and time is kind of funny – it’s like if I get upset I’m going to the loo!

“We’re still doing it, you know, and we’re basically just like everybody else. And I think that’s the allure.”

How’s Your Head Hun is airing on BBC iPlayer now.

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