GMB viewers defend Dan Walker following Piers Morgan outburst: ‘Don’t let him get to you!’

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Matt Hancock had appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss the UK Government’s latest approach to the coronavirus pandemic, including the lockdown of Leicester and testing figures. However, when Mr Hancock failed to provide a number on testing, Walker came under fire from his ITV counterpart Piers Morgan for not “doing his job” and probing for more clarity.

Morgan blasted the BBC presenter for letting Mr Hancock “get away” with not answering questions.

In a furious rant, Morgan fumed: “He’s [Walker] getting the interviews because he won’t jump in and say, ‘What are you talking about Health Secretary?’

“What could be a more important bit of data than how many people are being tested? What could possibly be more important?

“And yet you pretend it’s meaningless,” he added.


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BBC’s Walker took to Twitter in response to the criticism, although he didn’t mention Morgan specifically.

Walker tweeted: “It is essential that politicians are allowed to speak. The idea (from some) that we, and others, don’t challenge ministers is completely untrue.

“Important to ask questions. Important to press. Important to let you listen. Thanks for watching #BBCBreakfast.”

Morgan still wasn’t satisfied as he told Walker he’d “blew it” when he had the chance to grill the Health Secretary.

Despite Morgan’s firm stance on his BBC rival, many ITV viewers were quick to voice their defence for Walker’s approach.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Totally agree Dan. We can then make our own judgements on the person being interviewed. We don’t need to be lectured at by that complete #hypocrite @piersmorgan!”

A second agreed: “I watched interview with @mrdanwalker he asked important questions, you showed a clip of the interview on gmb claiming Dan needs to jump in regarding Matt’s answer but Dan was about to question his answer when GMB cut the interview just before he spoke.”

While a third defended the BBC host by saying: “Dan don’t let Morgan get to you.”

A fourth weighed in: “You horrible man Morgan. Dan Walker is worth millions of you. Say it as it is you usually do!!”

And a fifth added: “Morgan, suffering a bad case of interview envy, as he critiques Dan Walker’ lack of over-talk, interrupt, push own view technique… back to the drawing board Dan…”

However, there were some GMB viewers were firmly on Morgan’s side.

One sternly said: “Dan needs to grow a pair. Maybe learn something from Piers.”

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While a second jumped on Morgan’s side: “Piers Morgan has been proven right evertime. Just because he attacks idiots that don’t want to answer difficult Qs thats his job and it would be a great loss to lose him.

“I hope he stays just as he is, doing what he does. They are scared to come on #GMB. Keep going piers.”

Piers’ outburst comes almost 10 weeks into a Government boycott of the ITV breakfast show following a series of heated rows earlier this year.

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