Amber Portwood Met a Man Online Who's Flying to America for the First Time to Meet Her

Sure, the quarantine may have put a temporary halt on single people meeting up with each other IRL, but it looks like Amber Portwood has approximately zero f*cks to give about that. Why? Well, because she’s met the man of her dreams online (and is finally moving on from her ex, Andrew Glennon, as a result).

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber revealed that a dating service set her up with a fetching man named Dimitri. “It was super chill,” she told a producer on the show. “He’s a very nice person. Chemistry matters a lot to me. He was the only one who never brought up dick pics and stuff like that.”

Amber and Dimitri’s conversations have been going so well that they’ve decided he should come see her in the States soon. “I started opening up to him and we decided we should meet since we like each other this much,” she added.

Later on in the episode, Amber and Dimitri had a video phone call that showed them discussing their travel plans. Dimitri shared that he will be flying out from Belgium to stay with Amber in Indiana for three months, and get this—it’s his first time coming to the United States!

Though it may seem like Amber is moving just a tad bit fast here, don’t worry—she’s still making it a huge point to prioritize her family above all else. “Everyone in my life right now understands what’s numero uno and that’s [her children] James [and] Leah, and if I want a happy relationship they have to understand that,” she explained.

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