Redditors share worst 'food sins' they've ever seen

‘It’s cursed and gross’: People reveal the worst ‘food sins’ they have ever seen others commit, including bell peppers filled with whipped cream – and TUNA and jelly sandwiches

  • Redditors shared ‘food sins’ in a popular thread this week
  • Several involved mayonnaise, either with people eating it plain out of the jar or mixing it with things like orange juice
  • Other combinations include orange juice with milk, a banana dipped in pizza sauce, Nutella with cheese, and ketchup on pizza

Redditors are sharing the worst ‘food sins’ they’ve ever seen, the unholy and questionably edible dishes they’ve either consumed themselves or watched another person eat.

While most of the responses came from people expressing horror over the eating habits of their family members and friends, a few admitted to their own odd preferences, like tuna fish and jelly sandwiches.

Most, though, couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw others enjoying mayo straight out of the jar, ketchup on pizza, and  bell peppers filled with whipped cream.

Oh please no… Redditors are sharing the worst ‘food sins’ they’ve ever seen, including a tuna fish and jelly sandwich (stock image) 

One Redditor has a peanut allergy and was never able to eat peanut butter and jelly as a kid. The Redditor did, though, really like tuna, and managed to convince a baby sitter to make a tuna fish and jelly sandwich. 

‘She gave me “the look” and asked if that’s what my parents gave me, and I said yes. Y’know, like a liar,’ the Redditor wrote. ‘She made it. I consumed it. I f***in loved it. I still eat it, actually.’ 

There were more tuna sinners, including one who ate a salad ‘which included salsa, bananas, and tuna fish.’

There were also quite a few sins involving mayonnaise, including someone who ate it straight from the jar, someone who mixed it with sugar and spread it on bread, and someone else who mixed it with orange juice.

One person’s fencing club likes orange juice mixed with milk, which is even more gross than it sounds.

‘It curdles into a thin liquid with chunky bits of curdled milk floating in it like some demonic cereal,’ he said.

Ew: There were quite a few sins involving mayonnaise, including someone who ate it straight from the jar and someone else who mixed it with orange juice

One Redditor’s sister likes to eat eats green bell peppers filled with whipped cream. 

‘I have insisted from the very beginning that it’s cursed and gross and wrong and she just doesn’t care,’ the commenter wrote. ‘She’s eaten them since she was maybe 7 or 8 … It tastes like you’re having salad and dessert at the same time, it’s like listening to music in stereo where one ear is playing Bohemian Rhapsody and the other ear is playing Pop Candy.’

Other sins included sugar on eggs, syrup on eggs, ‘a donut in between two slices of bread,’ cheddar cheese on peanut butter sandwiches, an onion eaten like an apple, and a banana dipped in pizza sauce.

Still more Redditors witnessed spaghetti in a burrito, York peppermint patties on quesadillas, Nutella with cheese, sugar on rice, and ketchup on pizza, macaroni and cheese, and even Oreos.

Some people considered it a sin not to just eat a gross food combination, but to ‘ruin’ a good food, like by cooking steak to be well done.

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The best and worst gardening trends of all time have been revealed

Whether it’s gnomes, water features or potted plants – everyone has their own taste when it comes to gardens.

But new research has shed light on the best and worst gardening trends of all time.

A poll of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Draper Tools, uncovered the nation’s best-loved and most hated outdoor features.

It found that summer houses, decking, bird feeders, vegetable patches and water features came out on top, as well as herb gardens, living walls and outdoor kitchens.

Among the worst trends were hot tubs, trampolines, wind chimes, gnomes, fake grass, fences painted with orange wood stain and coniferous trees.

Decorative items which attract wildlife – such as hedgehog homes, meadow areas and bumblebee nest boxes – found themselves in the ‘good’ category.

Similarly, tree houses, lanterns and pond areas also proved popular, along with sustainable trends like composting.

But planters made to look like old shoes or fake bicycles and metal wall ornaments resembling birds, animals or butterflies were all considered to be bad trends – along with sonic animal repellers and patio heaters.

Kev Smith, head of marketing at Draper Tools, commented: ‘The research goes to show just how passionate we are about our gardens – clearly those polled have pretty strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

‘However gardens are a very personal thing and what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another, so if you’re happy with your garden then that’s all that matters.

‘But it’s certainly fascinating – and a bit of fun – to find out what people are keen on and what they’re not quite so fond of.’

The poll also revealed that a quarter of green-fingered enthusiasts said they made an effort to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the gardening world.

The top 30 gardening trends

The 30 worst gardening trends

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The worst beer gardens in Britain – but we bet you’d still love a pint in one after 8 weeks in lockdown

AFTER eight weeks in lockdown, Brits are eager to return to the humble pub garden.

However, not all of them are that enticing, with some rather depressing gardens across the UK.

While a pub beer garden is a staple in all summer plans, some pubs didn't get the memo to make them nice for punters.

Outdoor heating, comfy seats and a great view are just some of the things that make a relaxing drink with friends.

Instead, these gardens offer brick wall-views, dodgy seating and creepy ambience.

We've rounded up some of the worst offenders – which you might still end up visiting after lockdown

1. Locked doors

2. Social distancing to the extreme

3. Double parked

4. Room and a view

5. Take a seat

6. Nearly plastered

7. Sloshed by lunchtime

8. Pint-size space

9. Hole in the wall

10. Seeing double doors

11. Warning signs

12. Outdoor seating

Pub gardens may be able to open by next month – although may be slightly different than before.

Farms and streets should be allowed to be used for extra space when reopening pub gardens, according to a tourism boss.

Tourism Alliance director Kurt Janson told Sun Online Travel: "Pubs could open back onto fields, especially in rural areas, and use farmer's fields to increase the footfall."

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World suffers worst day for coronavirus so far with 106,000 new infections just yesterday alone – The Sun

THE world suffered the worst day yet for coronavirus infection after 106,000 new cases were recorded yesterday, the World Health Organisation said.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, chief of the UN health agency, also expressed concern for poorer countries as richer nations emerged from their lockdowns.

He said: “We still have a long way to go in this pandemic. We are very concerned about rising cases in low and middle income countries.

“We're very concerned about the rising numbers of cases in low- and middle-income countries.”

The figure of 106,000, reported to the WHO yesterday, is also a reflection of countries around the globe ramping up their testing facilities.

Since the start of the outbreak late last year, nearly five million cases of Covid-19 have been recorded – a figure the WHO have called a “tragic milestone.”


The total death toll around the world is 328,100, reports Sky News.

Meanwhile, the WHO's member states agreed to an independent probe into the agency's handling and response to the pandemic.

This comes after Donald Trump threatened to pull the US out of the organisation and permanently freeze its funding if the WHO did not commit to “major substantive improvements” within 30 days.

The US President issued the ultimatum in a letter sent to Tedros which the brash New Yorker also posted on Twitter.

In response, Tedros said: “We have received the letter and we are looking into it.”

The WHO has agreed to an “impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation” of their actions and that the probe should start at the “earliest possible moment.”

Trump has continually hit out at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Beijing as Covid-19 has infected more than 1.5million people in the US.


In a letter to the WHO yesterday, Trump claims the agency "consistently ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in Wuhan," and "has been curiously insistent on praising China."

Earlier on Monday, Trump rejected an invite to address the WHO, which he said has done a “sad job” during the pandemic.

Trump said he’d pass on a meeting with the organization, who he’s repeatedly said is too “China-centric” and has a "disastrous" response to the pandemic.


He claimed the WHO gave the US “a lot of terrible advice,” and is “always on the side of China” — even calling the organization a “puppet of China.”

Last week, a CIA report, seen by Newsweek, emerged showing Beijing told the World Health Organisation they would stop working with them if the agency declared a global health emergency.

And it has been reported that the White House has ordered spy agencies to probe if China and the WHO initially hid information about the outbreak.

The CIA, the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency were given a specific "tasking" to learn more information about the early days of the virus in China, officials told NBC.

US intelligence officials previously found that China purposefully made up their number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

China said the United States was trying to shift the blame for Washington's own mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis in response to Trump's letter.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters this week that the US was trying to smear Beijing and was attempting to avoid its own responsibility.

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Europe suffers worst crisis since WW2 as France plunges into recession and Spain’s economy collapses – The Sun

EUROPE is suffering its worst financial crisis since World War II as France and Italy plunge into recession and Spain's economy collapses.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed tens of thousands across the continent and wrought economic havoc as whole countries were locked down.

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Business activity from hotels and restaurants to construction and manufacturing has been frozen by shutdowns aimed at preventing the bug’s spread.

And the latest figures today show the European economy shrank by a record 3.8 per cent in the first quarter of the year.

The drop in the 19-country Eurozone was the biggest since statistics began in 1995.

It was even sharper than the plunge seen in the depths of the 2009 global financial crisis, after the bankruptcy of US investment bank Lehman Brothers.

Germany – Europe's largest economy – has already shrunk by 1.9 per cent in the first three months of 2020 and is expecting a 12.2 per cent contraction in the second quarter.


Forecasts by the country’s Economy Ministry due to be presented next week will show the slump is predicted to be the worst since just after World War II in 1950, Bloomberg reports.

France and Italy are now both officially in recession after two consecutive quarters of economic contraction.

The French economy shrank 5.8 per cent – the most since the country’s statistics agency began keeping the figures in 1949 – while Italy’s contracted by 4.7 per cent.

The drop was especially bad in face-to-face businesses like hotels and restaurants, retail stores, transportation and construction.


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Spain too took a battering, with its economy shrinking by 5.2 per cent in the first quarter – its worst reading since records began in the early 1990s.

The drop doesn’t put the country in a technical recession – it grew slightly in the final quarter of 2019.

And the economic situation in Europe is likely even worse than today’s numbers suggest.

Lockdown measures were mostly put in place only in March – the last of the three months in the quarter.

That means the statistics for the second quarter in three months’ time will almost certainly be even more disastrous.

Unemployment figures could also be masking a terrible reality, it’s feared, after showing only a slight rise to 7.4 per cent in March from 7.3 per cent in February.

Millions of workers are still being supported by temporary programmes under which governments pay most of their salaries in return for companies agreeing not to lay people off.

But there are no guarantees how long these deals will last, or what will happen to people’s jobs when they end.

Give now to The Sun's NHS appeal

BRITAIN’s four million NHS staff are on the frontline in the battle against coronavirus.

But while they are helping save lives, who is there to help them?

The Sun has launched an appeal to raise £1MILLION for NHS workers. The Who Cares Wins Appeal aims to get vital support to staff in their hour of need.

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We are urging Sun readers to sign a petition calling for our NHS staff to be awarded the George Cross.

We are backing a proposal by Lord Ashcroft to honour our health heroes with the gallantry gong given for acts of bravery that did not take place in battle.

A No10 spokesman said: “The NHS is doing a fantastic job and the nation will want to find a way to say thank you when we have defeated this virus.” SAS hero Andy McNab added: “The award of a George Cross would show an emotional appreciation.”

We are asking our readers to please sign the petition below.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says ‘worst is over’ after death toll broke 10,000 in state on Easter Sunday – The Sun

THE coronavirus death toll reached 10,000 in New York state on Easter Sunday, but the "worst" is over, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says.

A total of 671 new deaths were reported, the first time in a week the daily toll dropped below 700.

Gov. Cuomo told reporters on Monday that people are still dying at a “horrific level of pain and grief and sorrow.”

“This virus is very good at what it does. It is a killer,” Cuomo said during a news briefing.

Cuomo says the number of people hospitalized by COVID-19 has flattened to just under 19,000.

"Here's the good news: The curve continues to flatten," he said, according to CNN.

"It appears we have a plateau.

"Nobody knows how long because nobody has been here before."

The delicate and slow progress will continue if people adhere to self-quarantine and safety guidelines, he said.

“The worst can be over, and it is over unless we do something reckless,” Cuomo said.

"And you can turn those numbers on two or three days of reckless behavior.”

New York City, which has a large majority of the coronavirus cases in the state, is in danger of running out of swabs for COVID-19 tests.

Officials are urging medical providers to continue testing only patients who are gravely ill.

“As the swab supply continues to decline, there is a real possibility hospitals will completely run out,” an April 11 health alert said.

“At this time, providers are reminded to only test hospitalized patients in order to preserve resources that are needed to diagnose and appropriately manage patients with more severe illness.”

State and city officials have pleaded with the Trump administration for widespread testing so they can move to a containment phase.

“If the president of the United States or anyone else wants a recovery — and we all want it, right?" said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"But if you’re serious about it, you can’t do it without widespread testing."

Said the city's health commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot: We "won’t be able to get this over the finish line, if you will, if we don’t have the supply that the mayor is calling for or the assistance of the federal government.”

About 462,000 people in New York state have been tested for the virus as of Sunday. About 189,000 had tested positive.

Just 44 per cent of tests conducted in the state have been done in New York City.

The pandemic's epicenter is the US, which has seen more than 22,000 deaths, and about half have been in the New York metropolitan area.

Hospitalizations are slowing in the state, and other factors suggest lockdowns and social distancing are working.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has suggested that parts of the country could gradually reopen as early as next month.

A total of 560,000 people have tested positive in the US and 1.8 million around the world.

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