Family totally revamp their worn out garden during lockdown complete seating areas, a fireplace and a playground

OUR time in lockdown has been the perfect time to tackle any tasks around the home that have otherwise been left neglected.

And one family has shown exactly what can be done in a small amount of time after completely revamping their entire garden in just 23 days .

Natalie Woolley, a travel adviser and her husband Tom, a plumbing heating engineer had planned to get their yard done by a landscaper.

But having both been furloughed as a result of coronavirus, they decided not to drop a huge chunk of cash on their yard.

Determined to still get their dream garden, and keen for something to do, the pair thought up another plan, and what would have cost them £10k ended up costing £1500 instead.

Natalie shared snaps of her garden online which showed dead grass riddled with weeds, along with a worn out timber decking that's seen better days.

Now, however, the spruced up garden consists of freshly laid grass, two seating areas, a stunning new decking and it even includes a play area for the kids and a fireplace for mum and dad.

In her post on the Gardening on a budget official Facebook page, Natalie wrote: "So pleased with our family garden project 23 days in total , we all played a part but my partner Tom did all the hard work. We recycled everything we could"

And added " Not gonna lie not sure any of us like painting anymore."

But the hard work paid of, no doubt, as the old timber decking is now a stunning shade of grey and a new tiled patio features a super modern, and popular, stencil design.

Addressing inquiries on the Facebook post, Natalie revealed that she used Dulux Weathershield ultimate masonry paint in Concrete Grey for the decking and added the shade Jasmin White to create the stencil pattern.

The stencil, she said, was from Dizzy Duck Designs and she used a sponge to apply the paint claiming it was much faster and results in a neater finish.

Speaking with Fabulous, Natalie said: "We was meant to have had it done by a landscaper start of May which was going to cost £10k but with me a travel adviser and Tom a plumbing heating engineer we have both been put in furlough, so didn't want to spend so much money.

"Tom always likes to keep busy so he decided we'd do it together. Overall we've spent about £1500, as we've tried to recycle everything we had – main aim was for little to have garden to play in and us to relax."

And just in time too as the Woolley now have a perfect yard to relax in over the sunny bank holiday weekend – and can continue for weeks and months to come.

Fellow green fingers loved the transformation too, with many gushing over the new look.

"You all should be really proud it looks stunning, a great transformation," one person wrote.

And a second wrote: "Looks lovely, your hard work has paid off."

While many others dubbed the new look "stunning" and "fabulous".

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Coronavirus in the Bible: Bizarre claim COVID-19 is ‘fulfilling Bible prophecy’ of plague

The coronavirus has infected more than one million people since November, fuelling widespread panic around the globe. The COVID-19 virus first appeared in China’s Hubei Province but has since spread to nearly every corner of the world, killing more than 55,000 people. In these uncertain times, many have looked to the Christian Bible for answers.

Doomsday preachers and evangelists who follow literal interpretations of the Bible have also used the pandemic to spread claims of biblical prophecy.


Bryan McDonald of The Trumpet said: “From the moment the coronavirus crisis began, The Trumpet has explained that this disease is fulfilling Bible prophecy.

“Many biblical passages, such as Revelation 6 and Matthew 24, forecast disease pandemics in the time just before Jesus Christ returns.

“The truth is, as Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry recently warned, we can ‘expect diseases like this new Wuhan coronavirus to get worse, and to eventually spread like medieval pandemics and kill millions of people’.”


  • Coronavirus UK tracker: Check how many confirmed cases in YOUR area

The Bible does include prophecies of plague and disease in the end times, but there is no tangible evidence to link these to the coronavirus.

In Revelation 6, the Apostle John said: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

“And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

And in Matthew 24, Jesus Christ spoke of the biblical signs that will herald the end of the world.

He said: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

This disease is fulfilling Bible prophecy

Bryan McDonald, The Trumpet

“You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

“All these are the beginning of birth pains.”

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  • Coronavirus symptoms: Blue vomit symptom

According to Mr McDonald, the death and suffering caused by the coronavirus is not without reason.

In his opinion, the crisis is unfolding “on God’s terms”.

He bizarrely said: “God is allowing the coronavirus as correction for our sins.”

But not all Christian authors agree with the COVID-19 outlook.

Dr Michael Brown argued in an article for The Stream there is no evidence to say coronavirus is a harbinger of doom.

He said: “My own understanding is that there will be massive upheaval before the end of the world, in the midst of which there will also be a mighty spiritual outpouring.

“But either way, what is clear to me is that we should not view the coronavirus as a prophesied, end-time plague.

“Instead, we should view it in the same way we have viewed many other epidemics and pandemics in world history.

“They are tragic reminders of the broken state of our world and of the frailty of our race.”

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Oregon WWII veteran becomes world's oldest person to beat Covid-19

Oregon Spanish flu survivor and WWII veteran aged 104 becomes world’s oldest person to recover from Covid-19

  • Bill Lapschies, 104, is believed to be the world’s oldest coronavirus survivor
  • His veteran’s home has to date reported 16 Covid-19 cases among its residents 
  • Of those, eight recovered, two are in a serious condition, and two have died 
  • Two nurses, turned away for testing, continued working for a week with the virus

A 104-year-old man, who survived World War II and the Spanish Flu pandemic, is believed to be the world’s oldest coronavirus survivor. 

Bill Lapschies, who was born in Salem in 1916, first displayed symptoms commonly associated with the deadly virus, on March 5.

He was quickly put into isolation at the Edward C Allworth Veterans’ Home in Lebanon, Oregon, where he currently resides. 

He was one of the first two residents at the home who tested positive for the virus on March 11. The other, a man in his 90s, has since died.

Bill Lapschies, 104, seen here wearing a protective mask outside the home on his birthday

Getting a bit of TLC here, Bill Lapschies  receives a nice warm patterned blanket in recovery

Edward C Allworth Veterans’ Home has to date reported 16 Covid-19 cases among its residents.

Eight have recovered, one has no symptoms, two are in a serious condition, and two have died. The remaining three are stable.

Oregon Health Authority announced the state’s first Covid-19 case in nearby Marion County around the same time Lapschies became symptomatic.

Lapschies had contracted a ‘moderate’ case of coronavirus, according to his physician, Doctor Rob Richardson, but never developed the severe breathing problems associated.  

Had he not been residing at the Edward C Allworth Veterans’ Home at the time of catching the virus, he likely would have been transferred to a hospital, Doctor Richardson said.

‘This could have easily gone another way,’ added Richardson. ‘There’s not a lot of interventions that can be done.’ 

In a wheelchair, wearing a WWII cap and face mask, Bill Lapschies on his 104th birthday

Doctor Richardson told Oregon Public Broadcasting he knew it was a matter of ‘when, not if’ Covid-19 impacted his facility. ‘I thought we might have a 30 percent mortality rate here in our facility because all of our veterans have some other medical problems.’

In February, the Edward C Allworth Veterans’ Home insisted on screening all people visiting the facility and limiting visitations – however they did not stop entirely.

By early March, residents like Lapschies suspected of the virus began entering into isolation. Doctor Richardson said some in the facility had some sort of respiratory infection he suspected was Covid-19.

Two nurses who had been in contact with Lapschies and the other first infected resident who died also showed similar symptoms.

They were told by the home to get tested, but were turned away with ‘mild’ symptoms and continued working another week. Both later tested positive. 

Veterans Care Centers of Oregon, who oversee the home, declined to comment, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.  

Family of Bill Lapschies, 104, seen here with signs to celebrate the Covid-19 survivor’s birthday

On April 1, Lapschies celebrated his 104th birthday at the facility with his family – and 25 days since his first Covid-19 symptoms and 19 days since he developed a fever. 

Appearing outside the facility sporting a World War II cap, pale blue protective face mask, and sitting in his wheelchair, Lapschies’ granddaughter Jamie Yutzie asked the 104 year old how he beat it.

‘I don’t know,’ he said. ‘It just went away. Sit out here and you can get rid of anything.’ 

To mark his big birthday, and surviving Covid-19, Lapschies’ family brought along balloons and cake to the celebration, and carried signs too. Of course, everyone ensured they were spaced out by some six feet, adhering to social distancing.

Salem-born Lapschies came into the world in 1916.

Having first survived the 1918 Spanish Flu that saw between 50 to 100 million people wiped out across the world, Lapschies then had to endure the Great Depression of the 1930s, which began in the US.

Then, in 1939, Lapschies married Alamadean ‘Deanie’ Buetell, with whom he had two daughters.

The pair would stay married until Alamadean passed away in 2001. 

Lapschies was drafted to the US Army in 1943 to fight in World War II. He was to be stationed in the Aleutian Islands, dispatching trucks and heavy equipment for the war effort.

His daughter Carolee Brown described her father as ‘a wonderful family man’. 

Lapschies is one of the lucky ones. Statistically speaking, Covid-19 is particularly dangerous for elderly persons, especially those with with underlying health conditions.

Older Americans account for 80 percent of coronavirus-related deaths, according to research coming out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   

Lapschies joins a cohort of the world’s oldest Covid-19 survivors.

Zhang Guangfen, a 103-year-old grandmother in China, recovered from Covid-19 following a six-day treatment in Wuhan. She is so far believed to be the oldest surviving coronavirus patient in China, two years older than the previous record-holder, who is 101.

A 103-year-old unnamed woman in Iran also recovered after being hospitalized in the central city of Semnan for about a week. 

Italica Grondona, a 102-year-old woman, recovered in the San Martino hospital in Genoa, Italy. She was nicknamed ‘Highlander’ – the immortal, after spending more than 20 days in hospital.

And a 96-year-old woman in South Korea became the oldest patient in the country to fully recover from coronavirus. The woman, from Cheongdo County close to the southern city of Daegu, made a full recovery after being treated at the Pohang public clinic. 

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