The ‘Avatar’ Voice Actors Include Mark Hamill, George Takei, and Serena Williams

It only makes sense that Avatar: The Last Airbender, an impressive animate television series (we think, the best, the most impressive), should also have an impressive list of voice acting talents.

And Avatar doesn’t just boast beloved voice acting pipes like Mark Hamill (Fire Lord Ozai) and Scott Menville (an actor playing Sokka); it also sneaks in several guest cameos, like Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies (and Avatar’s equally evil General Zhao), Serena Williams (who voices a prison guard), and freaking George Takei (who voices a prison warden). Evidently, there are a lot of prison characters in Avatar.

But the series’ principle cast of voice actors really brings it all home, voicing Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Zuko. And, of course Appa and Momo, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who said he made up most of the sounds just based on the sketches he received of the two creatures (which are closest to a lemur and a bison).

Here are all the actors who voiced the major characters.

Zach Tyler (Aang)


Tyler was eleven when doing the voice acting for Aang (12 in the show) in season 1. Tyler also did voice acting work for The Backyardigans and The Ant Bully, but more or less disappeared after the series. Typical Avatar move.

Jack De Sena (Sokka)


De Sena described Sokka as a goofball and said he mostly had to just exaggerate all of his instinctual voices. (Which must mean De Sena is also kind of a goofball; people of a certain age will remember him as such on Nickelodeon’s All That.) He’s now the voice of Callum in Netflix’s The Dragon Prince.

Mae Whitman (Katara)


Whitman is also a recording artist and screen actor (best known for her roles in Arrested Development and Good Girls), appearing in Independence Day when she was eight.

Dante Basco (Zuko)


Basco was one of the older voice talents for the series’ kids. He was 28 during the show’s first season. Basco also voices Jake Long in American Dragon: Jake Long and Iroh II in The Legend of Korra.

Jessie Flower (Toph)


Flower was the same age as Toph (12) during some of the voice acting.

Mako Iwamatsu (Uncle Iroh)


Maybe the most accomplished actor in the cast, Mako was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Tony. He passed away after the second season of the series. Greg Baldwin then became the voice of Iroh as well as another famous Mako role: Aku in Samurai Jack.

Grey Griffin/DeLisle (Azula)


DeLisle has voiced everything. She was Sam in Danny Phantom, Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Bill & Mandy, and Daphne from Scooby-Doo. She now voices the characters of Martin, Sherri and Terri on The Simpsons.

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Did 'The Voice' Season 18 Winner's Connection to Their Coach Give Them an Advantage?

The results of The Voice Season 18 were revealed crowning a winner. Fans are having a strong reaction to it and some are calling for changes next season. But did the winner have an advantage over the other finalists? Here is why it’s possible and more. [Spoiler for The Voice Season 18 Live Finale Part 2]

‘The Voice’ Season 18 crowned a winner

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The newest season has officially ended with revealing how fans voted for the final results. Micah Iverson from Team Kelly Clarkson was in fifth place, CammWess from Team John Legend was in fourth place. That left Todd Tilgham and Toneisha Harris from Team Blake Shelton and Thunderstorm Artis from Team Nick Jonas as the final three artists.

Tilgham was the one who took home the trophy for Team Blake. Shelton actually had two artists make it through because Harris was on his team.

The coach tweeted about the finale with, “YES!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!! CONGRATS @todd_tilghman!!! Season 18 @NBCTheVoice WINNER! You deserve this – so proud of you! Let’s go!!!!!!!”

The pastor also tweeted with, “I wish I knew how to say thank you. And I wish y’all knew how much I respect and admire my new friends and fellow artists/contestants on @NBCTheVoice. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to process, but I sure am #grateful for every moment. @blakeshelton #TheVoice.”

Blake Shelton said he felt like he knew Todd Tilgham his whole life

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The country singer had a conversation with Tilghman in the first part of the finale before he sang “I Can Only Imagine” by Christian rock band MercyMe. Shelton made it clear that he felt connected to the pastor.

“Literally talking to you is like I’ve known you my whole life. Your journey is pretty amazing because you’ve kind of been this well-kept secret down in there in Meridan, Mississippi,” Shelton told Tilghman. “Nobody knew this incredible superstar was lurking in a church down there.”

It’s not surprising that the coach felt a connection with Tilgham. Tilgham can easily slip into country music and he lives in a similar area to Shelton. Shelton lives in Oklahoma while Tilgham lives in Mississippi.

Shelton’s other artist, Harris is more focused on gospel music and R&B. She is from Georgia. But she didn’t share the same country connection with the coach.

Shelton said fans vote for people who have an ‘actual bond’

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Shelton was previously asked what his secret was behind winning the most as a coach on The Voice. He told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that it came down to country music and him connecting with certain artists.

“America they can see it when you have an actual real bond with somebody on your team. People connect to that,” Shelton said. “There is something about the country audience out there. They’re very active. You know from [American] Idol some of yall’s winners,” continued Shelton. “The country audience is so loyal and they connect. They follow through, man. They get on the phone. They vote.”

This could mean Tilghman had an advantage over the other finalists. He might be a similar artist to Harris given they both have musical roots in the church. But Shelton had a strong connection with Tilghman and made it known to fans.

It’s hard to say if this is necessarily a bad or good thing. Coaches should be encouraged to form connections with all of their artists. However, if there is one they clearly are closer with that might lead to an advantage like this one.

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Idris Elba lends voice to charity song about black men and mental health

British actor Idris Elba, who battled the coronavirus this year, has lent his voice to a new song about black men and mental health that will benefit pandemic relief efforts.

Elba is featured on the song “Kings” by Kosine, a singer-songwriter-producer best known for crafting hits for Big Sean, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Kosine, whose real name is Marcos Palacios, is one-half of the production duo Da Internz.

Elba delivers a spoken word performance on “Kings,” which was released Friday.

“This song looks at mental health, mental enrichment. We should stay away from conspiracies as they are a collision of fear and ignorance, two factors that erode our mental health,” Elba wrote on his Instagram page about “Kings.”

Warning: Explicit language

The Golden Globe-winning actor has dipped his toe in music multiple times: He’s released several EPs, performed as an DJ (even at Coachella) and co-produced a song on Jay-Z’s 2007 album, “American Gangster.” Elba also appeared on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ sophomore album “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” while audio from an Elba interview is featured on Taylor Swift’s “London Boy,” a song from her latest album “Lover.”

Kosine, who worked on songs for Nas, Ella Mai, John Legend and Ludacris, said a portion of the proceeds from “Kings” will benefit the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

“As a musician, I’m doing my part to provide audio healing and to keep the mental health of the masses top of mind,” Kosine said in a statement. “In times like these we find out together who we are and who we aren’t. I want all of my brothers to know that they are KINGS contrary to the false narrative of traditional mass media. It is my hope that the princes of today grow in this knowledge and lead us into a future honoring the sacrifices of their ancestors.”

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The Voice star Catherine Harding is expecting Chelsea ace Jorginho’s baby – The Sun

THE Voice star Catherine Harding is expecting Chelsea ace Jorginho’s baby, The Sun can reveal.

Catherine, who already has a child with actor Jude Law, is nearly five months pregnant.

She announced her baby news on Instagram on Mother’s Day and has given a series of clues about her romance — but has never revealed who the father is.

Married Jorginho has two children but his representatives said he separated from wife Natalia Leteri in secret last year before he started dating Catherine.

Jorginho and Natalia had been together for more than eight years but only got married in 2017.

A source said: “Cat fell hard for him and has struggled to keep their romance a secret.

“It became known to her circle of friends, the music industry and — through her role on The Voice — backstage on TV.

“She told Jorginho she was pregnant just before her announcement.

“He was delighted and she’s looking forward to becoming a mother for the second time.”

Irish-born Catherine, 29, was mentored by Olly Murs on the current series of the ITV show and made it to the knockout stages.

In an interview last month she said: “I definitely write a lot of love songs, especially last year.

“Last year I entered into a new relationship and that ­definitely gave me loads of creativity and inspiration.”

The lyrics of one declare: “I know this kind of love can’t leave any traces.”

She has been learning Portuguese — the native language of Jorginho, who was born in Brazil but plays for Italy — and signed off an Instagram post: “To you my love, Et te amo”. The phrase means “And I love you”.

Catherine dated Jude in 2014 and gave birth to their daughter Ada, his fifth child, the following year.

Jorginho made a £57million move from Napoli to Chelsea in 2018 and is now vice-captain.

He and Natalia have a son and a daughter, born in November that year.

Despite their split, the couple appear together on social media, with Natalia posting a family video to her 12,500 Instagram followers this week.

Catherine did not respond to requests for comment.

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