Ivanka Trump rips ‘cancel culture’ after she’s dropped as commencement speaker

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter Friday evening to call out cancel culture after she was dropped as a commencement speaker for Wichita State University.

“Our nation’s campuses should be bastions of free speech. Cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination are antithetical to academia,” she said. “Listening to one another is important now more than ever!”

The president’s daughter and senior White House advisor also posted a video of the remarks she had planned to give.

“I know that all of these talented graduates will dream big and aspire to make the world a better place!” she said.

Ivanka was dropped by the university after student protests online over President Trump’s response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

“Ivanka Trump, obviously, represents her father’s administration as one of his closest advisors,” Jennifer Ray, associate professor of photo media said in a letter posted online, which drew hundreds of signatures from students, alumni and faculty. “To many Americans, that administration has come to signify the worst of our country, particularly in its recent actions toward those peacefully protesting against racist police brutality.”

A joint statement from Wichita State President Dr. Jay Golden and WSU Tech President Dr. Sheree Utash offered no explanation for why she was dropped as a speaker.

“The WSU Tech commencement plans have been refocused more centrally on students — student voices in particular,” they said.

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Trump signs new Paycheck Protection Program bill into law but warns proxy voting by House may make it ‘unconstitutional’ – The Sun

DONALD Trump signed off on the new Paycheck Protection Program bill – but he warned he warned that proxy voting by the House may make it "unconstitutional."

The updated PPP Act gives flexibility to restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses to use loans to pay for payroll, employee benefits, and other expenses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Friday, the President highlighted the legislation had "uncertain constitutionality" because members voted on behalf of others who weren't actually present, however.

His statement read: "Because the Act is essential to protecting jobs as the Nation begins to reopen the economy, I have signed the Act into law without delay.

"I urge the Congress to pass the Act anew through traditional in-person voting at the earliest available opportunity."

Trump cited the "unprecedented proxy voting system used by the House of Representatives that permitted Members to cast votes on behalf of, and record the presence of, other Members who were not actually present."

The bill restructures how entrepreneurs can use loans via a new federal relief program for small businesses after many owners struggled to meet the terms of the current program.

The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 was passed in the Senate on Wednesday and the House passed it last week.

If owners meet certain conditions, PPP loans convert into a federal grant – but owners must spend their money within eight weeks, directing 75 percent of funding to payroll costs.

The deadline has been to 24 weeks from eight weeks in the updated legislation, reducing the funding direct towards payroll costs to 60p percent.

The June 30 deadline to rehire laid-off workers has also been extended as a result of the new PPP bill.

The Small Business Administration had approved over 4.5 million PPP loans worth $510.8 billion by Thursday evening.

More to follow…

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Trump demands police 'get tough' as he abandons plan to send in troops

Donald Trump tweets early morning demand for police to ‘get tough’ as he privately abandons plan to send in federal troops to quell looting after ‘shouting match’ between aides and backlash at his church photo-op

  • Donald Trump asserted in a more than 35-tweet tirade Wednesday morning that police need to ‘get tough’ on violent protesters across the country
  • He also demanded ‘LAW & ORDER!’ and shared that ‘The National Guard is ready!’ after New York City businesses had to board up their windows 
  • The claims come after the president privately has backed off his plan to deploy active-duty military to quell rioters amid backlash at his Monday photo-op
  • A discussion over the idea led to a shouting match during a Monday meeting with the president between administration officials who supported and opposed
  • The president claims state and local leaders need to be more tough and officials say Trump wanted Washington, D.C. to be an example for other cities  
  • Hundreds of army soldiers armed with bayonets arrived at two military bases near the nation’s capital on Tuesday evening
  • On Monday, military helicopters hovered over demonstrators to disperse crowds gathering after the 7:00 p.m. curfew and Trump called it a ‘show of force’
  • Defense officials revealed Trump inquired about the use of military ‘tanks’ and ‘hardware that could help restore order   
  • Trump also called for helicopters to blast protesters with their downdraft as a ‘show of force’ against demonstrators

Donald Trump demanded Wednesday that police ‘get tough’ after a sixth night of nation-wide protests – but privately, the president is backing off his plan to send in federal troops to stifle rioters.

While President Trump launched a more than 35-tweet tirade Wednesday morning, in part claiming that the violent protesters are ‘domestic terrorists,’ he also abandoned his idea to dispatch the military after officials claimed local governments should take charge, the Associated Press reported.

Trump told members of his cabinet over the last week that he wants to send the military into American cities – a proposal that led to a heated yelling-match between those supporting the notion and those opposed.

Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary Mark Esper supported the idea, claiming it would give the federal government quicker control over the situation than if it were to take over and activate the National Guard.

Attorney General Bill Barr and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, however, warned against the plan.

Barr was concerned with infringing on states’ rights if the military were deployed to different cities across the country facing riots and Gen. Milley assured the president he had enough force in D.C. to secure the city.

He also did not want to put active-duty military in such a domestic role.

The divide over the plan grew tentious during the Monday morning discussion as administration officials began raising their voices at one another, according to The New York Times.

New report: Donald Trump has privately backed down on his demand that active duty military be deployed to quell riots after administration officials raised their voices in debating the plan

The decision to abandon the plan came Monday as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in front of St. John’s Episcopal to disperse the crowd for the president’s photo-op in front of the church, which was set on fire in Sunday riots outside the White House

Even though he privately abandoned the plan to show even a greater image of force in the nation’s capital, Trump still told police Wednesday to ‘get tough’ as riots continued in cities across the country in a sixth night of violent protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death

Trump finally decided to break with his original plan and instead opted for a stunt where law enforcement dispersed protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets from Lafayette Park, across from the North Lawn of the White House.

After protesters were cleared, the president walked across the park to St. John’s Episcapol church, which was set on fire in riots Sunday night, for a photo-op with his bible and members of his cabinet.

Administration officials privately acknowledged Monday’s events did not do the administration any justice.

Even some Republican lawmakers who are typically in sync with the president said Trump went too far in using force to clear the way for his less than five-minute visit to the church.

“There is no right to riot, no right to destroy others’ property, and no right to throw rocks at police,” Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse said. “But there is a fundamental — a constitutional — right to protest, and I’m against clearing out a peaceful protest for a photo op that treats the Word of God as a political prop.”

On Tuesday, a senior White House official said the president wanted to make the aggressive action an example for the rest of the country.

Despite his decision not to deploy the military, Trump continued to insist that ‘The National Guard is ready!’ on Twitter Wednesday.

He has continuously urged governors to activate the National Guard in their states so cities destroyed by rioters could be policed by the Army reservist unit.

Trump shared images of his Twitter of Fifth Avenue in New York City boarding up all of its high-end businesses after several were looted and destroyed in riots in the past week as he again promoted activating the National Guard.

‘LAW & ORDER!’ he urged in another tweet . 

President Trump claimed Wednesday that protesters are acting as ‘domestic terrorists’ and told law enforcement to ‘get tough’ on rioters.

‘CNN says there are some fine people marching with the looters and domestic terrorists,’ Trump shared in a retweet from comic strip creator and satire author Scott Adams.

He also urged in another tweet: ‘Get tough police!’ after law enforcement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin revealed Tuesday night that violent protesters threw molotov cocktails at their force. 

‘Molotov cocktails are lethal force, and from their very origins, a ‘weapon of war’ (thanks Finland!),’ Buck Sexton, who formerly worked for the CIA and NYPD Intelligence Division, wrote on Twitter – and the president shared to his profile.

‘If you throw a Molotov cocktail at police, you should spend a very long time in prison,’ Sexton, who now hosts a podcast, continued. 

The Twitter tirade from Trump comes after a sixth night of violent protests broke out across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death – and the president is seeking to make the use of force in Washington, D.C an example for other cities experiencing mayhem. 

Demonstrators continued to flood the nation’s capital – even past the 7:00 p.m. city-wide curfew – but not nearly as much destruction was done Wednesday night as night’s prior

The president sent out a more than 35-tweet tirade where he asserted the ‘National Guard is ready!’ as stores had to prepare for more nights of riots, looting and arson by boarding up their windows

Officials claim the president wanted to make Washington, D.C. an example of the ‘show of force’ other cities should implement to quell the violence 

On Tuesday evening, 700 soldiers dressed in riot gear and armed with bayonets arrived at military bases near Washington, and another 1,400 were prepared  to mobilize

Defense officials revealed that Trump, before abandoning the plan, considered using ‘tanks’ or other armored military vehicles to help restore order, and threatened to deploy active duty military across the country to quell the unrest. 

The revelation of a more ‘dominating’ approach to taking control of the streets of D.C. comes as 700 soldiers dressed in riot gear and armed with bayonets arrived at two military bases near Washington on Tuesday evening.

Another 1,400 were also brought in and prepared to mobilize as the nation’s capital braced for another night of chaos.

Hundreds of members of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division were called earlier after Trump promised a more aggressive approach on the violence and riots unfolding across the country.

Defense officials told the Associated Press that the U.S. Military and National Guard were operating under the mission name ‘Operation Themis’ – named after the titaness of divine law and order.

Trump asserted Monday evening in a Rose Garden address to the nation that he is America’s ‘law and order president.’ 

As Trump made the remarks on Monday, law enforcement officials were pushing out hundreds of protesters from Washington’s Lafayette Park, ahead of the district’s 7:00 p.m. curfew.

A senior White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, revealed on Tuesday that Trump hoped to make the aggressive action in Washington an example for the rest of the country.

On Monday night, military helicopters also hovered over demonstrators in a tactic to disperse the crowds.

Two Pentagon officials also told AP that the president had ordered military aircraft to fly above the capital as a ‘show of force’ against violent protesters. 

President Donald J. Trump returns after posing with a bible outside St. John’s Episcopal Church after delivering remarks in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington

Many of the protesters stood firm as the helicopters made several passes overhead

Videos posted to Twitter showed demonstrators quaking beneath deafening gusts

They did not say how many or what type of aircraft had been mobilized.

Videos and photographs posted on social media showed helicopters flying low over buildings and hovering just above groups who were on the street despite a district-wide curfew.

Law enforcement paired the tactic with heavy use of tear gas, pellets and chemical spray as protesters marched toward the White House.

Trump’s tactics were decried on Tuesday by some fellow Republicans as well as his presumptive Democratic opponent Joe Biden. 

Show-of-force missions are designed to intimidate and, in combat zones, warn opposing forces of potential military action if provoked. 

Three senior defense officials also told The Daily Beast that the idea of deploying military forces was being pushed by the White House, not the Pentagon.

The sources revealed Trump consulted with aides about using military vehicles or ‘the kind of hardware’ used by the armed forces, to help bring the chaos under control.

Hundreds of army soldiers armed with bayonets arrived  at two military bases near Washington on Tuesday evening (pictured: 82nd Airborne Division soldier holding a bayonet in 2015)

One official said Trump did not specifically order ‘tanks’ to patrol the streets, but said he mentioned it in discussions because ‘I think that is just one of the military words he knows’. 

It comes as 700 soldiers dressed in riot gear and armed with bayonets arrived at two military bases near Washington on Tuesday evening, while another 1,400 are preparing to mobilize, as the nation’s capital braces for another night of chaos. 

Hundreds of members of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division were called earlier after Trump promised a more aggressive approach on the violence and riots unfolding across the country. 

Defense officials told AP the US military and National Guard were operating under the mission name ‘Operation Themis’ – named after the titaness of divine law and order.      

Moments after the historic Lafayette Park was cleared of protesters on Monday, Trump walked across to pose with a Bible in front of a church damaged by fire during protests the previous evening.

He hoped his personal walk to the church would send a message about how dominant force could restore law and order, sources said. 

Protesters hold their hands up and try to steady themselves as a military helicopter flies low pushing a strong vertical down wash of air (rotor wash) onto the crowd

‘D.C. had no problems last night. Many arrests. Great job done by all. Overwhelming force. Domination,’ Trump tweeted Tuesday, after a night in which heavily armed military forces and federal officers swarmed the city. 

Trump added: ‘(thank you President Trump!).’ 

In an evening address in the Rose Garden on Monday, Trump called on governors to ramp up the National Guard presence in their states to tamp down the protests.

 If they didn’t abide by those orders, Trump said, he would dispatch the military to their states – a step rarely taken in modern American history. 

‘SILENT MAJORITY!’ Trump tweeted Tuesday, embracing a phrase popularized by President Richard Nixon decades ago, in claiming broad support for his actions. Trump also emphasized the political importance of the moment to his supporters on Twitter and declared that ‘My Admin has done more for the Black Community than any President since Abraham Lincoln.’

The District of Columbia’s federal status gives the president outsized authority to act, allowing him to direct the deployment of the National Guard. 

He authorized Attorney General William Barr to oversee a surge in the deployment of federal law enforcement officers, including the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team and agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sought to distance themselves from Monday night’s events after former military officials criticized their appearance with the president. 

Senior defense officials told reporters the two were not aware that the Park Police and law enforcement had made a decision to clear the square or that Trump intended to visit the church. 

They had been in Washington to coordinate with federal law enforcement officials but were diverted to the White House to brief Trump on military preparations, the officials said.

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Maxine Waters blames Trump for ‘cops killing black people’ and says cop who knelt on George Floyd ‘enjoyed doing it’ – The Sun

REP Maxine Waters has shockingly blamed President Donald Trump for “cops killing black people” — days after George Floyd died in police custody.

Waters, a Democrat from California who frequently launches wild attacks at Trump, told TMZ she thinks the Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin, who was filmed with his neck on Floyd’s knee, “enjoyed doing it.” Trump on Wednesday called the death "very sad and tragic".

Video from Monday night shows Chauvin holding Floyd, a 46-year-old who was suspected of using a forged check at a deli, down with his knee on his neck and his other knee in the middle of his back.

Floyd repeatedly said “I can’t breathe,” but Chauvin continued to pin him to the ground.

Minutes later, Floyd went unconscious and Chauvin did not remove his knee until the man was loaded onto a gurney.

Floyd’s cause of death is pending.

After his death, Waters said: “My first thought was, ‘Not again. Not one more killing.’”

“I’m reflecting on all of the killings of young black men in particular, but of course black women too, at the hands of the police and at the hands of these white supremacists.”

“And I’m thinking about the way that the president conducts himself — in a way he’s dog-whistling — and I think that they’re feeling that they can get away with this kind of treatment.”

Trump said he ordered an expedited federal investigation of Floyd's death, and tweeted: "My heart goes out to George's family and friends. Justice will be served!"

The congresswoman continued: “I’m just so sorry about the loss of another life.”

“I think that the officer who had his knee on his neck enjoyed doing what he was doing. I believe sometimes these officers leave home thinking, ‘“’m gonna get me the one today’ — and I think this is his one that he got today.”

Waters said the officer “didn’t care whether or not anyone was photographing him,” and that “he did what he was doing and the officers stood there and watched him.”

She said all of the officers are “just as guilty” as Chauvin, and said she’s “glad that all of them were fired.”

“If in fact you have subdued a suspect and you’re not in any danger at all — and handcuffs are on him — there’s no reason for police to do what these police did,” Waters said.

“They don’t even mention in the report that the knee was on the neck of George Floyd.”

Waters said taking photos and video of incidents between black people and police officers, “citizens are doing the best job that could do,” considering cops “would say to shoot you if you interfere with an arrest.”

“So it’s dangerous,” she said. “They’re showing what is taking place and what we’re finding is that the justice system does not work because the justice system will find a way to protect those officers in most cases.”

“They will find justifiable homicide — and that’s what we’ve got to deal with. You’ve got to deal with the fact that we’re in America with a justice system that does not work for everybody.”

Chauvin and three other police officers involved in Floyd’s arrest and subsequent death were fired, and Mayor Jacob Frey announced them as “the right call.”

“Being Black in America should not be a death sentence,” Frey wrote online. “For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into a Black man’s neck. Five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you’re supposed to help.”

He said of Chauvin: “This officer failed in the most basic, human sense.”

Floyd’s death is the latest in a string of racial events around the US, including the death of Ahmaud Arbery, 25.

Arbery was jogging in Georgia in February when a white man and his son pursued him and allegedly killed him.

Earlier this week, a white woman named Amy Cooper called the police on a black birdwatcher, Christian Cooper, after he asked her to put her dog on a leash.

In a video the birdwatcher filmed of the incident, Amy Cooper said: “I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life.”

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Trump says Biden 'doesn't remember what he did yesterday' in interview

Trump says Biden’s biggest strength should be his experience but the Democrat ‘doesn’t remember what he did yesterday’ in new Memorial Day interview

  • In a clip of Sunday’s ‘Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson’, Trump lambasted Biden as being forgetful when asked about the Democrat’s ‘strongest feature’ 
  •  ‘Well I would have said experience but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday,’ the president said 
  • When asked to name one good thing about Biden, Trump could not think of something off the top of his head
  • But when asked about negatives things, he claimed he could ‘talk about weak points all day long’
  • The show is scheduled to air on Sinclair sites at 9.30am EDT on Sunday

President Donald Trump said former Vice President Joe Biden was never known as a ‘smart person’ as he struggled to name positive things about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. 

In a brief clip for Sunday’s ‘Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson’, Trump quickly lambasted Biden as being forgetful when asked what Biden’s ‘strongest feature’ was as a competitor.  

‘Well I would have said experience but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday,’ the president said in the brief interview segment.

Scroll down for video 

In a brief clip for Sunday’s ‘Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson’, Trump quickly lambasted Biden as being forgetful when asked what Biden’s ‘strongest feature’

‘So how is that experience. He has been there a long time. He was never known as a smart person.’

When asked to name one good thing about Biden, Trump could not think of something off the top of his head. 

But when asked about negatives things, he claimed he could ‘talk about weak points all day long.’ 

Trump has tried to present Biden, who at 77 is four years older than him, as addled and out of it, suggesting often that his staff does the work for him.

Earlier in the month, Biden bumbled his way through a ‘virtual roundtable’ he hosted, where he spoke about soaring unemployment levels. 

He wrongly claimed 85,000 jobs had been lost in the US as a result of COVID-19, and millions of Americans had died.  

Speaking to Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Biden stumbled his way through an April interview on CNN when talking about Trump’s pandemic response. 

Earlier in the month, during a monologue about soaring unemployment levels, Biden wrongly claimed 85,000 jobs had been lost in the US as a result of COVID-19, and millions of people had died

After a long-winded reply about a lack of testing, Biden said: ‘You know, there’s a uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing uh, that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it’s called, he called it the, you know, the World War II, he had the war the War Production Board.

‘I don’t know why we don’t set up something like a pandemic production board.’ 

President Trump’s appearance on ‘Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson’ is scheduled to air on Sinclair sites at 9.30am EDT on Sunday. 

Almost 100,000 have died from the coronavirus in recent months and some 39million Americans have filed for unemployment as the pandemic wreaks havoc on the U.S.

A recent poll from AP’s NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has shown that just 41 per cent of American’s approve of his job performance. But the president praises his administration’s performance. 

‘Well I would have said experience but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday,’ the president said. The pair pictured with former President Obama on January 20, 2017

When asked to name one good thing about Biden, Trump could not think of something off the top of his head

‘No country has ever done better than what we were doing just a number of months ago and we had to turn it off to save a lot of lives, which we’ve done,’ Trump said. ‘And now we’re opening it up again and I think we’re going to get our economy back fast.’

Trump also blamed China for why the pandemic has caused so much damage to the American way of life. 

‘They could have stopped it. Either it was incompetent or they didn’t want to – both are not very acceptable,’ he said. 

A recent poll from AP’s NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has shown that just 41 per cent of American’s approve of his job performance during the pandemic

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Trump tells governors to open churches, synagogues and mosques IMMEDIATELY and orders CDC to deem them ‘essential’ – The Sun

PRESIDENT Donald Trump ordered governors to open churches, synagogues and mosques immediately.

"Today I'm identifying houses of worship – churches, synagogues and mosques – as essential places that provide essential services," Trump said at the White House Friday.

"I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now," he added.

"If there is any question, they're going to have to call me but they're not going to be successful in that call."

The President criticized governors who deemed "liquor stores and abortion centers" essential, but not places of worship.

"It's not right," he said at the press conference. "So I'm correcting this injustice."

"These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united."

More to come.

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Trump: 'I tested positively toward negative' for coronavirus

Donald Trump says that ‘I tested positively toward negative…meaning I tested negative’ for coronavirus after taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warning of its dangers

  • President Trump gave a head-spinning explanation to reporters Thursday as he tried to say that he’s consistently tested negative for COVID-19 
  • ‘Yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative,’ he said as he departed the White House 
  • Trump also said he had one more day left in his two-week dose of hydroxychloroquine, which he’s using off-label 
  • The president revealed Monday that he had started taking the anti-malaria drug, which he’s often touted as a potential coronavirus cure  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

President Trump gave a head-spinning response to reporters as he left the White House Thursday as he tried to explain he’s consistently tested negative for COVID-19. 

‘And I tested very positively in a another sense. This morning,’ Trump said. ‘Yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative.’   

The president again said he was winding down his use of hydroxychloroquine, which is used to treat malaria, lupus and other illnesses, but comes with a laundry list of side effects. 

‘I tested positively toward negative,’ President Trump told reporters Thursday as he left the White House. He has been continually tested for the coronavirus 

The president and other White House officials are being tested using a rapid test created by Abbott Laboratories 

At Thursday’s departure, Trump also said he had about one more day of a two-week dose of hydroxychloroquine, which he’s using ‘off-label’ to prevent contracting the coronavirus 

‘I think it’s another day. I had a two-week regimen of hydroxychloroquine. And I’ve taken it just about two weeks. I think it’s another day,’ he said. 

‘So I’m still here. I’m still here,’ he said, challenging critics who said he shouldn’t be using the drug off-label due to it causing abnormal heart rhythms in some patients. 

Trump also told reporters he hasn’t taken an antibody test, which could show if he was exposed to the virus previously and built up some resistance to it. 

Since Trump told reporters Monday that he decided to take hydroxychloroquine, a drug that he’s been touting as a potential coronavirus treatment for weeks, the White House has been put on defense. 

That evening the White House press secretary sent out a note from the president’s physician that said ‘we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks’ on the decision for Trump to take hydroxychloroquine. 

But the doctor didn’t say he wrote Trump the prescription.   

Government health experts don’t have evidence yet that hydroxychloroquine is affective against the coronavirus. The FDA did approve its ‘off-label’ use, but also put out a warning on April 30 about heart problems it could cause and said it should only be used to treat coronavirus patients who are hospitalized. 

Beyond the heart problems, side effects include dizziness, nausea, rashes  and even hallucinations.   

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ridiculed Trump for taking the drug, saying it was dangerous for someone who was ‘morbidly obese.’ 

Trump slapped back calling her a ‘sick woman’ and said she was mentally ill. 

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, was aghast when he was asked about it at a Yahoo virtual town hall Tuesday night. 

‘It’s like saying maybe if you injected Clorox into your blood it may cure you.’ 

‘Come on man, what is he doing? What in God’s name is he doing?’ Biden asked. 

At Wednesday’s press briefing, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended the president’s decision.        

‘Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that has been in use for 65 years for lupus, arthritis and malaria. It has a very good safety profile, but as with any drug, and as with any prescription, it should be given by a doctor to a patient in that context. So no one should be taking this without a prescription from their doctor,’ she said.

‘But that being said, I’ve seen a lot of apoplectic coverage of hydroxychloroquine. You had Jimmy Kimmel saying the President’s “trying to kill himself” by taking it. You had [MSNBC’s] Joe Scarborough saying “this will kill you.” [Fox News host] Neil Cavuto saying “what have you got to lose, one thing you have to lose are lives.” And you had [CNN’s] Chris Cuomo saying ‘the President knows that hydroxychloroquine is not supported by science,’ McEnany said.

‘He knows it has been flagged by his own people and he’s using it,’ she said.   

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Trump threatens Michigan with funding cut over absentee voter plan

President Trump threatened to “hold up funding” for Michigan if the state follows through with an initiative to send voters absentee ballots for upcoming elections.

“Breaking: Michigan sends absentee ballots to 7.7 million people ahead of Primaries and the General Election. This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State,” the president wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning. “I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”

Trump has previously warned that allowing people to vote in ways other than in person could lead to rampant fraud – as Democrats pursue other alternatives because of health risks during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Mail ballots — they cheat. OK? People cheat,” he said last month. “There’s a lot of dishonesty going along with mail-in voting.”

His post comes a day after Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said the absentee ballot applications will be sent to all of the state’s 7.7 registered voters so they can participate in the August and November elections without appearing in person, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Benson, a Democrat, said she made the move because of the risks associated with the coronavirus, which has killed nearly 5,000 people in Michigan.

She said the likelihood of people becoming ill because of the virus is still too great for people to show up as a group in the Aug. 4 and Nov. 3 elections.

“By mailing applications we have ensured that no Michigander has to choose between their health and their right to vote,” Benson said, according to the newspaper.

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Trump suggests China deliberately let coronavirus ‘plague’ infect US while stopping it spreading across its own country – The Sun

DONALD Trump has claimed China allowed the “plague” coronavirus into the US while stopping the bug in its own country.

Covid-19 first jumped from animals to humans in the city of Wuhan late last year – but as Beijing appears to have slowed their outbreak, the disease has spread across the world.

The president hit out at the Communist regime during a White House roundtable as the virus death toll in the United States neared 92,000.

He said: “Once the plague, as I call it, came in, I said: how did they let that happen?.

“How come it didn’t go into other sections of China?

“Why did they block it from leaving Wuhan, but they didn’t block it from going to the rest of the world including the United States? Why is that?

“Beijing doesn’t have it, other places don’t have it.”

Why did they block it from leaving Wuhan, but they didn’t block it from going to the rest of the world…

However, the Republican's claims that the coronavirus did not spread to other parts of China is incorrect.

On January 20, cases of the killer bug were confirmed in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen as well as in the epicentre Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital.

China's strict lockdown appears to have been effective.

By the end of January, the entire Hubei province and other areas in the country were locked down, restrictions which impacted around 56 million people.

Yet, it is widely believed that Beijing has downplayed the damage the coronavirus caused in China with just 4,600 deaths and 88,000 cases in a country of 1.4billion.

Trump has said that his administration is conducting "serious investigations"  into China's handling of the crisis insisting the bug "could have been stopped at the source."

He has continually hit out at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Beijing as Covid-19 has infected more than 1.5million people in the US.


In a letter to the WHO yesterday, Trump claims the agency "consistently ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in Wuhan," and "has been curiously insistent on praising China."

Earlier on Monday, Trump rejected an invite to address the WHO, which he said has done a “sad job” during the pandemic.

Trump said he’d pass on a meeting with the organization, who he’s repeatedly said is too “China-centric” and has a "disastrous" response to the pandemic.


He claimed the WHO gave the US “a lot of terrible advice,” and is “always on the side of China” — even calling the organization a “puppet of China.”

Last week, a CIA report, seen by Newsweek, emerged showing Beijing told the World Health Organisation they would stop working with them if the agency declared a global health emergency.

And it has been reported that the White House has ordered spy agencies to probe if China and the WHO initially hid information about the outbreak.

The CIA, the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency were given a specific "tasking" to learn more information about the early days of the virus in China, officials told NBC.

US intelligence officials previously found that China purposefully made up their number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

China said the United States was trying to shift the blame for Washington's own mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis in response to Trump's letter.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters today that the US was trying to smear Beijing and was attempting to avoid its own responsibility.

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Trump threatens to permanently freeze funding in scathing letter to WHO

President Trump on Monday threatened to permanently stop US funding to the World Health Organization unless the body commits to “substantive improvements” within the next 30 days.

The announcement was made in a scathing letter Trump sent to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday and later shared screenshots of on Twitter.

“That is why it is my duty, as President of the United States, to inform you that, if the World Health Organization does not commit to major substantive improvements within the next 30 days, I will make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the World Health Organization permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization,” Trump wrote.

“I cannot allow American taxpayer dollars to continue to finance an organization that, in its present state, is so clearly not serving American’s interests,” the letter continued.

The president in the letter said his administration has been in talks with the WHO on “how to reform the organization,” without elaborating on the measures.

Trump in mid-April suspended payments to the WHO and directed his administration to review whether the agency mishandled its response to the coronavirus pandemic coming out of China.

In Monday’s letter, Trump said the “review has confirmed many of the serious concerns I raised last month and identified others that the World Health Organization should have addressed, especially the World Health Organization’s alarming lack of independence from the People’s Republic of China.”

Earlier Monday, Trump said the WHO had “done a very sad job” in its handling of the virus and he would make a decision soon on U.S. funding.

The WHO also said earlier Monday an independent review of the global virus response would begin as soon as possible and it received backing and a hefty pledge of funds from China, in the spotlight as the origin of the pandemic.

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