UK coronavirus death toll grows by 157 in 24 hours in England alone as 12-year-old among latest victims – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS fatalities in the UK have risen to at least 36,550 after 157 more deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours.

The youngest victim was aged just 12, Government officials say.

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The refers to those who have died in all settings – including care homes, hospices and the wider community.

Those whose deaths were reported today were aged between 12 and 100.

Seven of the 157 patients, who were aged between 57 and 88, had no known underlying health condition.

In Scotland, 16 further deaths were confirmed, taking the total to 2,261.

A further six people have died with Covid-19 in Wales, bringing the total to 1,260.

One person died in Ireland.

Yesterday, Government officials confirmed another 351 people had died across the UK, while on Thursday, 338 more deaths were logged.

However, data suggests Britain's overall death toll from the virus is far higher than the total reported by the Government so far – and has already passed 45,000.

The number of cases are falling across the country, despite more people being tested for the killer bug.

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Coronavirus takes toll on UK Filipino community as 29 die from virus

Coronavirus takes heavy toll on UK’s Filipino community as 29 – including a Grenfell Tower survivor – are believed to have died from Covid-19

  • Eighteen Filipino nurses, porters and cares believed to have died from Covid-19
  • Virgilio Castro, 63, died April 9 from the virus, after surviving Grenfell Tower 
  • Twenty one are known to have died from virus, a further eight are suspected
  •  Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

Twenty nine people of Filipino heritage are believed to have died from covid-19 in the UK, including a Grenfell tower survivor.

With the UK death toll now standing at 15,464 one community particularly hit by the devastating virus appears to be those from the Philippines, many of whom were working within the health service.

Eighteen Filipino nurses, porters and care staff are now believed to have died from the virus whilst working to save Britain’s ill and vulnerable in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Virgilio Castro, 63, known as Larry, succumbed to the virus last Thursday, April 9, just three years after escaping the Grenfell tower blaze

A number of others continue to fight for their lives in intensive care. 

Virgilio Castro, 63, known as Larry, succumbed to the virus last Thursday, April 9, just three years after escaping the Grenfell tower blaze, which had left him suffering with long-term respiratory problems, reports The Guardian. 

For 29 years the bar maintenance supervisor had lived with his family on the 17th floor of Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, west London, until the fire, which took the lives of 72 people and destroyed 120 homes including Mr Castro’s.

Speaking at the public Inquiry into the fire Mr Castro who lost many people he knew in the fire said: ‘The Grenfell Tower fire is such a tragedy. It shouldn’t have been allowed to happen and I want the public inquiry to ensure it can never happen again.’

Nurse Amor Padilla Gatinao, 50, (left) came to the UK in 2002 and dedicated her career to the NHS. Mother-of-one Linnette Cruz, 51, was a senior head nurse at a practice in Sketty, Swansea (right) who lost her life to Covid-19

Amor Padilla Gatinao and husband Mario. She was the third Filipino in the NHS to lose her life to Covid-19

Adding: ‘I have watched my daughter grow up in that flat and have many fond memories of living there as a family.’

The Guardian has confirmed the deaths of 21 Filipinos from covid-19 in the UK, with a further eight people believed to have died after contracting the virus.

Other Filipino victims of covid-19 in the UK include nurse John Alagos, 23, who had been caring for patients with coronavirus at Watford general hospital and is believed to be the youngest medic in the UK to have died from the virus. 

Last weekend Oscar King Jr (pictured) and Elbert Rico, both porters at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, died from the virus

Last weekend Oscar King Jr and Elbert Rico, both porters at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, died from the virus.  

King Jr died on Saturday just an hour after being brought into hospital, his wife Twilight is currently recovering after also being hospitalised with the virus, the couple have a ten-year-old-daughter, reports The Guardian. 

Leilani Medel, 41, a nurse from Bridgend, south Wales, who worked in UK care homes for over ten years, died on April 10. Her husband remains in critical condition. 

Elbert Rico with his family. He died from Covid-19 after working as a porter at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford

Linette Cruz, a senior nurse at Brynteg dental practice in Sketty, Swansea, and mother-of-one died on Tuesday from the virus.

Elvira Bucu, 50, mother-of-three and care worker, died on April 3 as her husband also fought for his life against the virus.

Leilani Medel, 41, a nurse from Bridgend, south Wales, who worked in UK care homes for over ten years, died on April 10

Leilani Dayrit, a nurse at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby, died on April 7, from suspected coronavirus.  

Amor Padilla Gatinao, 50, who worked as a nurse at St Charles Hospital, Ladbroke Grove, West London, died after falling ill on Mother’s Day.

Her husband, Mario, said that he begged paramedics to take his wife but they refused.

Mr Padilla Gatinao thinks his wife caught the virus while working at the hospital in west London.

The widower says that the death has left him and his three children devastated. Her family suspect Mrs Padilla-Gatinao, who suffered from asthma, type-2 diabetes and hyperthyroidism, caught Covid-19 due to not having the right PPE. 

Other members of the community who have lost their life to coronavirus include Arnel Ganias, a driver at Heathrow Airport, and Romeo Castillo Jr, 34, who caught the virus while on a work reward trip to Mauritius.

Earlier this month Piers Morgan used his platform on Good Morning Britain to thank members of the Filipino community for their work in the health service.

The journalist thanked the ‘amazing number of Filipinos working in the NHS and unsung heroes like so many.

‘It’s worth bearing in mind when we talk about immigrants in this country, these are the immigrants currently saving people’s lives. Coming here and actually enriching our country and doing an amazing job.’

Other members of the community who have lost their life to coronavirus include Arnel Ganias, a driver at Heathrow Airport, (left) and Romeo Castillo Jr, 34, (right)

Of the 200,000 Filipinos in the UK, 18,500 work in the NHS, according to data from the House of Commons library in 2019, sourced by The Guardian, making Filipinos the third most numerous nationality working in the NHS after British and Indians.  

Antonio Lagdameo, Philippine ambassador to the UK, told The Guardian: ‘We are are deeply saddened by reports of Filipino staff at the NHS who are either infected by Covid-19 or have succumbed to the disease. Our thoughts are with their loved ones.

‘Filipino health workers have served tirelessly and courageously at the frontlines of the war against this pandemic, and their contribution to the ongoing effort to save lives is nothing but immense.   


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UK coronavirus death toll passes 12,000 after 778 more patients including 58 who were healthy – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS deaths in the UK today pushed past the 12,000 barrier after 778 more people lost their lives to the killer disease.

Positive Covid-19 cases also rose to 93,873 from 88,621 yesterday as Britain continues its fourth week of lockdown.

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The Department of Health today confirmed a total of 12,107 people have died from the bug in hospital – up 778 from yesterday.

Among the latest deaths is a 65-year-old nurse who contracted the disease while treating patients with just a paper mask, plastic gloves and a pinny.

Gareth Roberts, 65, had come out of retirement and was working extra shifts before he died at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales last weekend.

At least 40 frontline NHS staff have died from Covid-19 in the UK.

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US coronavirus death toll prediction drops over 25% to 60,000

An influential model cited by the White House has cut its projected coronavirus death toll by 26 percent — along with its forecast of the fatalities for New York’s worst day.

As of Wednesday, the University of Washington’s model now predicts that 60,000 Americans will die in the pandemic by Aug. 4, down from a projection of nearly 82,000 just a day earlier.

Nationwide, the model moves the country’s coronavirus death toll apex to Sunday — four days sooner than expected — when 2,212 people are projected to perish from the deadly bug.

The new forecast still predicts that the Empire State’s apex will be Thursday, but now with 780 people dying of the virus, a decrease from the 878 previously predicted.

The White House task force has previously cited the model, created by the college’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, when estimating that between 100,000 to 240,000 will die in the country before a vaccine is released.

As of Wednesday, the US death toll was more than 13,00, with over 400,000 confirmed cases nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University’s data.

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US coronavirus death toll tops 4,000 and cases near 200,000 as infection spike steepens – The Sun

MORE than 4,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US, according to the latest grim numbers.

Nearly 190,000 in the country have tested positive for the virus which has been sweeping across the globe.

Experts had previously said that 200,000 Americans could die during the pandemic.

The death toll of 4,076 is more than twice the 2,010 recorded late Saturday.

And 800 deaths were recorded in just one day.

More than 40 percent of recorded deaths nationally were in New York state, the Johns Hopkins data shows.

New York has been the epicenter of the disease in the U.S., with both de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo calling on President Trump for support.

The apex of cases in New York is still not expected to be reached for another 14 to 30 days, depending on the Mosel.


It comes after the White House coronavirus task force warned worse was yet to come.

The US mortality rate is expected to increase within the next two weeks, with health experts predicting 2,214 deaths by April 15.

President Donald Trump told Americans to "be prepared for the tough days that lie ahead".

"We're gonna go through a very tough two weeks," he said.

"As a nation we face a difficult few weeks as we approach that really important day where we're gonna see things get better all of a sudden."

Trump praised the efforts of medical professionals and other essential workers fighting the epidemic on the frontlines, saying they're "like military people going into battle, going into war."

But celebs are trying to keep up spirits as people are urged to stay at home to control the spread.

Dolly Parton shared a video urging her fans to "keep the faith".

And shirtless Jack Black shared a hilarious clip of him dancing in cowboy boots.

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