The real reason Rita Wilson says cancer was ‘a blessing’

It’s been a tough few weeks for Rita Wilson and her husband, otherwise known as America’s Sweetheart, Tom Hanks. The couple tested positive for coronavirus and were quarantined together in Australia, where Hanks was shooting a movie at the time. According to USA Today, they’ve since mostly recovered and returned to the U.S., but it was no doubt a trying and frustrating time for the long-time couple.

However, these things are often sent to test us, as Wilson herself often argues as a survivor of breast cancer. The multi-talented singer-songwriter, actress, and Hollywood legend has been open about her struggles in the past, and she’s determined to continue to spread positivity wherever she goes — even in the face of unimaginable hardship.

Dying would have led to a massive party for Rita Wilson

Prior to testing positive for coronavirus, Wilson recorded an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she also performed her song, “Throw Me a Party.” The ditty was reportedly inspired by Wilson’s battle with breast cancer. Speaking to Clarkson on the show about her initial diagnosis, she admitted, “You hear the words that you never ever think you’re going to hear or ever want to hear which is that you have cancer.” However, as Wilson sees it, “I’m a survivor sitting here today talking to you.”

Not knowing what was going to happen led to some uncomfortable discussions with Hanks, with whom she’s appeared on-screen on several occasions over the years. “I said to him, ‘Look, if something happens and I should go before you, then I just want you to know that there’s a couple things that I want. One is that I want you to be super sad for a really long time,'” she quipped.

Rita Wilson considers cancer a blessing in some ways

Otherwise, Wilson envisaged a celebration of her life, which is where “Throw Me a Party” came from. Now, she can perform the song exactly as it was intended; as a celebration, but for Wilson’s life rather than her passing. In fact, she’s so grateful to still be around Wilson considers her cancer a stroke of luck.

“In some ways cancer was a blessing,” she admitted to Clarkson, explaining, “It really taught me to live every moment to the fullest and every moment as if it was your last. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. We have to be able to live and go out today going wow, okay, I did it. I did everything that I wanted to do. I lived the life that I wanted to live today.”

A couple weeks back marked the five-year anniversary of Wilson being declared cancer free. She took to Instagram to share a message of hope, writing, “I am so thankful for my health, for the doctors, nurses, friends and family who got me through that time,” alongside a photo of her with fellow actor Larry David, whom she worked with on Broadway.

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The quarantine pillow dress is the best way to dress up for your next Zoom chat

If you’re feeling a deep sense of ennui from the daily cycle of pyjamas to sweatpants back to pyjamas again, never fear, a new fashion trend is here.

Bonus: It’s the ideal look for a Zoom chat with your coworkers or that Houseparty pub quiz… mostly because it only really works on camera, not outside of the house where people can see the back.

The look we speak of is, of course, the quarantine pillow dress, or the #quarantinepillowchallenge.

Created by StyleByNelli, the quarantine pillow dress is a way to make staying inside during the coronavirus lockdown high fashion.

You grab a pillow and belt it to your front, fastening the belt tight around your waist to cinch in the cushion, creating the illusion of a dress.

As we mentioned, the illusion only works from the front. From the back, you’re either naked or still wearing your pjs underneath.

You can change up the look with all the pillowcases at your disposal, and accessorising with coordinating jewellery, bags, and shoes – because no, your slippers don’t cut it.

A few members of the team tried out the quarantine pillow dress for ourselves, and learned a few key lessons.

Firstly, you need quite a large pillow, as it needs to cover your bod, or you can use multiple pillows.

Secondly, you need a belt that can go super tight around your waist. I realised that I don’t actually own a single belt so tried to borrow my boyfriend’s. Sadly it was a touch too loose on my waist and thus the pillow didn’t stay up.

The belt needs to be pulled as tight as it will go to give your pillow dress’s skirt a kicked out A-line shape.

You can wear your pillow dress over clothes for comfort, but if you’re getting dressed up for some video socialising, we’d recommend going all out and wearing it alone, with some accessories to make it clear this is an outfit, not just your way of snoozing on the sofa.

We recommend heeled boots, a statement necklace, and wearing your hair in a bun to let your pillow couture take centre-stage.

Here are our pillow dress looks so you can be inspired. Please do share your own in the comments section below or on Instagram with the tag #quarantinepillowchallenge.

Here I am offering two different looks – a minimal grey and a statement corgi. Again, you can see the belt isn’t tight enough to give that cool A-line shape.

Jessica Lindsay accessorises her pillow with cat ears, sunglasses, and attitude

Aidan Milan looks annoyingly good

As does Sian Elvin.

This really isn’t what I had in mind when I strapped a dumb corgi cushion to my body.

Collective embarrassment doesn’t work if the people joining me look great, damn it.

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MIT researchers translate the coronavirus protein structure into music

MIT researchers use AI to translate the coronavirus’s core protein structure into a calming musical arrangement that conveys the virus’s deceptive nature as it invades human cells

  • A team of MIT scientists have translated the COVID-19 virus into a musical score
  • The team trained a machine learning tool to translate the virus’s amino acids 
  • The order and identity of the amino acids became musical notes
  • The team says the calming music conveys something about the virus’s deceptive nature, as it spreads throughout the body by tricking host cells to replicate it

Researchers from MIT have transformed the COVID-19 virus into a musical composition that’s unexpectedly calming and meditative.

The project was initiated by professor and musician Markus Buehler, who worked with a team from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab to create a machine learning tool that would translate amino acids from the virus into musical notation.

The team focused on COVID-19’s famous virus spike on its outer surface, which contains a braid of three different protein chains.

A team of scientists at MIT translated the specific order of amino acids in protein samples taken from the the COVID-19 virus into a musical score that is surprisingly calming and meditative 

Each protein chain is composed of specific amino acid sequences, all of which wrap around one another in a complex structure that the machine learning tool transposed into notes for several different instruments that play out over an hour and 49 minutes.

Buehler initially came up with the idea, while thinking of ways to help the public conceptualize the virus without complex chemistry.

‘These structures are too small for the eye to see, but they can be heard,’ Buehler told MIT News.

‘In one sweep, our ears pick up all of its hierarchical features: pitch, timbre, volume, melody, rhythm and chords.’

‘We would need a high-powered microscope to see the equivalent detail in an image, and we could never see it all at once.’ 

The resulting score is strangely serene and quite at odds with the direness of the public health crisis the virus has provoked around the world.

For Buehler, this paradox conveys an underlying truth about the virus’s own deceptive nature, which he describes as ‘an invader disguised as a friendly visitor.’

‘The virus has an uncanny ability to deceive and exploit the host for its own multiplication,’ Buehler said.

‘Its genome hijacks the host cell’s protein manufacturing machinery, and forces it to replicate the viral genome and produce viral proteins to make new viruses.’

For Buehler, being able to hear this dynamic as a set of sounds rather than a list of abstract words and numbers on the printed page could help give people a new sense for what the virus is and how it operates.

‘Through music, we can see the SARS-CoV-2 spike from a new angle, and appreciate the urgent need to learn the language of proteins,’ he said.


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Will I Get A Check From The US Government And How? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

  1. politics
  2. Coronavirus

Most US adults will qualify for the payments, which start at $1,200 for the lowest-income individuals.

BySarah Mimms and Paul McLeod

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer as she displays the $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid bill.

The journalists at BuzzFeed News are proud to bring you trustworthy and relevant reporting about the coronavirus. To help keep this news free, become a member and sign up for our newsletter, Outbreak Today.

WASHINGTON — The US government is sending out $1,200 stimulus checks to the large majority of adults during the coronavirus outbreak, but many are going to miss out.

Most adults with a US Social Security number will receive a payment, but Congress set restrictions on who qualifies. People who earn more than $99,000 per year will not receive any money, neither will many college students or adults who are listed as dependents on someone else’s tax return (this includes some adults with disabilities and some elderly parents). Immigrants who do not have Social Security numbers will not qualify for the payments either.

Additionally, not every person who qualifies will receive $1,200, some will get more or less. The payments are based on your income listed on your most recent tax return, as well as the number of child dependents you have. Still, as many as 93.6% of tax filers will receive some kind of payment, according to the Tax Foundation.

Here are the answers to many common questions about the payments:

How much money will I get?

United States residents who have social security numbers with income of up to $75,000 will receive payments of $1,200. For every $100 you earn above that threshold your payment shrinks by $5. Someone making $85,000, for example, will take home $700. The payments phase out entirely at an income of $99,000. You can use the Washington Post’s online calculator to see how large your payment will be.

Your income level is based on the last tax return you filed last year (for 2018 income) or this year if you’ve filed already (for 2019 income). If you do not normally file taxes, see below.

What if I’m married?

Both the payments and the limits are doubled for your home if you file your taxes jointly. Couples with household income of up to $150,000 will receive a $2,400 payment. At higher household income levels the payments shrink and stop entirely at $198,000. You can use the Washington Post’s online calculator to see how large your payment will be.

What if I have kids?

Parents with children ages 16 or younger will get an additional $500 per child (as long as you’ve claimed them as a dependent on your tax returns). If you split custody, whichever parent has claimed your child on their tax returns will get the $500 benefit.

What if I’m a single parent?

Single parents who file their taxes as “head of household” have higher limits to qualify for the payments than single people without kids. Single parents who make up to $112,500 will get the full $1,200 benefit. The system then works the same way with payments shrinking by $5 for every $100 you earn above that threshold up to $136,500. You will also qualify for $500 per dependent child you have who is age 16 or younger. You can use the Washington Post’s online calculator to see how large your payment will be.

What if I have no income?

There is no minimum income threshold. Even if you make $0 you qualify for the $1,200 payment. But in practice, this will not always happen. Low-income people may not pay taxes or have a Social Security number. People who are homeless may not have a bank account or fixed address to send the payments to. At least 3.4 million people who qualified for assistance in the 2008 stimulus bill did not receive payment, and that aid had a $3,000 minimum income threshold.

What if I haven’t filed my taxes in 2018 or 2019?

The best thing to do is quickly file your 2019 taxes. You can do this for free using the IRS free filing program.

How do I get the money?

If you have received a tax refund through direct deposit in the past, you don’t have to do anything, the IRS will just deposit the money into your account. Same goes for people who are on Social Security or disability (more on that below). Those payments are expected to go as soon as the end of this week and should be in people’s accounts within two weeks, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said.

If you don’t have direct deposit, the IRS will send you a physical check. But that could take time — one IRS report estimated that some people might not get payments until September, according to the Washington Post, though the Treasury Department believes it will happen faster. Paper checks are expected to start going out on April 24, starting with the lowest-income people, the Post reported

There is another option: The IRS is working on setting up a form on its website for people to fill in their direct deposit information to get that money faster. At the time of publication, that web form wasn’t online yet, but the IRS has said it’s working to get it done soon.

When will I get the money?

The Treasury Department has said that everyone with direct deposit should get the payments before April 24. Then they’ll start sending out paper checks, which could take months (see above).

Is the money taxable?

Nope. You’ll get the full amount you qualify for.

What about college students and young adults?

This is a big loophole in the law: many college students and young adults will not qualify for these payments. It depends on whether your parents claimed you as a “dependent” on their most recent tax returns (whether they filed this year for 2019 or last year for 2018). If so, you will not get any money and if you are 17 or older they won’t get $500 for you either.

If your parents did not claim you as a dependent, such as young people who entered the workforce after college, you will qualify for the payments.

What about adult dependents?

This is another of the law’s major loopholes: Any adult that you claim as a dependent on your tax returns — including adult children with disabilities living at home and elderly parents — will not qualify for the payments and you will not get any additional money on their behalf.

What about immigrants and people on DACA status?

You do not need to be an American citizen to qualify for the payments but you do need a Social Security number. So immigrants with green cards or certain work visas, such as the popular H-1B visa, will qualify. Temporary workers, undocumented workers and nonresident aliens will not. The National Immigration Law Center argues that millions of immigrants who pay taxes will be cut out from receiving assistance.

Immigrants who pay taxes, but do not have Social Security numbers, will not qualify. Nor will their children, even if they are citizens, if they are claimed as dependents. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities called this group a “glaring” omission and said that the Center is pushing Congress to include these immigrants in future legislation to retroactively allow them to get the payments.

DACA recipients are eligible for social security numbers, which will allow them to qualify for payments.

If you’re someone who is seeing the impact of the coronavirus firsthand, we’d like to hear from you. Reach out to us via one of our tip line channels.

What if I’m an American working abroad?

You should still receive the payments as long as you have a Social Security number and file taxes in the US.

What if I’m on Social Security or disability?

You’ll still receive the payments, as long as you meet the income thresholds. Even if you do not typically file taxes, the IRS will send you the money the same way you normally get your benefits. However, the IRS notes that it does not have information on dependents for people who do not have to file their taxes, so in those cases, you will not get an additional $500 for dependents age 16 or younger.

What if my income has changed since I last filed taxes?

If your income goes up, your payments do not have to be paid back. Say your last tax return was from 2019 when you made $75,000 and you receive a deposit for the full $1,200. If you file your 2020 taxes with income of $100,000 you will not have to pay back the coronavirus payment, even though technically you no longer would qualify for it.

The trickier situation is when your income goes down. If you file a new tax return that shows you are entitled to a larger coronavirus payment you will get that money, but not right away. When your next tax return is processed the extra coronavirus money will be added.

I owe back taxes, will that be taken out?

No. The only money that will be taken out of the payments is for people who owe child support.

$1,200 isn’t going to cover it, will I get more payments in the future?

The $2 trillion coronavirus bill only authorized this one-time payment, but Congressional leaders are already talking about the need to pass more stimulus packages as the coronavirus outbreak drags on. But it is too early to say what will be included in future legislation. Congress has also topped up unemployment insurance, paying out $600 per week on top of state benefits.

What if I have more questions?

The IRS has a coronavirus help page on its website and is updating information there.

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The Exact Sneakers From Kristin Cavallari’s Workout Videos on Instagram

Kristin Cavallari’s past few weeks have been just a little different than pretty much everyone’s else’s. When the reality star left for a Bahamas vacation with her family and friends, she didn’t realize she would end up stuck there for an indefinite period of time. When the government issued a lockdown, however, she knew she had to make it work.

Cavallari, along with husband Jay Cutler, their three children, BFF Justin Anderson and Anderson’s fiancé, Aaron “Scoot” Rhodes, have finally made it home after an unpredictable few weeks — but before they managed to make their way back, they gave us a couple of things to consider. Those couple of things? The shoes from Cavallari’s workout videos on Instagram!



SUNDAY | workout by @risemovement choreography by me and @justinanderson

A post shared byKristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

Get the Vionic Alaina Sock Sneaker (originally $120) starting at just $84 at Nordstrom! Also available at Zappos and in more colors at Amazon!

While on her unexpectedly-extended spring break, Cavallari still kept up with her exercises, writing that there were “no excuses.” She posted two time-lapse videos on Instagram with Anderson to reveal their workout routines — from squats to ab work to even some adorable dancing. The first thing we noticed though? Her sneakers, of course! We’d recognize Vionic anywhere!

These sock-fit sneakers feature a stretch-knit upper that won’t just score you fashion points these days, but will keep your feet feeling comfortable to the max. Just pull them on with the help of the tongue and heel pull-tabs. That’s right — these shoes have toggled elastic lacing so you don’t need to waste your time with single knots, double knots or loose laces that could cause you to trip. The elastic laces and bands crossing the vamp and heel will keep your feet snug without the hassle, and the targeted traction points on the outsole will help keep you on your feet!

Get the Vionic Alaina Sock Sneaker (originally $120) starting at just $84 at Nordstrom! Also available at Zappos and in more colors at Amazon!

The outside of this shoe already had Us sold, but inside is where the magic really happens. That’s where the removable Orthaheel insole is, after all. This insole “provides podiatrist-designed orthotic support, relief and stability to bring natural alignment to your foot,” even potentially improving the way you walk and therefore straightening out your posture. Quick tip: Try wearing these for only a few hours at a time during your first few days with them so your feet can properly adjust!

Cavallari is wearing the black-and-white version of this Alaina sneaker in both of her videos, pairing it with her adorable activewear, but feel free to explore more choices. The all-black version is on sale, and if you check out Amazon, you’ll find so many more colors, including blue, pink, red, turquoise and grey!

As Cavallari showed us, just because we can’t control all circumstances doesn’t mean we can’t control others, so we know we’re taking control right now and picking up a pair of these shoes for our next workout!

Get the Vionic Alaina Sock Sneaker (originally $120) starting at just $84 at Nordstrom! Also available at Zappos and in more colors at Amazon!

Not your style? Check out more from Vionic here and other sneakers available at Nordstrom here!

Check out more of our picks and deals here!

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The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. In addition, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click on a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] Happy shopping!

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STEPHEN ROBINSON: Why the PM I know believes he is Mr Invincible

Why the Prime Minister I know believes he is Mr Invincible: Pushing boundaries has been the hallmark of his entire political life, but now Boris Johnson faces a different challenge, writes STEPHEN ROBINSON

Having observed Boris Johnson as a journalistic colleague over more than 30 years, I cannot think of anyone less temperamentally suited to the strictures and isolation of life in this lockdown. 

It goes without saying that his period of quarantine before being forced into hospital on Sunday evening, was an extreme and unusual punishment for this most gregarious soul. 

Confined to his Downing Street flat with meals left outside the door of his bedroom, and with anxiety flowing from his enforced separation from his pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds, it is emphatically not what the young Boris had in mind when he dreamed of being crowned ‘King of the World’. 

His recent transfer to an inten­sive care ward will have only compounded his sense of helplessness and frustration. 

Having observed Boris Johnson as a journalistic colleague over more than 30 years, I cannot think of anyone less temperamentally suited to the strictures and isolation of life in this lockdown. Pictured: irrepressible Boris and fiancee Carrie on election night

After all, this is a man who landed himself a column reviewing high performance cars for a men’s magazine so he could impress women and enrage his fellow Tory MPs by turning up to party meetings in country hotels behind the wheel of a turbo-charged Bentley. 

Few politicians — let alone a future Prime Minister — could get away with having boasted, as he did in the Spectator magazine, of driving at 160mph up the M40. 

Most men telling that story would be accused of exaggeration, but knowing Boris, I am sure it is true. Indeed, as Mayor of London, he almost had me killed when I recklessly opted to cycle with him across London after Tube drivers went on strike. 

He took every opportunity to cut up turning lorries, run red lights and shimmy along the inside lane. In fact, as a footnote to what we all hope will be a brief medical crisis, he now finds himself in the same London hospital — St Thomas’ — where he was taken in 2006 after he was knocked off his bicycle for the third time in seven years. 

Mary Wakefield, a former journalistic colleague who is now married to No 10 adviser Dominic Cummings, once said of Mr Johnson’s uniquely reckless cycling style: ‘He tests his invincibility.’ 

It goes without saying that his period of quarantine before being forced into hospital on Sunday evening, was an extreme and unusual punishment for this most gregarious soul. Pictured: a young ‘King of the World’ with dad Stanley

And that testing of bounds has been the hallmark of his entire political life. Boris can get away with gaffes, affairs, and catastrophically ill-conceived photo opportunities that would destroy other men’s careers. 

He is the man of the big picture painted in broad strokes, but not of detail. This explains why he was almost certainly the only politician who could have carried the Brexit referendum over the line. 

That is why he was so suited to leading the Conservatives to an 80-seat majority in the December General Election. But it also explains why his current situation will appear so alien to him. After all, this is a man who, say his friends, has never taken a sick day in his life. Indeed, Boris has always despaired of health faddists. 

As a junior politician in 2006, he torpedoed David Cameron’s nannyish healthy eating campaign by telling a Tory fringe meeting: ‘If I was in charge, I would get rid of Jamie Oliver and tell people to eat what they like.’ 

For his part, when Boris puts on weight it tends to be a reflection of a troubled state of mind. Perhaps that’s why he started filling out when he became Prime Minister in July last year — though it became particularly obvious as the coronavirus crisis took hold in Britain. 

Of course, having had to give up cycling for security reasons cannot have helped his waistline either. Yet it’s hardly surprising that he was left feeling perturbed by his struggle to tackle the minutiae inherent within the campaign to defeat coronavirus. 

Few politicians — let alone a future Prime Minister — could get away with having boasted, as he did in the Spectator magazine, of driving at 160mph up the M40. Pictured: Boris during a test drive in Tokyo

There is quite literally no one better than Boris at writing 1,200 words of superb journalism, something he usually manages in about 45 minutes. It comes so easily to him it is ridiculous. But life in No 10 runs on a different wavelength. 

When he sits in the most powerful office in the land, he pulls the levers and nothing happens. How can it be that the NHS — with its vast armies of staff, its almost limitless purchasing power and the reverence in which it is held by the nation — cannot order sufficient face masks for its staff, or testing kits for the population? 

Indeed, I believe this weariness and dismay at the limits of what any prime minister can actually achieve in the face of institutional paralysis goes some way to explaining why he allowed his sickness to become so acute. 

He simply couldn’t give up. For the time being, those questions that exasperate him will have to be put to one side. All that matters now is that the Prime Minister is justified in always trusting his invincibility. 

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The Best Electronics Deals of Costco's Tech Days Sale

If you’re currently stuck at home, chances are you’re starting to notice the little things about your electronics that bother you. Whether it’s the “e” key sticking on your laptop, a TV screen that barely connects to your Wi-Fi anymore, or a washer and dryer that are on their last legs, we’ve never been more desperate to upgrade our home tech items. Luckily, Costco has a solution: the Costco Tech Days sale, running from April 6-April 13 (while supplies last). This year, not only will Costco deliver Easter dinner to your home – they’ll also help you get your house set up for the ultimate stay-at-home experience, no pesky tech issues to be found. These are some of the best deals of Costco’s Tech Days sale. Sign up for a Costco membership, and get shopping!

1. Lenovo Flex 14 Series 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop

If you’ve been working (or just passing time online) from home, now’s the time to finally get that new laptop you’ve been waiting to splurge on – and this one is $150 off during Tech Days!

2. LG 60″ Class & Series 4K UHD LED LCD TV

Whether you’re bingeing Tiger King on Netflix or can’t peel yourself away from the news, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your old TV set.

3. LG Ultra Large Capacity Washer and Dryer

Making a trip to the laundromat has never seemed like such a chore. A high-capacity washer and dryer will finally take the pain out of washing your clothes.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Tablet

There’s no better way to catch up on reading e-books and binge watch your favorite shows and movies than on a brand-spankin’-new tablet.

5. Singing Machine Fiesta Voice Portable Karaoke System

Entertain yourself, your family, and your pets while stuck at home when you sing your heart out using a portable karaoke system, now $40 off.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Why is the moon so bright tonight? – The Sun

THE Supermoon is nearly upon us and will illuminate the skies tonight (April 7) with its shiny and larger than life appearance.

April's Supermoon is also known as the "pink supermoon" – here we explain the meaning behind this and the reason the Moon is so bright tonight.

Why is the moon so bright tonight?

When the full Moon is at its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit, known as the Supermoon, it appears larger in the sky.

It is this event which makes the appearance of the moon brighter and therefore more impressive.

There have been two supermoons this year, making April the third.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon occurs when the full moon nearly coincides with perigee – the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit, 361,885km or less.

This means it appears up to 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than normal, when viewed from Earth.

Tonight's (April 7) Supermoon will apparently be as close to Earth as 356,907km (221,772 miles).

The term Supermoon was created by astrologer Richard Nolle.

Because they occur every 29 and-a-half days, there are sometimes 13 a year – as there are in 2020.

Each month's Full Moon has a special name.


This is because Native American tribes kept track of the months of the year by the lunar calendar.

The supermoon on April 7 is traditionally considered a "pink moon", as it coincides with the time of year when spring flower blossoms.

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Sex with my lover is the best I’ve ever had – but he’s all set for an arranged marriage – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM having passionate sex with a guy I feel for and who feels for me – but he’s committed to having an arranged marriage.

I am a 39-year-old single mum with a 19-year-old daughter. I have become really good friends with this guy, whose job is next door to where I work.

Get in touch with Deidre today

Got a problem?

My team and I are working safely from home but we are here to help you as always.

Send an email to [email protected]

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We started talking one day a couple of years ago after meeting in the coffee shop in the same street.

He is only 30 and is really good-looking, with the most gorgeous brown eyes. His family come from Pakistan.

He is probably the nicest person I know and we have always got on as friends. After a while, we took it a step further and started going out occasionally, just enjoying one another’s company at first.

He told me right at the start that in a few years’ time he will have to have an arranged marriage. It’s what his culture expects.

I wasn’t too worried back then. I never for one minute thought we would be lovers too.

There was no sex involved to begin with but things became more serious about a year ago and we are now in a full-on relationship.

The sex is the best I’ve ever had but we are so loving together too. He is the most caring man I’ve ever known.

We are becoming closer and closer and at the start of the year we shared our first holiday together, which was bliss.

We went to Morocco and he was great at explaining the culture to me. But I now wonder how I will cope when the time comes for him to meet his future wife.

If I bring up the subject so we can discuss it, it normally ends up with me getting upset.

He has said he will always have me in his life but that when he does meet his future wife, I cannot be his number-one priority.

I just don’t know how to deal with this situation.


FEW of us have been directly affected by a crisis like this.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Please take in what he is telling you. He has made his decision. His culture and his family’s views matter more to him than your feelings.

He has said he will put his future wife first and probably then start a family, which will occupy even more of his time and leave you out in the cold.

I know he said you will always be in his life but you are worth so much more than living your life around him, being free to see each other for occasional sex – his bit on the side. Accept that he is never going to be yours and move on.

This will be hard, of course, and you will be heartbroken for a while. But it will leave you free to find someone else to love and share your life with who can give you 100 per cent.

Tell your lover you won’t see him again. I know that will feel so hard right now but you will be ready for a new relationship in a while.

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The Family Of A Beloved School Coach Said Goodbye Through A Pane Of Glass As He Died Of The Coronavirus

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Family, friends, and students are mourning a passionate and spirited athletics coach in Georgia who family members said died last month as a result of the coronavirus.

Ron Hill, 63, was a coach at the Mount Vernon School in Fulton County, Georgia, where he mentored boys and girls in various team sports, including track and field, football, and basketball.

“Ron Hill was a long-time, beloved teacher and coach at The Mount Vernon School. His passing is an incredible loss for our community, impacting so many of us,” Anne Katz, the chief community development officer of the school, told BuzzFeed News in a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to this grieving family as well as the entire Mount Vernon community mourning this loss.”

According to family members who spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hill died on March 24 of complications due to COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Hill, who suffered from a number of conditions including asthma, first started feeling sick at the beginning of March, a friend told AJC, adding that Hill visited an urgent care clinic where he was advised he may have pneumonia and that he should see a doctor.

A few days later, on March 14, he asked his friend to call 911, saying that he could not breathe. He was hospitalized and later moved to the intensive care unit.

According to his oldest child, Kyndria Hill, Hill texted his sister saying he felt scared.

“I’m going to fight but my body’s tired,” Kyndria Hill told AJC he wrote in the text message.

His daughter said that the family wasn’t able to see Hill in person while he was in the hospital. Due to medical protocols, they could only see him through a pane of glass

“He wasn’t even aware we were there,” Kyndria Hill 41, said.

“If you don’t need to be out, don’t go out,” she urged people. “There are people alone in the hospital and their family can’t get to them. People need to think about that.”

Over the past few weeks, the community around coach Hill and the Mount Vernon School have come together to mourn his death. Social media posts have celebrated his life and legacy.

Teachers, students, and faculty have posted tributes on Facebook with the hashtag #SaluteCoachHill to remember him as a playful and passionate man, whether he was coaching or not.

“He would fight tigers for you all … he believed in you … he loved you all deeply,” Courtney Thornton wrote on Facebook.

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