Airlines gain final approval to drop services to 75 domestic airports

Claims for unemployment continue to pile up; air travel slump hits American Airlines

Fox Business Briefs: 2.1 million people filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week; American Airlines is cutting 30 percent of its administrative staff and management, about 5,000 employees.

WASHINGTON – Fifteen U.S. airlines were granted final government approval on Wednesday to temporarily halt service to 75 domestic airports as travel demand has been crushed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The U.S. Transportation Department said all airports would continue to be served by at least one air carrier. Despite some objections to a tentative list made public on May 22, the government did not make any changes.

The U.S. airline industry has been awarded $25 billion in government payroll assistance grants to help weather the pandemic. While carriers must maintain minimum service levels to receive the assistance, many petitioned to stop service to airports with low passenger demand.

Inside view of commercial airplane with traveler / iStock

The department has previously allowed some airlines to halt service to some airports and rejected other requests.


Both United Airlines and Delta Air Lines won approval to halt flights to 11 airports. Allegiant Air was allowed to halt service to six airports, while JetBlue Airways Corp, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines gained approval to stop flights to five airports each.


U.S. air carriers have said they are collectively burning through more than $10 billion in cash a month as travel demand remains a fraction of prior levels. They have parked more than half of their planes and cut thousands of flights.

A Jetblue Airways Airbus A320 with the registration N595JB taking off from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) in the United States./ iStock

Cities that Delta can halt service to include Aspen, Colorado; Bangor, Maine; Santa Barbara, California and Flint, Michigan.


United can halt service to airports including Chattanooga, Tennessee; Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as Key West, Florida.

Other airlines winning approval to halt some flights include American Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and Silver Airlines.


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Dogs are instinctively wired to protect owners, research shows

Dogs are hardwired to help their human owners, new research claims.

In a new study, researchers found dogs will instinctively try to help people in distress, even without emergency training.

Until now, little research has been done on why dogs will rush to aid someone in trouble – in spite of many people expecting this behaviour from our canine companions.

Psychologists Joshua Van Bourg and Clive Wynne, of Arizona State University’s canine science laboratory assessed how likely 60 pet dogs were to rescue their owners. None of the dogs had training in such an endeavour.

In the main test, each owner was confined to a large box equipped with a light-weight door, which the dog could move aside. The owners feigned distress by calling out ‘help,’ or ‘help me.’

The owners were coached so their cries for help sounded authentic.

In addition, owners were not allowed to call their dog’s name, which would encourage the dog to act out of obedience, and not out of concern for their owner’s welfare.

Prof Van Bourg said: ‘About one-third of the dogs rescued their distressed owner, which doesn’t sound too impressive on its own, but really is impressive when you take a closer look.

‘That’s because two things are at stake here. One is the dogs’ desire to help their owners, and the other is how well the dogs understood the nature of the help that was needed.

The scientists explored this factor in control tests, something which had not been done in previous studies.

In one control test, when the dog watched a researcher drop food into the box, only 19 of the 60 dogs opened the box to get the food. More dogs rescued their owners than retrieved food.

Prof Van Bourg said: ‘The key here is that without controlling for each dog’s understanding of how to open the box, the proportion of dogs who rescued their owners greatly underestimates the proportion of dogs who wanted to rescue their owners.

‘The fact that two-thirds of the dogs didn’t even open the box for food is a pretty strong indication that rescuing requires more than just motivation, there’s something else involved, and that’s the ability component.

‘If you look at only those 19 dogs that showed us they were able to open the door in the food test, 84% of them rescued their owners.

‘So, most dogs want to rescue you, but they need to know how.’

In another control test, the researchers looked at what happened when the owner sat inside the box and calmly read aloud from a magazine. They found that four fewer dogs, 16 out of 60, opened the box in the reading test than in the distress test.

The fact that dogs did open the box more often in the distress test than in the reading control test indicated that rescuing could not be explained solely by the dogs wanting to be near their owners.

During the three scenarios, the researchers spotted behaviour which indicated stress, such as whining, walking, barking and yawning.

Prof Van Bourg said: ‘During the distress test, the dogs were much more stressed. When their owner was distressed, they barked more, and they whined more. In fact, there were eight dogs who whined, and they did so during the distress test. Only one other dog whined, and that was for food.’

In the second and third attempts to open the box during the distress test didn’t make the dogs less stressed than they were during the first attempt. That was in contrast to the reading test, where dogs that have already been exposed to the scenario, were less stressed across repeated tests.

Prof Wynne added: ‘What’s fascinating about this study is that it shows that dogs really care about their people.

‘Even without training, many dogs will try and rescue people who appear to be in distress – and when they fail, we can still see how upset they are.

‘The results from the control tests indicate that dogs who fail to rescue their people are unable to understand what to do – it’s not that they don’t care about their people.’

The study was published in the journal PLOS.

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RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Roll out the barrel, it's the New Normal…

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Roll out the barrel, it’s the New Normal… but the hasty, ill-thought-out relaxation of the lockdown rules is a model of incompetence and contradiction

Lockdown was partially eased in England yesterday, but don’t all cheer at once. Some of the ‘temporary’ restrictions were also enshrined in law. 

For instance, visiting a different household for sex, or any other purpose, is being made illegal. How are they going to make that stick? 

There is no force on earth which will stop determined human beings making love — as Professor Neil Ferguson, the Government’s own Covid adviser, proved beyond doubt. 

He was caught with his paisley Y-fronts down after inviting his mistress round for a little lockdown-breaking legover. 

Labour MP for Canterbury Rosie Duffield resigned as a Labour whip when it was revealed she’d broken the rules to meet up with her married lover. 

While Ferguson was rightly reviled for his hypocrisy, Duffield has received a more sympathetic hearing, although not from her boyfriend’s jilted wife. 

Still, in the scheme of things no one bar the permanently faux-furious covigilantes could really care less. 

There’s not a parliament on earth that can successfully legislate against extra-curricular hanky-panky. 

One of the funniest stories over the weekend was about a Dorset copper, Inspector Billy Bulloch, who has been caught going at it like rabbits with assorted, unnamed members of the public while he was on duty. 

Bulloch by name, bull by nature. But if they can’t prevent police officers rutting in defiance of the social distancing regs, what chance have they got of stopping anyone else? 

The ban on slap-and-tickle, however ridiculous and doomed to failure, is little more than a sideshow. It’s what comes with it which worries me. 

Frankly, I’m more bothered about the New Normal than I am about having been confined to barracks for the past couple of months. 

The hasty, ill-thought-out relaxation of the rules is a model of inconsistency, incompetence and contradiction. 

For instance, English car showrooms reopened yesterday, but salesmen are banned from taking you on a test drive. 

Unaccompanied test drives are permitted, but would you trust a punter, who’s just wandered in off the street, with the keys to a 50-grand motor? 

What’s to stop him simply driving off in it, never to be seen again? More to the point, who in their right mind would want to buy a new car now? 

Councils across Britain are cynically exploiting the corona pandemic to advance the most brutal anti-car agenda. 

Egged on by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, and epitomised by London’s opportunist mayor Genghis Khan, they’re banning cars, widening pavements and building hundreds of new cycle lanes. 

Driving has never been more expensive or frustrating. That’s the whole point of these policies. 

What with congestion charges, low emissions charges and punitive parking fines, pretty soon the only people who will be able to afford to travel by car are those like Khan who have access to an official £300,000 Range Rover. 

I couldn’t help wondering what people queueing outside an Ikea yesterday were doing there. It wasn’t for the meatballs. 

What were they planning to buy and how — once Genghis and his gang get their way — do they intend to get it home? 

You can’t lug a wardrobe or double bed on the back of a pushbike or the top deck of a bus. 

When I saw a graphic detailing ‘How Your Town Centre Could Look’ post-lockdown yesterday, my heart sank. 

More road closures, wider pavements, extensive pedestrianisation, street marshals to enforce social distancing, exclusion zones outside shops. It is going to be a hi-viz heaven, a jobsworth’s paradise. 

And when you give someone any modicum of authority, they will always, always abuse it. 

Who wants to queue up outside a shop for hours, being barked at by a Warden Hodges wannabe with a loud-hailer? 

Pedestrian precincts were already carpeted with tumbleweed, even before the lockdown, as shoppers were deterred by sky-high parking charges, wheel clampers and tyrannical traffic wardens. 

Far from being the salvation of the High Street, the New Normal will not only be the final nail in its coffin, we’ll all lose the will to live. 

And don’t get me started on airports, which have been a nightmare since 9/11. 

Who wants to spend eight hours on a transatlantic flight trapped in a face mask, before being ordered into quarantine for a fortnight at the end of it? 

Unless the two-metre rule goes, forget going for a pint or a curry. 

The daftest idea I’ve seen so far is the notion that restaurant customers should encase themselves in transparent plastic barrels to prevent them from infecting fellow diners. 

Why stop there? Why not make everyone wear a Buzz Lightyear space suit whenever they leave the house? 

I hesitate to joke about all this. It’s probably only a matter of time before wearing plastic barrels in public is made compulsory — no doubt starting with anyone gearing up for a bit of how’s your father with someone from a different household. 

Any country which tries to make consensual sex illegal has already lost the plot. Now please wash your hands. 

In recent years, the Last Night Of The Proms has resembled a Remoaner Rally. Now this season’s concerts have been cut back and may go ahead without live audiences, the Promenaders will all have to sit at home waving their EU flags. 

Watson should never be allowed anywhere near ermine, as this column has argued consistently thanks in no small part to his role in the historic sex crimes scandal

Time for Watson to face the music

Nonce Finder General Tom Watson will not get a seat in the House of Lords, according to the respected political journalist John Rentoul. 

Watson’s nomination, by Jeremy Corbyn, has been blocked by the independent appointments commission, along with ex-Speaker John Bercow and Corbyn’s former aide Karie Murphy. 

The commission won’t comment on individual cases, but let’s hope the report is true. Nominees can be turned down if their past conduct can reasonably be regarded as likely to bring the Lords into disrepute. 

Watson should never be allowed anywhere near ermine, as this column has argued consistently. 

He’s one of the most malevolent, malignant individuals ever to soil British politics, responsible for trashing the lives and reputations of blameless men wrongly accused of ‘historic’ sex crimes by fantasist and now convicted paedophile Carl Beech. 

Watson abused Parliamentary privilege and his position to badger the police and the Crown Prosecution Service into pursuing these ghastly, false allegations. 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to stop him being made head of UK Music, the music industry’s umbrella body, despite having none of the qualifications demanded in the job advert. 

His appointment was a stitch-up, greeted with disgust by distinguished songwriters, musicians, publishers and record label executives — including Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini, who were both caught up in the Watson-inspired, post-Savile witch-hunt.

Disgracefully, in the face of overwhelming opposition, the board of UK Music is still refusing to sack him and Watson, lacking any shred of decency, shame or self-awareness, will not stand down. 

If he’s too disreputable for the Lords, he’s certainly unfit to lead a body representing one of Britain’s most valuable and prestigious industries. 

Unless Watson resigns, wealthy organisations such as the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Ltd — who bankroll UK Music to the tune of £1.3million a year — should pull out their money and set up an independent lobbying group of their own. 

By sticking with Watson, the UK Music board and his cheerleader, PRS chief executive Andrea Martin, have dragged into the gutter the industry they are paid to protect. 

They, too, should go. 

Sooty: An apology…

Tory MP Roger Gale writes to say that he never attended a formal lunch with ex-Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie and nor did he work on The Sooty Show. 

Kelvin insists the lunch took place and he did wave off Gale with Harry Corbett’s trademark: ‘Bye, bye everybody…’

Since Sooty was unavailable for comment yesterday, I am, however, happy to take Gale’s word that he never worked on the show and apologise for any distress it may have caused. 

I’m not sure what he’s most upset about — being associated with Sooty or Kelvin MacKenzie. 

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The best and worst gardening trends of all time have been revealed

Whether it’s gnomes, water features or potted plants – everyone has their own taste when it comes to gardens.

But new research has shed light on the best and worst gardening trends of all time.

A poll of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Draper Tools, uncovered the nation’s best-loved and most hated outdoor features.

It found that summer houses, decking, bird feeders, vegetable patches and water features came out on top, as well as herb gardens, living walls and outdoor kitchens.

Among the worst trends were hot tubs, trampolines, wind chimes, gnomes, fake grass, fences painted with orange wood stain and coniferous trees.

Decorative items which attract wildlife – such as hedgehog homes, meadow areas and bumblebee nest boxes – found themselves in the ‘good’ category.

Similarly, tree houses, lanterns and pond areas also proved popular, along with sustainable trends like composting.

But planters made to look like old shoes or fake bicycles and metal wall ornaments resembling birds, animals or butterflies were all considered to be bad trends – along with sonic animal repellers and patio heaters.

Kev Smith, head of marketing at Draper Tools, commented: ‘The research goes to show just how passionate we are about our gardens – clearly those polled have pretty strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

‘However gardens are a very personal thing and what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another, so if you’re happy with your garden then that’s all that matters.

‘But it’s certainly fascinating – and a bit of fun – to find out what people are keen on and what they’re not quite so fond of.’

The poll also revealed that a quarter of green-fingered enthusiasts said they made an effort to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the gardening world.

The top 30 gardening trends

The 30 worst gardening trends

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The most underrated rom-coms to add to your Netflix queue right now

What did we do before Netflix? The days of going to the local Blockbuster to rent a VHS or DVD seem like so long ago. Netflix hasn’t only made it easier to access premium content, it has also made it more convenient.

According to Cordcutting, Netflix has the rights to more than 13,000 titles worldwide. While not all of those titles are available in every country, the U.S. has the platform’s largest library, with more than 5,000 titles available to view at your leisure. Having so many shows and films to watch in one place is exciting, but it’s also a little daunting. How are you supposed to narrow down what to watch for date night?

Netflix has some big titles on the platform that you’ve probably seen, but if you’re looking for a rom-com that may have gotten lost in the shuffle, here are some good options.

Set It Up

This underrated Netflix film has all the feel-good romance you want in a rom-com. Set It Up stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell who play two executive assistant scheming to set up their bosses — played by Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs — and experience some feelings themselves in the process.

This romantic romp is a lot of fun, but don’t take our word for it; Set It Up has a tomatometer score of 92 percent over at Rotten Tomatoes. We have no idea how it’s flown under the radar for so long.

Love Wedding Repeat

Love Wedding Repeat was not a hit with critics, but don’t let that stop you from streaming this rom-com. The movie stars Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn, which should already be enough to make you want to add this to your Netflix queue. The movie centers on Jack, who is trying to keep his sister’s wedding running smoothly. Hijinks ensue, and involve an unwanted and uninvited wedding guest set on interrupting the event, a flame from Jack’s past, and a sleeping sedative.

Alternative versions of the wedding unfold as the film progresses, making for a fun and slightly mind-bending watch.

About Time

Written and directed by Richard Curtis, who also co-wrote other rom-com classics like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Bridget Jones’s Diary, About Time is a romantic comedy that has something for everyone. The film stars Domhnall Gleeson as a time traveler who meddles with time to get a girlfriend. Don’t let the sci-fi premise fool you — About Time is very much a heartwarming romance, with Rachel McAdams starring opposite Gleeson. 

The all-star cast is rounded out by Bill Nighy, Tom Hughes, and Margot Robbie.

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Who plays JJ in Outer Banks? The troubled surfer in season one of Netflix's thriller

NEW Netflix show Outer Banks has risen in popularity since it was released last month.

One of the main characters on the show is JJ, but who plays him in the series?

  • The best series on Netflix
  • The best movies on Netflix

The show follows a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina who are called Pogues.

The group are determined to find out what happened to the missing father of the group's ringleader, John B (Chase Stokes).

JJ is the wild one in the group.

John B describes him as the "best surfer he knows".

He is known to be erratic and often doesn't think before he acts, but IS also always up for a laugh and an adventure.

Sometimes his temperament can make him a liability, but his friends also know he is brave and can be depended on when needed.

Who plays JJ in Outer Banks?

JJ is played by the actor Rudy Pankow.

Pankow is a 21-year-old actor who was born in Alaska, US.

Initially, he wanted to become a cook, but had a change of heart in 2016 and chose to pursue a role in acting instead.

What's on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Looking for a new Netflix series to binge or the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime? We have you covered…

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Pankow then enrolled at Michael Woolson Studios to hone his acting skills, to gain more experience, he then played some roles in the theatre.

During his time in theatre, he played roles in The Nutcracker, Mary Poppins and Oliver Twist.

He has since appeared in the films, The Politician, and, Muse: Thought Contagion.

Pankow has 2.3 million followers.

Where can I watch the show?

You can watch the teen-drama exclusively on Netflix.

It was released on April 15, 2020, and consists of ten episodes.

The show was created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke.

You can see who else joins Rudy Pankow in the Outer Banks cast here.

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Tom Brady finally looks like the rest of us

One round of golf finally made Tom Brady look like the rest of us.

As the weakest link in Sunday’s “The Match: Champions for Charity” — pitting Brady and Phil Mickelson against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning — the six-time Super Bowl champion displayed none of the confidence at the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Fla. that produced the greatest career in NFL history, flubbing multiple shots amid mounting frustration.

The showdown is hoping to raise at least $10 million in the fight against coronavirus.

In addition to the relatable scene of the seemingly ageless, 42-year-old Brady mentally back-tracking to count his numerous shots on one hole, the new Buccaneers quarterback was also caught on camera cursing after one of his off-target shots.

“I’m liking this Florida @TomBrady now,” tweeted Saints head coach Sean Payton.

For one afternoon, Brady, who had one chip travel just a few feet and also appeared reluctant to use his driver after several poor swings, was just another struggling golfer.

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Future of Channel Four under threat as it faces 'biblical' cash crisis

Future of Channel Four is under threat as it faces ‘biblical’ cash crisis after a sharp decline in advertising revenue – and a lack of big hits

  • Channel’s budget was cut by £150 million, with £10 million left for rest of 2020
  • One broadcasting insider has said the channel will have to fight for its survival 
  • Channel 4’s only income – advertising – has fallen 65 per cant this month
  • Furthermore, the channel has furloughed more than 120 people since March

The future of Channel 4 is under threat as it faces financial meltdown following a sharp decline in advertising revenue.

With the network suffering from a lack of big hits and must-see returning series, industry sources say there is little chance of new quality shows being made this year.

It comes after the channel’s programming budget was cut by £150 million, with less than £10 million to spend until the end of 2020 and advertising sales falling by as much as 65 per cent this month.

Channel 4, which is state-owned, has been forced to discuss dipping into a new £75 million Government emergency fund in a desperate bid to stave off collapse.

AT RISK: The Great British Bake Off, one of the broadcaster’s biggest hits

A spokesman last night said station chiefs had introduced ‘a range of measures to manage our costs appropriately’.

But one broadcasting industry insider warned: ‘Channel 4 has got a serious fight on its hands to keep going in its current form.

‘There are fears that it will no longer be able to make the sort of ground-breaking hit shows that it needs to be delivering. In short, the outlook is very bleak indeed.’

The Mail on Sunday understands that production companies have been told by senior executives that budgets have been dramatically cut so their content will have to be bought at a far cheaper rate.

Because it doesn’t make its own shows which can be sold on to other networks, Channel 4’s only revenue stream is advertising. Its most popular programmes, including The Great British Bake Off, Gogglebox and First Dates, are all produced by independent businesses.

Another Channel 4 hit that would be at risk were the channel to fail to stay afloat is Gogglebox, pictured

Pictured: Fan favourite First Dates, another of Channel 4 programmes

Concerns were raised about the network’s future yesterday on industry website Broadcast.

One person pointed the finger of blame at programming chief Ian Katz, a former editor of Newsnight, and chief executive Alex Mahon, saying: ‘This is biblical. They have spent two years pretending and in denial. This pandemic no longer means they can hide their heads in the sand.

‘But Mahon and Katz won’t lose their houses, and they won’t suffer the loss that those of us who grew up inspired by that channel and worked so hard to make some of the greatest programmes will.’

Earlier this month, the station took its new lunchtime programme, The Steph Show, off air. According to Mr Katz, neighbours of presenter Steph McGovern – who was fronting the programme from her home – had complained.

Pictured: the case of Channel 4’s panel show ‘8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown’ which combines two of the channels favourite programmes

Pictured: Channel 4’s Jon Snow presents the news from his home, March 20, 2020

Although it ended up drawing just 230,000 viewers, Channel 4 had previously claimed the show was the ‘best antidote’ to the coronavirus doom and gloom.

A spokesman for Channel 4, which has furloughed 120 staff since March, said: ‘Channel 4 has demonstrated the importance of its public service role by helping audiences navigate through the Covid-19 crisis.

‘We’ve reached record audiences through lockdown, particularly young viewers, with our news, factual and entertainment programming, delivered important public health messages to hard-to-reach audiences, and the latest Ofcom data shows Channel 4 as the most trusted national news source of information about coronavirus.’

The spokesman added: ‘Like many commercially funded businesses this pandemic has had an impact on our advertising revenues and we announced in April a range of measures to manage our costs appropriately, protect our ability to invest in distinctive and challenging content and continue to create jobs and opportunities in the creative sector across the UK.’ 

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Debby Ryan and Josh Dun From Twenty One Pilots Secretly Married on New Year's Eve

Debby Ryan has been making the rounds on the internet recently because of that *one* meme, but today she’s trending for an entirely different reason. As it turns out, Debby Ryan is officially Mrs. Debby Dun, because she officially tied the knot—in secret, might I add—with Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots!

In an interview Vogue, Debby revealed that she and Josh’s wedding took place on New Year’s Eve, and they planned the entire thing in a whopping 28 days. But despite the short amount of time to plan, the ceremony and party looked absolutely stunning. (You can check out the pics here.)

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Kaitlyn Bristowe Wants Jason Tartick To Pop The Question — Just Not In Quarantine

While quarantining together has only made their relationship stronger, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick won’t get engaged in quarantine — at least not if she can help it. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Kaitlyn revealed that she definitely sees marriage to Jason in her future, but she wants the moment he pops the question to be a romantic one. And her potential future hubby getting down on one sweat-panted knee isn’t part of the plan.

Kaitlyn shared that she and Jason have been handling quarantining together well, and they’re definitely on the road to an engagement. Still, the former Bachelorette wants to wait until they can travel beyond their house before they take the next step in their relationship. "I told him I don’t want to [have a] quarantine engagement," she said. "[I want] a little more romance than just at the house."

Still, the Bachelor Nation couple’s relationship is moving along nicely, with or without an engagement. Since the two first connected in October 2018, they’ve taken several major steps together, including moving in together and getting two dogs, Ramen and Pinot, that they’ve been successfully raising together. Or, as Kaitlyn put it, "We co-parent perfectly with the dogs."

And while she’s putting off engagement plans for now, Kaitlyn has already given Jason instructions about the kind of ring she wants. In June 2019, she told Entertainment Tonight she wants a "simple band with a fatty rock" that’s any shape aside from teardrop. "I just want something that can make my hands a little cuter," she joked.

Until the coronavirus pandemic ends, Kaitlyn is content on continuing to bond with Jason and work on new projects, like her upcoming YouTube show 9 to Wine. In the meantime, the Bachelorette alum is certain of one thing: she and Jason are on the right path. "[It’s] the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in and [an engagement] just feels like the natural next step," she told Us Weekly.

Even though Kaitlyn and Jason didn’t actually meet during their time in Bachelor Nation, they’re on track to become one of the franchise’s best couples. Fans have to look no further than their social media accounts to see how beautifully Kaitlyn and Jason have been handling spending so much time together. As the Off the Vine podcast host shared with Us Weekly, she now knows "there’s no getting sick of that guy."

Despite their engagement being on hold for now, this is one Bachelor Nation couple that appears to be more than ready to walk down the aisle together. "I always say anyone who gets through this quarantine together, as a relationship, should get married," she said. Her motto definitely bodes well for her relationship with Jason, because so far, even a pandemic hasn’t been able to shake their devotion to one another.

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