What it’s really like for Adam and Danielle Busby to homeschool the quints

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of parents have become teachers as they homeschool their kids in quarantine. Adam and Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered are among those who have been homeschooling their kids, and it has not been easy to teach their quints, Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley, while also teaching the quints’ older sister, Blayke.

It’s a lot of kids to juggle, especially when they’re at different grade levels. “We’re trying to figure out what we want to do,” Adam told Us Weekly. “That’s why we keep switching back and forth. Do you want to school five preschoolers downstairs or one third grader and try to teach her the math we didn’t learn when we were kids?”

While one of the quints, Riley, skipped pre-K and started kindergarten at the beginning of the academic year, it seems she’s sticking to the same curriculum as her siblings for now.

Adam and Danielle Busby are doing their best to keep the quints focused

Adam and Danielle didn’t explain why Riley isn’t doing kindergarten coursework, but there’s no doubt that having all of the quints doing pre-K work is making things easier for the busy parents, who told Us Weekly that they’re “thankful” the quints haven’t started kindergarten.

“That would have been another level of homeschooling,” Danielle said. “Blayke is in third grade, so she’s got a very big structure of what her day looks like. From the very beginning, I came up with a routine and a schedule of what we’re going to do. … With the quints, they just don’t see us as a teacher. They [behave] at school probably way better than they do [with] us as teachers. That balance of trying to get them to focus … is tough.”

We will likely get a glimpse at how the Busby kids are being homeschooled on the upcoming season of OutDaughtered, which is self-shot and focuses on their life in quarantine, which the reality stars admit has been a “hard adjustment.”

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What it’s really like working at Target during the pandemic

Target may not be the first place we think about when we talk about shopping for food (at least for some of us), but it certainly makes the cut of places you need to go to, particularly when an emergency like a pandemic is going on. And while we’re grateful that we have a place like Target to go to stock up on everything from food to cleaning supplies, and from OTC medication, to games and toys to keep bored family members occupied, how do Target’s employees feel about being there during an outbreak, particularly one as serious as COVID-19?

Employees likely feel comforted that Target has adopted CDC recommendations by giving team members disposable gloves and face masks to use at work; it also enforces healthy hygiene practices like regular hand-washing (via Target). A member is positioned at each store entrance to make sure all baskets and carts are sanitized, all checkout lanes will be cleaned after each transaction, and Plexiglass partitions will be positioned in high-traffic areas like service desks and the pharmacy.

Target is encouraging guests to play their parts and to observe social distancing — customers need to observe 6 feet of distance when entering and shopping in the store. There will be no food samples, and all items will be placed in Target-supplied bags (no bag fees will be charged). It’s also important to remember that all Starbucks outlets and fitting rooms remain shut while the pandemic is going on.

Target has been transparent about its coronavirus policies

Eater reports that, unlike a number of its competitors, Target has been fairly transparent about its coronavirus policies. The company is offering 14 days of what it calls “quarantine pay” to staff who must self-isolate, and full pay for 14 days if they are sick. The company is also choosing not to implement its usual absenteeism policy, which means Target workers can take unlimited (but unpaid) sick leave. Employees who belong in the high risk group will be allowed to take fully-paid leave for up to 30 days. 

Target has also raised the pay for hourly employees by $2 per hour through July 4th; it is paying unspecified bonuses to 20,000 hourly store team leads, and it offers employees a “Backup Family Care” plan, which supports childcare or eldercare should the need arise.

Meanwhile, likely thanks to the pandemic, Target said its store sales rose by nearly 11 percent in the first quarter of 2020 from the previous year, while digital sales skyrocketed by 141 percent. But during a call to explain its earnings, Target said the cost of higher salaries, store cleanings, and other pandemic-related expenses were expected to total $500 million (via CNBC).

Some workers feel Target's pandemic measures don't do enough

A handful of its workers don’t seem to be too thrilled by Target’s pandemic precautions. “The safety measures that Target has rolled out are half-measures, and they haven’t done enough to prioritize safety. They’re more concerned about the sales then protecting us workers,” Adam Ryan, a part-time worker at a Target in Virginia, told USA Today, adding, “If we don’t push them further, they’re not going to take further measures. We can’t afford to wait.”

Concerns like Ryan’s are valid. As of mid-April, at least 30 grocery store workers had died after being exposed to the virus, and 3,000 had called in sick after showing symptoms, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Target responded to the accusation that it hasn’t done enough by saying in a statement: “It’s important to us that Target team members feel comfortable sharing their concerns and we provide opportunities for them to do so. We’re focused on supporting our team and recognizing the important role they’re playing for families and communities across the country amid the coronavirus.”

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What Amber Rudd really thinks of her daughter's VERY public sex life

What ex-Home Secretary Amber Rudd really thinks of her 29-year-old daughter’s VERY public sex life – revealed in tweets about flavoured condoms and nipple hairs

  • Julia Lawrence met Amber Rudd and her children Flora and Alasdair Gill on Zoom
  • Flora ‘outed’ her mother as a day-time tippler on Twitter for drinking cocktails at 11am
  • She shared a snapshot from the family WhatsApp where her mum said Alasdair was her favourite 

You can see why she thought it, if only for second. Any mother would understand.

There was her handsome strapping son, all 6 ft whatever of him, clad in a face mask, standing in front of a van piled high with food, destined for frontline NHS hospital workers, the needy and vulnerable — the fruit of his (unpaid) labour for the past month.

‘Just delivered our 10,000th meal,’ wrote Alasdair Gill, 27, referring to the 700 meals a day the London-based charity Family Meal, run by a group of professional chefs such as himself, had been boxing up and driving all over the capital.

How proud his mother, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, must have been. And who could blame her?

Julia Lawrence met with Amber Rudd and her children Flora and Alasdair Gill on Zoom

‘That’s why you’re my favourite child,’ she wrote in the family’s WhatsApp group chat — before adding a hasty, cheeky ‘oops’, when she realised it would only be a matter of time before Alasdair’s older sister, Flora, saw it. She did — and without further ado Flora made the exchange public. Very public indeed.

Those familiar with Twitter will know that Flora, 29 — whose father was the hugely controversial food critic and columnist A.A. Gill — has gleefully picked up the family mantle for shock journalism with her own brand of sexy, confessional ‘blimey, did I really just read that?’ material, on social media and in print.

Losing her virginity, flavoured condoms and the horror of nipple hairs — it’s all out there for everyone to see. Her late father, who received no fewer than 62 press complaints in five years at the peak of his career, would be so proud.

Flora naturally saw the post as great fodder for her 27,000 plus Twitter followers and duly posted it online: ‘In case anyone was wondering if Mum bullied me outside of Twitter . . .’ she wrote. The ‘likes’ came pouring in — in the thousands.

Only last week, Flora ‘outed’ her mum as a day-time tippler, when she told the world how she’d been downing canned cocktails during their Zoom chat — at 11am

Today, as they talk exclusively to the Mail, everyone in the family finds the exchange quite funny: ‘Flora was being increasingly naughty with her escalating levels of crudeness so I thought I’d give her a teeny little bit of a slap.

‘But I didn’t expect her to make it public. It was a private little joke for my family. That was just brutal. That was a declaration of war,’ Amber, 56, explains. Welcome to the Amber Rudd and Flora Gill show — one that never ceases to entertain, and is gathering its own fan base.

So, just for clarity, is Alasdair the favourite? Every parent has a favourite, don’t they? Just a teensy bit? Absolutely not, says Amber.

‘When my children ask me, I get round it by saying I have a favourite daughter and a favourite son.’ An answer any politician would be proud of.

‘That’s not what you wrote though, Mum,’ grins Alasdair.

‘No it wasn’t and I took a screenshot of it,’ Flora shoots back, clearly enjoying herself. Oh dear, how long before a bedroom door gets slammed?

We are meeting on Zoom and it is strange to see the polished, accomplished former Conservative MP for Hastings and Rye — who left the Commons at the last election — in Lockdown Mum mode.

Those familiar with Twitter will know that Flora Gill, 29 — whose father was the hugely controversial food critic and columnist A.A. Gill — has gleefully picked up the family mantle for shock journalism

Amber, who’s just taken on an advisory role with a UK cyber security firm based in Cambridge, alongside her work as an adviser with management consultants Teneo, is ‘in the country with my partner’ (she was rumoured to have found love again last year but that’s all anyone’s getting on the subject).

Alasdair and Flora, meanwhile, are with their respective partners, in their flats in London. Like many families, this is the new normal, and the banter is flying.

Amber has taken a fair few beatings at the Commons despatch box, but you’ve got to feel for her over some of Flora’s revelations. No one wants to hear about their ‘baby’s’ sex life. ‘Yeah, it was pretty awkward at first,’ Amber says. ‘But in the end I decided to go with it.’

Only last week, Flora ‘outed’ her mum as a day-time tippler, when she told the world how she’d been downing canned cocktails during their Zoom chat — at 11am.

Amber protests: ‘I was taste-testing for a friend in the business!’

‘Yes, but you only need one sip for research!’ says Flora. ‘You were doing a lot of double checking. I found it funny because they are surprisingly alcoholic! Mum was getting quite tipsy, so I decided to take a few screenshots and share them with the world. Everyone’s day-drinking right now. We need to share!

‘One of my aims is making Mum uncomfortable, and she is slowly getting used to it, so I’ve had to slowly up the level. I reckon we’ve got just a few weeks until it’s releasing nudes on the internet,’ she quips.

Amber winces. ‘Ali, we’re not going to like that are we?’ she asks her son, who’s agog.

‘No, we won’t,’ he agrees.

Jokes aside, the warmth and deep bond between these three is palpable. Flora was quick to leap to her mother’s defence, with a stream of angry expletives, when she was ditched — with 30 minutes notice — from an Oxford University event in early March.

Flora Gill shared a snapshot from the family WhatsApp group and made public Amber Rudd saying son Alasdair was the favourite

The event, In Conversation: Amber Rudd, was organised by the university’s UN Women Society and Amber was expected to speak about encouraging women to get into politics.

But organisers came under fire over Amber’s links with the Windrush scandal — which cost her her job as Home Secretary — and they cancelled at the very last minute.

Flora called it ‘f*****g rude’, her outrage very touching. I comment it must have been hard to be Amber Rudd’s daughter, having to watch the tirade of abuse to which she was subjected before resigning in 2018.

The Windrush scandal centred on British subjects, who’d arrived in the UK before 1973 from Caribbean countries, who were wrongly detained, denied legal rights, threatened with deportation, and, in at least 83 cases, wrongly deported by the Home Office.

Whatever your politics, the abuse Amber received was truly shocking. Some even wished her dead. ‘People are always asking me whether I feel protective of Mum, but she’s always been really strong and able,’ says Flora.

‘If anything, she can teach me about some of the hate I’m starting to get . . .’

Ali, it should be said, doesn’t even have a Twitter account. ‘I’m pretty anonymous,’ he says. ‘I am not on Twitter because of my mum and sister. I get enough of it in person . . .’

Amber interjects: ‘Ali is more of a private person than Flora. Flora has found her way through social media and publicity of her character and writing amazing articles. But Ali has found a different way.’

‘Yeah, but everyone is a more private person compared to Flora . . .’ says Ali. More guffaws.

Ali and Flora were born during Amber’s five-year marriage to A.A. (Adrian) Gill, who died from cancer in 2016. They split after Gill started a long-term relationship with journalist Nicola Formby.

For many years, Amber worked as an investment banker before entering politics in 2010, when the children were in their late teens. Flora has a look of her dad about her, while Ali is more like his mum. Amber can see ‘nothing of herself’ in either of her offspring, although can see where her daughter gets her ‘communication and shock’ skills from.

‘We used to joke that if we had to split and go to one parent, Ali would go to Mum and I would have gone to Dad,’ says Flora.

They had the classic, two household upbringing, seeing Dad and their younger twin half-siblings at the weekends.

Amber Rudd’s daughter Flora Gill is pictured with her father A.A. Gill who was a hugely controversial food critic and columnist 

Flora was educated at Bedales boarding school in Hampshire where she was — her phrase — a goody-two-shoes (‘How I miss goody-two-shoes,’ says Amber), getting As in everything before going to Oxford to read philosophy and theology.

Alasdair, meanwhile, took another path. ‘I got kicked out of a couple of schools — for this and that, mostly smoking,’ he says.

‘He wasn’t very good at following rules, shall we say,’ says Amber. ‘Not always turning up for lessons. Not always at school when he should have been.’

‘School never worked for me,’ Ali says. ‘By the time I attended sixth-form college, I had a two per cent attendance rate.’

Alasdair went from school into the hospitality industry, trained at Ballymaloe cookery school, and worked as a chef at the Little Blue Door restaurant in Fulham, from where the Family Meal project is operating.

As different as the children they made together, Amber and A.A.Gill had opposing parenting styles.

‘Mum cared about exams and about us doing well at school and Dad did not,’ remembers Flora. ‘He just cared about us being kind. Nothing else mattered.

‘So if I had detention, which I got once in my life and cried about insanely because I hated being told off, I knew I should get Dad to sign my permission slip. He refused to sign it and told me to go and tell my teacher she was a tosser.

‘And he ate my homework once . . .’ What! The Zoom room erupts with laughter.

‘Yeah, it’s true,’ continues Flora. ‘I was so panicked about not being able to finish this maths sheet and Dad took the sheet and ate it. He said: “Tell the teachers your Dad ate your homework.”

‘I did not tell them the truth. I made up that I’d lost it and got in trouble and had to do it again.’

Maybe it should be pointed out that A.A. Gill once wrote: ‘The interesting adults are always the school failures, the weird ones, the losers, the malcontents. This isn’t wishful thinking; it’s the rule.’

He loved a rebel. Amber, meanwhile, was big on discipline. ‘Because it was just the three of us we were very close,’ she says. ‘But I do remember getting very irritated by all the fighting during the teenage years.

‘My sister, who’s a teacher, said I needed a “layer of explaining” when they were getting out of control. So you go green, yellow, black, saying: “OK, now we’re on green but if you carry on fighting, we’re going to go to yellow”

‘I never understood it, so I just used to go “Green Yellow Black!” ’

‘We just remember “BLACK BLACK BLACK” being shouted up the stairs. It didn’t last long, that system,’ laughs Flora.

‘When I was first elected, Ali was 17 and my sister said to him: “You must be so proud now your mother’s an MP”, and he said: “Yes it’s fantastic — she’s never home.” ’

Since resigning as an MP, Amber was just getting used to civilian life, when the pandemic struck — the family is planning a big party (with Ali doing the cooking) when it’s all over. In the meantime, he’s managing to get by, and keep himself busy, with the meals project.

After so many years being the ‘good one’, Flora is enjoying seeing her brother’s valuable work.

‘I helped out one day. Alasdair was being such a boss — he was so impressive! Obviously it pains me to have to say that.

‘I packaged up all the boxes and delivered to one of the hospitals. They were so unbelievably grateful. It was amazing to see and made me feel that maybe Mum had a right to have a favourite.’

Amber interjects: ‘My children are so different, with such different skills, and they’ve felt lost at different times of their lives. But I am very proud of them.

‘They both seem to have focus which is giving them satisfaction and reward. It’s been a revelation that Alasdair has found such a sense of purpose working for this organisation that is reaching out and helping people.

‘Anyone who is working in hospitality doesn’t have much of a job at the moment, obviously. The fact that Ali has found this really valuable role, helping feed people in London who really need their help, does make me very proud.’

So what’s next? Are either Flora or Ali tempted to enter politics? Flora shakes her head: ‘No way.’

Her brother drops a bombshell: ‘Who knows? Never say never . . .’

His mother’s eyes widen in shock, yet again.

  • The Mail is making a donation to Family Meal for this interview. To contribute, visit familymeal.org.uk

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Dreams really do come true – you can get a job as a mattress tester

A luxury homeware marketplace is looking for a professional bed tester, and honestly, someone needs to pinch us because it feels like we’re dreaming.

The brand, Olivia’s, is offering a lucky successful applicant £60 an hour to give detailed feedback on the beds and garden daybeds sold on their site.

The company says it has had a spike in sales in recent weeks and would like to get an honest review system going so their customers are more informed when they purchase beds.

The ‘Comfort Connoisseur’ will need to fill out a scorecard for each bed they test reviewing their comfort, aesthetic, size and durability.

They will also need to give written feedback on their experience on said bed, and the company will expect detailed reports on at least two beds a month.

Olivia’s says it’s looking for someone to get started straight away and is after a ‘self-starter with impeccable taste, good writing skills, no underlying sleep conditions like sleep apnoea and an eye for detail’.

Each item will be delivered to the ‘Comfort Connoisseur’s’ home and assembled for them if needed, but don’t worry, the necessary social distancing measures will be observed.

You wouldn’t be able to keep the beds you test – whoever gets the job will need to test the bed for at least five days, submit their report to their manager and then book for the bed to be collected. 

The company has stressed that applicants must be willing to accept deliveries and have a spare room where the interior beds can be put as well as an outdoor space for the daybeds. 

Nick Moutter, founder of Olivia’s, said: ‘Anybody can lie on a bed and sleep, we want someone who can analyse the experience and provide detailed feedback that will serve our community of interior-obsessed customers.’

Hopeful applicants can apply for the role, which closes at the end of May on the website for Olivia’s.

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What it really means when you dream about losing your teeth

You’re about to give a presentation in front of the class or your colleagues at work, and all of a sudden your teeth start falling out. You can’t get the words out and people are looking at you with shock and horror. Then you spring up in bed, realizing it was just a nightmare. If you’ve had a dream like this, you’re not alone. According to therapist and dream analyst, Jane Teresa Anderson, this is a common theme people dream about. But why do we all seem to have this nightmare and what does it mean?

Anderson told Cosmopolitan many of us have this dream because we remember what it was like to lose our teeth as children. “During those childhood years, we may experience all sorts of worries and concerns, perhaps being teased about having gaps in our smile, perhaps losing our confidence,” she said. Essentially, these feelings of anxiety are now manifesting in our sleep. 

However, this type of dream can have different meanings depending on what you’re going through in your waking life. Dream expert to the stars, Lauri Loewenberg confirmed this idea. “Dreams involving the mouth or throat area are most often connected to communication issues in waking life,” she told Cosmopolitan. “When your teeth fall out in a dream, it is usually because you have said something without thinking about it first.” In this case, your teeth falling out could be representing your tendency to have loose lips.

The reason you dream about your teeth falling out is in the details

According to Healthline, there are a variety of reasons you could be having a dream your teeth are falling out, ranging from stress related to upcoming major changes in your life, to feelings of extreme guilt, to jealousy of someone. If you have this shocking nightmare, Anderson recommends examining if you feel you’re missing something in your waking life, or if you’re feeling a lack of confidence. “Our dreams are unique,” she explained. “While millions of people may dream about their teeth falling out, it’s the other details in the dream that help pinpoint the exact interpretation.” 

To ultimately understand the meaning of this dream, Anderson said it’s important to think about how you felt when your teeth fell out. This reflection will help you to diagnose the meaning. However, if this is a recurring dental nightmare and you want it to stop, she explains the dream might be trying to tell you something deeper about yourself. “Recurring dreams are often connected to an ongoing issue (the dream continues until the issue is resolved) or they can be connected to a recurring behavior pattern that needs correcting: Every time you exhibit the behavior, you have the dream,” Loewenberg said.

So addressing issues in your waking life, could be the key to rid yourself of the dream about losing your teeth, and get back to blissful sleep.

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No One Really Knows Why Michael Jordan and His Ex-Wife Juanita Vanoy Got Divorced, Source Claims

Since it debuted several weeks ago, fans have been thrilled by The Last Dance, the 10-part ESPN documentary series that focuses on Michael Jordan and his last year with The Chicago Bulls. Though the series dives into Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, coach Phil Jackson, and the rest of the 1997-1998 Bulls team, some things are noticeably missing from the extensive documentary.

While some aspects of Jordan’s personal life are highlighted, his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy whom he was married to from 1989 to 2006 is noticeably absent. Thus far, the series has showcased Jordan’s son, Marcus, and Jeffrey, but his daughter, Jasmine, and Vanoy have yet to make an appearance.

Aside from a woman who attempted to sue Jordan for paternity of her child n the ’90s, the Jordan marriage was relatively scandal-free until they split briefly in 2002, before calling it quits in 2006. In fact, most people don’t even understand why they divorced.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy met in 1985

Jordan was already a member of the Bulls and Vanoy was a loan officer from the Southside of Chicago when the pair first met. The former couple was introduced in 1985 at Bennigans restaurant in Chicago after a Bulls game.

In a 1992 interview, Vanoy explained that a mutual friend had introduced the pair thinking they would hit it off, and they did. On New Year’s Eve in 1987, Jordan proposed to Vanoy and they wed in 1989 in Las Vegas. “I’m happy. It was a big move getting married,” Jordan said, according to The Washington Post. “It helped me mature.”

Juanita Vanoy doesn’t speak about Michael Jordan but they are on good terms

These days, Vanoy has stayed out of the spotlight doing charity work, traveling, practicing yoga, and focusing on her three children. She’s stated in the past that she does not like to do press because people only ask her about Jordan.

However, she did give some good insight into communicating post-divorce. “Mostly our conversations are about the children. I don’t remember him saying, ‘By the way, I’m getting married,’” she said in 2013. “Divorce was certainly new to me. I had to learn that you have to communicate. That it’s not about you or your ex-partner. It’s about making sure the children are all right.”

No one really understands why Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy divorced

Though they attempted to reconcile for four years, in 2006, the pair officially announced their divorce. “Michael and Juanita Jordan mutually and amicably decided to end their 17-year marriage,” the couple’s lawyers said in a statement in December 2006. “A judgment for dissolution of their marriage was entered today. There will be no further statements.

The divorce was finalized in 2007 with Vanoy receiving a settlement of $168 million after 17 years of marriage and three children. However, those close to the former couple were absolutely stunned by the split. “I’m shocked and disappointed that their marriage didn’t work. They clearly communicate,” family friend Les Coney told People at the time. “When Juanita couldn’t get the stereo to work, he’s the first person she called. And Michael was right there.”

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Yes, A Student Reporter Really Helped Uncover The ‘Bad Education’ Scandal

The town of Roslyn prided itself on being the best school district in Long Island. Under the charming leadership of superintendent Frank Tassone, the quality of Roslyn’s public education was nationally renowned. So it came as quite a shock in 2004 when Tassone, as well as other members of his inner circle, were indicted in an $11.2 million dollar larceny scandal. HBO’s Bad Education, written by Roslyn alum Mike Makowsky, tells the story from the perspective of student reporter Rachel Bhargava (Geraldine Viswanathan). But Is Bad Education‘s Bhargava based on a real person? Her real-life counterpart broke the real story behind Pamela Gluckin’s (Allison Janney) firing, which tipped people off to Tassone’s involvement in the scandal.

Bhargava is a stand-in for Rebekah Rombom, a Roslyn High School student with close ties to the scandal. In the early 2000s, Bhargava was one of the two editors-in-chief of the school’s newspaper, The Hilltop Beacon. According to a 2004 New York Times story on Rombom, her co-editor, Sam Floam, first learned of an anonymous woman who had stolen money from the school district. But it was Bhargava who decided to investigate.

“Later that day I, too, received the same information from another source,” Rombom wrote in the Times. “Dr. Frank Tassone…had meetings with the leaders of several civic associations and school committees. During these meetings, he informed these individuals that an anonymous letter had surfaced containing information and allegations regarding the theft, as well as other information."

Though Rombom first thought that it all "seemed sketchy," her advisor pushed her to continue exploring the story. So Rombom decided to check out a public meeting of the Board of Education. According to Refinery29, the embezzlement claims were addressed at the meeting, which led Rombom to follow up and interview the assistant superintendent for human resources and Tassone (Hugh Jackman).

After discovering that the woman was none other than Gluckin, the former assistant superintendent of the Roslyn High School district and close friend of Tassone’s, Rombom was ready to go to press. “[But] I was informed that I would not be able to use the name of the woman accused of embezzling the money," Rombom wrote in the Times. "This struck me a bit odd, since I, along with a handful of other community members already knew that she had been identified as Pamela C. Gluckin.”

Though Gluckin’s name wasn’t published in the paper, the story still made a major splash. According to New York Magazine, after it went to press, Newsday and other major newspapers began looking into Rombom’s revelations. From there they uncovered what would become known as "the biggest school fraud case in the country."

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Ariana Grande Really Wants *That* Iconic ‘Midsommar’ Gown & Florence Pugh Approves

When you think of the 2019 horror movie, Midsommar, there’s one image that instantly comes to mind: that gigantic, iconic flower dress worn by Florence Pugh’s character, Dani, during the climax. So naturally, when the film’s studio announced plans to auction it off for charity, Ariana Grande revealed plans to buy Florence Pugh’s Midsommar flower dress for an upcoming Halloween costume. And she already has the seal of approval from the actor herself.

Beginning on April 27, fans can bid on ten original props from Midsommar on studio A24’s auction website, with all of the proceeds benefitting the FDNY Foundation, and their COVID-19 Emergency Fund to "directly support members and their families who are suffering from this pandemic." Among the items up for auction are the "Hårga collectibles," a collection of items from Dani and her friends’ trip to a Swedish commune. However, the star of the show is "the original 10,000-silk-flower May Queen gown from Midsommar‘s fiery finale" — as the website describes it — which horror movie obsessive Grande already has her eye on.

After the auction hit the news, Grande shared some screenshots of a text message she received from from a friend, alerting her to the A24 auction, on her Instagram Story. "THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE TEXTED ME THIS," Grande responded to her friend, before tagging Pugh herself in the post. "[Florence Pugh] I’m crying / also I’m bidding as soon as possible."

In response, Pugh reposted Grande’s declaration of interest on her own Instagram Story, encouraging her to bid on the dress. "DO IT!" Pugh wrote. "Halloween will never be the same." As it turns out, Grande was actually planning a Midsommar-themed Halloween costume for 2020, and told Pugh that she was "already planning to have it made anyway."

However, it was then that Pugh revealed the final detail that convinced Grande to officially throw her hat in the ring for that one-of-a-kind May Queen gown. "It even has hand holes for wine," Pugh wrote, to which Grande responded with a desperate plea of "HELP ME." In other words, fans can probably expect to see the singer rocking the floral frock ASAP.

Grande and Pugh have recently struck up a social media friendship, after the actor earned backlash from her relationship with Zach Braff — and their 21-year age gap — when she wished her boyfriend a happy birthday on Instagram. Pugh defended herself and her relationship in an Instagram video directed at her followers. “I do not need you to tell me who I should or should not love and I would never in my life — ever ever — tell anyone who they can or cannot love," Pugh said in her video, which she captioned with the message that "Being hateful is not trendy."

Grande praised Pugh in the comments of that post, writing that she was going to make "’being hateful is not trendy’ a new tattoo for my chest." She followed that up by telling Pugh, "I love and appreciate you so much," and reposted the video to her own Instagram Story, where she shared that Pugh’s post deeply resonated with her. "Sharing special, personal life things that make you happy on the internet can be truly traumatic," Grande wrote at the time. "I know I’ve taken a step back from doing so to protect my loved ones and myself."

Clearly, these two May Queens were destined to find each other and form a strong bond, based on respect, boundaries and horror films.

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Bethenny Frankel is Really Pissing Off Her Former Castmates

In a recent interview, Bethenny Frankel announced that no one really cares about Real Housewives now that she has left the show.

That dismissive attitude has all of her former castmates pissed off — and Andy Cohen feels the same way.

Page Six reports that, per their snitch, everybody is shocked at Bethenny for throwing RHONY under the bus.

We all can’t believe she’s out there bashing the show,” the insider expresses.

The source notes that this is especially shocking “when the ratings are good.”

Notably, Bethenny had claimed that ratings had dropped because the show was not inspiring to viewers.

“And,” the insisder continues, “she’s proclaimed to have moved on.”

The source notes that Bethenny made a big show of having outgrown the show “when she decided to leave the franchise.

It’s hard to say that you’re above it all while you’re also throwing shade at the show on which you have starred for so long.

Bashing the show feels less like someone who has moved on and more like someone who is bitter … even though it was her choice to go.

I know the ladies only wish her more success with her new show than she had with the last one!” the insider affirms.

That’s right!

Bethenny is working on a new shew for the upcoming streaming service, HBO Max.

The show will be called The Big Shot.

The Page Six report gets downright nasty as it goes on.

“As much as Bethenny pretends to be a producer, creator, mogul and even philanthropist, she will always be a ‘Real Housewife’ and reality star,” the report says.

It adds: “She was a no-one before ‘RHONY.’”

It’s true that Bethenny wasn’t well known before the show, but she is really, truly a philanthropist.

The report then asks: “why would someone be so desperate as to bash the franchise that built her brand?”

“Andy [Cohen] is livid!” the report exclaims.

Aww, that makes us a little sad.

Andy has expressed hope that Bethenny may return to the show. After all, she has quit and returned before, so why not again?

To be clear, Bethenny’s shade arguably had less to do with her erstwhile castmates and more to do with the state of the world.

Bethenny is a philanthropist.

After a hurricane, she drops everything to make sure that people get direct relief supplies in the areas impacted by the storm.

She has been working tirelessly to get vital gear such as masks and PPE to hospitals and others who need them during this pandemic.

Sometimes, when people are working ons omething important, everything else looks trivial to them.

This may explain Bethenny’s dismissive attitude towards the show.

We are not quite certain why there is a “debate” about these ratings for the show.

No matter the numbers, now is probably not a great time to judge people’s true interest in TV shows.

It’s more important to us to see Bethenny’s generous donations and other charitable efforts than to see her on-screen drama.

But that does not mean that she is not widely missed by viewers and fans.

Perhaps, if she does return, she will offer an explanation for her shade to Andy and to her castmates.

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