Mum uses tongs instead of a knife to cut cake for the perfect slice

No one is watched more closely than a person cutting a cake: how big will they make the slices? Will they be equal? Who gets the biggest one?

Family feuds may begin if one person gets a smaller piece than everyone else.

But there is a way to ensure everyone gets an equal piece of cake.

A mum who’s clearly living in 2030 showed off how she uses tongs instead of a knife to cut into the dessert – and it’s the perfect way to get uniform slices.

TikTok user Mimi To filmed her mum cutting a birthday cake with the kitchen utensil, which doubles as a server.

The savvy mum was seen slicing the cake and serving it with the bottom end of the metal tongs.

And it’s not just cakes you can use this trick on, the tongs can be used to cut pies and homemade pizzas if you don’t have a cutter.

It’s so simple, why didn’t we think of this before?

The TikTok video has been shared widely on the video-sharing app where it amassed more than 5.5 million views.

Users couldn’t get enough of the life hack, saying: ‘Oh my God this is amazing.’

Another viewer wrote: ‘Your mum is so fancy and I feel like she’s one of those people who do the best stuff and act like it’s nothing.’

And a third joked: ‘Your mum is living in 3020’.

Of course, this hack only works with circular foods so if you have a square or rectangle cake, you won’t be able to use the tongs (unless you enjoy chaos).

If you want to create uniform slices on a rectangular cake, might we suggest using a cheese grater?

Big slices each time.

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Mum buys £2 boxes from Asda & fills them with treats to last a week to stop her kids endlessly snacking in lockdown

A MUM has shared the nifty way she stops her kids snacking all time using some £2 boxes from Asda.

With the kids now home everyday in the lockdown, the mum-of-three wanted to limit the amount of junk food they were eating. 

So she bought some boxes from the supermarket, which cost just £2 each, and filled them with their snacks for the whole week. 

Healthy food, such as fruit, is readily available for the 12, 10 and six-year-old, but if they want a sweet treat they have to do chores – and once the box is empty that’s it. 

She shared her genius idea to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, showing three boxes filled with an assortment of goodies including Milkybar pots and Dairylea Dunkers. 

She said: “Decided to do snack boxes for the kids as during the lockdown the haven't stopped eating empty the fridge every couple days…

During the lockdown the haven't stopped eating

“This is week of treats 12yr 10yr 6yrs been doing this for a few weeks it going well they can snack on fruit as much as they like but chores for the treats…

“Picked up the boxes from asda £2.00 each.

“Thought I would add this my eldest has autism so he eats corned beef, not sweets it his taste. [sic]”

More than 3,000 people have liked her idea, as mums said they might copy it while adults admitted they wanted their own snack box.

Commenting online one person said: “Aw man I could sit and eat a box a night. Sod the kids! Lol.”

Another wrote: “Fantastic idea mine eat so much in snacks especially in the hot weather with light meals.”

A third thought: “I might have to start this for my 3 year old he is forever sneaking into the fridge lately stealing snacks and drinks.”

While someone else added: “I need one of these for myself. I'm 32.”

And another person raved: "Great idea well done."

Meanwhile a mum creates a simple ‘treat plate’ to get her ‘fussy eater’ son to try new food – and you can grab one from B&M for £6.

Plus this mum buys a vending machine, fills it with snacks & says it’s the best way to get kids doing their pocket money chores.

And this woman shared the ‘right’ way to close a crisp packet and it’s blowing people’s minds.

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Mum creates mini masks for tooth fairy after daughter asks about protecting her

Throughout the pandemic, seven-year-old Evolette Westhouse has watched her mum Kayla making masks for key workers.

So when she lost a tooth, she asked her mum to make a special small one to protect the tooth fairy.

Kayla, from Michigan, U.S., tried to tell her daughter that the tooth fairy couldn’t get coronavirus but Evolette was still worried.

Posting on Facebook, she said: ‘This pandemic season has been filled with moments of “whep, never thought I would be doing this…”

‘Newly added to the list is my 7 year old losing a tooth and immediately asking me to make a mask for the tooth fairy. While I tried to explain the tooth fairy can’t get coronavirus, Evolette followed up with “how do you know?” And “let’s be safe, if she doesn’t need it she will just leave it behind and let us know in a note.”

‘She also made fair points like..

‘- She has to enter my 6ft bubble to get the tooth from under my pillow

‘- This tooth has been in my mouth, where all the germs are

‘- What if she comes to my house, and then goes to another kids house? Then that kid has MY germs too.

‘- What else do you have to do tonight…’

So Kayla sat at her sewing machine and made her 178th mask.

The tiny piece of material had pleats and little ear loops to make sure it stays tight.

Jacinda Ardern did say that the tooth fairy (and the easter bunny) are essential workers after all.

Evolette wrote the tooth fairy a letter telling her that her tooth broke, it’s under her pillow and that her mum had made the fairy a mask.

She asked if she could have a present for her dad because it was his birthday.

In return, she got a letter from the tooth fairy.

It said: ‘Dear Evolette,

‘Thank you fo much for the mask. You are such a considerate young lady. I am so happy to be able to help not spread germs as I go from place to palce.

‘I want to wish you a happy day, and say thank you to your mum for making my mask. She seems like the best mum ever. Be sure to tell her that as often as you can.

‘ Love, T.F.’

The post soon went viral with over 11,000 likes and Kayla made a small edit to tell everyone not to worry about Evolette’s request for a present for her dad.

She said: ‘Small edit since everyone is very concerned about Dad, he was the one who “helped” the tooth fairy write this letter, so I think he is ok not getting a shout out. The tooth fairy also left a dollar under his pillow for his birthday…so.’

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Boy, 13, saves his mum £200 by fitting her new laminate flooring himself after she moaned about the state of her carpet

A SINGLE MUM has saved £200 on laminating her bedroom floor after her 13-year-old son insisted he knew exactly how to do it – an ddid it himself during lockdown.

Stay-at-home mum Samantha Corbin, 33, had complained about the state of her bedroom after she was forced to tear up the carpet when family cat, Sparkles, was sick on it last month – knowing it would be near-impossible to find a tradesman to do the job in lockdown.

But the mum-of-two, from Pennar, Pembrokeshire, decided to take a chance when son Toby,then 12, insisted he could re-floor it for her – all he needed was the tools.

After ordering £130 worth of laminate flooring, a jigsaw and saw, the savvy youngster transformed his mum’s room in just two days after previously watching tradesmen complete the job downstairs in the family’s three-bed terrace.

Samantha then added the finishing touches with a lick of spare paint and a £64 roll of wallpaper – bringing the total transformation cost to just under £200- and saving another £200 on labour.

Toby, who's in year eight, dreams of being an engineer when he grows up, and even captured the hearts of Screwfix staff after he then ordered himself a much larger and more dangerous circular saw online.

Samantha was forced to quickly request a refund, with the trade retailer replying "we admire his enthusiasm, but this is certainly not for a child!’.

Speaking of the carpet's condition, Samantha said: “When the cat was sick on the carpet it was the end of the life of the carpet – my daughter had already spilt suncream on it and there was no bringing it back.

“It was a horrible carpet anyway so I pulled it up and I was living with just the bare floor.

Samantha said that she was complaining as she was ripping it up saying that it looks terrible and moaning that she wouldn’t be able to get a tradesman in because of the lockdown.

“That’s when Toby said he said he could do it," she said.

“He said ‘it’s easy’ – we had had the downstairs floor done and he said ‘I’ve seen it being done, it’s not that hard, all I need is a saw and a jigsaw’.

“So I chose the flooring and he did the rest.

The proud mum said she couldn’t believe it when she first saw the new look and thought it looked likeprofessional job.

She said: “Some people have said how could you trust your 12-year-old to do that but if he was going to do a really bad job, I would have known straight away.

“I could see within 30 minutes that he was doing such a good job – he had done two rows and they were all perfectly straight.

“I’m just really proud of him. He was only 12 when he did it, it’s not the normal thing you think of a 12-year-old boy doing – most of them wouldn’t even care.

“He is the man of my house, " she continued, "he does mend and fix everything that he can for me.”

The incredible flooring job inspired Toby to also use his new tools to build a duck house for the duck eggs he, his mum and sister Annabelle, three, have been incubating since lockdown began.

But the trade savvy youngster got slightly ahead of himself on his 13th birthday this month, when he used his birthday money to order a £120 circular saw from Screwfix – leaving Samantha red-faced and requesting a quick refund.

She said: ‘He had his birthday four weeks after doing the floor and I gave him my details to get himself something from Screwfix – he was adamant that he wanted to order tools.

“But when I sent his dad the screenshot confirmation of the email so he knew what he’d got with his birthday money, straightaway I got a call back from his dad saying ‘he can’t get a circular saw’.

“I hadn’t realised how dangerous they were, so I had to email Screwfix to get a refund and explained the situation.

“They replied saying that they admired his enthusiasm but the tool was not appropriate for a child!”

After splitting with Toby’s dad when he was just a toddler, Samantha describes her 13-year-old as ‘the man of the house’.

But bringing up Toby and his little sister on her own meant that Samantha had no time to decorate her own room in the last two years since moving in.

She said: “I moved into the house two years ago and I literally just put a bed in my room.

“I focused on making sure Annabelle and Toby’s rooms were done first.

“This was the first opportunity that I had to do something about it – and everyone says it looks professional.”

In other news, amum shares her genius hack to get her toddler to fold his own clothes and all you need is a cardboard box.

And this mum revealed her clever hack she uses to ensure kids don’t lose parts of board games during lockdown.

Plus, a mum shares a quick and easy hack for folding babygrows & parents can’t believe they never thought of it.

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Mum shares her genius hack to get her toddler to fold his own clothes and all you need is a cardboard box

A MOTHER has revealed the genius hack she uses to encourage her three-year-old toddler to perfectly fold his T-shirts.

Diana Gonzalez, 35, from Nomitek in Mexico City, has been stuck in Manchester with her little boy for six weeks after their flights to go back home in April were cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

George Corbishley Gonzalez, who is one month away from turning four, started to take an interest in what his mum was doing to keep the AirBnB tidy.

Diana said George had been loading the dishwasher, putting clothes in the washing machine and was trying to make his own bed.

She also tried to teach him how to fold clothes after taking them out of the dryer but he was frustrated when he struggled and it took him too long.

The mother then remembered watching Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory sitcom using a “flip fold” to fold his T-shirts – so she made one for George using cardboard boxes and tape.

She said: “I had a few cardboard boxes leftover from the ones I”d been collecting for crafts and activities with George during the lockdown, so I just used them and taped them up.

“I showed him how to do it once and then he couldn't wait to try it. He tried the first time and it was successful so he kept going.

“It worked perfectly, as now he just needs to place his T-shirt on it and fold the sides and then the middle, and that's it!

The mother, who works as a human resources director in Mexico, said she was surprised to see a trick she watched on TV actually work in real life.

She also admitted it has encouraged a new side of George – where he now loves to get involved with cleaning and finds helping his mum a fun new activity.

She said: “I was so glad that this silly idea I saw on a TV sitcom actually worked, and I am very happy that my son loved what I did for him with an old box and some tape.

“He was so impressed and proud that he can fold clothes and be helpful. He was thrilled that it was so easy after all.

“It has made folding clothes more fun. He was giggling and singing “don”t stop me now” from Queen and had a huge smile on his face while folding clothes.”

Diana said George has continued to be extra helpful in keeping the flat clean and is now happy to tidy up his toys, dirty clothes and be of assistance with the cooking.

She added: “He even helps with cleaning the loo too – supervised of course!”

The parent admitted that she thinks it”s the extra time George has been spending watching his mum during the lockdown that has made him take an interest in cleaning.

She said: “Usually he is at nursery when I clean and wash everything, but during the lockdown he sees me and wants to help with the house chores.

“He has always been helpful with a few things that are easy for him to do but now this is great!”

The mother shared her genius hack which taught George how to fold his clothes on Facebook and was shocked by the response.

The post has now received over 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments from strangers praising Diana”s clever trick.

She said: “I posted it online and a lot of people found it very useful, some of them were impressed that my nearly 4 years old boy helps more than teenagers!

“It was fun seeing all the comments and I”m glad some parents find it helpful. I just thought it was a simple idea.”

The family flew to Manchester at the beginning of March to visit Diana”s husband”s family but have been stuck in the UK since their flights home were cancelled due to Covid-19.

George”s father is British and Diana is Mexican so the family were on a four-week holiday to explore George”s British-Mexican roots.

However after their two attempts to get back home to Mexico in April and May were cancelled – the family have been on lockdown in an AirBnB in Manchester.

Diana said she has been looking for things to keep her son busy and not watching TV all the time.

She said: “I have been reusing and recycling a lot of things to have activities everyday.

“My friends back home have been seeing everything I have been doing with George and encouraged me to create social media pages online so I could share some of our activities.

“We”ve had a great response and have been having a great time!

“We have used everyday items to make fun toys including Buzz Lightyear wings, a solar oven to encourage learning about planets and practising cutting with a knife and fork using kinetic sand.”

For more parenting hacks, this mum swears a homemade pillow spray is the only thing which gets her kids to sleep – and it costs just 50p to make.

And this mum revealed her clever hack she uses to ensure kids don’t lose parts of board games during lockdown.

Plus a mum shares quick and easy hack for folding babygrows & parents can’t believe they never thought of it.


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Mum who almost died from alcohol addiction warns of dangers of lockdown drinking

A fitness model and mum-of-two who was once struggled with a near-fatal alcohol addiction has posted a stark warning about drinking too much during lockdown.

Justine Whitchurch, from the Gold Coast, Australia, posted on Instagram about the dangers of mothers using alcohol as a coping mechanism during the pandemic.

The 47-year-old revealed that she had a dangerous addiction that saw her ‘medicate with alcohol 24/7’ – so it worries her when she sees posts about alcohol being the ‘one thing’ saving mothers from the ‘misery of isolation’.

‘This is an epidemic that will long surpass the pandemic,’ wrote Justine in an Instagram post.

‘I saw a post from someone on Mother’s Day that referred to her children as being her reasons for “being” and her reasons for “drinking”. 

‘I can’t help but feel the most immense sense of anger every single time I see this kind of notion,’ Justine continued. 

The 47-year-old said messages like this teach children that ‘alcohol is the only answer to frustration and overwhelm’.

‘You can laugh it off, put it in a meme, throw it away as a tagline in conversation and downplay its validity all you like, but the end result is simply a disastrous educational tool for the people that we love the most,’ Justine added. 

‘I preach about this because this was my path.’

Up until seven years ago, Justine was using alcohol to cope with everyday situations – she says her children saw every day, and it was teaching them that it was normal behaviour.

‘My habits would have turned into their habits and I still feel sick to the stomach that this may have been their fate,’ she added in her post.

‘What you are teaching your children is that alcohol is the ONLY answer to frustration and overwhelm. It is as simple as that. 

‘And this is the dangerous introduction to chemically relieved coping mechanisms brought to them by YOU!’

Justine said she realises not everyone who posts on Facebook about alcohol has a problem, but she says she has been receiving messages every day from men and women who are privately struggling to get their alcohol intake under control during lockdown.

‘The more people who have underlying problems feel “normalised” and “accepted” through social means with what they are doing, the longer they will partake and not address the true issue,’ Justine said.

‘Stop the cycle now by creating healthy habits you are PROUD to pass on.’ 

View this post on Instagram

The epidemic that will long surpass the pandemic. I have often been referred to as the ‘truth speaker’ and I am learning to become comfortable with that. Because the alternative for me would not see me showing true authenticity and perhaps saving another human from the misery and despair that I found myself in not so many years ago. This post will probably ignite a debate and if not, provoke thought which is exactly my intention. Amongst a million and one quotes that I have seen during this pandemic referring to alcohol as the one thing that is saving them from their misery of isolation and home schooling, I saw posts from a number of Mum’s on Mother’s Day that referred to their children as being their reasons for ‘being’ and their reasons for ‘drinking’. I can’t help but feel the most immense sense of anger every single time I see this kind of notation. I’ll tell you why. What you are teaching your children is that alcohol is the ONLY answer to frustration and overwhelm.  It is as simple as that.  And this is the dangerous introduction to chemically relieved coping mechanisms brought to them by YOU! You can laugh it off, put it in a meme, throw it as a tag line in a conversation and downplay its validity all you like, but the end result is simply a disastrous educational tool for the people that we love the most. I receive numerous messages every day from women (and men) who are privately struggling to get their alcohol intake under control.  What started as a ‘wind down’ at the end of the day is now the only trick they have up their sleeve to cope with the basics of life.  Add a pandemic to the mix and the compulsion to block it all out is real.  But one of the key themes to their conversation is how they want to show a better example to their kids.  Further adding that they have slowly recognised that what they believed was once a well-hidden little habit, was now being questioned by little eyes and ears that are now being affected by their actions. More in comments.

A post shared by Justine Whitchurch (@jusswhitchurch) on

Justine said the people who are messaging her about their drinking all say that they want to show a better example to their kids.

‘They have slowly recognised that what they believed was once a well-hidden little habit, was now being questioned by little eyes and ears that are now being affected by their actions,’ she said.

‘What we need to create is a safe space and a sense of belonging for those that no longer want to cope with life with alcohol by ensuring that these kind of memes and messages are not pushing them into further isolation.’

View this post on Instagram

Faux pas. We’re all human. We all slip up from time to time, but the most common mistake we make when it comes to committing to a goal is how we react when we stumble. When we stray the most important thing to do is look in the mirror and ask why. How did it happen? What can I do to prevent this happening again? 🔹The more you justify your faux pas the less value it holds. 🔹The less value it holds the more likely you are to do it again. 🔹The more frequently you do it the further away you are from where you want to be. Then inevitably you tell yourself it doesn’t really matter anyway. My own personal faux pas was a culmination of all of the above. A tsunamis of excuses, sadness, desperation and in the end the only person that could save myself was me. Little by little I took accountability. The person on the left had a lifestyle that was miserable, unmanageable and seeing her into to an early grave. The one on the right radiates happiness , internal peace and coping mechanisms to take life by the horns. My 12 Week Online VIP Program kicks off next Monday 7th January. Places are limited and they are filling fast. If you'd like to be guided by a coach that has been called more than once, the 'truth' speaker, register your interest by using this web link or emailing me (in the bio). It's time. . #fitmum #healthymindhealthybody #sober #onlinecoach #mentor #over40 #transformation #itstime

A post shared by Justine Whitchurch (@jusswhitchurch) on

The post has amassed hundreds of likes and comments, with many people agreeing and questioning their own habits.

‘Very well written,’ wrote one woman. ‘I have definitely been struggling and I have been thinking a lot of late how my kids see me drinking. Day 3 sober and focused on going one day at a time.’

‘I’m so glad I gave up drinking,’ commented another. ‘It has given me so much appreciation for life. And awakened me to a lot of bullshit I believed for too many years.’

Lots of people of drinking more in lockdown, and doctors have issued warnings about the health consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

If you are worried about your drinking, talk to someone. Speak to your GP via a video appointment, or call one of the official helplines.

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Mum who hates homeschooling her daughter, 7, comes up genius hack to get the grandparents involved

A mum who admitted to hating homeschooling her seven-year-old daughter has shared her genius hack that every parent can relate to.

Cheryl Scougal, 30, from Peebles in the Scottish Borders, said Mariana was getting bored with lesson time during lockdown, so she enlisted the help of the little girl’s grandparents instead.

The art tutor at Red Button Drama Arts said it’s "hard work" to encourage Mariana to complete her schoolwork – but discovered her own parents were much more persuasive.

Cheryl started "grandparent school"  every day at 2pm, and shared the clever trick on Facebook not expecting it to resonate with so many people.

The post has since received more than 13,000 likes and 3,000 comments, with other parents loving the idea.

Revealing her homeschool plan, Cheryl, wrote: "Freaking genius. Mum hates homeschool. Mum has toddler to deal with.

"Kid hates listening to mum. Granny actually misses kid. Granny is bored. Kid prefers Granny anyway.

"Behold – GRANDPARENT SCHOOL – Send them the school sheets, set up Skype and thank me later!"

Cheryl said her 50-year-old mum Lydia Barlow came up with the idea of starting "Grandparent school" after revealing how much she was missing her two grandchildren – Mariana and Penelope.

She said: "I was on the phone to my mum complaining that it was hard work trying to keep on top of everything – and meanwhile she was complaining the days were all the same and she was bored.

"She offered to do some of Mariana’s work with her, and volunteered my Dad to do the Maths – which is something I'm still not good at, and he had to help with when I was a kid!"

Before lockdown, Cheryl said Mariana and Penelope, two, would spend a lot of time with both sets of grandparents, so this was a great way for them all to continue seeing each other.

She said: "My Mum is super enthusiastic and has booked a slot for every day and while my Dad is still working from home, he happily joins in when he can.

"This week my in-laws have started to get involved too, as they are really missing the children."

The parent said her daughter was enthusiastic straight away when she realised her grandmother would be taking over her school sheets.

She said: "Mariana finds it much more interesting with granny rather than mummy doing it with Penny hanging off of me.

"My girls are so lucky that they have four amazing grandparents who spoil them rotten, so they're always happy to see them."

Cheryl said "Grandparent school is much more effective as it gives their day a timetable and clearer structure.

She said: "Mari knows that Granny will be on to do her spellings at 2pm, and it means we can structure the day around it.

"I can leave them to it and play with Penny, or just stick Frozen on and clear up a bit.

"It's made me think it's something we can carry on with homework, once lockdown is over. As long as Granny and Grandpa aren't fed up with it by then."

The mother faced some challenges when she tried to help Mariana with her school sheets alone – as her active two-year-old constantly demanded her attention.

Cheryl said it is a big change from their normal routine as her youngest daughter Penelope usually spends most of her week in toddler groups, classes and at a childminder.

She said: ‘Homeschooling is hard work. We've got a lot of support from the school, and direct access to Mariana’s teacher, but she's not half as motivated when it's me doing the teaching.

"There was always something better to do in her eyes. I've been trying not to put too much pressure on myself, or on her.

"I struggle with anxiety anyway, but the guilt that she's potentially not getting what she needs is hard to overcome."

The parent said she found that asking the children to Skype their Grandparents for a conversation wasn't really working as they didn't have much to tell them.

She said: "Being kids with short attention spans, they were always ready to say goodbye before their Grandparents wanted to go."

Cheryl said despite her parents helping out with Mariana’s homeschooling – life in lockdown with two children is still hectic.

She said her husband is still working a few hours a day as he is a plumber and heating engineer working on essential repairs.

She added: "A lot of the day my husband is out working, so we can't tag team the children.

"The house is just constantly a bomb site when we've nowhere else to go, so actually finding space to do anything is a challenge.

"We've been doing some art projects, which I've then been able to post on my work page, as we obviously can't run our usual clubs at the moment, so have been trying some tutorials."

Cheryl said it went "crazy" when she posted her "Grandparent school" idea on Facebook and she couldn’t keep up with all the comments.

She said: ‘I've had a lot of people say they were going to try it, and some came back to say it's really helped.

"My Mum isn't on Facebook, so I have been sending her screenshots saying thanks on behalf of the nation.

"I'm one of the ‘fortunate’ parents who can't really work from home, so technically I have a lot of time to homeschool.

"I can't imagine what it's like to have to hold down a full time job as well, so I just genuinely hope that this idea helps some families out there who may not have thought of it."

We also shared how a woman was boozing and smoking every weekend at SEVEN months pregnant – but she had no idea she was pregnant.

And a mum revealed that she delivered her own baby on the bathroom floor after labour lasted just two minutes.

Meanwhile, desperate mums were forced to turn to eBay for baby milk after shops sold out – and were shocked to find it on sale for £155.

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Mum uses her one-year-old daughter to recreate movie scenes… including some that are DEFINITELY not for kids

A BABY girl is recreating famous movie and TV scenes – and they are far from child friendly.

Evie Simpson hasbeen pictured wearing a variety of costumes, wigs and makeup to copy clips from Silence of the Lambs, Breaking Bad and Kill Bill.

Her mum Jessica Simpson, 32, spends hours making the perfect setting for her shots – including the air duct scene from Bruce Willis' blockbuster Die Hard.

She uses her daughter, Evie, who is 22-months-old, to pose as the actors.

In one image, young Evie can be seen crawling towards the camera just like Bruce did in the 1988 action film.

In another, dressed as the infamous Hannibal Lecter, Evie is snarling at the camera while holding a knife and fork.

She has also reprised Gerard Butler's role as Leonidas in cartoon-epic 300, complete with a six-pack and abs drawn on with makeup.

She has played Tom Hanks’ role in Castaway and taken on Emilia Clarke as Daenarys Targaryen from Game of Thrones – complete with white hair, astride a dragon.

In addition to the movie scenes, Evie has also played the roles of singers including Madonna and Britney Spears.

Jessica, a business manager from Indian Queens, Cornwall, started it as a joke but her family and friends love it, regularly sending her messages asking for the next instalment.

She said: "I'd seen something similar online, I think someone was doing book characters.

"It was just supposed to be a laugh but it went down really well.

"It feels to me like they're really hashed together but I get lots of messages asking for the next one."

Jessica creates a new image each month, and every time the new subject is a closely guarded secret until the big reveal.

It started last year, when the mum-of-two dressed up her eldest child as celebrities who were enjoying their birthday that month.

She added: "That's how it started, but now we're focusing on movie scenes. We have just done Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

"I got a box from work and lined it with tin foil, then I got a battery powered tea light and made it look like a lighter.

"I had to dirty up one of her vests and put some eye liner on her face to look like stubble."

Jessica added: "We've also done Marilyn Monroe, Gerard Butler, and Tom Hanks.

"Now we're doing scenes from movies, we've done Trinity in The Matrix and Hellboy.

"I jot down ideas when I get them but I don't plan too much. I look at what films have been released that month and pick my favourite.

"The one for next month is planned, but that's it. I can't tell you what it is, it's a secret."

In other parenting news, mums and dads have shared photos of the brutal reality of lockdown.

And this 'cheeky' two-year-old shaved a huge chunk out of her hair using dog clippers while her mum thought she was quietly ‘watching TV'.

While these babies were born during the pandemic just like Boris and Carrie’s tot.

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Mum shares simple way to make a lava lamp at home and the kids will love it

WITH the kids now stuck at home it can be hard finding ways to entertain them, but one parent shared their nifty tip to keep them occupied over Easter – and it involves simple science. 

A mum has shared her incredibly easy way to make a lava lamp at home using what you’ve got in your cupboards. 

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

The retro lamps are famous for their ever-changing shape, and you can easily get mesmerised for hours by them.

If you don’t have one to hand but want to keep the kids busy for an afternoon, you can make one yourself using an old plastic bottle. 

One mum shared the simple instructions on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where her tip has been liked hundreds of times by fellow parents. 

She said: “We made a lava lamp today!

How to make a DIY lava lamp

  • Empty bottle
  • A bit of water
  • Oil
  • Food colouring
  • Aspirin (fizzy tablets)

“Very easy to make and very entertaining.”

Aside from the bottle, you’ll also need some oil, food colouring, water and aspirin – as it’s fizzy. 

While this mum used blue dye, you can personalise your own by using any colour you have to hand.

To make the lava lamp take your container and fill it two-thirds of the way with oil, and the rest with with water.

Add in the colour of your choice before popping the aspirin in, although any fizzy tablet will do – and watch the contents begin to swirl inside.

Fellow mums vowed to give the experiment a go, with one saying: “Another one for the kids.”

Another commented: “Ooh will give this a try.”

A third wrote: “I’m definitely trying this one.

While this person added: “This looks fun. God I wish I had kids to do all these crafty bits with lol.”


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Plus people are microwaving bars of soap which sees them double in size and look like candy floss.

Meanwhile bakers have shared their three-ingredient recipe for making peanut butter cookies at home and they couldn't be easier.

Plus people are making Creme Eggs at home for Easter using this four-ingredient recipe from a chocolatier.

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Mum shares her easy recipe to make Easter fudge with three ingredients – and you don’t even need an oven

A SAVVY mum has shared her simple recipe to make Easter fudge – and you don’t even need an oven.

If you were craving a sweet treat over the long weekend, one woman revealed you can whip up the dessert using just three ingredients. 

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All you need is some white chocolate – or you can substitute it for milk – a tin of condensed milk and some mini eggs. 

But you do need patience for this recipe, as while you don’t need an oven you do need to let it set in the fridge overnight.

Sharing snaps of her mouthwatering fudge to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum said: “Just wanted to share Easter mini egg fudge we made this morning so easy to make.

“350g of white chocolate.

Easter fudge recipe

  • 350g white chocolate
  • 296g mini eggs 
  • One tin condensed milk

“296g or mini eggs half in mixture and rest to decorate.

“One tin of condensed milk."

And she revealed the step-by-step method as well, adding: "Microwave milk and choc for 30sec…

"Beat well the repeat twice till thick and smooth and add eggs in a lined tin and put in the fridge over night.”

Her post has racked up hundreds of likes, as people thanked her for sharing the recipe. 

Commenting online, one person said: “We need to do these!!”

Another wrote: “Looks yummy.”

A third said:  “We need to make some.”


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Meanwhile chefs are sharing their three-ingredient recipe to make peanut butter cookies and it couldn’t be simpler.

Plus people are making Creme Eggs at home for Easter using this four-ingredient recipe from a chocolatier.

And Pret shared the official recipe for its choc chunk cookies so you can recreate the mouth-watering snack at home.

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