Miracle moment newborn boy is found ALIVE after being buried beneath piles of mud following landslide – The Sun

A NEWBORN baby who had been buried alive in a landslide was saved by selfless villagers in northern India.

The little boy was pulled from piles of thick mud after one of his rescuers spotted his tiny leg sticking out from the soil.

He was trapped at the Sonoura village of Siddharthnagar district in northern India's Uttar Pradesh on May 25.

The villagers, who had been looking for house construction after the landslide, quickly dug out the mud and carefully pulled out a newborn child from the soil.

It is not yet known why the baby was buried, and if he had been dumped and buried alive intentionally.

After being pulled out by the villagers, covered in mud and soil, the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Doctors said he swallowed mud that blocked his respiratory tract but the baby is said to be stable.


Laxmi, a village woman, stepped forward to adopt the baby who is currently under the supervision of the doctors.

In March this year, a newborn baby girl was rescued from a sewer in Sao Paulo after being abandoned.

She was rescued when neighbours heard her cries coming from the gutter.

The girl was dumped in the sewer in the city of Sao Paulo wrapped in plastic bags.

Four military police officers rushed to the scene after a neighbour called the cops when they cold hear crying on February 29.

The little girl was found partially covered in rubbish before she was rescued and taken to the Vila Nova Cachoerinha hospital.

Military Police wrote on social media that the officers “were sure everything was fine with the baby and were “happy for having saved her”.

Brazil's health secretary said the baby was in a stable condition.

An adorable video shared on social media shows the smiling baby having a bath.

In the footage a nurse can be seen bathing the tiny baby as can be heard sayig: "She's so cute!"

Police have launched an attempted murder investigation as officers are working to identify the girls’ parents.

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Daniel Dubois’ sister is keeping him on toes as talented boxing family inspire each other in lockdown – The Sun

COMPETITION is so fierce in the new Dubois family home even an Olympic hero can get the last pick of the bedrooms.

British heavyweight champ Daniel, Olympic youth queen Caroline and rising Repton schoolboy Prince moved into their new Romford house just in time for lockdown.

And they have all set up camp under the watchful eye of dad Dave, who somehow copes with cooking for his freakishly talented and hungry kids.

Caroline, 19, is taking the sessions while laid-back “Dynamite” Dan prepares for his post-lockdown war with Joe Joyce — which has twice been postponed amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The enforced break is DDD’s first in three whirlwind years that have returned 14 wins, 13 KOs and every possible domestic honour.

While 2016 Olympic silver winner Joyce will probably be 35 when they finally meet — hopefully in autumn at The O2 — Dubois will have 12 years on him and been kept fresh by his younger siblings.

After another gruelling session, Daniel told SunSport: “Caroline takes the training sessions every day, she enjoys picking the exercises and circuits more than I do.

“She has our youngest brother Solomon acting like the teacher’s assistant so there is no slacking.

“I wish I was fighting now but I am trying to take any positives there and, apart from spending time with the family, the idea that I can use this break to relax, recover and improve is a good one.

“The last three years have been relentless with fights and training camps, even if a fight has only gone two or three rounds, there were weeks of hard sparring in the build-up to those few minutes.

Every day I wake up hoping the gyms have reopened and that I can start looking at a fight date.

“It can take its toll, I don’t feel that it has on me but I have youth on my side and there are a few big names ahead of me in the queue for a world title shot, so I would rather have this break now than later in my career.

“Every day I wake up hoping the gyms have reopened and that I can start looking at a fight date.”

Caroline’s last bout, her first as a senior amateur, was an Olympic qualifier win at Stratford’s Copper Box on March 14 — just days before the event was cancelled and the Tokyo Games later postponed.

The emphatic victory took her record to 41-0 but it came at a huge cost to the reigning BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

She said: “When we moved here, because I was boxing at the qualifiers, my brothers and sisters all got first pick of the bedrooms.

“So it meant I got stuck with the back room.

“It doesn’t matter if you are out representing your country in a fight, we are still all just siblings trying to win at everything at home.

“I love it when we train as a family. I got into the sport through watching Daniel, seeing what he goes through with the pain and sacrifice and I never saw Daniel slack off.

“Now I know I have two younger brothers watching me, I know I have to do the same so they understand what it takes.

“Usually we can all be motivated by a big fight, a qualifier or a tournament but right now we are all stuck not knowing what is happening so we are pulling together more than ever.”

When quizzed on what sort of trainer’s fee the teenager is commanding from her big bro, she joked: “We need to discuss my new wages as head trainer actually. I think he wants to get me on a pay-as-you-go deal but I don’t like the sound of that.

“I might base it on how hard he works, if I am impressed with a session he might get some discount.”

At the Canning Town sweatbox Daniel usually trains at, mentor Martin Bowers likes the old-school approach of plenty of running and sparring.

So Dubois smiled when he saw Joyce had been using a virtual reality boxing game to help keep himself in shape for their mouthwatering meeting.

He said: “I saw that Joe had been using a computer game for some of his training but that stuff doesn’t interest me.

“Nothing like that is going to help him cope with what I am going to be bringing to him.

If there are no Olympics next year then I will definitely turn over but I do feel, with what everyone around the world is going through and suffering, that it would be great to get the Olympics on.

“We like to keep our training old school, the circuits and sessions that we do are ingrained into us, like a part of our DNA. We don’t need machines to help us fight, fighting machines are what we are.”

Lightweight master Caroline will quit the unpaid ranks and turn professional if the Games are delayed any longer than 12 months.

The southpaw prodigy is desperate for the healing properties of the event to be enjoyed around the coronavirus-hit world and it is safe to assume her potential pro rivals would prefer to spend another year outside of her firing line too.

She said: “If there are no Olympics next year then I will definitely turn over but I do feel, with what everyone around the world is going through and suffering, that it would be great to get the Olympics on.

“The Olympics has a way of bringing people together and inspiring people.

“It could maybe even help to heal a few places that have been affected and I would love to be a part of that.”

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John Boyega Is Standing By His Tweet Calling Out Racism After George Floyd’s Death

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the Minneapolis man who died after being pinned down by cops, Star Wars actor John Boyega tweeted that he “really f*cking” hates racists — and he’s sticking by the sentiment despite the cries of some of his Twitter followers. While the tweet itself laments the deadly perils of police brutality faced by the black community, Boyega has since received an onslaught of replies from fans, some highlighting the reverse racism myth, and others criticizing his word choices as a Disney star. Still, the actor isn’t backing down.

On social media, celebrities and public figures have condemned the circumstances surrounding Floyd’s death. (Four officers involved have since been fired, and people everywhere are calling for charges to be filed against them.) When Boyega chimed in on the matter, however, he faced accusations that he was being discriminatory towards white people. Boyega replied to a handful of the responses that seemed to miss the point of his original tweet. When a user said he broke up with his ex because “she hates whites,” for example, Boyega clarified, “I am talking about WHITE on BLACK racism. The kind that has ruined the world not caused a lil break up with your girlfriend.” He cemented his stance in another tweet that read, “I said what I said. Speak for yourself at all times.” When another user urged him to recognize racism from “all angles,” Boyega responded, “I am not talking about other perspectives given the current situation is that okay?”

The entire ordeal then spilled over to Instagram, where Boyega reportedly went on Instagram Live to further cement his statement. In video reposted to Twitter by fans, Boyega cited the “continuous cycle” of police brutality in America, and doubled down on his original statement: “I’m black. So I say it again, f*ck you racist white people. I said what I said.” The actor also dismissed claims that his comments would negatively impact his career and said, “All those things were just a part of my dreams, part of working… that’s got nothing to do with how you treat people.” He added, “So when I say it, I mean it.”

This isn’t the first time Boyega has been vocal about racism. Following the racist boycott to Boyega’s casting as a black stormtrooper for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2014, he responded on Instagram with a simple, “Get used to it.” Boyega then revealed in an interview with the Guardian in 2018 that he was initially told to react with “grace” and stay silent on the matter. “I was like, be graceful? Are you mad? If anyone comes talking nonsense, I’m going to shut them down,” Boyega said at the time. “You have to fight fire with fire sometimes.”

Many fans are praising Boyega for putting career concerns aside to speak out on behalf of Floyd. And, unfortunately, as these instances of racism and police brutality continue, this probably won’t be the last time we hear from Boyega on the issue.

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Sasha Pieterse Is Pregnant! 'Pretty Little Liars' Alums React to the News

It’s a great day for Pretty Little Liars alum, Sasha Pieterse. Not only is she celebrating her second wedding anniversary with her husband, Hudson Sheaffer, but she has also announced that she is pregnant with her first baby. Naturally, the 24-year-old PLL alum is over the moon about the news and she took to Instagram to share the big announcement with her 10.4 million followers.

Though Pieterse has been active on Instagram recently, she has managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps until today. However, on the afternoon of May 27, 2020, the Pretty Little Liars alum shared a picture of her husband kissing her baby bump. She also informed fans that she would be welcoming her baby into the world in just a few short months.

Sasha Pieterse is expecting her first child with her husband, Hudson Sheaffer

“We are so beyond excited to finally share our sweet news with all of you ✨ we will be welcoming a precious little human this October! Today marks our 2nd wedding anniversary and what better way to share our joy than on the day when our lives changed forever (the first time 😉) Motherhood is officially my favorite role ever! 🤍” Pieterse began excitedly.

The actress went on to thank her husband and expressed excitement for the new chapter in their lives. “@hudsonsheaffer thank you for making me a mom and for always being my unwavering rock and safe place. You bring out the adventurer in me and I feel like my truest self when I’m with you, luckily that’s all the time! I love every part of you with every part of me and will continue to love who you are and who you become especially as we enter this brand new chapter 🤍 Happy Anniversary baby! 🎉” Pieterse gushed.

Fans of the young couple are thrilled by the baby news

Sheaffer also announced the pregnancy news on his Instagram page as well, praising his wife and expressing his excitement for welcoming their first child into the world. “Hot baby Mama Sasha 😍 Happy anniversary @sashapieterse I’m constantly counting my blessings! You bring me so much joy it’s incredible. I can’t wait to see you with our baby! I love you more every day Sasha!” he wrote.

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We are so beyond excited to finally share our sweet news with all of you ✨ we will be welcoming a precious little human this October! Today marks our 2nd wedding anniversary and what better way to share our joy then on the day when our lives changed forever (the first time 😉) Motherhood is officially my favorite role ever! 🤍 @hudsonsheaffer thank you for making me a mom and for always being my unwavering rock and safe place. You bring out the adventurer in me and I feel like my truest self when I’m with you, luckily that’s all the time! I love every part of you with every part of me and will continue to love who you are and who you become especially as we enter this brand new chapter 🤍 Happy Anniversary baby! 🎉

A post shared by Sasha Pieterse Sheaffer (@sashapieterse) on

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Of course, Pieterse’s pregnancy announcement immediately garnered joy and well-wishes. In addition to positivity from Pieterse’s many fans, she also received sweet messages of support from her fellow Pretty Little Liars family. “So happy for you guys,” Lucy Hale gushed on the post. “Over the MOON for you both! (This is one lucky human being to have chosen y’all as parents),” Troian Bellisario penned.

Pieterse’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ alums send her well-wishes on Instagram

“I love you I love you I love youuuuuu,” Ashley Benson commented excitedly. “CRYING AGAIN GOODBYE AUNTY J CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU BABY,” Janel Parrish chimed in, clearly having known about the pregnancy news prior to Pieterse’s Instagram post. I. Marlene King, the creator of Pretty Little Liars, also sent her well-wishes. “I am beyond thrilled for you and Hudson. Congratulations, Mazel Tov,” the writer shared.

Clearly, Pieterse has the support of her Pretty Little Liars family as she enters into the next chapter of her life. She may even be able to score some advice about motherhood from Bellisario and Shay Mitchell, both of whom have young children. We wish Pieterse all the best as she navigates the rest of her pregnancy and takes on her new role as a mom.

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This Lacy Face Mask Is Fashionable and Functional — Ships Fast!

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The meaning of “masks” has somewhat evolved in recent months. A term that we usually associated with spas and self-care sessions is now reserved for discussing face coverings. They have taken a prominent spot in all of our daily lives, and it’s important to wear a mask over your nose and mouth while in a public space.

Like any other accessory in our closets, we like to have options! Although they are protective and not designated as fashion pieces, why not have fun with your look and change up your coverings accordingly? There’s nothing wrong with coordination and making the best of a situation. If that sounds up your alley, this lacy mask from Amazon just may be the next one to add to your collection.

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This black mask features a pink lace overlay that is completely unique. This detail upgrades any basic black mask and instantly makes it look more stylish! It’s made from a cotton-blend material that’s comfortable against the skin, and it has triple-layer fabric protection.

Of course, this mask is not intended for use by medical professionals, but it’s suitable for the rest of Us to wear in an effort to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. Though there has been extensive discourse on the topic, experts are now stating that you can reduce the transmission of airborne viruses by 75% simply by covering your face appropriately. That sounds like more than enough reasons to follow the orders in your region!

Auliné Collection Washable Reusable Fashion Face Mask

Get the Auliné Collection Washable Reusable Fashion Face Mask with free shipping for just $12, available at Amazon! Get it as soon as June 3, 2020. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 27, 2020, but are subject to change.

Additionally, reviewers are loving the design of this mask, and some lucky shoppers even say that it arrived earlier than expected! While there’s no guarantee of quicker shipping, we can all keep our fingers crossed. The side ear loops are ultra-stretchy, so it can fit a variety of face shapes. In addition to feeling secure without being too snug, we think this will be a hit with stylish consumers. We’re so ready to add this mask to our rotation!

See it: Get the Auliné Collection Washable Reusable Fashion Face Mask with free shipping for just $12, available on Amazon! Get it as soon as June 3, 2020. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 27, 2020, but are subject to change.

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What Is Kelly Clarkson's Parenting Style Like?

Kelly Clarkson has been a famous face for almost 20 years. She became popular in 2002 as the first winner of American Idol and, subsequently, a singer with many hit singles. These days, Clarkson can be seen as a coach on The Voice and a host on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

While many fansknow of Clarkson’s bubbly, outgoing personality that she often showcases on TV,not everyone knows what she is like as a parent. Clarkson has been a mother forseveral years now, and she has also spoken out many times about the ups anddowns of parenthood. Read on below to find out how Clarkson parents her kids.

How many kids does Kelly Clarksonhave?

Clarkson married music manager Brandon Blackstock in 2013 and became a stepmother to his two children: Savannah (b. 2002) and Seth (b. 2006).

Clarkson and Blackstock also have two kids together: River Rose (b. 2014) and Remington (b. 2016).

Although Clarkson seems happy with the four children in her life now, the singer has shared that she does not see more kids in her future at the moment. When asked by E! News about whether she would have another baby, Clarkson said: “Unless someone dies and gives us their kids or something, no. I had miserable pregnancies, that’s why.”

Kelly Clarkson believes parentsshould provide some ‘tough love’

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Clarkson might seem like a very fun mother to have, but she does not actually believe in being soft and sweet to her kids all the time. In 2012, Clarkson shared with the Daily Mail that she appreciates some “tough love” moments her own mother gave her as a child.

“My mum is the main reason that I’m so independent and Ilove it that she was always blunt with me,” Clarkson said. “I remember thefirst time I told her I that wanted to be a singer. Instead of saying, ‘You cando it! You’re so amazing!’ she replied, ‘Honey, so do thousands of otherpeople.’ That tough love helped me get where I am today.”

Kelly Clarkson has received criticism for admitting she spanks her kids

Clarkson also found herself in hot water in 2018 when she admitted to spanking her kids. While spanking is a controversial subject nowadays, Clarkson revealed on a radio interview that she was “not above spanking” when it comes to disciplining her youngsters.

“My parents spanked me and I did fine in life. I feel fine aboutit, and I do that as well,” Clarkson said.

Kelly Clarkson also tries toeducate her kids

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When Clarkson is not giving her children “tough love” anddisciplining them, she often tries to be a positive influence in their life.

For example, Clarkson wants to make sure her daughter growsup into a confidential woman and her son learns to show respect to the womenaround him. Redbookreported that, at a SHE Summit in New York City in 2016, Clarkson shared thatshe and her husband try to put forth this lesson as much as possible.

“It’s a turn on [for my husband] that I’m a pretty badassfemale; boys that I dated before, they got intimidated by it, that’s not fair tome because I work very hard,” Clarkson said. “So I’m glad our boys and also ourgirls have a man to look [up to], who shows them, ‘this is how treat a woman, thisis how you respect a woman.’ He takes his daughter on dates and shows her,‘this is what a guy should do.’”

Additionally, she told Refinery29in 2017 that she uses the events around the world to teach her children aboutright from wrong.

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Joe Thomas Is the Surprise Breakout Star of 'The Titan Games'

Here’s a reminder: Football players are more than just guys that can take a tackle or throw a football. On the recent premiere night of the second season of NBC’s The Titan Games, former Cleveland Browns lineman Joe Thomas proved he’s also especially nimble.

Thomas, who retired from the game in 2018 (and underwent a 50-pound weight loss transformation) appeared as one of the six celebrity “Titans” on the latest season of the competition series, produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In case you missed the first season, the series itself puts competitors to the ultimate test in a series of epic challenges that ends in an obstacle course, a la American Ninja Warrior, that tests varying levels of strength, speed, and readiness. For entrants (ie. “normal” people) to win, they must defeat six “Titans” (ie. celebrities or athletes).

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In his first match-up against firefighter/CrossFit pro Matt Chan, the Thomas easily beat his competitor while lugging a 200-pound log on a steep incline. But it was his second match-up of the night that showed just how agile the former NFL player truly is. Competing against Steven Shelby, a deputy sheriff from Columbus, Ohio, the former OT climbed several hurdles, crawled through tiny metal cages, and dragged a 300-pound ball and chain to the finish line like it was a breeze.

Viewers will have the chance to watch the former Cleveland Browns star as he advances to the next round, where he’ll compete alongside his fellow “Titans,” including former New York Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz and MMA fighter Tyron Woodley.

Want to catch up on the action? The first episode of the second season of Titan Games is up in full on YouTube now.

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Who is Christian Cooper, the birdwatcher accused of threatening Amy Cooper?

Viral video shows Christian Cooper — the black man accused of “threatening” a white dog-walker for simply asking her to leash her pup in Central Park — geeking out over his obsession for birds, especially rare ones.

In the 17-second clip, which garnered more than 7 million views on Twitter as of Wednesday morning, Cooper talks about the “unicorn effect” of the birding hobby.

“You hear about birds, you see them … you say, ‘Oh, wow, that’s an amazing bird, I’d love to see that some day,’” Cooper says in the undated footage. “And then one day, you’re walking though the woods or through a swamp or whatever and suddenly flap, flap, flap, flap, flap.”

Cooper began filming his encounter with the woman, Amy Cooper, on Monday morning after informing her that it was against the law to leave her cocker spaniel unleashed in the Central Park Ramble.

The confrontation culminated with Amy telling the Harvard University grad that she was going to call the cops “to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life.”

Christian is a member of the board of directors for the New York City chapter of the Audubon Society and frequently bird watches in Central Park.

No charges were filed against him or Amy, who was canned from her job at investment firm Franklin Templeton as news of the stunning incident went viral. She has since apologized for the incident, saying she’s not racist.

The New York City Commission on Human Rights is now investigating and the Central Park Civic Association has called for her to be banned from the park.

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Is Will going to discover Harriet and Malone's affair? Emmerdale fans are raging

EMMERDALE fans were left livid after Harriet accepted Will Taylor’s marriage proposal despite her ongoing affair with dodgy detective Malone. 

So is Will going to discover what Harriet’s up to and cancel their wedding? Here’s everything you need to know…

Is Will going to discover Harriet and Malone’s affair?

  • Visit our dedicated Emmerdale page for all the latest spoilers, pictures and gossip from the Dales

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Will sees the light and dumps Harriet before she manages to make it down the aisle, but that hasn’t stopped fans hoping that Harriet will meet her downfall. 

One fan tweeted: “I feel so sorry for poor Will , Harriet is being so unfair, its all going to end badly”

Another fan added: “I can't wait will taylor find out about Harriet and Dl Malone history together and they sleeping together too and will taylor butter off with Kim Tate than Harriet”

A third said: “Harriet caught the filth bug off Moira, proper minging."

What do we know about Harriet’s affair with Malone?

Fans predicted that Harriet and Malone had history weeks ago when she called him to say that Will seemed to be up to something dodgy.

And viewers were right as Malone turned out to be an old friend who she knew from her time as an undercover cop. 

Harriet asked Malone if he’d been able to trace Will’s gun back to his old gang and Malone pretended he hadn’t had any leads, before changing the subject to Harriet’s dating life.

But Harriet eventually discovered what Malone was up to – and that he was the culprit who had drawn Will into a dodgy drugs operation.

Harriet threatened to call the police if Malone didn't stop blackmailing Will into doing his dirty work for him – and Malone agreed to let Will go.

Malone and Harriet’s romantic history was then confirmed as the pair gave into their desires for one another in the church.

But Harriet immediately regretted her actions and, when Will proposed to Harriet earlier this week, she buried her guilt about Malone and accepted his proposal.

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What time is Boris Johnson's committee meeting on coronavirus?

BORIS JOHNSON is set to face questions over the current coronavirus situation today.

The Prime Minister will chair the Commons' Liaison Committee meeting, but is under pressure to provide answers on the pandemic, including over the recent Dominic Cummings row.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

What time is the Commons' Liaison Committee meeting?

Boris Johnson will lead the committee meeting that will start at 4pm today – Wednesday, May 27.

It will be held via a virtual video call with members from Conservatives, Labour and Scottish National Party.

The meeting will last for 90 minutes, meaning it will finish at around 5.30pm.

What questions will Boris Johnson face?

The Liaison Committee chairman Sir Bernard Jenkin has already revealed that a maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed to ask the Prime Minister on the Dominic Cummings row.

Sir Jenkin told the PA news agency: "I have got no intention of preventing any subject any member of the committee wants to raise."

The senior adviser has been accused of breaking the coronavirus lockdown rules, but Mr Cummings insisted in his statement on Monday that he behaved "reasonably and legally."

Mr Johnson has said on a number of occasions that his top aide will not be sacked, with several senior ministers also backing him up.

The PM will also face questions regarding the current situation with coronavirus, as he prepares to relax lockdown restrictions this week.

Who will be in the meeting?

The Liaison Committee has 37 members excluding Boris Johnson.

These come from the three top parties within the government: Conservatives, Labour and Scottish National Party.

Among the Tories are William Wragg and Caroline Nokes who have both hit out at Mr Cummings.

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will also be on the call.

Labour's Yvette Cooper, who is also Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, will join two SNP members in the meeting.

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