Man fighting for his life after he was shot in Barking hours after boy, 2, injured in quadruple shooting in North London – The Sun

A MAN in his 20s is fighting for his life after being shot in East London just hours after a two-year-old boy was injured in a quadruple shooting in North London.

A second man in his 20s also rushed to hospital following this afternoon's attack in Barking didn't suffer gunshot wounds.

Armed cops were scrambled to the scene just after 2pm today after reports of shots fired.

Paramedics and the London Air Ambulance raced to Wilmington Gardens where the two injured men were found.

Shocking video shows one blood-covered victim slumped in a wrecked Ford mounted on the pavement after it had crashed into two parked cars.

Police said one of the men is in a critical condition after being gunned down, but haven't confirmed what the second man's injuries are.

No arrests have yet been made.


Last night, a two-year-old boy was seriously injured after reportedly being shot in the neck in a car with his mum.

Two men  in their late teens were also left wounded in an "act of indiscriminate violence" in Harlesden, North West London.

Cops said the three adults, believed to have been known to each other, were approached by a lone gunman in Energen Close on Wednesday night.

He fired multiple shots at the two men, hitting them, the mother and her baby son, who was in a nearby car, before fleeing on a motorbike.

Detective Chief Inspector Rick Sewart said: "As a result of this terrible crime, an innocent two-year-old-boy is now seriously ill in hospital.

"This child was shot in a wanton act of indiscriminate violence."

The toddler was seen with a gunshot wound to the neck before being taken away in an ambulance.

Following the Barking shooting, a Met Police spokesman said: "At this very early stage there have been no arrests.

"An extensive crime scene is in place as officers work to fully establish what happened."

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Piers Morgan believes his coronavirus scare was 'the worst hay fever'

Piers Morgan believes his coronavirus scare was actually ‘the worst hay fever’ of his life after testing negative

  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Piers Morgan believes his coronavirus scare was actually hay fever after testing negative for the illness.

The broadcaster, 55, had to take a week off presenting duties at Good Morning Britain after falling ill.

The presenter feared he had the deadly virus after coming down with several symptoms.

Under the weather: Piers Morgan believes his hay fever caused him to believe he was suffering from coronavirus

On Sunday, the TV personality said he was suffering from the ‘worst hay fever’ and now believes this caused his illness.

He said on Twitter: ‘Worst hay fever I’ve ever had.

‘Know pollen count’s very high, but anyone else getting it so bad? Any theories as to why? Is reduced pollution during lockdown a factor?’

Following up in a later tweet, Piers said he suffered a number of coronavirus-like symptoms which he now attributes to hay fever.

Suffering: The broadcaster, 55, asked why his hay fever was particularly bad this year

He said: ‘I genuinely thought I had it several weeks ago, now I’m sure it was bad hay fever.

‘Lot of similar symptoms apart from the fever, ironically.’  

Piers is returning with his co-host Susanna Reid to Good Morning Britain on Monday after a stint away.

It comes after the broadcaster confirmed that he’s signed a new contract that will see him remain on the breakfast show until 2021.

Returning: Piers will be back on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning after a stint away from our screens

He insisted that he ‘doesn’t care’ about complaints over his no-nonsense interview technique and declared: ‘If my style upsets people, don’t watch!’

It comes amid Ofcom complaints from 4000 viewers over his hard-hitting interviews and hard line of questioning to government ministers, with Piers remaining defiant that he was ‘just doing my job’, to which he won mass support from many.

Speaking The Sun’s TV Mag, Piers revealed that he’ll remain on the ITV morning show alongside co-star Susanna Reid, 49, for the foreseeable.

Here to stay: Piers has confirmed that he’s signed a new contract that will see him remain on Good Morning Britain until 2021

He said: ‘I’ve just signed a new contract up for GMB until the end of next year. I love working with Susanna and the team – we’re a Ying Yang that works.’

The star said of the backlash: ‘If my style upsets people, don’t watch! Watch something else. Nobody’s forcing anyone to watch it. You’ve got a remote control in your hand, I really don’t understand what the problem is.’

Despite some viewers taking offence over his presenting style, media regulator Ofcom cleared him of all complaints, with Piers adding that only cares about Ofcom grievances if he felt that he was genuinely ‘at fault.’ 

Going nowhere: The broadcaster, 55, also insisted that he ‘doesn’t care’ about complaints over his no-nonsense interview techniques as he declared: ‘If my style upsets people, don’t watch!’ (pictured with co-star Susanna Reid)

Insisting he was simply doing his job, Piers continued: ‘Ofcom ruled very heavily in my favour, which confirmed my belief that I’m just doing my job. The job of broadcasters, particularly during a crisis like this, is to challenge and ask questions.’

The journalist went on to admit that his ‘frustration’ only comes out on the show when government ministers failed to answer ‘basic questions.’

Meanwhile, though his future on GMB is certain for the time being, the outspoken TV star hasn’t ruled out a different career altogether as he joked his has his eye on being the next James Bond.

Defiant: It comes amid Ofcom complaints from 4000 viewers over his hard-hitting interviews and hard line of questioning to government ministers, with Piers remaining defiant that he was ‘just doing my job’

Dream team: He said: ‘I’ve just signed a new contract up for GMB until the end of next year. I love working with Susanna and the team – we’re a Ying Yang that works’

Piers facetiously mused that he could be a ‘slightly older, slightly silvery fox assassin.’

Piers joined Good Morning Britain in 2015 as a guest host, before going on to a permanent presenter.

He began his career as a journalist on Fleet Street, where he served as writer and editor for several publications including The Sun, News of the World and the Daily Mirror. 

He also carved out a career on TV, having stints on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, presenting his hugely popular Life Stories series and winning the US version of Celebrity Apprentice.   

Defiant: ‘If my style upsets people, don’t watch! Watch something else. Nobody’s forcing anyone to watch it’

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Henry Cavill Reveals His Favorite 'Man of Steel' Moment

Henry Cavill recently joined Zack Snyder on Vero for a Man of Steel watch party. And as the two discussed the film, the actor opened up about his experiences on set. He also took the opportunity to reveal his favorite scene from the film that made him Superman. 

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill reunite for a ‘Man of Steel’ watch party

On May 20, Cavill joined his Man of Steel and Justice League director Zack Snyder on the social app Vero. The two watched Man of Steel with fans and later answered questions in a post-movie Q & A session. 

After Snyder joked with fans about the release of the famed “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, Cavill opened up to talk about how Man of Steel changed his life. 

“That was a massive shift for me, and I remember so much of it…in very, very exacting detail,” Cavill said. “It was a massive, massive journey for me, and I still love watching that movie. And I will remember those days until the very end for me.”

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Henry Cavill reveals his favorite ‘Man of Steel’ moment

When talking about filming Man of Steel, Snyder and his wife, Deborah, asked Cavill what his favorite scene was to shoot. The actor admitted that he loved filming the entire movie because of how life-changing the experience was.

“My favorite scene to shoot,” said Cavill. “I don’t know I mean it’s tough to say to shoot, because I have fond memories of shooting all the scenes. That was a massive part of my life and a big fulcrum point.”

However, the actor did reveal that there is a moment in the movie that he really loves to watch. Cavill described the scene in Man of Steel in which Superman flies into the World Engine’s gravity beam to destroy it. 

“I think what I loved watching the most was that really cool moment where Supes gets up after being floored by the World Engine, and then just slowly, slowly standing up through the gravity beam, and then just nails it,” said Cavill. “That turned out really really cool. But there are so many cool scenes of the movie, it’s tough to pick just one.”

Henry Cavill is reportedly in talks to play Superman once again

With all this talk of Man of Steel and Justice League, fans have been wondering if Cavill will ever return to the DCEU to play Superman. Well, according to recent reports, the actor is in talks with Warner Bros. to reprise the role in some capacity. 

However, with no Superman-related sequels in the works, it’s unclear which movie Cavill would appear in. There is a possibility he teams up with Jason Mamoa once again for Aquaman 2. And there’s also a chance he appears in Shazam! 2, opposite Zachary Levi’s Shazam. 

As of now, these reports are unconfirmed. But, after hearing how much appreciation Cavill has for his DC movies, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him don the red cape once again.

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John Boyega Is Standing By His Tweet Calling Out Racism After George Floyd’s Death

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the Minneapolis man who died after being pinned down by cops, Star Wars actor John Boyega tweeted that he “really f*cking” hates racists — and he’s sticking by the sentiment despite the cries of some of his Twitter followers. While the tweet itself laments the deadly perils of police brutality faced by the black community, Boyega has since received an onslaught of replies from fans, some highlighting the reverse racism myth, and others criticizing his word choices as a Disney star. Still, the actor isn’t backing down.

On social media, celebrities and public figures have condemned the circumstances surrounding Floyd’s death. (Four officers involved have since been fired, and people everywhere are calling for charges to be filed against them.) When Boyega chimed in on the matter, however, he faced accusations that he was being discriminatory towards white people. Boyega replied to a handful of the responses that seemed to miss the point of his original tweet. When a user said he broke up with his ex because “she hates whites,” for example, Boyega clarified, “I am talking about WHITE on BLACK racism. The kind that has ruined the world not caused a lil break up with your girlfriend.” He cemented his stance in another tweet that read, “I said what I said. Speak for yourself at all times.” When another user urged him to recognize racism from “all angles,” Boyega responded, “I am not talking about other perspectives given the current situation is that okay?”

The entire ordeal then spilled over to Instagram, where Boyega reportedly went on Instagram Live to further cement his statement. In video reposted to Twitter by fans, Boyega cited the “continuous cycle” of police brutality in America, and doubled down on his original statement: “I’m black. So I say it again, f*ck you racist white people. I said what I said.” The actor also dismissed claims that his comments would negatively impact his career and said, “All those things were just a part of my dreams, part of working… that’s got nothing to do with how you treat people.” He added, “So when I say it, I mean it.”

This isn’t the first time Boyega has been vocal about racism. Following the racist boycott to Boyega’s casting as a black stormtrooper for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2014, he responded on Instagram with a simple, “Get used to it.” Boyega then revealed in an interview with the Guardian in 2018 that he was initially told to react with “grace” and stay silent on the matter. “I was like, be graceful? Are you mad? If anyone comes talking nonsense, I’m going to shut them down,” Boyega said at the time. “You have to fight fire with fire sometimes.”

Many fans are praising Boyega for putting career concerns aside to speak out on behalf of Floyd. And, unfortunately, as these instances of racism and police brutality continue, this probably won’t be the last time we hear from Boyega on the issue.

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Elon Musk says ‘it’s his fault’ if anything goes wrong with historic SpaceX launch because he is ‘chief engineer’ – The Sun

ELON Musk says to blame him if anything goes wrong with the historic SpaceX launch on Wednesday that will send two American astronauts into space.

Musk told CBS News he’s the “chief engineer” of the launch at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“If it goes wrong, it’s my fault,” the Tesla CEO said.

Two US astronauts — Doug Hurley, 53, and Bob Behnken, 49 — will be launching to the International Space Station (ISS) on a US rocket from US soil for the first time since 2011.

If successful, the flight will mark the first time astronauts have flown into orbit using a spacecraft built by a private company.

The Falcon 9 rocket will blast into space from Launch Complex 39A — the same launchpad used during the historic Apollo 11 Moon landings.

The launch is scheduled to take place at 4.33pm ET on Wednesday.

The launch, which will be attended by President Donald Trump, is crucial for Musk, SpaceX, and Nasa.

Musk said of the launch: “This is the culmination of a dream. This is a dream come true. In fact, it feels surreal.”

“If you asked me when starting SpaceX if this would happen, I'd be like, ‘one percent, .1 percent chance.’”

He told CBS “not one thing” has been “keeping him up at night” about the launch, but noted: “There's thousands of things that can go wrong and only thing that can go right.”

On Monday, ISS Commander Chris Cassidy described the "gigantic" SpaceX launch as "step toward the future" of American space travel.

"Now the future is here," Cassidy told CBS, adding: “It’s a gigantic deal. I mean, we retired the shuttle for very sound reasons when that decision was made with aims to move towards the future.”

When asked how he feels about the safety of the launch and its arrival in space, Cassidy said: "Oh, I’m very confident.”

"They’re smart engineers at Nasa. They’re smart engineers at SpaceX, all with motivation to do the same thing, and that’s fly missions effectively and safely."

Nasa has depended on Russia's space agency Roscosmos for its manned launches since their Space Shuttle program was shut down in 2011.

A successful mission will go a long way towards restoring America's dominance in space, say experts.

"I think it's an outstanding flying machine," Hurley recently said of the capsule. "It is definitely not the space shuttle.”

"It's much smaller, but it's a capsule. It's state of the art from a technology standpoint."

Hurley and Behnken have reportedly been training in simulators at SpaceX's headquarters for months.

Among the new features of the spacecraft are a touchscreen control panel, rather than a traditional hand controller like the shuttles had.

Musk told CBS that the safety of Hurley and Behnken in getting to the ISS is “the absolute priority. In fact, I've told the SpaceX team is not — it is not simply the top priority. It is the only priority.”

He said the responsibility of getting the American astronauts to the space station is weighing heavily on him, and it’s “all I can think about right now.”

Musk added that hours before he spoke to CBS, he asked the astronauts how they were doing, and they were “cool as a cucumber” with “nerves of steel.”

The mission — dubbed Demo-2 — will lay the groundwork for future manned flights to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

The Air Force's 45th Weather Squadron will analyze the forecast on Wednesday and give either a red or green light roughly four hours and 30 minutes before liftoff.

A backup date for the launch has been scheduled for May 30.

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The Situation Is Using His Prison Workouts to Stay Ripped in Quarantine

During his time on reality television, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was known for his simple routine of GTL (that’s “gym, tan, laundry”).

But recently, he’s mixed up that routine a bit, which has led to a greater overall sense of health, he says.

Men’s Health recently visited the television personality to discuss his diet and the workout he’s maintained since leaving prison.

“My diet mainly consists of high protein and low carbs,” Sorrentino says. While his diets consists of fruits, vegetables, and leaner cuts of meat, he also has prepared meals from Eat Clean Bro in case he needs to eat on-the-go. He also says he loves to have a salad with every meal. He’ll add various vegetables, cheese, and prosciutto.

Sorrentino says he hasn’t changed his diet much since social distancing. “The first couple of weeks of quarantine, I cheated on my diet a little too much,” he says. “But after about a week or two, I tightened it up, working out six days a week. That’s pretty much how I stay busy.”

Plus, he’s sober now.

“Maybe ten years ago, I was definitely not healthy, and I was not sober,” he says. “I’m now going on five years clean in December, and I’m constantly clean eating. I drink water, I have one cheat day, and I’m constantly finding ways to find the best version of myself.”

His diet includes some protein shakes and intermittent fasting for sixteen hours five days a week, but Sorrentino also knows the importance of having a cheat day.

“God made that seventh day a cheat day,” he jokes. On his cheat day, he’ll have anything from fast food to his favorite Italian pasta dish. But his all-out cheat feast shuts down by 8:00 p.m. in order to prepare for the next week.

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After the fridge tour, Sorrentino takes the camera to the gym, where he shows you the simple, yet effective routine he picked up over the past few years. “In prison, we didn’t have any machines,” he says. “We had good old-fashioned dumbbells and barbells—that’s all you need to get big. That’s all you need to get shredded. That’s all you need to be your best self.”

Sorrentino also loves his workout time, as he feels it’s his own therapy session, and he can focus on being better than the person he was the day before. “I never compare myself to anybody else but who I was yesterday,” he says. “And we gettin’ it today.”

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Prince Charles says his grandmother first inspired his love of music

Prince Charles says his love of music was inspired by his grandmother the Queen Mother – and admits he loved choosing a few pieces for Prince William and Kate’s wedding

  • Prince Charles, 71, is set to feature on a Classic FM radio programme tonight
  • The royal will speak with presenter Alan Titchmarsh about his love of live music 
  • Charles shared preview of the show to Clarence House Instagram this afternoon

Prince Charles has revealed how his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, inspired his love of music.

The Prince of Wales, 71, also admitted that he was thrilled to be asked to pick out several pieces to play at Prince William’s wedding to Kate in 2011.

Prince Charles said he first became aware of the ‘inspirational’ performing arts when attending the Bolshoi Ballet’s The Fountain of Bakhchisarai in 1956. 

Describing it as an unforgettable experience, the young prince attended the Covent Garden-based performance with his grandmother.

Speaking in an interview with Alan Titchmarsh for Classic FM, the royal, who is currently living at Birkhall on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, also divulged that the Queen Mother would often play music with her grandson. 

Prince Charles follows his grandmother, the Queen Mother, to their car after watching a matinee performance of ‘The Fountain of Bakhchisarai’ by the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet of Moscow at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London in 1956

Prince Charles, who learnt the cello (pictured performing) and trumpet at boarding school, has been vocal about the role music has played in his life, previously listing favourites ranging from classical composers to 1930s dance bands and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge smile following their marriage at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 in London

A preview of the programme, which airs tonight at 8pm, was shared to the Clarence House Instagram page this afternoon, along with a selection of old family photographs showing Charles with his grandmother.

Asked what his earliest memory of classical music is, he said: ‘Well I suppose various people would play it around me. My grandmother used to play quite a bit of music, so I would hear something there. 

‘But I suspect the first time I really became aware of it was being taken by my grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, to Covent Garden aged seven, I think.

‘It must have been in 1956 to see the Bolshoi Ballet perform. It was their first visit to the United Kingdom and I shall never forget that incredible occasion. I was completely inspired by it.’ 

Elsewhere in the interview, the prince revealed how he had helped his son Prince William, 37, decide on the musical choices for his 2011 wedding to Kate, 38.

‘I love trying to organise some interesting, I hope, pieces of music for certain occasions…particularly for weddings if people want,’ he said.

A preview of Prince Charles’ Classic FM programme, which airs tonight at 8pm, was shared to the royal’s Instagram page this afternoon, along with a selection of old family photographs showing a young Charles with his family (pictured in 1951)

A young Prince Charles pictured in 1979 surrounded by musicians as he appears to try his hand at conducting

‘I know my eldest son was quite understanding and was perfectly happy for me to suggest a few pieces for their wedding.

‘I hope that gave some people pleasure, but it’s rather fun having orchestras in for great occasions like that, and why not suggest a few pieces occasionally? Anyway… I do enjoy it.’

The royal, who has four grandchildren – Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five, Prince Louis, two, and Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, one – also talked about the importance of taking children to see performances. 

He explained: ‘Which is why it’s so important, I think, for grandparents or other relations to take children – at about the age of seven – to experience some form of the arts in performance.’

A collection of photographs of a young Prince Charles enjoying music was shared along with the audio.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall enjoy a performance together in 2008. The pair are isolating in Scotland during the UK’s lockdown

The caption read: ‘His Royal Highness recalls one of his earliest memories of classical music, when he first visited The Royal Opera House, aged just seven, in 1956 with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

‘Tonight at 8pm, the first of two special programmes on Classic FM featuring The Prince of Wales will be aired. Each piece of music, chosen personally by His Royal Highness, has been recorded by a range of his musical patronages across the UK.’

Among the pieces he has chosen is Richard Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll – which Prince Charles previously revealed he had the Philharmonia Orchestra play as a ‘terribly romantic’ gift for Camilla on her 60th birthday.  

Charles, who learnt the cello and trumpet at boarding school, has been vocal about the role music has played in his life, previously listing favourites ranging from classical composers to 1930s dance bands and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. 

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Boy, 13, saves his mum £200 by fitting her new laminate flooring himself after she moaned about the state of her carpet

A SINGLE MUM has saved £200 on laminating her bedroom floor after her 13-year-old son insisted he knew exactly how to do it – an ddid it himself during lockdown.

Stay-at-home mum Samantha Corbin, 33, had complained about the state of her bedroom after she was forced to tear up the carpet when family cat, Sparkles, was sick on it last month – knowing it would be near-impossible to find a tradesman to do the job in lockdown.

But the mum-of-two, from Pennar, Pembrokeshire, decided to take a chance when son Toby,then 12, insisted he could re-floor it for her – all he needed was the tools.

After ordering £130 worth of laminate flooring, a jigsaw and saw, the savvy youngster transformed his mum’s room in just two days after previously watching tradesmen complete the job downstairs in the family’s three-bed terrace.

Samantha then added the finishing touches with a lick of spare paint and a £64 roll of wallpaper – bringing the total transformation cost to just under £200- and saving another £200 on labour.

Toby, who's in year eight, dreams of being an engineer when he grows up, and even captured the hearts of Screwfix staff after he then ordered himself a much larger and more dangerous circular saw online.

Samantha was forced to quickly request a refund, with the trade retailer replying "we admire his enthusiasm, but this is certainly not for a child!’.

Speaking of the carpet's condition, Samantha said: “When the cat was sick on the carpet it was the end of the life of the carpet – my daughter had already spilt suncream on it and there was no bringing it back.

“It was a horrible carpet anyway so I pulled it up and I was living with just the bare floor.

Samantha said that she was complaining as she was ripping it up saying that it looks terrible and moaning that she wouldn’t be able to get a tradesman in because of the lockdown.

“That’s when Toby said he said he could do it," she said.

“He said ‘it’s easy’ – we had had the downstairs floor done and he said ‘I’ve seen it being done, it’s not that hard, all I need is a saw and a jigsaw’.

“So I chose the flooring and he did the rest.

The proud mum said she couldn’t believe it when she first saw the new look and thought it looked likeprofessional job.

She said: “Some people have said how could you trust your 12-year-old to do that but if he was going to do a really bad job, I would have known straight away.

“I could see within 30 minutes that he was doing such a good job – he had done two rows and they were all perfectly straight.

“I’m just really proud of him. He was only 12 when he did it, it’s not the normal thing you think of a 12-year-old boy doing – most of them wouldn’t even care.

“He is the man of my house, " she continued, "he does mend and fix everything that he can for me.”

The incredible flooring job inspired Toby to also use his new tools to build a duck house for the duck eggs he, his mum and sister Annabelle, three, have been incubating since lockdown began.

But the trade savvy youngster got slightly ahead of himself on his 13th birthday this month, when he used his birthday money to order a £120 circular saw from Screwfix – leaving Samantha red-faced and requesting a quick refund.

She said: ‘He had his birthday four weeks after doing the floor and I gave him my details to get himself something from Screwfix – he was adamant that he wanted to order tools.

“But when I sent his dad the screenshot confirmation of the email so he knew what he’d got with his birthday money, straightaway I got a call back from his dad saying ‘he can’t get a circular saw’.

“I hadn’t realised how dangerous they were, so I had to email Screwfix to get a refund and explained the situation.

“They replied saying that they admired his enthusiasm but the tool was not appropriate for a child!”

After splitting with Toby’s dad when he was just a toddler, Samantha describes her 13-year-old as ‘the man of the house’.

But bringing up Toby and his little sister on her own meant that Samantha had no time to decorate her own room in the last two years since moving in.

She said: “I moved into the house two years ago and I literally just put a bed in my room.

“I focused on making sure Annabelle and Toby’s rooms were done first.

“This was the first opportunity that I had to do something about it – and everyone says it looks professional.”

In other news, amum shares her genius hack to get her toddler to fold his own clothes and all you need is a cardboard box.

And this mum revealed her clever hack she uses to ensure kids don’t lose parts of board games during lockdown.

Plus, a mum shares a quick and easy hack for folding babygrows & parents can’t believe they never thought of it.

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Man uncovers his late grandmother's very glamorous life

Man uncovers his late grandmother’s very glamorous life while looking at her old photo albums – which show her singing for huge crowds and partying with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor

  • Johnny Quan’s grandma Leung Ping (梁萍, also called Teresa Leung) died earlier this year at age 93 
  • She was a model and prominent ‘shidaiqu’ pop singer under EMI/Pathé in Shanghai
  • She wouldn’t let family look through her photo albums when she was alive, so Johnny has gone through them since her death
  • He said she lived through the Chinese Civil War, the Sino-Japanese War/WW2, and the Communist Revolution
  • Photos show her modeling, singing for large crowds, and posing with stars like Elizabeth Taylor 

A California man had to wait until after his grandmother died this February to get a chance to look through her old photo albums — and he was amazed to discover how truly glamorous her life was.

Johnny Quan’s grandma Leung Ping (梁萍, also called Teresa Leung) died earlier this year at age 93, and it after her funeral that he was able to look back on her life as a model and prominent ‘shidaiqu’ pop singer under EMI/Pathé in Shanghai.

She ‘grew up in and witnessed hardships during the Chinese Civil War, Sino-Japanese War/WW2, and Communist Revolution. [During] the latter, shidaiqu was banned, deemed “Yellow Music” (in Chinese, “yellow.” 黄, is a pun for “pornographic”),’ he wrote for Bored Panda. ‘She fled to and continued singing in Hong Kong, then Singapore, before mostly retiring in San Francisco.’ 

‘She was very private of these photos — I’d never seen them before she passed,’ he added. ‘My aunt reflected how she once asked her if she could look at them, and she smirked, “You can look at them when I go.”

Now, he’s sharing the snaps of his grandma’s life through the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, showing her modeling, singing before large crowds, and posing for pictures with stars like Elizabeth Taylor. 

Treasure trove: Johnny Quan’s grandma Leung Ping (梁萍, also called Teresa Leung) died earlier this year at age 93

Proud: She wouldn’t let family look through her photo albums when she was alive, so Johnny (pictured) has gone through them since her death

Iconic: He found photos of her with Elizabeth Taylor, Mike Todd, And Run Run Shaw in Singapore, November 1957

Megastar: Shaw asked his grandmother be a representative of the Singaporean entertainment industry to greet Taylor

Singer: She was a model and prominent ‘shidaiqu’ pop singer under EMI/Pathé in Shanghai

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Hobnobbing: His grandma poses with Marian Anderson, a famous American singer, in 1957

Putting on a show! Leung Ping is pictured singing for a large crowd

Work it! His grandmother was a also a model and competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant

Major moments: She ‘grew up in and witnessed hardships during the Chinese Civil War, Sino-Japanese War/WW2, and Communist Revolution’

History lesson: During the Communist Revolution, shidaiqu was banned, deemed “Yellow Music” (in Chinese, “yellow.” 黄, is a pun for “pornographic”)

‘She was very private of these photos — I’d never seen them before she passed,’ Johnny said

He added: ‘My aunt reflected how she once asked her if she could look at them, and she smirked, “You can look at them when I go”‘

Belting it out: HIs grandma is pictured during a musical performance

Lookin’ good! She appears to have possessed quite an impressive wardrobe

Selling stuff: She also appeared in advertisements, like this one for beck’s Kunchi Beer

Looking back: The photos are mostly from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s

Put that record on! Johnny shared a photo of one of his grandmother’s old albums as well

She does! She is pictured in her very glamorous white gown on her wedding day

Keeping: Johnny has been spending time scanning the photos during the pandemic

Baby: Some of the photos show her personal life, including this one with her daughter, Johnny’s mom

Smile! In her younger years, his grandmother competed in beauty pageants 

Cinematic: Grandma is seen presumably after disembarking from a plane

Later: He marveled at how beautiful she was even as she got older

Missing her: Johnny, as a baby, is pictured with his grandma

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Man RIPS UP his $1,200 coronavirus stimulus check and says ‘we don’t need Trump money in my house – The Sun

A MAN has filmed himself tearing up a coronavirus stimulus check saying “we don’t need Trump money”.

The US government has sent the $1200 out to Americans struggling through the Covid-19 crisis, which has seen millions lose their jobs.

The US government has handed out about 130 million economic impact payments to taxpayers in the last month, and the IRS expects to be sending more than 150 million payments as part of the CARES Act.

The checks carry the President's name on them and all recipients also get letter signed by him.

But one man wasn’t impressed and posted a video of himself tearing up the check, to the accompaniment of want appears to be Puerto Rican music.

“This is now $1200, real check, my address, right. We don’t need, in my house, Trump money. We’re blessed. Have a good one,” he said in the video.

But some Twitter users weren’t impressed pointing out that the money ultimately came from taxpayer.

“It's not Trump's money! It's tax money that the government takes from your pay check,” said one.

Another added: “This is DUMB on many reasons cause if YOU aint want it go donate it or do some good.”

The distribution of the payments has included some hiccups, including an overwhelmed government website and payments to dead taxpayers.

The President hinted Thursday that a second round of coronavirus stimulus checks could be coming.

Any US citizen with a Social Security number who makes up to $75,000 will get a payment of $1,200 and married couples who file jointly and earn less than $150,000 will get $2,400.

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