Taylor Swift fans blast Burger King on Twitter over a joke

Burger King parent: Coronavirus putting restaurants through ‘important shift’ in business

Restaurant Brands International CEO Jose Cil discusses reopening restaurants nationwide safely and efficiently amid coronavirus.

Burger King is trying to make up for some “Bad Blood” between the fast-food chain and Taylor  Swift fans.

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On Wednesday, someone tweeted at Burger King asking what its favorite Taylor Swift song was, Fox News reported.

The chain responded in a now-deleted tweet: “The one about her ex,” Fox reported.

Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards in 2019. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)


After that, "Swifties," as the singer’s fans are called, started the hashtag #BurgerKingisOverParty.

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However, the person who started the hashtag intended for it to be a joke, according to Fox.


Some Twitter users appeared to take it seriously, though.


On Thursday, Burger King tried to ease some of the tension with a link to the restaurant’s offers.

“Let’s shake it off,” Burger King posted, making a reference to one of Swift's hit songs. Celebrate "#BurgerKingIsOverParty with the $3 shake + fries deal in the app.”


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More 'KUWTK' Fans Are Rewatching Older Episodes Now That They Can't Stand the New Ones

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on for a long time. It’s been so long that Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s son, was born on the show and is now 10.

He’s the same age as Kylie Jenner was when the show first started. That’s means he’s lived his whole life being filmed for reality TV. 

Not many shows last that long, especially not reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Other long-running reality series are usually competition based shows. That means that the characters change every season, and things stay fresh for fans. That’s not the case with KUWTK. The show is story-based, and the characters, the KarJens themselves, stay the same season after season. 

Even though the show’s format and characters haven’t changed during its 18 season run, some fans think the show is really different from it was before. 

The Kardashians have changed a lot 

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Fans on Reddit recently discussed how different the new KUWTK episodes are from the old ones, and not in a good way. Fans feel that the newer episodes aren’t as good. It’s not just the show that’s changed. The sisters themselves have changed, inside and out. 

A lot of people have noticed that Khloe Kardashian went through a transformation a few years ago. Fans hate how plastic she looks now. But it’s not just her looks. Fans think she’s developed a new fake personality to match her new face. She’s become a “mean girl” according to fans, and they don’t like it. 

Kim has also changed a lot. Since she married Kanye, she seems to have adopted more of his personality traits. One fan says she “became a megalomaniac under the influence of Kanye.” 

The various changes to the Kardashians themselves aren’t fans main complaint with the show these days, however. 

Fans feel ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is getting more scripted 

All reality shows are scripted to some extent. Watch the credits at the end of any reality TV series, there will likely be credits for various writers. That’s because even though the show real, it still needs some sort of story line to keep things interesting. 

There have always been obviously scripted moments in the show. Even in the very first season, fans knew some of the moments were fake. For example, Khloe was supposedly arrested for a DUI on camera. The incident actually happened months before the show was picked up for production, and the on-screen arrest was a ‘reenactment.’

Now, though, fans think the scripting is too much. The new stories are also very cringey. A recent episode where Kris talks about her sex life with Corey Gamble had fans ready to turn off the TV. Some fans prefer to watch clips the show on Instagram now, or to have it on as background while they do other things. But a lot of fans have started giving up on the new episodes, and are rewatching old ones instead. 

Even the sisterly bond the Kardashians had is gone  

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KUWTK has long outlasted similar shows, but the reason fans watched it in the first place is fading fast. A lot of fans watched to see a close family interact, and they identified with the sisterly bond between the KarJen girls. But even that seems to have changed. 

Fans have seen some ugly sides of the KarJen sisters in recent years, particularly Kim and Khloé. When they saw them bully their sister Kourtney, it destroyed any ideas that the Kardashian Jenner sisters are close.

And fans are still mentioning the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson scandal. Even though it was a few years ago now, fans cannot get over how Khloe and Kim reacted. It’s really turned some off to the show. As one fan pointed out, the reaction proved that Kim and Khloe don’t respect other women, especially women they see as ‘less than.’

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'RHOBH' Fans Think Lisa Rinna Needs To 'Own It' When It Comes to Her Marriage to Harry Hamlin

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are convinced that Lisa Rinna is hiding something about her marriage. In a recent episode of RHOBH, Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, seemingly let slip that he no longer lives with her. While Lisa has always been adamant about showing all aspects of her life in front of the cameras, fans believe she needs to come clean and “own it” when it comes to her marriage.

Are Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin living apart?

Lisa’s marriage came under fire following the latest episode of RHOBH. During a conversation between Lisa and her husband, he mentioned something about their daughters, Delilah and Amelia, coming over to visit him.

“I was really glad that I said ‘I just got back I’ve been gone for six weeks, can wehave dinner,’and they [Delilah and Amelia] both said ‘yeah let’s do it,’ I didn’t expect that…” Harry shared.“They said ‘noI want to come over and see you,’ so that was so great, I was happy about that.”

Harry was in Delaware working on a new play, which explains why he was gone for six weeks. But as RHOBH fans are well aware, his daughters live in the same house as he and Lisa, so the second part of their conversation doesn’t make any sense.

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After all, why would Delilah and Amelia say they “want to come over” if they all live in the same house? Unless, of course, Harry has moved out of their home and is now living by himself. That would explain why his daughters have to come over if they want to visit.

Fans also picked up on Lisa’s surprise when she noted how muchweight he had lost since their previous meeting. Lisa asked Harry if his playhad anything to do with his fit physique, which also left fans wondering how muchthey actually see each other.

‘RHOBH’ fans think Lisa needs to ‘own it’ when it comes to her marriage

In light of their mysterious exchange on RHOBH, fans areconvinced that Lisa is hiding something. To make things worse, Lisa has claimedmultiple times that being a part of a reality show “isn’t foreveryone” and that they should all be willing to “own it.”

Following Lisa and Harry’s discussion, fans took to social media and blasted the RHOBH star for seemingly hiding her personal drama from the show. Needless to say, they are not buying the idea that Lisa’s marriage is okay.

“No wonder Rinna is always in everyone’s else business to deflect from hermarriage,” one fan noted.

As fans will recall, Kim Richards once teased that she had dirt about Harry during a trip to Amsterdam. Lisa was quick to put the kibosh on Kim’s plan when she smashed a wine glass and went into a complete meltdown during a dinner.

Lisa has yet to respond to the rumors surrounding her marriage.She has, however, opened up about what it was like moving into Harry’s house,which he built with a previous wife.

Lisa Rinna opens up about living with Harry Hamlin

While fans continue to speculate about what is really going on between Harry and Lisa, the RHOBH star was recently asked about her living situation. During an interview on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked Lisa if it was strange living in a house that one of Harry’s ex-wives help build.

After confirming that Harry built the home with his first wife,Laura Johnson, Lisa revealed that his second wife refused to live in the home.Instead, she and Harry moved to another home and when they got a divorce hemoved back in.

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But as far as Lisa is concerned, she really did not mind living in the massive home. Once things between her and Harry got serious, Lisa said, ‘F**k it. I don’t care. I’ll live in your house!’”

“I’ve been here 28 years,” she added. “I’d never lived in a house, I lived in apartments. I moved into Harry’s house and I never left.”

Based on all of Lisa’s posts on social media, it is easy to see why she has fallen in love with the home. The mansion features a stylish gym, a sauna, a large sitting area, a luxurious living room, and a bathroom to rival any spa.

Catch Lisa Rinna on new episodes of the Real Housewives ofBeverly Hills Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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Some Marvel Fans Think the 'Ant-Man' Movies Are Entertaining But Not 'Memorable'

When Marvel Cinematic Universe fans compile lists of their favorite movies, it seems the more dramatic movies usually rise to the top. Not that films like more comedic Thor: Ragnarok ever fall far from the Top Three list. For the Ant-Man movies, it seems they almost need separating.

New consensus recently says these films were entertaining, yet not quite as memorable as the other Avengers movies. Maybe that gives comedy in the MCU a bad name rather than successfully consolidating into the overarching plot.

Yes, it is kind of challenging to have wacky comedy with Paul Rudd sandwiched between a deathly serious story about the snap. Nevertheless, the Ant-Man movies may need a new analysis of their purpose.

Were the ‘Ant-Man’ movies just a comedic detour?

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When someone on Reddit started a thread saying the Ant-Man films could be better, there was a mix of response from those in favor and opposed. For the most part, users noted these films were entertaining, if certainly not to the level of being classics.

Others thought they were better than given credit for, particularly because they were a complete turn away from the more serious-minded plots. Marvel really did take risks throwing in the Ant-Man movie during The Avengers arc starting in 2012.

Looking back, 2015’s Ant-Man stood alone when it first showed up at the end of Phase Two that summer. All prior MCU films had mostly taken a darker turn, particularly with the very dramatic Age of Ultron just two months before.

This was just the beginning of the drama, of course, making Ant-Man feel like an oddball anomaly. At the time, it might have even confused a few fans seeing Paul Rudd in the MCU after seeing him in raunchy romantic comedies for years prior.

If not for ‘Ant-Man’, ‘Ragnarok’ might not have happened

One could look at the first Ant-Man movie as a test to see whether comedy could really fit into the MCU. Had the film flopped, it might not have made it possible to let Chris Hemsworth bring the laughs in Ragnarok two years later. Another argument exists it would have never led to the Marvel-related Deadpool movie either over at 20th Century Fox in 2016.

Ant-Man more or less revolutionized how comedy could work as a bit of a breather from all the drama. Audiences never seemed to mind having that comedic break in-between developing tensions among The Avengers.

More than a few fans deem the Ant-Man movies the only time viewers can see a superhero in a more “normal” setting, with Scott Lang’s house arrest scene a good example.

But was ‘Ant-Man’ really the first comedy in the MCU?

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Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014 might be deemed the first comedy in the MCU franchise, if not really the same comedy level seen in Ant-Man. Latter films were far more down-to-earth (literally), making them more pleasurable diversions than real galactic adventures.

Regardless, Scott Lang eventually found himself in the middle of more intense situations later, particularly when being stuck in the quantum realm due to the snap. There was definite strategy, though, to place the two Ant-Man movies after or in-between the most intense movies.

Placing Ant-Man and the Wasp in-between Infinity War and Captain Marvel/Endgame was ingenious when looked at from a marketing standpoint. As someone on Reddit noted: “They’re definitely a little different than a lot of the other MCU movies, but I think they’re supposed to be. What they bring to the series I really love.”

If these movies are ultimately remembered as just comedic diversions, the entirety of Phase Two and Three arguably would never have worked without them. Even within the throes of death and resurrection, audiences do need a little laugh break, with Paul Rudd seemingly the perfect actor to bring it.

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Fans Are Confused by Khloé Kardashian's Face in Her New Instagram Pics

Khloé Kardashian posted new Instagram photos that left some of her fans so confused. The reality star looked almost unrecognizable in the images and people weighed in with their thoughts — some couldn’t decide if her face looked like it had been heavily Photoshopped or if she had plastic surgery.

Kardashian posted stunning new pics

On May 22, Kardashian posted a series of photos of herself looking sunkissed and bronde, with the caption “location: under bitches skiiiinnnnn.”

So many of her fans are loving the new look, with comments about how gorgeous the reality star is and how they are won over by her bronde hair color. Kardashian explained in the comments, “a little switch up is needed” about the new look.

When pal Malika Haqq commented “GO OFF,” Kardashian responded, “Seeing how incredible you look two months after baby I really have to step my sh*t up.”

View this post on Instagram

location: under bitches skiiiinnnnn 💋

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Fans weighed in on Twitter

Over on Twitter, things blew up as fans and critics tried towrap their heads around why Kardashian looked so different than she usuallydoes.

“This isn’t khloe kardashian?! Am I crazy,” one fan asked. Another pondered, “Ummm. This looks like an avatar of Khloe. I’m so confused.”

Some fans were in denial, with one tweeting: “No, no, no! There is no way that’s Khloe. That’s beyond photoshopping. She’s an entirely different person!”

Another fan agreed, stating, “I’m telling you, the Kardashians switch faces like clothes. I refuse to believe this is Khloe Kardashian.”

There was concern as well. “Khloe Kardashian morphs more and more in every post. She must have to reset her facial recognition on her iPhone every other day,” one Twitter user noted.

Of course, there were those who wondered if Kardashian had plastic surgery, as one Twitter user noted, “Khloe Kardashian’s surgeon about to get hella new clients.”

View this post on Instagram

🤍Cheeessseeeeeeee 🤍

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Reddit users discussed it, of course

Meanwhile, on Reddit, fans tried to figure out what they were looking at and they really put Kardashian’s lastest post under the microscope. “Can’t tell if it’s photoshop or surgery? I mean, she looks great but WOW… it’s different,” one Redditor noted.

“This ain’t it. I’m hoping it’s extreme photoshop and not more surgery… this is very very uncomfortable,” another wrote.

Others agreed it was “unsettling,” as one Redditor shared, “There is no doubt, this is a beautiful photo with great hair. The thing that is unsettling is the amount of surgery that has happened here and how this in no way looks like the Khloe 5 years ago.”

In addition to comparing her look to Malika, Chrissy Teigen, and Denise Richards, there was a deep dive into how much Photoshop was at play.

“Half of her necklace chain is gone,” one Reddit user pointed out. “That whole area is off. I can see a hint of the chain that was there and the area right where her neck and hair meet has an unexplainable brown chunk of color — I can’t tell if it’s a shadow or her hair,” another noted.

“I think what’s so disconcerting with them is each eye is looking in a slightly different direction. As well as one higher than the other. Also, half her necklace chain is missing. Think it’s 2 photos merged into one,” one eagle-eyed fan shared.

Still another Redditor explained, “Whoever photoshopped this went a little crazy. I zoomed in and it looks like her left front tooth is coming out of her lip.”

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Khloé Kardashian stuns fans with new look: ‘I barely recognize her’

Khloé Kardashian has debuted a new look to the surprise of many of her loyal fans, as several didn’t even recognize the reality star.

Kardashian, 35, shared photos of her new dye job on social media, debuting her blonde tresses for the masses. She also rocked a bronze tan and looks slimmer than ever in the glam shots.

“Location: under bitches skiiiinnnnn 💋,” she captioned the pics.

The mom immediately received feedback that the photos looked very little like the Khloe we all know and recognize, with one fan tweeting, “Who is khloe kardashian trying to fool?” Another added, “Idk if Khloe Kardashian used a surgeon or an app for this new face but either way I want in.”

“Khloe Kardashian is coming out of lock down a whole different person. Wow!,” wrote another follower who was taken aback by the E! star’s new look.

“Okay who is this? WILL THE REAL @khloekardashian PLEASE STAND UP,” added another fan. 

Yet another posted a compilation of Kardashian’s photos over the years, captioning the image, “Khloe Kardashian be looking like a different person every year. 

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Michelle Keegan sends fans wild with new ‘short haircut’ but reveals it’s an optical illusion – The Sun

MICHELLE Keegan sent fans wild last night with her new ‘short haircut’ but revealed it was an optical illusion.

The star posed in shorts and a white top and joked "everything’s going to be all white" as she continued to isolate with husband Mark Wright in their Essex mansion.

Michelle posted the image as she duplicated a selfie photo on Instagram from her beautiful bedroom.

The Brassic actress looked incredible with her brunnette locks skimming the nape of her neck, but dozens of followers wanted to know if she'd had the chop.

One quizzed: "Short hair?" as another asked: "Have you cut your hair short beaut?x"

And one more screeched alongside an angry emoji: "You chopped your hair?!?"

Michelle set them all straight, telling one fan: "nooo just clipper back,… don't mind it though"

Other fans were obsessed with Michelle's outfit, which she revealed was from her Very.co.uk range.

Michelle and Mark have been spending lockdown in their beautiful Essex lovenest complete with a lavish bedroom, huge garden and LOTS of mirrors.

They've worked hard to turn their stunning Essex pad into the perfect home – complete with six bedrooms, three bathrooms and a spacious garden.

The married couple purchased the gaff in 2013 and have kept it pretty much under wraps since then, just giving their fans just a few sneak peeks over the years.

And from what we’ve seen it’s clear the former Towie star and actress have got quite the house – including its own gym, a large hallway and plush furnishings.

The £2million property in Chigwell, Essex has plenty of space for them to unwind when they aren’t off travelling the globe for work.

In March, Michelle shocked her legion of fans when she appeared via video link from the couple's master bedroom – revealing the huge padded bed – floor to ceiling mirrors and neutral design.

Décor wise, the power pair have opted for neutral shades including cream carpets and pale wood panel flooring.

In the main hallway, Michelle and Mark have kept it classy with cream walls and a traditional banister.

At Christmas time this area becomes the centre of their home, with a large Christmas tree as the focal point.

Their living room is just as neutral, with a large flat screen TV on the wall and mirrored cabinets covered in pictures of the happy couple.

Flowers and candles are also a big part of their home and large white bouquets open pop up in pictures.

There are also large silver candle holders, which look like lanterns and glitzy glass globe shaped chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Their bathroom is just as immaculate and when Michelle has shared the occasional toilet selfie, fans have been able to spot the round sink and designer radiator.

And when guests come to stay there is a sumptuous looking crush velvet bed to crash on in one of the guest rooms.

Michelle previously said the couple didn’t need to do much when they moved in five years ago, telling fans: “The house we’ve seen has already got [everything] done, thank God. It’s already decorated how we like, all we need is furniture.”

The year after moving in, Michelle revealed where they had purchased the finishing touches for their home, writing in her blog for Hello! Magazine: “We are so settled in our new home.

“It’s like a real sanctuary now, and I have to thank Laura and Sarah who run an interior design/furniture shop business in Essex called ‘Stripes of Essex’.

“They are sisters and have a sharp eye for detail, and have helped make the house into a home 🙂 can’t recommend them enough – thank you talented ladies!!”

The couple have actually purchased a new property which they plan to move into after undergoing extensive work on it.

They purchased the pad in October of last year for £1.3 million but want to demolish it to create their perfect family home.

Since then they  have submitted plans to knock down the Essex farmhouse and replace it with a vast Georgian-style home.

The architect drawings reveal the house will feature a ground floor bar, gym, TV room, study, outdoor swimming pool – and of course the playroom.

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Wendy Williams asks fans if Nicki Minaj is just a ‘protege of Lil Kim’ after taking break from show for ‘health issues’ – The Sun

WENDY Williams asked fans if Nicki Minaj is just a "protege of Lil Kim."

The daytime talk show host's remarks follow her announcing she was taking a break from the show for "health issues."

Usher recently said during a conversation with Swizz Beatz on Instagram: "Nicki [Minaj] is a product of Lil' Kim."

Following the singer's remarks, Wendy, while on hiatus because of her Graves' disease, posted: "Hot Question… Is Nicky Minaj a prodigy or a protege of Lil Kim?"

She captioned it: "#LisaRaye defends #LilKim in a recent online debate and says #NickiMinaj should “bow down.”

"This all stemmed from a conversation between #SwizzBeatz and #Usher.

"The singer said that Nicki Minaj was a 'product' of Lil Kim. Co-hosts, is Nicki Minaj a prodigy or a protégé of Lil Kim?

Wendy's fans responded: "Why are we still discussing Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj in 2020?!?! That topic is very 2009ish.

Others added: "Omg y'all need to let this go I'm so tired of people comparing them."

Another said: "Wendy stop please before it's too late."

Other fans chimed in: "y'all must be bored."

Some commented: "Why can't women just be happy for one another… why does it always have to be a fight. We should be happy when women succeed."

Another wrote: "LEAVE NICKI ALONE."

On Monday a spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show announced she would be going on hiatus to deal with her Graves' disease.

She had been taping daily at-home segments remotely.

Wendy announced she had Graves’ disease In 2018, which can cause an overproduction of thyroid hormones and a variety of symptoms.

According to the show, Williams' return date will be announced later.

A spokesperson for the show told Variety.: “Recently, Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves’ disease which is causing fatigue.  In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment.

“We look forward to welcoming Wendy back soon and continuing the ‘[email protected]’ shows. More updates on a return date will follow.”

The talk show host's fans had been worried about her after she appeared to "slur her words" and look "out of it" on TV last week.

Viewers tweeted of Wendy's disconcerting appearance, saying: "What is wrong with Wendy Williams right now."

Another added: "She's slurring her words this morning #WendyWilliams."

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Newcastle fans in meltdown over mysterious documents about change in Prince Abdullah Al Saud’s role at Sheff Utd – The Sun

SHEFFIELD UNITED’S ownership is shrouded in mystery after documents showed Prince Abdullah Al Saud ceasing to be a “person with significant control” last October.

The Saudi prince gained full control of the Blades on September 16, 2019 after a bitter court battle with previous owner Kevin McCabe.

But files uploaded to Companies House today show he stopped having an interest in Sheffield United Football Club Limited towards the end of last year.

In another bizarre twist, United filed a notification in February that Prince Abdullah had registered himself as sole owner on 18 October 2019 – the same day files show he ceased being a person of significant control.

The timing has led to the resurfacing of links between Prince Abdullah and the potential new Saudi owners of Newcastle.

The Magpies are on the verge of a £300million takeover headed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which is chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

MBS is the cousin of the Sheffield United owner and questions have been raised about a potential conflict of interest and whether this act could make it easier for the takeover to go through.

Newcastle fans certainly think so and were in meltdown at the shocking reveal.

One tweeted: "I would like to thank the Saudi owners of Sheffield United for stepping aside and allowing a clearer and calmer path for the takeover of Newcastle United."

Another said: "Well done Sheffield United fans on personally making changes to their ownership. Real heroes who didn’t even tell the rest of us what they’d heroically done 6 month ago."

A third added: "I'd like to thank the owners of Sheffield United for gracefully stepping aside allowing us to be taken over."

In a letter to the Premier League last month, human rights group Fair-Square said: “If Public Investment Fund has a meaningful involvement in Newcastle United, it will mean owners of that club having the power to determine and influence the management of Sheffield United.

“As the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wields vast and largely unaccountable power within the Kingdom.”

While Sheffield United are yet to comment, there are suggestions that this is a corporate structural change related to the severing of ties with McCabe.

But questions remain as to why the documents were only uploaded today – more than five months late – with companies obliged to update Companies House with any changes within 28 days.

Prince Abdullah first became involved at the South Yorkshire club in 2013. But he has taken more of a backseat in recent times, with his son-in-law Prince Musa’ad bin Khalid Al Saud named chairman last September.

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DC Fans Drag Joss Whedon After 'Justice League' Snyder Cut Is Announced — But Neither Director Is to Blame

Audiences and critics alike had a lot of problems with the DCEU film Justice League — and no, we’re not referring to Henry Cavill’s mustache. But a version known as “the Snyder Cut,” referring to director Zack Snyder, has been thought to be in the works. Now, fans are blaming The Avenger‘s writer-director Joss Whedon for Justice League‘s original failure. Here’s what’s happening.

The story of ‘Justice League’

For those who aren’t familiar with all of the turmoil that surrounded Justice League, here’s a summary: Like many other films of this nature, it was stuck in what’s known as “development h*ll” for years. Then, Snyder became the DCEU’s go-to guy, and he got to work on the film that was meant to serve as the studio’s answer to The Avengers.

But then, tragedy struck. Following initial production (which itself was rife with tribulations), Snyder stepped down from his duties as director after his daughter passed away. Whedon, who had already been a part of the rewrite process, was brought in to direct the extensive reshoots. The film was released in November 2017.

Rumors of another version have circulated for years

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Given everything that went into it, Justice League was a very expensive film. So though it went onto have an impressive opening weekend, between the money needed to make back what was spent and the poor critical reviews, it wasn’t considered a hit.

Thus began the internet cry, #ReleasetheSnyderCut. For years, rumors of a version featuring only scenes directed by Snyder and those that came prior to Whedon’s rewrites and reshoots circulated heavily. They were later substantiated by Snyder himself, as well as stars Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.

The Snyder Cut becomes official

The year 2020 has been a bad year for plenty of reasons, but as far as Snyder stans are concerned, it’s a pretty great one. With the pending arrival of Warner Bros.’ streaming service HBO Max, many believed the Snyder Cut would become a reality. And it turns out, they were right.

During a Q&A watch party of Snyder’s 2013 film Man of Steel (which preceded Justice League in the DCEU), the filmmaker made it official: The recut film (or possibly miniseries), titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League, will arrive on HBO Max in 2021.

Snyder stans take to Twitter to insult Whedon

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If you know anything about this fandom, then you know they’re very active on social media. Following Snyder’s announcement and the official posts that followed it, many DC fans took to Twitter and other platforms to share their excitement. But not all of it was positive.

Some were very focused on Whedon’s part in all of this. One Twitter user replied directly to the filmmaker on an unrelated tweet, writing, “I reckon that you have no clue what cinema actually is…Time to see what real heroes look like, not your cartoon children.” Another called him “a populist hack who’s work lacks substance.”

Others point the finger elsewhere

However, many were much more levelheaded about the whole ordeal. Some of them expressed excitement for the new version but felt that neither director is really to blame for the original’s failure. In a thread, one Twitter user wrote that it came down to a “lack of consistency,” calling the studio and its demands “the real villain.”

Still others felt similarly, but saw the directors as two sides of the same coin. “They each deserve to be dragged, but not on behalf of the other,” they wrote. In fact, they compared them to the two major U.S. political parties. Whether you’re looking forward to the Snyder cut or not, hopefully, we can heed this lesson: there’s no need to bash one another based on personal preference.

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