'The Challenge 35': Jenny West Says She 'Misses Her Friendship' With Dee Nguyen After Fallout

Jenny West became the first female of The Challenge 35: Total Madness to receive the coveted red skull, mainly thanks to Dee Nguyen, who threw her into elimination against a weaker competitor, Jennifer Lee. While many contestants warned Dee that she made a mistake by giving Jenny a ticket to the finals, she disagreed and stood by her friendship with the UK-native.

However, Dee started regretting her decision and contemplated turning on Jenny at some point. After the episode aired, Jenny took to Twitter and admitted she “misses her friendship” with Dee as they became close friends in the bunker.

Jenny West first female to receive red skull

After TJ Lavin announced the game-changing twist, two-time competitor Jenny West and two-time finalist Tori Deal both wanted to go into the following elimination against the perceived weakest girl in the house, rookie Jennifer Lee.

Last season champ Dee Nguyen and her team won the daily challenge, placing her in a powerful position in the Tribunal. The house nominated the rookie as expected, and Dee chose to interrogate both Jenny and Tori.

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However, she informed the latter that she already shook hands with Jenny, and her allegiance lies with the UK native first and foremost. Therefore, she chose the dominant two-time competitor to face off against Jenn, and Jenny sent the rookie home singlehandedly.

Several castmates, namely Wes Bergmann, thought Dee made the wrong decision because they know no one has a chance to beat the fierce competitor in the finals.

Dee Nguyen contemplates turning on Jenny West

The recent champ initially stood by her choice to help Jenny out but then regretted her decision a few episodes later. Dee, who also has a red skull, finally realized that she might have a hard time beating Jenny for the million-dollar cash prize in the finals.

After her second daily challenge win, Dee entered the Tribunal again. Wanting to make a big move during the double girls’ elimination, the Australian-native toyed with the idea of turning on her friend.

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She talked to Rogan O’Connor about her potential plan, who then spilled the beans to Jenny in an effort to turn the friends against each other. Although Dee had the opportunity to blindside her friend that night at Purgatory, she decided against it.

Jenny West ‘misses her friendship’ with Dee Nguyen

After the episode aired, Jenny took to Twitter to explain how she felt to find out that Dee had turned on her. The UK-native stated it “gutted” her to learn their friendship was fake to the recent champ.

According to Jenny, the two “hung out every day in that bunker” and got along great. She ended her tweet by admitting she misses the friendship with Dee.

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Several of her followers commented with their support and claimed the Australian-native was never a real friend anyway. One user told Jenny she “deserves better” and still has “plenty” of supporters who love and are loyal to her. The UK-native responded, “Thanks beauty.”

Dee also commented on Jenny’s post, sarcastically writing, “You be alright, babe. You got loads of friends.” The Challenge 35 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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'The Challenge': Kailah Casillas Finally Opens up About Cheating With Stephen Bear: 'I'm Human'

MTV stars Kailah Casillas and Mikey Pericoloso have been in a serious relationship for three years. However, while filming The Challenge 35, she expressed that it might be going toward marriage, something she wasn’t ready for, so she cheated on her boyfriend, with co-star Stephen Bear. After remaining mostly silent about the situation as it plays back on TV, Kailah finally addressed it in a Twitter thread.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article includes information from The Challenge 35 Episode 8.]

Kailah Casillas dated Mikey Pericoloso for 3 years

The Real World: Go Big or Go Home star Kailah Casillas began dating DJ Mikey Pericoloso around February 2017, a year after she made her reality tv debut. The two moved into a Las Vegas-based apartment together and became inseparable.

They heavily featured each other on their Instagram accounts, and Kailah modeled for his clothing website. She also competed on a few seasons of The Challenge before appearing on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, vying for a chance to become a brand ambassador.

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However, she got into a verbal altercation with Lindsay Lohan herself, which resulted in her immediate dismissal. Kailah then competed on another season of The Challenge but only lasted one day in the house after a physical altercation with Melissa Reeves.

Shortly after she and Mikey P appeared on a May 2019 episode of How Far Is Tattoo Far together, the 27-year-old returned to the MTV reality competition series.

Kailah Casillas cheated on boyfriend with Stephen Bear

Almost immediately after entering the bunker, three-time Challenger Stephen Bear expressed his attraction to Kailah. However, she resisted his advances out of respect for her relationship back home.

Eventually, the MTV star gave in to the relentless UK native, and they made out in the bathroom. Co-stars Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann attempted to make a joke out of the situation and decorated Bear’s sleeping arrangement as a honeymoon suite for him and Kailah.

However, they taped pictures of the Beach Club star and her boyfriend to the ceiling, upsetting her. She yelled at the guys and later threw a jug of milk and a spoon across the eating area.

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Kailah continued her tryst with Bear and tried to save him from going into Purgatory during a double guys’ elimination. However, she and her allies’ efforts fell short, and the Tribunal voted him in to face Nelson Thomas, who promptly sent the UK native home.

After the elimination, Kailah ran down to Bear and promised they would see each other once filming wrapped. She stuck to her word and visited him across the pond, but the two did not work out.

Kailah Casillas finally opens up about the situation

In a Twitter thread the MTV star posted on May 21, she explained she was not happy in her three-year relationship and called her fling with Bear an “escape.”

Kailah admitted she went about it the wrong way and “should have dealt in a more respectful manner.” While the five-time Challenger owned up to her inappropriate actions, she also reminded her followers that she’s “human.” Kailah continued and explained that she’s currently “living the life” she wants and has “proved to myself I could be independent.”

Although the MTV star acknowledges “it didn’t play out in the best way,” she’s still happy. The 27-year-old closed by telling her followers that they have watched her “grow, make mistakes, be drunk and wild,” and she hopes they can see her as human.

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In a follow-up tweet, Kailah acknowledged when she threw the spoon and explained it was out of frustration, not a “tantrum,” because she “didn’t want anyone else to be dragged in” to her situation “unwillingly.”

Additionally, Kailah expressed she no longer has any interest in speaking about it in interviews as she’s in another relationship and ready to “push forward.” The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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Roy Keane’s horror challenge on Alf-Inge Haaland for Man Utd was most deserved red card in Premier League history – The Sun

ROY KEANE'S horror tackle on Alf-Inge Haaland during the Manchester derby on April 21, 2001 was probably the most deserved red card in Premier League history.

Man City's Norwegian midfielder Haaland went on to play just 48 more minutes of football in his career following the challenge at Old Trafford.

The long-standing feud between the two players started four years earlier when Keane suffered a cruciate ligament injury when clean through on goal being chased down by Haaland – then playing for Leeds.

United captain Keane got revenge with the knee-high tackle at Old Trafford – for which he later received a £150,000 fine and a five-match ban.

In his autobiography years later, the Irishman said: “He’d done his job. He’d done my head in. He was winding me up from the beginning of the game.

“I know it’s not right, don’t get me wrong. But I’m only human, I was out for a long year that time.

“Even in the dressing room afterwards I had no remorse. My attitude was – f*** him.

“But there was no premeditation. I’d played against Haaland three or four times between that game against Leeds in 1997 – when I injured my cruciate – and the game when I tackled him in 2001.

“If I’d been this madman out for revenge, why would I have waited years for an opportunity to injure him?”

In the dressing room afterwards I had no remorse. My attitude was – f*** him

Haaland only played six more times for club and country.

Seven years after the incident, the Norwegian admitted: “The knee still hurts, that isn’t going to go away.. I have to accept that.

“Did that tackle end my career? Well, I never played a full game again, did I? "

And if they met again?

Haaland joked: “I’d probably run!

"No. I don’t know what would happen. I wouldn’t have any problem in speaking with him.

"But maybe he would with me.”

For what it's worth, the Manchester derby ended 1-1.

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'The Challenge 35': Fans Are Calling Aneesa Ferreira's Facial Expressions the 'MVP of the Season'

Beloved for always speaking her mind, Aneesa Ferreira has been a fan-favorite since she first appeared on The Challenge in its sixth season. After taking a three-season hiatus, the 38-year-old has returned for her 13th Challenge, seeking her first win. After two episodes into the season, Aneesa hasn’t found herself in any drama yet. However, fans are “living” for her facial expressions reacting to the arguments happening around her.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information revealed in The Challenge 35: Total Madness Episode 2.]

Aneesa Ferreira on ‘The Challenge’

Nearly 20 years ago, then 20-year-old fiery “liberal lesbian,” Aneesa Ferreira, made her reality television debut on The Real World: Chicago (Season 11).

She then competed on both installments of MTV’s competition series The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes on the women’s team, where she went home after a few weeks.

The Pennsylvania-native came back as part of Team Veterans in The Gauntlet 2 and finished as a runner-up, winning $8,500. She returned looking for the win in The Duel and sent three fierce competitors home before getting eliminated right before the finals.

Again, in The Inferno 3, Aneesa went home in the same place before placing third in the following season, Duel II, winning $15,000. After a short-lived stint in Rivals and Battle of the Exes, she placed fourth in Rivals II alongside partner Diem Brown, and the women took home $500 each.

Aneesa has since returned for five more challenges but has yet to win any more prize money. She also competed in both seasons of spinoff Champs vs. Stars and raised a total of $6,450 for charity.

After suffering an ankle injury in Champs vs. Stars (2018), she took a three-season hiatus before making her return to The Challenge 35: Total Madness. Currently, the 38-year-old holds the record for most Challenge seasons without a win (12) and most elimination losses by a female (9).

Fans are living for Aneesa Ferreira’s facial expressions

Even though Aneesa might not be a challenge beast, she’s still a beloved contestant on the show, previously due to her iconic arguments. This season, the Real World star hasn’t gotten into any fights yet, but fans are living for her hilarious facial expressions in reaction to the drama going on around her.

In the premiere episode, rookie Bayleigh Dayton “popped off” on Jay Starrett during a nomination ceremony when she thought he threw her fiancé, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, under the bus.

While the prospect went off, Aneesa gave her a meme-able look of confusion. In the second episode, rookie Jenn Lee and Season 34 winner Dee Nguyen began arguing over Rogan O’Connor, and Aneesa sat at the table, again giving the same iconic confused look.

Finally, Jenn gave a speech to the house at nominations that Wes Bergmann and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio wrote for her. To start it off, she called everyone “earthlings.”

While the camera showed many of the other contestants’ reactions, none was funnier than Aneesa looking at Jenn as if she came from another planet.

Many viewers called her reactions “priceless” and the “MVP of the season.” One user noted one of her expressions looks as if she’s contemplating whether doing the show anymore after listening to Jenn speak.

The Challenge vet Marie Roda agreed and tweeted Aneesa telling her, “your faces are giving me life!” The 13-time competitor responded, “You know me. I can’t hide s**t. Like if I can’t say it, my face will.”

The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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How 'The Challenge' Is Going 'Back to Its Roots’ for Season 35

Back to basics. Season 35 of The Challenge may have a familiar feeling to longtime fans — in the best way ever. On the latest episode of the “Watch With Us” podcast, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio teased the changes to come on Total Madness.

“One of the knocks lately is, like, we just want The Challenge to get back to its roots and what made it amazing. I think this season, it really does focus on the game and the strategy,” Bananas, 37, says on Thursday, March 26, episode of the podcast. “There’s obviously drama that comes along with it and the politics but this is more about people showing up [and] competing for the love of the game.”

The six-time champion noted that some of the “really toxic, awful personalities” aren’t on season 35, so this season is lighter.

“The darkness, the unnecessary toxicity is gone. It’s really back to the nuts and bolts of what made The Challenge great,” he said. Plus, the living arrangements created a different vibe than he’s ever experienced in the past.

This time, the cast lived in an underground bunker with no windows or doors.

“It really, really, really wore on you. It took a while for it to wear on me but some people cracked I mean immediately,” he said. “Usually, people from day one are in each other’s throats or fighting against each other. This the first time there was almost this sense of, like, we’re in this together. … We’re here to compete, but everyone was facing the exact same misery regardless of whether you had a ticket punched in the final, whether you just won. Everyone was exposed to the same element. Some of like the ugly, nasty, toxic drama that takes place season after season was kind of replaced with this sense and feeling of survival.”

So, is season 35 Bananas’ last? Who will he team up with? And does he still get scared?

For more from Bananas, pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, and listen to the podcast above for free.

The Challenge: Total Madness premieres on MTV Tuesday, April 1, at 8 p.m. ET.

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