Miracle moment newborn boy is found ALIVE after being buried beneath piles of mud following landslide – The Sun

A NEWBORN baby who had been buried alive in a landslide was saved by selfless villagers in northern India.

The little boy was pulled from piles of thick mud after one of his rescuers spotted his tiny leg sticking out from the soil.

He was trapped at the Sonoura village of Siddharthnagar district in northern India's Uttar Pradesh on May 25.

The villagers, who had been looking for house construction after the landslide, quickly dug out the mud and carefully pulled out a newborn child from the soil.

It is not yet known why the baby was buried, and if he had been dumped and buried alive intentionally.

After being pulled out by the villagers, covered in mud and soil, the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Doctors said he swallowed mud that blocked his respiratory tract but the baby is said to be stable.


Laxmi, a village woman, stepped forward to adopt the baby who is currently under the supervision of the doctors.

In March this year, a newborn baby girl was rescued from a sewer in Sao Paulo after being abandoned.

She was rescued when neighbours heard her cries coming from the gutter.

The girl was dumped in the sewer in the city of Sao Paulo wrapped in plastic bags.

Four military police officers rushed to the scene after a neighbour called the cops when they cold hear crying on February 29.

The little girl was found partially covered in rubbish before she was rescued and taken to the Vila Nova Cachoerinha hospital.

Military Police wrote on social media that the officers “were sure everything was fine with the baby and were “happy for having saved her”.

Brazil's health secretary said the baby was in a stable condition.

An adorable video shared on social media shows the smiling baby having a bath.

In the footage a nurse can be seen bathing the tiny baby as can be heard sayig: "She's so cute!"

Police have launched an attempted murder investigation as officers are working to identify the girls’ parents.

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Boy, 9, with cerebral palsy completes 26 mile challenge raising £38K

Boy, 9, with cerebral palsy who could only walk 50m a day before lockdown completes 26 mile challenge over a month and is dubbed ‘Captain Tobias’ after raising £38,000 for the NHS – inspired by Colonel Tom Moore

  • Tobias Weller from Sheffield planned to walk 1km in his local park to raise money
  • Now walking 750m daily, has raised nearly £38,000 for local hospital and school
  • Appeared on This Morning with mum Ruth Garbutt to speak about achievement  

A nine-year-old boy with cerebral palsy who could only walk 50m a day with a frame before lockdown has completed an incredible 26-mile marathon challenge, inspired by WWII veteran Colonel Tom Moore.

Tobias Weller, from Sheffield, planned to walk just 1km to raise money for his local school and hospital after being inspired by the 100-year-old who raised more than £30million for the NHS by doing daily laps of his garden. 

Now the schoolboy, dubbed ‘Captain Tobias’, has been walking 750m every day since March 21, and has raised £37,902 so far – with his neighbours coming out to applaud him as he completes his laps. 

He appeared on This Morning today with his mother Ruth Garbutt, who said she was ‘bursting with pride’ for her son, whose ‘confidence and self belief’ has increased massively while undertaking the challenge.  

Tobias Weller, from Sheffield, appeared on This Morning with his mother Ruth Garbutt to speak about raising £38,000 for charity 

The schoolboy could only walk 50m a day before lockdown but has now completed a 26-mile marathon challenge 

Speaking of his inspiration Colonel Tom Moore, Ruth explained: ‘We saw him on the TV, and they’re so similar. They both use a walker, they both did the same walk every day and wanting to build it up. He just was desperate to do it.’ 

Tobias added: ‘I love it when I walk up and down my street every day because my neighbours come out and cheer for me – some of them even say, “We salute you Tobias”. 

‘We walk every day whatever the weather, although it’s often sunny. I’ve walked through rain and gale force winds.’

Tobias was ‘really struggling’ to walk 50m before the outbreak of the pandemic, but over time he has increased his ability hugely  – and Ruth admitted it was a ‘massive challenge’ for him. 

World War II veteran Tom Moore raised over £30 million for the NHS doing laps of his garden 

Speaking of his inspiration Captain Tom, pictured walking up and down his garden, Ruth said: ‘We saw him on the TV, and they’re so similar. They both use a walker, they both did the same walk every day’ 

Ruth explained: ‘Tobias has got cerebral palsy, so he’s got a walker to walk and pre-lockdown he was walking a maximum 50m a day and really struggling to do that. 

‘He was finding it hard work. We’ve now built up to 750m per day, most days. So it’s a massive challenge for him.’ 

She went on to explain that after Tobias was unable to receive his regular physiotherapy at school during the crisis, they took to walking down the road as a form of exercise. 

Ruth went on to explain that after Tobias was unable to receive his regular physiotherapy at school during the crisis, they took to walking down the road as a form of exercise

Ruth told how she was ‘bursting with pride’ for her son, whose ‘confidence and self belief’ has increased massively while undertaking the challenge 

Ruth said: ‘When we were first in lockdown we realised we were going to be in for a while – Tobias is vulnerable.

‘Tobias’ school provides physiotherapy for him, so I was going to be responsible for his physio and we needed to walk every day and we needed a routine. 

‘So we started walking every day and he was desperate to do a planned sponsored walk, but we couldn’t do that. 

‘Then we saw Captain Tom on the TV and Tobias said, “Hold on a minute, that’s exactly what I do! I want to raise money, so why don’t I do a sponsored walk?”.’ 

To sponsor Tobias, visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ruth-garbutt-3 

What is cerebral palsy and how common is it in the UK?

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects a patient’s movement, motor skills and muscle tone.

It is the name for a group of lifelong conditions that affect movement and co-ordination and is caused by a problem with the brain that develops before, during or soon after birth. 

It affects around one in 400 children born in the UK to some extent.

In the US, approximately 8,000-to-10,000 infants are born with the condition each year. 

The symptoms of cerebral palsy are not usually obvious just after a baby is born. They normally become noticeable during the first two or three years of a child’s life.

Symptoms can include:

  • delays in reaching development milestones – for example, not sitting by 8 months or not walking by 18 months
  • seeming too stiff or too floppy  
  • weak arms or legs  
  • fidgety, jerky or clumsy movements  
  • random, uncontrolled movements  
  • walking on tiptoes  
  • a range of other problems – such as swallowing difficulties, speaking problems, vision problems and learning disabilities 

The severity of symptoms can vary significantly. Some people only have minor problems, while others may be severely disabled.

Speak to your health visitor or a GP if you have any concerns about your child’s health or development. There’s currently no cure for cerebral palsy, but treatments are available to help people with the condition be as active and independent as possible.

Source: NHS 

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Boy, 13, saves his mum £200 by fitting her new laminate flooring himself after she moaned about the state of her carpet

A SINGLE MUM has saved £200 on laminating her bedroom floor after her 13-year-old son insisted he knew exactly how to do it – an ddid it himself during lockdown.

Stay-at-home mum Samantha Corbin, 33, had complained about the state of her bedroom after she was forced to tear up the carpet when family cat, Sparkles, was sick on it last month – knowing it would be near-impossible to find a tradesman to do the job in lockdown.

But the mum-of-two, from Pennar, Pembrokeshire, decided to take a chance when son Toby,then 12, insisted he could re-floor it for her – all he needed was the tools.

After ordering £130 worth of laminate flooring, a jigsaw and saw, the savvy youngster transformed his mum’s room in just two days after previously watching tradesmen complete the job downstairs in the family’s three-bed terrace.

Samantha then added the finishing touches with a lick of spare paint and a £64 roll of wallpaper – bringing the total transformation cost to just under £200- and saving another £200 on labour.

Toby, who's in year eight, dreams of being an engineer when he grows up, and even captured the hearts of Screwfix staff after he then ordered himself a much larger and more dangerous circular saw online.

Samantha was forced to quickly request a refund, with the trade retailer replying "we admire his enthusiasm, but this is certainly not for a child!’.

Speaking of the carpet's condition, Samantha said: “When the cat was sick on the carpet it was the end of the life of the carpet – my daughter had already spilt suncream on it and there was no bringing it back.

“It was a horrible carpet anyway so I pulled it up and I was living with just the bare floor.

Samantha said that she was complaining as she was ripping it up saying that it looks terrible and moaning that she wouldn’t be able to get a tradesman in because of the lockdown.

“That’s when Toby said he said he could do it," she said.

“He said ‘it’s easy’ – we had had the downstairs floor done and he said ‘I’ve seen it being done, it’s not that hard, all I need is a saw and a jigsaw’.

“So I chose the flooring and he did the rest.

The proud mum said she couldn’t believe it when she first saw the new look and thought it looked likeprofessional job.

She said: “Some people have said how could you trust your 12-year-old to do that but if he was going to do a really bad job, I would have known straight away.

“I could see within 30 minutes that he was doing such a good job – he had done two rows and they were all perfectly straight.

“I’m just really proud of him. He was only 12 when he did it, it’s not the normal thing you think of a 12-year-old boy doing – most of them wouldn’t even care.

“He is the man of my house, " she continued, "he does mend and fix everything that he can for me.”

The incredible flooring job inspired Toby to also use his new tools to build a duck house for the duck eggs he, his mum and sister Annabelle, three, have been incubating since lockdown began.

But the trade savvy youngster got slightly ahead of himself on his 13th birthday this month, when he used his birthday money to order a £120 circular saw from Screwfix – leaving Samantha red-faced and requesting a quick refund.

She said: ‘He had his birthday four weeks after doing the floor and I gave him my details to get himself something from Screwfix – he was adamant that he wanted to order tools.

“But when I sent his dad the screenshot confirmation of the email so he knew what he’d got with his birthday money, straightaway I got a call back from his dad saying ‘he can’t get a circular saw’.

“I hadn’t realised how dangerous they were, so I had to email Screwfix to get a refund and explained the situation.

“They replied saying that they admired his enthusiasm but the tool was not appropriate for a child!”

After splitting with Toby’s dad when he was just a toddler, Samantha describes her 13-year-old as ‘the man of the house’.

But bringing up Toby and his little sister on her own meant that Samantha had no time to decorate her own room in the last two years since moving in.

She said: “I moved into the house two years ago and I literally just put a bed in my room.

“I focused on making sure Annabelle and Toby’s rooms were done first.

“This was the first opportunity that I had to do something about it – and everyone says it looks professional.”

In other news, amum shares her genius hack to get her toddler to fold his own clothes and all you need is a cardboard box.

And this mum revealed her clever hack she uses to ensure kids don’t lose parts of board games during lockdown.

Plus, a mum shares a quick and easy hack for folding babygrows & parents can’t believe they never thought of it.

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Three-year-old boy uses his Christmas present toy truck to deliver food to brave frontline workers – The Sun

YOUNG Theo Jenkins gives a thumbs up in the toy truck he uses to deliver food for frontline workers.

Theo, three, drops off grub at an ambulance station and care home with parents Fran, 29, and Leam, 32, in his Home Bargains truck with a personalised plate.

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He got the toy lorry as a Christmas present and put a Home Bargains logo on it as his dad works there.

Mum Fran, from Llanelli, South Wales, said: “We got the idea because he said that he wanted to make people smile.

"We’re just so proud that he cheered people up, they really deserve it.”

She's an old sew and sew

ONE of the UK’s oldest volunteers is helping sew scrub bags for frontline NHS staff using a machine she bought for £1 in 1947.

Connie Diggle, 92, has spent an hour each evening making bags.

In two weeks, she has run up 65 on the vintage machine, which she used to make her wedding dress in 1949.

She sends her creations to the Scrubs Hub group which makes scrubs and other NHS necessities.

Connie, from Bolton, said: “I was delighted they asked me and even more so to be able to help.”


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HENRY DEEDES: Boy Wonder Rishi Sunak returns to splurge another £10bn

HENRY DEEDES: Kapow! Boy Wonder Rishi Sunak returns to splurge another £10bn… making an Elton John shopping trip look like a visit to Poundland

The Boy Wonder returns! Rishi Sunak came bouncing back into Parliament yesterday, which these days can mean only one thing. Another splurge of Government cash to make Sir Elton John’s last shoe-shopping trip look like a trip to Poundland.

Mr Sunak had been summoned from his Whitehall batcave by his opposite number Anneliese Dodds to update the House on the Government’s furloughing scheme. Last time he unveiled emergency economic measures, he did so at a Downing Street press briefing. Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle were nowt too ’appy.

As ever, Rishi arrived at the despatch box looking like a member of a sixth-form debating society: taut suit, skinny tie, hair moussed with a top stylist’s precision. There seemed genuine surprise around the chamber when it was announced he was celebrating his 40th birthday.

For all the Chancellor’s youth, confidence remains in rich supply. He announced his furloughing scheme had been a ‘world-leading economic intervention, supporting livelihoods and protecting futures’.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced the furlough scheme will be extended until October

He reckoned he had saved 7.5million jobs and over a million employers had benefitted.

For a moment I thought he might give us a little matador’s bow.

Then, with one bang of his fist into an open palm, he announced he would be extending the scheme until October.

Kapow! At that moment, I’m not sure what was more shocking – that the Government was forking out another £10billion or that it expected this saga to roll on until then. Labour’s Dodds, who was appearing via videolink, looked pained.

It’s possible she thought the Government had planned to reduce the scheme, in which case she could have given her ex-Goldman Sachs opponent a kicking.

Instead, she said she would have to look over Sunak’s proposals ‘very carefully’. She brought up reports which claimed the Government felt people needed to be ‘weaned off their addiction’ to the scheme.

Rishi coolly denied having anything to do with this. ‘People believe in the dignity of their work,’ he haughtily opined, as if the mere idea that some people might enjoy being paid to sit at home was gratuitously offensive. Around the House, his announcement was met largely with relief.

Prime minister Boris Johnson was snapped arriving back in Downing Street clutching his dog Dylan on Tuesday morning

Steve Brine (Con, Winchester) declared it ‘excellent birthday work’. James Daly (Con, Bury N) was so grateful I thought he might start genuflecting. Even Caroline Lucas (Green, Brighton Pavilion) was vaguely supportive, not something I’ve seen from her before.

She did, though, want reassurances for the tourist industry, suggesting businesses be given VAT exemptions. The Isle of Wight’s Bob Seely (Con) expressed similar worries, saying the ‘Festival Isle’ had been ‘devastated’ by the lack of tourism.

As he was sitting in his garden, I couldn’t help notice Seeley enjoys what estate agents like to term ‘spectacular views’ over the Solent. There were half a dozen queries about what could be done to aid the aviation industry: all of them, Sunak will have noted, from Conservative seats reliant on the sector.

Andrew Griffith, whose Arundel & South Downs constituency is in close proximity to Gatwick Airport, suggested passenger duty be waived temporarily.

He also wondered, sensibly, why people entering the country couldn’t just be tested at airports rather spending two weeks in quarantine.

Rishi Sunak reportedly displeased the House of Commons speaker Lindsay Hoyle when he launched the government’s furlough scheme at a press conference

Sunak insisted the Department for Transport was mulling this over. The Chancellor’s most telling response came when Mark Harper (Con, Forest of Dean) asked whether businesses should expect any more money after October.

Sunak said the furloughing scheme was ‘not something that could be continued indefinitely’ and was ‘very expensive’.

Which, as understatements go, is a bit like saying Roger Federer is ‘very good’ at tennis.

The subtext was a clear as cut glass. We can’t go on splashing money like this for ever.

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Boy, 4, dresses as “superhero” Captain Tom to celebrate £32m NHS fundraising – The Sun

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy dressed as “superhero” Captain Tom to celebrate the 100-year-old’s incredible fundraising for the NHS. 

Max Nelson, from Belshill, Lanarkshire, dressed up as a mini Captain Tom – complete with a blue blazer, medals, and a walking frame – and walked slowly outside his front door to reenact Captain Tom Moore’s heroic efforts. 

The young boy had asked his mum if he could dress up as “the Man that done 100 laps to raise all the money” after watching Captain Tom on the news. 

While Max has always been fond of dressing up – appearing for the Clap for Carers in a different costume each week – dressing as Captain Tom was particularly special for him. 

Max's mum Debbie, 32, said: “Max was so excited for dressing up as Captain Tom he was sitting in front of the cooker from 7 o’clock counting down the hour till the Clap for Carers."

“Max has dressed up in lots of outfits for the Clap for Carers – he’s dressed up as a doctor, Spiderman, the Cat in the Hat – but dressing up as Captain Tom was special.

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Chloe Sevigny's Baby Boy's Name Is More Commonplace Than You'd Think

Celebrities seem to pride themselves on picking unique baby names. This is, after all, the same week in which Elon Musk and Grimes welcomed X Æ A-12 into the world. So wouldn’t it be surprising to know that someone as trendsetting and iconic as Chloë Sevigny and her art gallerist boyfriend had named their son something like, say, John?

They kind of did just that. On Wednesday, Sevigny announced that her baby boy, born on May 2, is named Vanja Sevigny Mačković.

“Welcome to the world Vanja Sevigny Mačković. Born May 2nd New York City,” the actor wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to all the staff at Mt. Sinai East for your bravery, perseverance and kindness, especially the nurses for being so gentle and patient. Blessings to all the other families giving birth during this time. #ilovemyboys”

So, how is it we’re saying this kid is sort of named John?

“Vanja/Vanya is a Slavic diminutive of the name Ivan,” Jennifer Moss, the founder of BabyNames.com and host of the Baby Names Podcast, told SheKnows. “So Vanja would be to Ivan as Jimmy is to James. Although it has become a name in and of itself in many cultures, like Sasha, the diminutive for Alexander.”

Ivan comes from the Greek Ioannes, which is a form of John. All of those names mean “God’s gift.”

The baby’s first and last names are Croatian, like his dad, Siniša Mačković. Just a generation or two ago, immigrant and first-generation parents were less willing to give their children names that weren’t English, so he totally would have been called John or Ivan. Thankfully, we’re a little less xenophobic today.

“I think Americans are more comfortable now using more ethnic names, as being unique is more acceptable now in our current culture,” Moss told us. “And they’re choosing ethnic names from their own cultures in order to honor their culture and ancestry.”

Vanja seems like a suitable name for the son of such effortlessly cool parents as his.

Chloë Sevigny just joined the club of celebrities who became moms after 40.

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A 5-Year-Old Boy Was Pulled Over While Trying To Drive To California To Buy A Lamborghini

The boy seen with his face blurred during the traffic stop.

A 5-year-old boy in Utah was pulled over Monday while trying to drive to California — to buy a Lamborghini.

At about 12:15 p.m., a highway patrol trooper was trying to catch up to a speeder on southbound Interstate 15 in Ogden when he came across what he initially thought was an impaired driver or someone experiencing a medical emergency traveling at 32 mph in a 70 mph zone, Lt. Nick Street told BuzzFeed News.

“There’s a curve in the road and he was kind of having a hard time making the curve,” Street said.

The trooper initiated a traffic stop and when he approached the vehicle he found a small boy on the verge of tears, sitting on the edge of the seat with both feet on the brake pedal.

After the trooper helped him put the car in gear and turn off the engine, the boy told him he was 5-years-old and that he had left home to drive to California because he wanted to buy a Lamborghini.

“He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet,” the Utah Highway Patrol tweeted.

Street said the agency’s tweet incorrectly stated that the boy, who was not identified, had left home after an argument with his mom. The boy’s parents were both at work at the time and an older sibling in their teens was supposed to be babysitting him when he grabbed the car keys and left.

“He was determined to go get a Lamborghini with the money he had in his wallet,” Street said. “Apparently, he didn’t realize you can get one in Utah.”

The boy ultimately was only able to drive a few miles from home.

Street said the agency was in communication with the county attorney to determine whether any charges should be filed against the boy’s parents, but noted that based on the boy’s emotional state at the traffic stop, there’s “a good chance this won’t reoccur.”

  • Stephanie Baer is a reporter with BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

    Contact Stephanie K. Baer at [email protected]

    Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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Boy, 7, asks his father 'who's next' after mother and grandmother die

Father, 43, breaks down in tears as he tells of moment son, seven, asked ‘who’s next daddy, is it you or me?’ after his mother, 49, and grandmother, 84, died from coronavirus

  • Evan Cadby, 7, lost his grandmother Joan and mother Julianne to Covid 19 
  • Chris Cadby said he had to break the news to his son that they had both died
  • The youngster asked his father ‘who’s next’ after learning of his mother’s death 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A seven-year-old schoolboy who just lost his grandmother and mother to Covid-19 asked his father ‘who’s next Daddy, is it you or me?’ 

Chris Cadby from Cardiff, lost his mother-in-law, Joan, and wife, Julianne, to the killer virus over the course of four days in April. 

After telling his son Evan, 7, that his mother had joined his grandmother, the youngster asked who was next. 

Chris Cadby, left, pictured with wife Julianne, right , and their son Evan, spoke of the tragic impact Covid-19 has had on his family. Mr Cadby lost his mother-in-law and wife over the course of four days 

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Cadby broke down as he revealed the moment his son asked ‘who was next’ after the youngster lost his mother and grandmother in just four days

Mr Cadby, who gave his wife CPR in an attempt to resuscitate her, was later struck down by Covid-19 and spent a week in hospital. 

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Cadby broke down as he spoke about the moment he told his son that his mother had died. 

He said: ‘I had to tell him on Sunday that his nanny had died. I said “Evan”. He said “yeah”. ‘Mummy’s gone to be with nanny. He said “what?” I said: “She’s gone with Nanny, mate.”

‘He just came over and gave me a hug. He had a little cry and in the afternoon he said: “Who’s next, Daddy? Is it going to be you? Or is it going to be me?”

‘I said: “I hope it’s none of us. We don’t want any more, do we?”

Mr Cadby’s mother-in-law Joan, 84, who lived with the family, died at home on April 11. She had earlier been discharged from hospital having had an operation and spending time on a Covid-19 ward. 

His wife, Julianne, who was a business manager for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s specialist child and mental health services, went on to develop coronavirus symptoms and was self-isolating in her bedroom. 

He said he had to tell his wife that her mother had died and was unable to go over and hug her because of her symptoms. 

Four days later, when checking on his wife, she said she would like a bath. Mr Cadby said he went to draw the water and when he returned to the room, his wife asked him to call for an ambulance. 

He said: ‘I was talking to her and she turned round and she said to me, “I think I need to go in”. As soon as she said that I grabbed my phone and dialled 999. By the time I pressed enter and turned around to her, she was slumped back on the bed and she was gone. I knew she was gone.’ 

Mr Cadby said he then had to break the news to their son who asked which of them was going to be next. 

Mr Cadby urged people to stick to the lockdown rules to save more families from the heartbreak he and his son have suffered. 

Mrs Cadby, pictured with her son Evan, died four days after her mother at home in Cardiff 

Julianne had worked as a business manager at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Fundraiser Natalie Lloyd-Hughes has set up a JustGiving page to help the family.

‘We heard the absolutely awful news that Julianne had passed away from Covid-19,’ she wrote.

‘Myself and all of Julianne’s friends from school would like to help this family as much as we can, and ask you to please dig as deep as your pockets will allow for this lovely family who have endured the worst possible loss. 

‘To Julianne and Chris’s families and friends, we send our deepest condolences and pray for you at this sad time. Julianne and Joan – fly high ladies and rest peacefully in the knowledge your boys will be taken care of.’ 

Julianne Cadby had worked in the specialist service for more than 16 years, but had been with the health board for 30 years, first starting as a medical secretary across a range of departments.

A statement from the health board said: ‘It is with profound sadness that we must inform you that Julianne Cadby has passed away after testing positive for Covid-19. 

‘Julianne was a much-loved member of our team, she was extremely warm and caring and would always make time to help and support her colleagues.

‘Her dedication shone through, playing a central role in all that we do in the service and her focus was always on ensuring we are delivering the best service we can for children and young people.’


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Twin boy, 4, who ‘always wanted to fly’ falls to his death from 16th floor apartment window – The Sun

A TWIN four-year-old boy who always wanted to fly fell to his death from a 16th-floor window, cops say.

Little Jesse Delduca was staying with his family at a Florida condo when the fatal accident took place on Saturday morning.

The tragic events unfolded after his father noticed a window screen partially bent out and removed it, according to a report obtained by the Sun Sentinel.

The boy's aunt later looked out the window and saw the child's body on the ground.

Family members called 911 and rushed downstairs.

Philip, the dad, had initially opened the window in Jesse's room to let in a breeze, according to Metro.

While the medical examiner has described the boy's death as accident, a police investigation is ongoing.

The child's mother told cops that Jesse always wanted to fly, the Sun Sentinel reported.

"Goodbye ours Jesse boy!!!!'" mom Eliza Delduca later wrote on Facebook, according to The Daily Mail.

"Oh my God it hurts so much !!! please pray for us."

Jesse's family is from New York City, but they were staying at the Quadomain Condominium in Hollywood, Florida.

His father, mother, aunt and twin brother were all also staying at the condo.
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