Wearing face masks at home may be the best way to stop COVID-19

Wearing face masks at home might help to stop COVID-19 spreading among family members, study shows

  • The Chinese study asked 124 families in Beijing about their health and hygiene 
  • Every family involved in the study had at least one confirmed coronavirus case
  • They say public COVID-19 prevention measures could also be used in the home 
  • This includes washing hands, social distancing, wearing a mask and cleaning 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Putting on a face mask when you’re at home could help slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus between members of the same family, a study found.

Researchers from the Beijing Centre for Disease Prevention and Control say this only works to slow the infection rate in family members before symptoms develop.

The study of 124 Chinese families in Beijing found wearing a mask indoors was 79 per cent effective at stopping the spread when compared to not wearing a mask.

This only applies before symptoms emerged in the first person in the household infected by COVID-19 – after symptoms appear a mask doesn’t make a difference.

Putting on a face mask when you’re at home could help slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus between members of the same family, a study found. Stock Image

Household transmission is a major driver in the spread of the virus, researchers say and they believe face masks worn indoors can slow this spread.

They say that precautionary guidelines such as wearing a mask, practicing 6ft social distancing and deep cleaning could be introduced for people at home. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Health England haven’t endorsed the wearing of face masks indoors or outdoors, on the grounds that there’s little good quality evidence to warrant recommending this. 

However, the government has recommended that the public consider wearing face coverings in enclosed public spaces and evidence has shown they can slow the spread of droplets of breath from sneezes, coughs and even talking.

So far this only applies to shops, trains and buses, but this new research could see that extended to people in their own home if a family member has the virus.

The researchers asked 335 people from 124 families – with at least one laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 case between late February and late March 2020 – about their household hygiene and behaviours during the pandemic.

The researchers analysed what factors might increase or decrease the risk of catching the virus within the incubation period.

That period covers the 14 days from the start of a person’s symptoms.

They found that during this time secondary transmission – spread from the first infected person to other family members – occurred in 41 out of the 124 families.

A total of 77 adults and children were infected in this way, giving an ‘attack rate’ of 23 per cent, the researchers say.

About a third of the children in the study caught the virus compared with more than two-thirds of the adults – adding to evidence children are less likely to catch it.

The researchers asked 335 people from 124 families – with at least one laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 case between late February and late March 2020 – about their household hygiene and behaviours during the pandemic. Stock Image

The study also found that 12 of the children had mild symptoms and one had none.

Some 83 per cent of the adults had mild symptoms and around one in 10 had severe symptoms. Only one person in the study group became critically ill.

Daily use of disinfectants, window opening and keeping at least one metre apart were associated with a lower risk of passing on the virus.

Those findings even applied in more crowded households, the researchers found.

Frequent contact in the household increased the risk of transmission 18 times and diarrhoea in the first patient increased the risk by four times. 

‘Results demonstrate the importance of pre-symptomatic infectiousness of Covid-19 patients and shows that wearing masks after illness onset does not protect.’

A face mask worn before symptoms started was 79 per cent effective, and disinfection 77 per cent effective, at stopping the virus from being passed on.

Study authors say the findings back universal face mask use, not just in public spaces but also while at home – especially if someone in the family has COVID-19.  

The research has been published in the journal BMJ Global Health.


Americans are increasingly being spotted wearing face masks in public amid the coronavirus pandemic, as are people are around the globe.

Soon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may advise all Americans to cover their faces when they leave the house, the Washington Post reported.  

The agency is weighing that recommendation after initially telling Americans that they didn’t need to wear masks and that anything other than a high-grade N95 medical mask would do little to prevent infection any way. 


Research on how well various types of masks and face coverings varies but, recently, and in light of the pandemic of COVID-19, experts are increasingly leaning toward the notion that something is better than nothing. 

A University of Oxford study published on March 30 concluded that surgical masks are just as effective at preventing respiratory infections as N95 masks for doctors, nurses and other health care workers. 

It’s too early for their to be reliable data on how well they prevent infection with COVID-19, but the study found the thinner, cheaper masks do work in flu outbreaks. 

The difference between surgical or face masks and N95 masks lies in the size of particles that can – and more importantly, can’t – get though the materials. 

N95 respirators are made of thick, tightly woven and molded material that fits tightly over the face and can stop 95 percent of all airborne particles, while surgical masks are thinner, fit more loosely, and more porous. 

This makes surgical masks much more comfortable to breathe and work in, but less effective at stopping small particles from entering your mouth and nose. 

Droplets of saliva and mucous from coughs and sneezes are very small, and viral particles themselves are particularly tiny – in fact, they’re about 20-times smaller than bacteria. 

For this reason, a JAMA study published this month still contended that people without symptoms should not wear surgical masks, because there is not proof the gear will protect them from infection – although they may keep people who are coughing and sneezing from infecting others. 

But the Oxford analysis of past studies – which has not yet been peer reviewed – found that surgical masks were worth wearing and didn’t provide statistically less protection than N95 for health care workers around flu patients. 

However, any face mask is only as good as other health and hygiene practices. Experts universally agree that there’s simply no replacement for thorough, frequent hand-washing for preventing disease transmission. 

Some think the masks may also help to ‘train’ people not to touch their faces, while others argue that the unfamiliar garment will just make people do it more, actually raising infection risks.  

If the CDC does instruct Americans to wear masks, it could create a second issue: Hospitals already face shortages of masks and other PPE.


So the agency may recommend regular citizens use alternatives like cloth masks or bandanas. 

‘Homemade masks theoretically could offer some protection if the materials and fit were optimized, but this is uncertain,’ Dr Jeffrey Duchin, a Seattle health official told the Washington Post. 

A 2013 study found that next to a surgical mask, a vacuum cleaner bag provided the best material for a homemade mask. 

After a vacuum bag, kitchen towels were fairly protective, but uncomfortable. Masks made of T-shirts were very tolerable, but only worked a third as well as surgical mask. The Cambridge University researchers concluded that homemade masks should only be used ‘as a last resort.’ 

But as the pandemic has spread to more than 164,000 people worldwide, it might be time to consider last resort options.  


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'Survivor: Winners at War': Players Reveal Why So Many of Them Are Retiring

The 40th anniversary season of Survivor: Winners at War brought back 20 previous winners. Many of the contestants were fan-favorites who played multiple times before. Viewers loved watching the dynamic between the castaways and hope to see them return. However, to fans dismay, many Survivor players are retiring after this season.

Many of the ‘Old School Players’ are retiring after ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

“We know we are retiring,” Parvati Shallow explained in the Ponderosa Chapter 3 Interview. “We know we are hanging up our gloves, and we know it’s over, so let’s just really savor this.”

Parvati has a young baby at home and explained that many of her Survivor friends are ending their journey with Survivor: Winners at War.

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“This experience is the perfect bookend to this crazy and amazing life that Survivor has given me,” Ethan Zohn explained in Ponderosa Chapter 1.

Ethan also said that he is ready to shed the word Survivor from his life and instead become a “thriver.” In addition to Parvati and Ethan — Amber Mariano, Jeremy Collins, Yul Kwon, and Sandra Diaz-Twine all stated that they are now retiring from the game. 

In Denise Stapley’s exit interview on Ponderosa, she admitted that this season of Survivor was the hardest for her. However, she is proud to have made it through. She didn’t comment on whether or not she might return, but Denise did explain how many life lessons she gained by going on the show a second time.

Why are the ‘Old School Players’ retiring from Survivor?

“This time being on the Edge, I could have done another 30 days, easily,” Amber said. “I’m out here for Rob. I’m here to be his rock.” 

Amber went on to say that her Survivor career has come “full circle.” She played the first time when she was very young. Then she met and fell in love with Rob on the show. They got married and have four children together. So, she feels that it is the perfect end to her Survivor story.

“I played three times,” Jeremy Collins said. “My Survivor career is now done, and it’s like closing a chapter. So, it is kind of sad, but again, I feel really special, and it’s a privilege to be in this class with all these legends of Survivor.”

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“Getting off the boat, it really just signaled that this part of my life is over, and I felt really happy, really content,” Yul admitted in the Chapter 2 video. “It would be great to win Survivor again, but all the things I would hope to get out of it, I already have in my life. It’s just there for me; I just have to appreciate it.” 

“This is the end for me, and I’m on to bigger and better things,” Sandra said. “Adios, and don’t forget the queen will always stay the queen.”

Although the six contestants did not win Survivor: Winners at War, they all feel that they left the game with a feeling of accomplishment. The season marked an end for their career. All of them except for Sandra also survived to day 35 on the Edge of Extinction island, so they believe that was a triumph itself.

Which of the players from ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ might return on a future season?

Michele Fitzgerald admitted in a Reddit AMA that she would be open to returning to Survivor again. She would prefer to come back on a season of “Blood Versus Water,” with her sister, Kim.

“The marathon continues,” Wendell Holland stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Probst, if you call me, I will be back. Let’s go.”

Danni Boatwright admitted to a fan on her Instagram account that she would 100% be open to returning for another season. 

Rob also told Entertainment Weekly that this was his last season of Survivor. However, he admits that he has said that many times before. If Probst calls him, Rob will likely return.

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I’m not as excited as everybody else is to eat because that means you’re done,” Adam Klein said in the Ponderosa videos. “I don’t want to be done.”

Adam will likely return if given a chance, as well as Nick Wilson, and Tyson Apostol. The peanut butter fiend admitted in a Cameo video that he would return if the timing is right.

Ben Driebergen, Sophie Clarke, and Natalie Anderson would also all return if given the right opportunity. Tony Vlachos loves to joke that he would return for a Survivor Seniors season when he is 70. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Sarah Lacina have not commented, yet, on whether they might return.

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How to get $1 flip flops at Old Navy

The $1 Old Navy flip flop sale is easily one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sales of the year. Usually, a cardholder sale takes place earlier in the summer, followed by a sale for all customers a bit later on, typically around the middle to end of June. Flip flops are a summer must-have, and you can’t really do better than spending just a buck on a pair — or several dollars on several pairs —since most stylish and savvy shoppers rarely stop with just one (plus, don’t you kinda want to buy flops for every member of your family and maybe some friends?). The classic Old Navy variety never goes out of fashion, either, so they’re a solid bet each year.

With everything else going on in the world right now, we can remain safe in the knowledge that the $1 Old Navy flip flop sale is here, and not even a worldwide pandemic can stop it. Rejoice!

Get your feet on some Old Navy $1 flip flops

WXYZ reports that the sale is officially on for shoppers with an Old Navy credit card (Passion for Savings notes anybody with a Gap or Banana Republic credit card can also shop the cardholder-only sale, provided they present it at checkout). Solid-color flip flops can be purchased for just a dollar when using the code “HOLLA” between now and May 29th. Non-cardholders can purchase the same selection of flip flops for $3, down from $3.99. Men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes are all included but transactions are limited to 10 pairs per shopper (five if you’re shopping online).

Patterned flip flops, available in a variety of prints including leopard and juicy fruits like watermelons and pineapples, have also been marked down from $4.99 to $4.50. If you’re shopping online but wish to pick up in person, Old Navy are providing contactless curbside pickup so you don’t have to go inside or interact with other customers. A sales associates will simply come out, check the receipt, and then place the order safely in your trunk.

Look for the non-cardholder flip flop sale also coming soon!

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Hana Kimura dead at 22: Emotional tributes paid to Stardom wrestling and Netflix star tipped for very top – The Sun

WRESTLING star Hana Kimura has died at the tender age of 22.

The Stardom ace was regarded as one of the up-and-coming professionals in the world and tipped for the very top.

Stardom said in a statement on Twitter: "Stardom fans, We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has passed away.

"Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends.

"We appreciate your support during this difficult time."

It is not known how she died, but fears about her welfare were rife after a series of social media posts, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Kimura was also known for her appearances in hit Netflix reality TV show Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020.

Stardom is a Japanese wrestling promotion for females only, with their best athletes going on to compete in the WWE and AEW.

Other wrestlers around the world paid tribute to her after news of the death was announced.

WWE star Natalya said: "I just heard this news and I’m truly saddened by it. Heartbreaking. Prayers for #HanaKimura and her family."

Session Moth Martina wrote: "Heartbroken."

And Jamie Hayter added: "Distraught. I don’t even know what to say or feel. Numb.

"I can’t express it. RIP Hana Kimura. Such a wonderful human being. The gaijin helper. All the potential.

"A beautiful soul. Kind. I just can’t even put in to f***ing words how upsetting this is. I hope you found peace."

Kimura was a second-generation star and daughter wrestler Kyoko Kimura.

In comes in the same tragic week that former WWE star Shad Gaspard died at the age of just 39.

He passed away a hero while helping to save his son from drowning while being caught in a strong current at sea.

His body was found by the US Coast Guard near Venice Beach, California, as tributes poured in from around the world for the much-loved wrestler.

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A Look Back at All of Jeffree Star's Beauty Controversies, From Feuds to New Product Debates

Jeffree Star is no stranger to stirring up controversies online. Though he’s always gone up against naysayers, the pool of critics just grew tenfold after he unveiled his new  “Cremated” makeup collection. While the backlash surrounding the new product has been pretty intense, being at the center of a beauty controversy is somewhat of a regular occurrence for Star.

His highly publicized feud with Kat Von D

Who could ever forget Star’s infamous 2016 feud with fellow makeup maven Kat Von D?

The beauty gurus and former friends initially came to blows over Kat’s good pal, graphic designer B.J. Betts, never getting paid for the work he did for Star — despite following up with the YouTuber consistently about his compensation.

After confronting Star via text, Von D posted a now-deleted picture of him on her Instagram with a lengthy caption stating that she no longer wanted to associate herself with him in any way. She also made a 14-minute YouTube video describing her allegations and the events that led up to that point.

Star denied Von D’s claims in a series of tweets, alleging that there’s never any bad blood between him and Betts.

The D.J even confirmed the makeup mogul’s claim on Twitter, writing, “The matter between myself and Jeffree Star has been amicably resolved and I will have no further comments on the matter.”

Getting in the middle of Tati Westbrook and James Charles’ feud

No one stirs the pot better the Star.

Back in 2019, the makeup guru found himself in the middle of James Charles’ viral feud with fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook after their friendship blew up right before our eyes.

Star first entered the drama when he posted a series of tweets and text messages directed at Charles and his younger brother, Ian. Shared screenshots from Charles even revealed Star once called him “a danger to society.”

After his tweets went viral, the makeup guru posted a 14-minute video titled “Never Doing This Again,” where he expressed regret for getting involved in the drama.

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“Most of you have seen brutal tweets that I sent out last week, and a lot of you have seen the vicious text messages that I’ve sent,” Star said. “Just because I said those things doesn’t equal me hating James Charles. He’s been in my life for a few years now. Are we the best of friends? No. But we had a real connection, and I think I mishandled our friendship.”

Star also apologized to Charles’ brother and vowed to keep any additional voice memos or text conversations private.

The hairy makeup debate

Star has always been the picture of perfection in fans’ eyes, so when they noticed something amiss with his Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection eyeshadow palette, they didn’t waste time bringing it to his attention.

In November 2019, fans flooded social media with complaints after finding stray hairs in the YouTubers’ eyeshadow palette collaboration.

It didn’t take long for the beauty guru to set the record straight about what was really going on, explaining on his Instagram Story that the “hairs” fans were finding were actually “ribbon fibers,” which were “not toxic.”

The backlash surrounding his “Cremated” palette

Star’s latest controversy might be his most intense one yet as it has caused quite the acrimonious dispute amongst his loyal fans.

On May 15, the YouTuber unveiled his new “Cremated” makeup line, a collection of “gothic neutrals” set to launch on May 22.

“Cremated is, like, my iconic catchphrase. ‘I’m deceased,’ it’s also a term that I like to use,” Star said in a YouTube video. “You know when you’re blown away by something, and it’s so sickening? Me and my friends like to say, ‘B*tch, I’m cremated. Baby, I’m deceased.’”

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While many fans — including YouTuber Shane Dawson — took to social media to express their excitement over the release, others were less than pleased with the new collection.

Many fans felt the theme of the products was offensive and highly inappropriate in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an overwhelming number of deaths these last few months.

“Jeffree star rly released a CREMATION themed palette in the middle of a global pandemic in which the bodies of thousands killed by covid are being cremated. And STILL his deranged lil fans will eat it up lmao,” one person tweeted.

Star eventually responded to the negative comments on Instagram and Snapchat, sharing a series of videos addressing the backlash.

“There’s a lot of talk on Twitter,” he said the video. “[The palette] is mine — I created it for the world. It’s allowed to be interpreted any way that anyone wants to take it, but I always come from a good place.”

“My own father was cremated, my two dogs that passed away last year were cremated, so nothing ever comes from a negative place in my life,” he continued. “So if you take it that way, that’s how you articulate things, but b*tch, not me.”

Since then, Star hasn’t said more about this ongoing backlash.

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Zidane at Hampden: Top 10 Champions League final goals

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Perfect. One of the best in history. Biblical. Makes me cry.

Just a few of the thousands of comments scrawled by those reliving the footage of one of football’s greats scoring one of the most spectacular goals in Champions League final history.

Zinedine Zidane’s volley at Hampden arrowed high into the Bayer Leverkusen net in the 2002 Champions League final. In truth, the descriptions above barely do it justice.

On the 18th anniversary of that winner for Real Madrid, BBC Scotland looks back on 10 of the greatest final goals of the Champions League era. Tell us your favourites in the comments section below.

Zinedine Zidane – Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen (2002)

Where else to start?

The stage was beautifully set at Hampden Park. Bayer Leverkusen’s Lucio had cancelled out Real Madrid talisman Raul’s opener, leaving the scores level heading into the final minute of the first half.

With Vicente del Bosque and Klaus Toppmoller finalising their interval teamtalks in their heads, Roberto Carlos executed a one-two with Santiago Solari down the left and hooked a high cross towards Zidane, loitering on the edge of the box.

As the ball dropped towards the man widely considered the best in the world at the time, everything seemed to go in slow motion. Three Leverkusen players eventually recognised the danger, but by then it was too late. Zidane pirouetted and unleashed a ferocious volley past Hans-Jorg Butt and into the roof of the net.

“It’s definitely something that comes off once in a lifetime, and it happened to me on the day of the Champions League final,” French World Cup-winner Zidane said.

Dejan Savicevic – Milan v Barcelona (1994)

Eager to avenge their loss to Marseille in the previous year’s final, Milan raced into a two-goal lead against Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona thanks to a first-half double from Daniele Massaro.

The next goal looked set to be crucial and, after Miguel Angel Nadal made a mess of dealing with Demetrio Albertini’s long-ball two minutes into the second half, Dejan Savicevic settled the tie.

The Yugoslavia international latched on to the bouncing ball just outside the right-corner of the 18-yard box, spotted Andoni Zubizaretta slightly off his line, and side-footed a perfect lob over him and into the net.

Lars Ricken – Borussia Dortmund v Juventus (1997)

Borussia Dortmund went into the 1997 final as underdogs, but found themselves 2-0 up at half-time thanks to Karl-Heinz Riedle.

Alessandro del Piero came off the bench for Juventus at half-time and scored a stunning flick to get them back into the game – then Lars Ricken replaced Stephane Chapuisat in the 70th minute. Within 60 seconds, the young German had lifted a phenomenal 30-yard lob over Angelo Peruzzi to seal the win.

“I noticed that Peruzzi was often standing too far from his goal and I came on with that in my mind,” Ricken said. “Even the TV commentators were shouting to chip him.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Man United v Bayern Munich (1999)

This is without a doubt the least aesthetically pleasing goal on the list – but in terms of significance, it is up there with the most important.

Having trailed to Mario Basler’s early free-kick, Teddy Sheringham’s equaliser gave Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United hope of completing a remarkable Treble in extra time or after a penalty shootout.

But, with 93 minutes on the clock, David Beckham’s corner was met by a Sheringham flick-on, and fellow substitute Ole Gunnar Solskjaer instinctively stuck out a foot to turn the ball in.

Steve McManaman – Real Madrid v Valencia (2000)

Not only was Steve McManaman the first Englishman to score for Real Madrid in the Champions League, he was also the first to win the competition with a non-English side.

Led by Del Bosque, a star-studded Real faced Valencia in Paris hoping to earn a second title in three years.

Fernando Morientes gave them the lead with a header just before half-time, but it would be McManaman who scored the goal of the game. Roberto Carlos’ long throw was headed to the edge of the 18-yard box by Miroslav Dukic, but McManaman returned a scissor-kick volley towards goal which gave Valencia goalkeeper Santiago Canizares no chance.

“Your career is all about winning things,” McManaman said. “It is important for me to look back and say I won the Champions League and I scored in the final. That is something pretty special.”

Hernan Crespo – AC Milan v Liverpool (2005)

The 2005 Champions League final is remembered for Liverpool’s stunning penalty shootout victory after being three goals down, but AC Milan’s first-half performance was a joy to behold.

Brazilian playmaker Kaka was imperious, and set up a terrific goal for Hernan Crespo. On the stroke of half-time, Kaka’s feint after receiving the ball from Andrea Pirlo took him away from Steven Gerrard. But, rather than hold on to the ball, his next touch was a glorious nudge into the path of Crespo, who had peeled off the shoulder of the last man.

The Argentina striker held his nerve when keeper Jerzy Dudek charged out, dinking the ball over the Poland international to deliver what should have been a hammer blow to Liverpool’s Champions League hopes. I wonder what happened next..?

David Villa – Barcelona v Manchester United (2011)

There was no shortage of contenders for a Barcelona entry to this list. Samuel Eto’o and Juliano Belletti struck as Frank Rijkaard’s side overcame Arsenal in 2006, while Eto’o’s opener in Rome against Manchester United and Lionel Messi’s superb looping header in the same game also came close.

But it was the final goal at Wembley in 2011 that is most deserving of the adulation. A dominant display by Pep Guardiola’s men had them 2-1 up – Pedro and Messi striking either side of a well-worked Wayne Rooney goal.

Barcelona were in the driving seat, but an equaliser was not out of the question for Ferguson’s side until Messi slalomed towards the United box and was upended by Michael Carrick. United dallied on the ball, allowing Sergio Busquets to claim it and feed Spain striker David Villa, who curled a delicious effort past the outstretched Edwin van der Sar.

Didier Drogba – Chelsea v Bayern Munich (2012)

Chelsea’s run to the 2012 final was as turbulent as they come. A win in the final group-stage match against Valencia took them through to the knockout rounds, where a remarkable turnaround earned them a 5-4 win against Napoli. Victory over Benfica in the last eight set up a stunning, against-all-odds win over Barcelona in the semi-finals.

But in the final, their fortune looked like it was beginning to fade as Thomas Muller headed in after 83 minutes, after Petr Cech had kept Roberto di Matteo’s side in the tie.

However, five minutes later, Juan Mata’s corner was met by Didier Drogba. His header had no right to beat Manuel Neuer at his near post, but the power generated by the Ivorian was such that the German goalkeeper could not keep it out, despite getting a hand to it.

The game went to penalties, and the rest is history…

Mario Mandzukic – Juventus v Real Madrid (2017)

Had Juventus gone on to win this game, rather than suffering a 4-1 defeat, this may have gone down as the greatest.

Already trailing Real Madrid to a Cristiano Ronaldo effort, Leonardo Bonucci switched the ball from right to left, where Alex Sandro volleyed into the box. Without the ball touching the ground, Gonzalo Higuain took a touch and played it to Mario Mandzukic.

With his back to goal, the Croat chested it down and arced a stunning overhead kick over Keylor Navas.

Gareth Bale – Real Madrid v Liverpool (2018)

Now, this one may just go down as one of the greatest goals of all time. Gareth Bale had already scored a decisive goal in one Champions League final four years earlier, but was left on the bench as Real Madrid faced Liverpool in Kiev.

The Welshman came on for Isco with the score at 1-1, after Sadio Mane had cancelled out Karim Benzema’s bizarre opener. Less than three minutes later, Bale found himself unmarked in the box.

Marcelo’s cross was behind him, so he shifted and flung himself into the air, connecting with an outrageous left-footed bicycle-kick, which would ultimately win Real their third consecutive title.

“I wanted to come on and make an impact and that’s what I did,” Bale said.

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Ryanair cuts 250 jobs at UK and Europe offices after coronavirus slashed flights – The Sun

RYANAIR has today announced it is cutting 250 jobs at UK and Europe offices after coronavirus forced the airline to slash flights.

It comes as the airline announced it was planning to restore 40 per cent of flights by July 1.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Ryanair’s People Director Darrell Hughes said: "This is a very painful time for Ryanair, our crews and our people supporting operations from our Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw offices.

"While we expect to re-open our offices from 1 June next, we will not require the same number of support team members in a year when we will carry less than 100m passengers, against an original budget of 155m.

"Regrettably, we will now have a small number of compulsory redundancies in Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw to right size our support teams for a year when we will carry less than 100m passengers due to the Covid-19 crisis.

"These job losses were communicated to individual team members this week, and they will not be returning to work in our Dublin, Stansted, Madrid or Wroclaw offices when they reopen on 1 June next."

More to follow…

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Celebrities Who Gave Birth at Home

Hospitals are so sterile! James Van Der Beek and his wife, Kimberly, welcomed baby No. 5 in the comfort of their bedroom on June 15, 2018. The Dawson’s Creek alum shared a photo of the post-birth scene and titled it “Home-Birth Realness.” 

There are plenty of perks to delivering where you live. As Van Dmayim er Beek noted in his Instagram post, Kimberly was “in her own shower right after giving birth.” 

The Van Der Beeks join a long list of stars including Gisele Bundchen, Mayim Bialik and Cindy Crawford, that have opted to avoid hospital maternity wards. Click through the pictures below to hear their home birth stories. 

In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube!

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Brawl breaks out at Atlanta mall on day it reopens after coronavirus lockdown

A brawl broke out at an Atlanta mall on the day it reopened after the state’s lockdown — with the melee captured on camera.

The video has garnered more than 7 million views and some questioning whether Georgia ended its coronavirus lockdown too soon.

The 17-second clip begins with three women and a security guard scuffling in the parking lot of the Cumberland Mall.

“Get off, or I’ll have to pepper spray both of you,” the guard said as he struggled to separate the women.

Eventually, a man comes flying into the frame, dropkicking one of the women before shoving the security guard and fleeing with another woman involved in the fight.

Warning: Graphic language

The three women got into an argument near the mall’s food court on Tuesday, May 5, with the fight eventually spilling out onto the parking lot, the local CBS affiliate reported.

“If people don’t know how to come out of their home and act while they’re in public, then stay home. This is a stressful time, so stay home,” one shopper told the outlet.

Gov. Brian Kemp began lifting coronavirus restrictions and restarting the economy on Friday, April 24, becoming one of the first states to do so — a move that even President Trump considered “too soon.”

“Just searched ‘Cumberland Mall” on here and honestly, Atlanta needs to stay in for couple more months lol,” one person joked on Twitter.

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FedEx courier arrives at 10 Downing Street with order of baby products

Another delivery for Boris and Carrie’s new arrival! FedEx courier arrives at 10 Downing Street with order of baby products for Wilfred after the PM stocked up on nappies yesterday

  • A FedEx delivery from My 1st Years arrived at 10 Downing Street his afternoon 
  • The company sells personalised baby goods including clothing, toys and shoes
  • Yesterday, a courier also delivered products from eco-friendly range Kit & Kin

A variety of baby products have been delivered to 10 Downing Street today as the Prime Minister and his fiancée stock up on goods for their son Wilfred. 

Carrie Symonds gave birth to Boris Johnson’s sixth child Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson on Wednesday last week and the couple have been busy ordering baby products to get through the first few months of the youngster’s life. 

A delivery from My 1st Years – which describes itself as ‘the number one personalised baby brand in the world’ – arrived at 10 Downing Street this morning.

Its website offers customers personalised goods from teddies and toys to blankets and clothing alongside bed, bath and home accessories. 

It comes just one day after a courier delivered products from eco-friendly range Kit & Kin – sells non-irritable baby skincare products, including nappies, wipes and cotton clothing – the Prime  Minister’s official residence. 

A delivery from My 1st Years – which describes itself as ‘the number one personalised baby brand in the world’ – arrived at 10 Downing Street this morning

My 1st Years offers customers personalised goods from teddies and toys to blankets and clothing alongside bed, bath and home accessories

A variety of products are available on the My 1st Years website including dressing gowns, toys and blankets

The range was created in 2017 and co-founded by Spice Girl Emma Bunton and Christopher Money.

In a statement on the company’s website, Bunton says: ‘We want to take away the stress and worry parents often experience when trying to choose the best products for their family. 

‘That’s why we’ve developed an amazing range you can trust to care and protect for your family as they grow.’

Mr Johnson has previously admitted that he will help change the baby’s nappies, during an appearance on This Morning before the baby’s arrival in March.

Presenter Philip Schofield asked: ‘How good are you at changing nappies? Will you change nappies?’ The Prime Minister appeared flustered before replying: ‘I expect so.’

The Hermes delivery driver seen wearing a face mask and carrying two boxes, with the eco-friendly range Kit & Kin labelled across one of the deliveries

Carrie Symonds revealed the name of her and Boris Johnson’s son as Wilfred, as the beaming parent shared her first photograph of the baby boy on Instagram last weekend

Carrie Symonds retweeted a video from UCLH, the hospital in London where she gave birth last week, thanking its midwives on International Day of the Midwife

Ms Symonds gave birth in London last week on Wednesday morning with the Prime Minister at her side, days after he himself had been released from medical care following a lengthy battle with coronavirus. 

In a heart-warming Instagram post revealing the boy’s name on Saturday, Ms Symonds revealed that the middle name Nicholas was a tribute to two NHS doctors, Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart, who ‘saved Boris’ life last month’ following his battle with coronavirus.

Yesterday, she praised the midwives who delivered baby Wilfred.

She retweeted a video from UCLH, the hospital in London where she gave birth last week, thanking its midwives on International Day of the Midwife, captioning: ‘A big thank you from me too! You guys are incredible.’  

The website for Kit & Kin, which sells non-irritable baby skincare products, including reusable cloth-nappies made with ‘reclaimed fishing nets’, wipes and cotton clothing

The first name is a tribute to Mr Johnson’s paternal grandfather, Osman Wilfred Kemal, and Lawrie a reference to Ms Symonds’ grandfather. 

Accompanying the caption was a photograph in which the first-time mother was seen tightly cradling her son, who sported an extraordinary full head of hair not dissimilar to that of his father.

The 32-year-old fiancee of Mr Johnson, who said ‘my heart is full’ in the caption, also revealed for the first time that Wilfred had been born at the maternity wing of the NHS’s University College Hospital in central London.

Osman Wilfred Kemal: Boris’s half-Turkish grandfather who gave his family the name Johnson

The baby’s first name is a tribute to Mr Johnson’s paternal grandfather, Osman Wilfred Kemal.

Mr Kemal was the father of Stanley Johnson, whose former wife Charlotte gave birth to Boris in 1964.

It is through Wilfred Kemal, who changed the family name to Johnson, that Boris gets his Turkish heritage.

Johnson had been his maternal grandmother’s maiden name.

Mr Kemal’s own father, Ali Kemal, was an interior minister of the Ottoman Empire.

He was lynched and stoned to death by a mob during the 1922 Turkish War of Independence.  

Both his son and daughter moved to southern England, where Osman would drop his first name in favour of his second name, Wilfred.

Wilfred Johnson later married Irene Williams, who according to an episode of BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? was the constant subject of jokes from the family due to her grandiose claims of an aristocratic French background. 

On the show, it was revealed through Wilfred’s birth certificate that his mother had died during childbirth.

The caption read: ‘Introducing Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas born on 29.04.20 at 9am. Wilfred after Boris’ grandfather Lawrie after my grandfather Nicholas after Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart – the two doctors that saved Boris’ life last month.

‘Thank you so, so much to the incredible NHS maternity team at UCLH that looked after us so well. I couldn’t be happier. My heart is full.’ 

It was also revealed that Boris Johnson received a congratulatory phone call from the Duke of Cambridge on Friday afternoon, with a record of their conversation recorded as an official event in the Court Circular. 

Among the first to send their well-wishes following the announcement were Dr Nick Price and Prof Nick Hart, who said they were ‘honoured and humbled’ to serve as the inspiration for the newborn’s middle name Nicholas.

They said in a statement: ‘Our warm congratulations go to the Prime Minister and Carrie Symonds on the happy arrival of their beautiful son Wilfred.

‘We are honoured and humbled to have been recognised in this way, and we give our thanks to the incredible team of professionals who we work with at Guy’s at St Thomas’ and who ensure every patient receives the best care.

‘We wish the new family every health and happiness.’ 

There was also a message of congratulations from the University College Hospital, where Wilfred was born.

UCLH chief executive Professor Marcel Levi said: ‘Congratulations to Carrie Symonds and Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the birth of their son. We wish them every happiness at this special time.

‘I would like to thank the teams who cared for Carrie and her baby. 

‘They are an incredibly skilled, dedicated and compassionate group of professionals who put patients at the heart of everything they do.

The couple revealed the boy’s full name as Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, with the first name a tribute to Mr Johnson’s paternal grandfather, Osman Wilfred Kemal (pictured)

Boris Johnson’s grandfather, Wilfred, is pictured standing with his wife Irene, his eldest son Peter (left), daughters Hilary (right) and Gillian (kneeling) and his son Stanley (Boris’ father)

‘I am very proud of them and all our staff at UCLH who are working extremely hard in very difficult circumstances at the moment.’

Downing Street said the Prime Minister, who is back leading the country in its fight against the Covid-19 crisis, would plough on with his duties and take a ‘short period’ of paternity leave later in the year.

The new family are planning to live in their Downing Street flat along with their dog Dilyn, the Number 10 spokesman confirmed last week. 

The birth came after an extraordinary month for the couple, who were self-isolating separately, first because of Carrie’s pregnancy and then when Boris fell ill. 

Mr Johnson then spent a week in hospital, including three days in intensive care, and Ms Symonds was also briefly bedridden with symptoms of Covid-19, but made a full recovery. 

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