Tricky brainteaser asks you to spot the worm hidden among the birds, so can YOU do it in under 30 seconds?

IF you're looking for a fun way to learn something new, then try your luck with this tricky brainteaser.

Brits are being challenged to find the worm hidden among the birds, but you'd need to be sharp-eyed to spot it.

In the image, every British bird has been turned into a bright bold character which simplifies their markings to help children, and adults, spot them easily.

But hidden among the colourful birds is a small worm hidden to be found- so take a look and see how long it takes you to spot it. Can you do it in less than 30 seconds?

This illustration has been created to mark the launch of a new website Nest Friends which helps parents teach children in a fun educational way about the variety of birds there are across the UK.

In doing so,little ones can keep track of how many they may see in the garden, while on a walk, or looking out of a window.

The answer is below, but no peaking until you've had a go yourself. When you're ready scroll down.

Rick Oliver, 35, from Kings Hill in Kent came up with the idea at the start of lockdown.

He said: “I created it as a way of keeping young children entertained during the lockdown measures that have been put in place. 

“It offers parents some simple tools to help keep their little ones occupied as well as giving them free fun activities they can do together. 

“The idea is to encourage children to explore and learn by going outside whether it be for a walk or in their gardens.

“I came up with the idea of the bird's names when learning about their scientific names. 

“They are very tricky to remember so I thought they could be inspired by their scientific name – for example Mervin & Ula the Blackbirds are inspired by the scientific name 'Turdus Merlua' and Becca the Robin is taken from 'Erithacus Rubecula'. 

“My personal favourite is Hula the Bullfinch taken from 'Pyrrhula pyrrhula'.”

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The New Moon in Gemini Asks You to Dream Big—Then Make Your Move

The Gemini New Moon on May 22 gives us a chance to dream big—if we don’t let our anxieties hold us back, that is. New Moons bring new beginnings, but this luminary is a time of introspection and reflection. Mars, planet of action, in Pisces is giving is the determination to move towards our goals, but Saturn Retrograde is reminding us that we have to build a foundation first. Neptune in Pisces adds confusion, while Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Gemini push us to make impossible-seeming choices. Before we fly away, we must face our fears and feel our feels—but then, it’s time to conquer the world.

Here’s what that means for you:


Putting extra energy into boring projects may make the day go by faster, but it won’t satisfy your passionate nature. After all, you put your whole self into your work and personal projects. Brainstorm new ideas and embrace what you really want.


You work hard, but now, it’s time to play hard. Treat yourself to a present or a self-care day at home. Your earth sign sensibilities need to be rewarded for all of the tasks you’ve done recently—so show yourself some love.


It’s time for you to level up, Gemini! Use some of your quicksilver wit to boost your social status. Soon, you’ll find success in everything you’re working on, even if the process is frustrating. But don’t give up. Flex your muscles, bb!


You’re letting go of all the BS that’s been orbiting you. Getting to the heart of the matter will be hard, but it’s necessary to move on. In its place, you’re focusing on your passions.


This is your opportunity to show the world how amazing you are, Leo. But first, you will need to connect with people who’ll be down to help you work for a good cause. With proper financial support, your humanitarian project will fly high.


All of the hours you’ve been putting into your career are finally paying off. But now you’re super exhausted. Log off, smell the roses, take a nap. Recharge your batteries and you’ll be thriving again soon.


You’re setting your sights high, which—sorry!!!—will probs create disappointments down the road. Try to be practical—world domination sounds exciting, but you may want to start small.


We’re all afraid to surrender our power, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to be vulnerable. Allow the walls you’ve built up around you to fall down. Let people get close to you instead of keeping them at a distance. It’ll be worth it, I promise.


Your optimistic attitude means you bet big when it comes to romance—but you may be in love with the idea of love. Take off your rose-colored glasses to see your boo clearly.


You’d like to give your colleagues a piece of your mind, but since you’re trying not to create drama, you may want to sit this round of arguments out. Let someone else handle the situation for now.


Setting boundaries is always hard, but stop and think twice before quadruple-texting your crush. Choose to embrace a calm, collected, and chill vibe like the Aquarius you are.


This has been a rollercoaster of emotion for us all, but especially for you. This luminary serves as a wake-up call to embrace all of yourself, even your flaws. Don’t be so harsh on yourself, Pisces! Try to give yourself more TLC and a big hug.

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Wendy Williams asks fans if Nicki Minaj is just a ‘protege of Lil Kim’ after taking break from show for ‘health issues’ – The Sun

WENDY Williams asked fans if Nicki Minaj is just a "protege of Lil Kim."

The daytime talk show host's remarks follow her announcing she was taking a break from the show for "health issues."

Usher recently said during a conversation with Swizz Beatz on Instagram: "Nicki [Minaj] is a product of Lil' Kim."

Following the singer's remarks, Wendy, while on hiatus because of her Graves' disease, posted: "Hot Question… Is Nicky Minaj a prodigy or a protege of Lil Kim?"

She captioned it: "#LisaRaye defends #LilKim in a recent online debate and says #NickiMinaj should “bow down.”

"This all stemmed from a conversation between #SwizzBeatz and #Usher.

"The singer said that Nicki Minaj was a 'product' of Lil Kim. Co-hosts, is Nicki Minaj a prodigy or a protégé of Lil Kim?

Wendy's fans responded: "Why are we still discussing Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj in 2020?!?! That topic is very 2009ish.

Others added: "Omg y'all need to let this go I'm so tired of people comparing them."

Another said: "Wendy stop please before it's too late."

Other fans chimed in: "y'all must be bored."

Some commented: "Why can't women just be happy for one another… why does it always have to be a fight. We should be happy when women succeed."

Another wrote: "LEAVE NICKI ALONE."

On Monday a spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show announced she would be going on hiatus to deal with her Graves' disease.

She had been taping daily at-home segments remotely.

Wendy announced she had Graves’ disease In 2018, which can cause an overproduction of thyroid hormones and a variety of symptoms.

According to the show, Williams' return date will be announced later.

A spokesperson for the show told Variety.: “Recently, Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves’ disease which is causing fatigue.  In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment.

“We look forward to welcoming Wendy back soon and continuing the ‘[email protected]’ shows. More updates on a return date will follow.”

The talk show host's fans had been worried about her after she appeared to "slur her words" and look "out of it" on TV last week.

Viewers tweeted of Wendy's disconcerting appearance, saying: "What is wrong with Wendy Williams right now."

Another added: "She's slurring her words this morning #WendyWilliams."

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Boy, 7, asks his father 'who's next' after mother and grandmother die

Father, 43, breaks down in tears as he tells of moment son, seven, asked ‘who’s next daddy, is it you or me?’ after his mother, 49, and grandmother, 84, died from coronavirus

  • Evan Cadby, 7, lost his grandmother Joan and mother Julianne to Covid 19 
  • Chris Cadby said he had to break the news to his son that they had both died
  • The youngster asked his father ‘who’s next’ after learning of his mother’s death 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A seven-year-old schoolboy who just lost his grandmother and mother to Covid-19 asked his father ‘who’s next Daddy, is it you or me?’ 

Chris Cadby from Cardiff, lost his mother-in-law, Joan, and wife, Julianne, to the killer virus over the course of four days in April. 

After telling his son Evan, 7, that his mother had joined his grandmother, the youngster asked who was next. 

Chris Cadby, left, pictured with wife Julianne, right , and their son Evan, spoke of the tragic impact Covid-19 has had on his family. Mr Cadby lost his mother-in-law and wife over the course of four days 

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Cadby broke down as he revealed the moment his son asked ‘who was next’ after the youngster lost his mother and grandmother in just four days

Mr Cadby, who gave his wife CPR in an attempt to resuscitate her, was later struck down by Covid-19 and spent a week in hospital. 

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Cadby broke down as he spoke about the moment he told his son that his mother had died. 

He said: ‘I had to tell him on Sunday that his nanny had died. I said “Evan”. He said “yeah”. ‘Mummy’s gone to be with nanny. He said “what?” I said: “She’s gone with Nanny, mate.”

‘He just came over and gave me a hug. He had a little cry and in the afternoon he said: “Who’s next, Daddy? Is it going to be you? Or is it going to be me?”

‘I said: “I hope it’s none of us. We don’t want any more, do we?”

Mr Cadby’s mother-in-law Joan, 84, who lived with the family, died at home on April 11. She had earlier been discharged from hospital having had an operation and spending time on a Covid-19 ward. 

His wife, Julianne, who was a business manager for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s specialist child and mental health services, went on to develop coronavirus symptoms and was self-isolating in her bedroom. 

He said he had to tell his wife that her mother had died and was unable to go over and hug her because of her symptoms. 

Four days later, when checking on his wife, she said she would like a bath. Mr Cadby said he went to draw the water and when he returned to the room, his wife asked him to call for an ambulance. 

He said: ‘I was talking to her and she turned round and she said to me, “I think I need to go in”. As soon as she said that I grabbed my phone and dialled 999. By the time I pressed enter and turned around to her, she was slumped back on the bed and she was gone. I knew she was gone.’ 

Mr Cadby said he then had to break the news to their son who asked which of them was going to be next. 

Mr Cadby urged people to stick to the lockdown rules to save more families from the heartbreak he and his son have suffered. 

Mrs Cadby, pictured with her son Evan, died four days after her mother at home in Cardiff 

Julianne had worked as a business manager at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Fundraiser Natalie Lloyd-Hughes has set up a JustGiving page to help the family.

‘We heard the absolutely awful news that Julianne had passed away from Covid-19,’ she wrote.

‘Myself and all of Julianne’s friends from school would like to help this family as much as we can, and ask you to please dig as deep as your pockets will allow for this lovely family who have endured the worst possible loss. 

‘To Julianne and Chris’s families and friends, we send our deepest condolences and pray for you at this sad time. Julianne and Joan – fly high ladies and rest peacefully in the knowledge your boys will be taken care of.’ 

Julianne Cadby had worked in the specialist service for more than 16 years, but had been with the health board for 30 years, first starting as a medical secretary across a range of departments.

A statement from the health board said: ‘It is with profound sadness that we must inform you that Julianne Cadby has passed away after testing positive for Covid-19. 

‘Julianne was a much-loved member of our team, she was extremely warm and caring and would always make time to help and support her colleagues.

‘Her dedication shone through, playing a central role in all that we do in the service and her focus was always on ensuring we are delivering the best service we can for children and young people.’


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Moment little girl asks Australians to stay home for her doctor dad

‘I miss my daddy’: Heartbreaking moment little girl, three, asks Australians to stay home so she can finally kiss and hug her doctor father again

  • Garth Small is a Queensland-based doctor serving on the frontline of COVID-19
  • His three-year-old daughter Evaliah is home with mum Hannah and brother Arlo
  • Hannah filmed Evaliah addressing the nation with a plea to stay home and safe
  • She doesn’t want her father to contract the deadly coronavirus from patients
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

The three-year-old daughter of an Australian doctor serving on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic has begged her fellow countrymen to wash their hands and stay home, so she can ‘kiss her daddy’ again when he returns.

Garth Small, who works as a paediatrician on the Gold Coast, has been clocking in lengthy hospital stints for months, with his wife Hannah, 28, daughter Evaliah, three, and nine-month-old son Arlo missing him at home.  

To amplify how important it is that Australians heed the government’s warnings and stay at home, Hannah filmed an adorable video of Evaliah asking people to uphold social distancing and self-isolate as much as possible.

Garth Small, who works as a paediatrician on the Gold Coast, has been clocking in lengthy hospital stints for months, with his wife Hannah, 28, daughter Evaliah (pictured), three, and nine-month-old son Arlo missing him at home

‘Listen up, I need your help. I miss my daddy. He’s at work helping the sick people. He’s more likely to get coronavirus to keep us all safe,’ the blonde tot said the camera.

‘He’s there to keep my nanny and poppy, grandma and grandpa, and great nanny and poppy safe… and for everyone. I would like to visit and play with them.’

Evaliah, dressed in a pink tutu costume and settled on the carpet, continued by saying that ‘no one is immune’ from COVID-19.

‘We need to work together as a team, and wash your hands, stay inside and sanitise. I need you to respect the boundaries and help to flatten the curve,’ she said.

‘Stay inside, wash your hands and sanitise… so I can kiss my daddy again.’

At the end she is joined by Arlo, who stares straight ahead as she whispers: ‘Think of my daddy’.

The footage, which was uploaded on Wednesday, has quickly gone viral with more than 133,000 views on Hannah’s page. 

Hannah added her own message alongside the video directed at Australian’s failing to take the pandemic seriously (the family pictured)

‘If you have the ability to stay home and isolate then please do. We need to stop the spread and flatten the curve,’ Hannah said

Hannah added her own message alongside the video directed at Australian’s failing to take the pandemic seriously.

‘Our healthcare professionals are putting themselves on the frontline and risking their own health to keep us all safe,’ she said.

‘If you have the ability to stay home and isolate then please do. We need to stop the spread and flatten the curve. 

‘Nobody is immune, however I’m scared for my parents and my grandparents as well as my husband who will be surrounded by the virus. Do the right thing and don’t wait for the government, it will be too late.’

The video is reminiscent of a similar one shared by Zoe Foster Blake on Tuesday, where her young daughter Rudy says she will ‘scream’ if people don’t stay at home.  

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked the nation to stay home unless they are visiting the supermarket, chemist or are part of the ‘essential’ workforce. 

Australia has 3,050 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Friday morning, with 13 deaths

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