'Friends': Lisa Kudrow Pushes Back On Criticism of White-Dominated Cast

Friends remains one of the most popular American sitcoms, especially given its availability on Netflix. However, some modern viewers of the show are starting to feel as though it’s dated. They point out that the show exhibits an array of problematic jokes and situations when viewed from a modern perspective. This includes the show’s all-white cast of main characters. However, Lisa Kudrow isn’t so convinced that this is the right way to address the show’s problems. 

David Schwimmer chimes in on ‘Friends’ criticism

Younger viewers of Friends have begun pointing out its various issues. These range from using fat folks and LGBTQ+ folks as punchlines for jokes. These criticisms also often involve the main cast, which consisted of only white actors. 

While there were occasionally people of color on the show in side roles, their stories were often minimal. David Schwimmer claims that he used to campaign for more representation, to a degree. 

Schwimmer told The Guardian, “I was well aware of the lack of diversity.” He added, “I campaigned for years to have Ross date women of color. One of the first girlfriends I had on the show was an Asian American woman, and later I dated African American women. That was a very conscious push on my part.”

As for newer fans pointing out the issues with the show, Schwimmer replied, “I don’t care.” He went on to claim that what matters is how groundbreaking the show was at the time. 

Schwimmer claimed, “The truth is also that show was groundbreaking in its time for the way in which it handled so casually sex, protected sex, gay marriage and relationships.”

Lisa Kudrow responds to criticism

Lisa Kudrow had similar replies to criticisms from younger fans. The Friends star doesn’t quite agree with those criticisms, saying that the show doesn’t deserve to be viewed from the perspective of what it did wrong. 

Kudrow told The Times that if the show was produced today, “Oh, it’d be completely different. Well, it would not be an all-white cast, for sure.”

She went on to add, “I’m not sure what else, but, to me, it should be looked at as a time capsule, not for what they did wrong.”

Like Schwimmer, Kudrow went on to say that she thought the show as particularly progressive for its time. Kudrow said, “This show thought it was very progressive,” Kudrow said. “There was a guy whose wife discovered she was gay and pregnant, and they raised the child together? We had surrogacy too. It was, at the time, progressive.”

Fans react to Lisa Kudrow’s comments

Fan reactions to Lisa Kudrow’s comments were mixed. Some felt as though her claims held water, while others weren’t so sure. 

One Redditor chimed in with, “I think this is a silly claim because as a black man living in a similar city (London) I know plenty of white folk that have no black people in their social circles.”

“It’s probably more likely and more realistic for a white person to hangout with 5 other white people than for them to have added a black Chandler and an Asian Phoebe,” wrote another.

Another user pointed out the flaw in these comments, however, adding, “These criticisms aren’t new, I distinctly remember hearing about these when the show was airing, since I would watch it live. There was even a sketch on SNL or madTV that made fun of this, like one day a black guy shows up and the group are confused as to what he is. All that being said, all the people that say what’s the problem with an all white cast are missing the point. There’s no issue with an all white cast. But when all the shows you watch are an all white cast, it affects people, even if subconsciously.”

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A Britney Spears Song You Probably Haven’t Heard Is Being Released Tonight!

Britney Spears is gifting her fans with a special treat!

The 38-year-old pop icon is putting “Mood Ring,” a song originally only released in Japan off of her 2016 studio album Glory, on streaming services for everyone to hear at midnight on Friday (May 28).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Britney Spears

My love is a mood ring / Up and down emotions, all these mood swings / You know how to read the touch of my skin / Nothing on my body but this mood ring / You change me,” she sings.

The song, which was produced by DJ Mustard, comes “By Demand” as a result of the successful fan-driven initiative to drive Glory to No. 1 on iTunes, which also resulted in her revealing a brand new cover for the album.

Listen to “Mood Ring” and read the lyrics inside…

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World's oldest 'bug' is a fossilized 425-million-year-old millipede

World’s oldest ‘bug’ is a fossilized 425-million-year-old millipede discovered on a Scottish Island that suggests the ancient creatures evolved from water to live on land in just 40 million years

  • The fossilized millipede was found on the Scottish Island of Kerrera
  • An improved dating technique found it is 75 million years younger than believed
  • Researchers suggest the creatures left water for land in just 40 million years 

Researchers have discovered the world’s oldest ‘bug’ on record – a 425-million-year-old fossilized millipede.

The remains were uncovered on the Scottish Island of Kerrera and suggest bugs and plants evolved much faster than previously believed.

After analyzing the petrified insect, the team determined that the ancient creatures left lakes to live in complex forest ecosystems in just 40 million years.

Researchers used a technique to determine that the millipede is 75 million years younger than previously estimated by extracting zircons, which is a microscopic mineral needed to accurately date the fossils.

Scroll down for video 

Researchers have discovered the world’s oldest ‘bug’ on record – a 425-million-year-old fossilized millipede. After analyzing the petrified insect, the team determined that the ancient creatures left lakes to live in complex forest ecosystems in just 40 million years

Michael Brookfield, a research associate at the University of Texas Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences and adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, said: ‘It’s a big jump from these tiny guys to very complex forest communities, and in the scheme of things, it didn’t take that long.’

‘It seems to be a rapid radiation of evolution from these mountain valleys, down to the lowlands, and then worldwide after that.’

Brookfield, who led the study, worked with co-authors Elizabeth Catlos, a professor in the Jackson School’s Department of Geological Sciences, and Stephanie Suarez, a doctoral student at the University of Houston.

Together they made improvements to the fossil dating technique used in the study.

The remains were uncovered on the Scottish Island of Kerrera (pictured) and suggest bugs and plants evolved much faster than previously believed.

Following the analysis, the team determined the fossilized millipede is 425 million years old, or about 75 million years younger than the age other scientists have estimated the oldest millipede to be using a technique known as molecular clock dating, which is based on DNA’s mutation rate.  

Although it’s certainly possible there are older fossils of both bugs and plants, Brookfield said that the fact they haven’t been found – even in deposits known for preserving delicate fossils from this era – could indicate that the ancient millipede and plant fossils that have already been discovered are the oldest specimens.

If this theory is true, then experts can determine that both bugs and plants evolved much more rapidly than the timeline indicated by the molecular clock. 

Previous work has dated insect deposits to just 20 million years later than the fossils. 

And by 40 million years later, there’s evidence of thriving forest communities filled with spiders, insects and tall trees.

Given their potential evolutionary significance, Brookfield said that he was surprised that this study was the first to address the age of the ancient millipedes.

Suarez said a reason could be the difficulty of extracting zircons – a microscopic mineral needed to precisely date the fossils – from the ashy rock sediment in which the fossil was preserved.   

Stephanie Suarez (pictured) improved the traditional dating technique by separating the zircon grain from the sediment. Once zircons are released from the surrounding rock, the team was able to retrieve them with a pin glued to the tip of a pencil (pictured)

Kerrera is located on Scotland towards the southern region of the country

She improved the technique by separating the zircon grain from the sediment. 

Once zircons are released from the surrounding rock, the team was able to retrieve them with a pin glued to the tip of a pencil – a process the researchers said ‘involves an eagle-eye hunt.’

‘That kind of work trained me for the work that I do here in Houston,’ Suarez said. ‘It’s delicate work.’

She used the technique to find that a different millipede specimen, thought to be the oldest bug specimen at the time, was about 14 million years younger than estimated – a discovery that stripped it of the title of oldest bug. 

Using the same technique, this study passes the distinction along to a new specimen.

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Mom-of-three accidentally flashes daughter’s first-grade class on Zoom after getting out of shower – The Sun

A MOM-of-three accidentally flashed her daughter’s first-grade Zoom class after getting out of the shower.

Ashley Foret Smith recounted the horrifying moment when she walked into her bedroom completely naked as her seven-year-old daughter was in a Zoom meeting in their Jacksonville, Florida, home.

Along with the now-viral Facebook video of Ashley telling viewers what happened, she wrote that prior to her unexpected appearance she made sure her three children were logged into school.

On May 5, Ashley hopped out the shower, put her hair up in a towel and calmly walked to get her clothing – when she heard a voice say "hang on one second."

The small voice was followed by another one, saying: “We should hang up… we are going to get in trouble," Ashley explained.

Ashley wrote on Facebook that the voices were coming from "the perfectly angled computer sitting atop a pillow on my bed.

She explained: "While I was showering, the youngest one set up her Zoom meeting on my bed. Her computer was on my pillow, camera facing the middle of the room, she was on her stomach tucked under the covers."

Ashley – who admitted that she normally suspects all embarrassing Zoom videos on the internet are fake – described her now-comical moment with contagious laughter and occasional tears.

“I watch all of these videos of people on the internet and I don’t believe it. And then it just happened to me," Ashley said in the video, with her hair tied up in a towel.

She added: "It really, really happened. And now, a first grade class just got a biology lesson from me," she said, pointing to herself.

"I have no clue how to handle this. We're probably going to get kicked out of school.

"It was literally the most humiliating moment of my life."

In some parts of the video, Ashley appeared to laugh so hard that she couldn't get her words out.

She also question what her next actions should be, saying: "Do I write an apology note to all the parents?

"Or do you just pretend like it didn't happen? Or call them all liars –  that they didn't really see it?

After she revealed the giggly footage, she added photos to a Facebook photo album of herself appearing to be fully covered in clothes and of her daughter using zoom with a large piece of cardboard attached to her back.

She concluded in her Facebook post: "This wasn’t in the parenting handbook. Virtual schooling is hard. Balancing everything is hard.

"Not being able to exist in your own house without knowing where a zoom call might pop up is HARD.

"May my humiliation make you giggle tonight. I hate pictures, I hate videos, there is little proof of my existence beyond live interactions. But, for some reason I picked up my phone to document my embarrassment."


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Throwback! See Amy Schumer's Emotional Reaction to Pregnancy News

No filter on her feelings! Amy Schumer had the sweetest response to her 2018 pregnancy news in a Wednesday, May 27, clip of her docuseries Expecting Amy.

“I found out two days ago that I’m pregnant,” the comedian, 38, tearfully said in the throwback HBO Max footage. “I’m just so excited.”


So proud & excited to announce the release of my new docuseries w/ the talented Alexander Hammer @go.for.hammer on @hbomax Coming 7/9: here’s a first look at #expectingamy! @maxpop

A post shared by @ amyschumer on

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo author announced in October 2018 that she and her husband, Chris Fischer, were expecting their first child. Their son, Gene, arrived in May 2019.

While the pair initially named their baby boy Gene Attell Fischer, the New York native announced last month that they “officially changed” the little one’s name.

“It’s now Gene David Fischer,” the Inside Amy Schumer star said during an April episode of “Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith” with guest Claudia O’Doherty. “It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realized that we by accident named our son ‘genital.’”

O’Doherty, 36, chimed in at the time: “My mom pointed that out to me actually. My mom was like, ‘Amy’s called her son “genital.”’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then, she was right.”

Schumer and Fischer, 40, are trying to give Gene a younger brother or sister, the Emmy winner revealed in January. “I’m a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional,” she captioned a photo of her bruised stomach. “If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me please do. … We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling.”

The I Feel Pretty star went on to share footage from her egg retrieval process later that same month.

Schumer had a tough first pregnancy after being diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and detailed the experience via social media, from hospital visits to canceled stand-up appearances. “All I can do is stand up and puke right now,” the then-pregnant star wrote via Instagram in November 2018.

Us Weekly broke the news in February 2018 that she and the Beetlebung Farm Cookbook author tied the knot in a surprise wedding.

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Big Quarantine Moves! Revisit The COMPLETE Relationship Timeline!

Seems like no one has had a busier quarantine than Meghan Markle and Prince Harry!

In between celebrating milestones like Archie‘s first birthday, their second wedding anniversary, and Meg’s return to acting with Disney (doing a voiceover for a documentary about elephants — still counts!), the Duke and Duchess have been on the move. 

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After stepping down from their royal duties just before the coronavirus crisis hit, the couple have been country hopping, going from Canada to the US and settling in La La Land. And throughout it all, they’ve been fighting a legal battle against Britain’s tabloids. 

If your head is spinning from all that info, you may want to get caught up on all that these royals have been up to…

CLICK HERE to view “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle — A Relationship Timeline!”

CLICK HERE to view “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle — A Relationship Timeline!”

CLICK HERE to view “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle — A Relationship Timeline!”

CLICK HERE to view “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle — A Relationship Timeline!”

CLICK HERE to view “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle — A Relationship Timeline!”

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Inside Sugar Ray Leonard’s incredible £42m LA home he couldn’t sell with sunken pool, putting green and tennis court – The Sun

IT is off the market!

Last year Sugar Ray Leonard, 64, put his amazing mansion in LA up for sale for an incredible £42million.

But SunSport has learned that the boxing legend has now taken the listing down after failing to find any buyers.

The stunning gated property can be found in the affluent area of Pacific Palisades, near Santa Monica and Malibu.

And it has all the amenities a sports icon would want, including a pool, tennis court, as well as a putting green.

Sugar Ray, believed to be worth around £120million, has lived in the home with wife Bernadette for over 20 years now, and it appears they won't leaving it anytime soon.


Built across 16,773-square-foot, there's a seven bedroom main house, plus a two-storey guest house.

It was designed by famed architect to the stars Richard Landry, who counts the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, and Rod Stewart among his clientele.

Style-wise, it has a lot in common with a European villa with features like ivy-covered walls, full glass rectangular doors, and the stone walls throughout the property that were imported from Jerusalem.

And there's six fireplaces, delivered from Europe, that keep the house cosy.

The living room has vaulted ceilings, arched windows, as well as a sheltered outer space.

In the sitting room you'll find one of the fireplaces, as well as a balcony that looks out onto a view of the Santa Monica mountains.

As for the kitchen, that wouldn't look out of place in a rustic farmhouse with its wooden beams – but, of course, modern appliances are installed.


After he retired in the ring, Sugar Ray spent a lot of time on the golf course – and plays with an 18 handicap.

To improve his putting skills, he installed his own five-hole putting green on his estate.

And that's not the end of the sporty theme.

Sugar Ray, who won titles at welterweight, light-middleweight, middleweight, super-middleweight and light-heavyweight, also has his own tennis court.

When he's done working out, he can head down to his sunken pool for a dip, which is flanked by a spa, and some gorgeous landscaped gardens.


When the home was put for sale in July last year, Bernadette said: “This home has been a peaceful oasis.

“We’ve been blessed to have a space allowing us to host both intimate family gatherings and sizeable fundraisers.

“My hope is that the future owner will cherish this home as much as our family has."

However, there were no takers for the £42million property, which at that price would've broken records for the most costliest house in the area.

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Here’s What’s Happening With Coachella 2020 Amid Pandemic…

The 2020 Coachella Music Festival is still scheduled to take place later this year following a postponement amid the pandemic – but maybe not for long.

As it stands, the festival is scheduled to take place over two weekends in October.

However, according to sources via Bloomberg, festival organizers are asking artists about their 2021 schedule.

“The organizers of the Coachella music festival are asking artists lined up for the annual event to play in 2021 instead, according to people familiar with the matter, the clearest sign yet that this year’s show will be canceled,” the outlet reported Thursday (May 28).

Some acts have already confirmed, according to the sources, while one source said not all the artists will be asked to return.

“It doesn’t seem likely we are going to open in the fall,” AEG Presents exec Jay Marciano to the New York Times earlier in the week.

Find out what other events were canceled or postponed amid the global health crisis…

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Prince William talks emotional moments over Diana in rare insight to family life

Prince William has opened up on the emotional ‘out of the blue’ moments he still gets regarding his mother, Princess Diana’s death.

The People’s Princess passed away in 1997 when William was just 15 years old, following a car crash in Paris.

And now, 23 years after the tragic accident occurred, the mourning son described how he is still grieving his loss, when chatting with footballer Marvin Sordell on his BBC One programme Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health.

‘Having children is the biggest life-changing moment,’ the royal told his guest, who recently became a father in 2017.

‘I agree with you, when you have been through something traumatic in life, like your dad not being around, my mother dying when I was younger, your emotions come back in these environments, it’s a very different phase in life and there’s no one there to help you.’

Giving a rare insight into his own life, the Duke of Cambridge spoke about his wife Kate Middleton, and how she helps him over come his dark days.

‘I definitely find it at times, overwhelming,’ he confessed. ‘Me and Katherine we support each other, we go through those moments together and we evolve and learn together.

‘But emotionally, things come out of the blue that you don’t expect or you think you have maybe dealt with. So I can completely relate about children coming along.’

Prince William shares three children with Kate, two-year-old Prince Louis, his five-year-old sister Princess Charlotte, and Prince George, who is just six years old.

Talking about bringing new life into the world, the proud dad said: ‘It’s the most amazing moment of life, and one of the most scariest.’

He then told Marvin: ‘Your dad would be very proud of you.’

And in a touching moment, Marvin reassured William, adding: ‘Your mum would be proud of you too.’

The programme is part of William’s Heads Up campaign where he is trying to get British men to speak out on their mental health, and is using football as a way to do so.

During the episode, he touched on numerous hard-hitting subjects, including anxiety, depression and suicide.

Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health is available on BBC iPlayer.

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Inside Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee’s caravan where the pair are in lockdown together

Jenny Newby and Lee Riley have captured the hearts of the nation on Channel 4’s Gogglebox with their wicked sense of humour and close friendship.

The cheeky pair have a 13 year age gap, with Jenny being 64 and Lee just 51-years-old. They met because Jenny was the landlady of a pub called The Crown Inn in Paull and Lee was a regular customer.

The duo have been in lockdown together in Lee’s caravan in Hull so they can continue filming scenes for the show.

No doubt they have been watching a lot of telly while taking the mickey out each other and enjoying a tipple on the sofa.

  • Gogglebox star Lee Riley sends fans wild with unrecognisable 16-year old throwback snap with Jenny Newby

  • Scarlett Moffatt claims time travellers built the Great Pyramid of Giza and hieroglyphics are emojis

They have joint social media accounts where they frequently post images of the caravan to their many followers. Let’s take a look inside…

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Lee's living room of course has a very large TV. The colour palette of the space is very neutral with cream-coloured walls and large windows with tartan curtains. The pair sit on a comfy looking beige sofa… and we wish we could join them!

The sofa has rose gold pillows and behind it is grey lacey curtains as well as gold ones. There is also a little teddy bear sat above, a sweet edition to what must be a limited friendship group while in lockdown.

From this angle we can see that the living room has a fluffy mushroom-coloured carpet, with a matching two-tiered wooden coffee table in the centre of the room.

There is a Buddha statue in the corner as well as a large candle to provide ambience to the space.

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Additionally, Lee has a Fortnum and Masons hamper which, aside from looking great, would also have been filled with many delicious goodies for the pair to enjoy while in lockdown.

As we can see from this snap, a yummy snack is indeed what the pair like. Sitting watching a cooking show with a class of icey wine and some crisps and dip is our idea of a night well spent!

The pals also shared this sweet snap of themselves on the balcony of Lee's home and it has lovely white painted wooden fences, and so do all their neighbours.

We imagine that they're having socially distance drinks out there and waving happily at others!

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