The worst beer gardens in Britain – but we bet you’d still love a pint in one after 8 weeks in lockdown

AFTER eight weeks in lockdown, Brits are eager to return to the humble pub garden.

However, not all of them are that enticing, with some rather depressing gardens across the UK.

While a pub beer garden is a staple in all summer plans, some pubs didn't get the memo to make them nice for punters.

Outdoor heating, comfy seats and a great view are just some of the things that make a relaxing drink with friends.

Instead, these gardens offer brick wall-views, dodgy seating and creepy ambience.

We've rounded up some of the worst offenders – which you might still end up visiting after lockdown

1. Locked doors

2. Social distancing to the extreme

3. Double parked

4. Room and a view

5. Take a seat

6. Nearly plastered

7. Sloshed by lunchtime

8. Pint-size space

9. Hole in the wall

10. Seeing double doors

11. Warning signs

12. Outdoor seating

Pub gardens may be able to open by next month – although may be slightly different than before.

Farms and streets should be allowed to be used for extra space when reopening pub gardens, according to a tourism boss.

Tourism Alliance director Kurt Janson told Sun Online Travel: "Pubs could open back onto fields, especially in rural areas, and use farmer's fields to increase the footfall."

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