Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new chief of staff speaks out

The Californication begins: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new chief-of-staff releases a gushing statement about couple’s ‘deep commitment to improving lives’ as they officially shut their ‘stiff’ Buckingham Palace office

  • Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38,  have hired Catherine St-Laurent  
  • New chief of staff was leading executive at a Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation
  • Praised the duo and said they have ‘a deep commitment to improving lives’  
  • Couple have now abandoned their Instagram account with 11 million followers 
  • The Duke and Duchess’ Buckingham Palace office in the UK is also shut  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new chief-of-staff has released a gushing statement about the couple’s ‘deep commitment to improving lives’ as the Sussexes break away from monarchy and start their life in California.

Catherine St-Laurent, who was recently hired for their non-profit enterprise, shared a statement with Harper’s Bazaar, about her work with the  Duke, 35, and Duchess of Sussex, 38, so far.

She said: ‘From our very first conversation, Harry and Meghan have expressed a deep commitment to improving lives and having a positive impact on society.’

It comes as the couple shut up their Buckingham Palace office in the UK for good, and shared their final Instagram message on their @SussexRoyal handle as they abandon their 11 million followers and step away from the royal family. 

Royal expert William Hanson said Catherine’s statement was a clear indication the couple had moved away from their traditionally ‘stiff’ approach of the royals, calling it ‘relaxed’ and ‘casual’. 

Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle’s, 38, new chief of staff Catherine St-Laurent hailed the couple’s ‘deep commitment to improving lives’ and their perspective on the importance of compassion in their mission (pictured) 

In the deeply personal statement, Catherine went on to say: ”Their perspective on the role that empathy, connection, and compassion can play in that mission is both deeply personal and incredibly timely.’ 

Meanwhile in their own statement, Prince Harry and Meghan said they were ‘proud’ to be joined by the staff for the ‘next chapter’.

They praised her ‘tremendous impact on the world’ and said she would be ‘an incredible asset’ on their team. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, William said the statement showed a break-away from the kind of piece released by Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry and Meghan are currently living in Los Angeles as they break away from the monarchy 

He revealed: ‘The statement’s wording is casual and relaxed, far from the more formal and, as some would say, ’stiff’ tone of royal missives. 

‘There is no use of titles, just first names, and it uses American English rather than actual English.’

He went on: ‘It is clearly another indicator to the public as to how the semi-royal couple wish to operate once normality resumes.’

‘For me, what is odd, is that the worthy and commendable objectives they list are also those of the institution they have rather clumsily spent four months trying to leave.’

Meanwhile in the same piece, royal expert Omid Scobie revealed the couple had shared their final Instagram post under their @SussexRoyal handle, with the account due to ‘become inactive’ from this point on.

Catherine said Prince Harry and Meghan’s mission had been clear ‘from the very first conversation’

He also said the couple have now put an end to the flashy website, having been told by the Queen they are no longer allowed to use the title after they stepped back from royal duty yesterday.  

It was reported on Friday that Meghan and Harry had appointed Catherine as their new chief of staff and executive director of their non-profit organisation. 

Catherine has been hired as ‘chief of staff’ and ‘executive director’ of their non-profit enterprise. 

She was the director at Pivotal Ventures, Melinda Gates’ women and families foundation, supporting campaigns that aimed to help improve the lives of women around the globe.

In a departing email to staff, she announced: ‘I am thrilled to be able to play a supporting role in realising their vision and enabling them to achieve impact on the issues that matter most to them.’ 

Prince Harry and Meghan have now wound down their UK foundation and are living in Los Angeles 

A friend told the Mail that the Canadian-born French speaker was ‘feisty, fair and up for a tough conversation’, adding: ‘But if all goes wrong, she is good for a laugh and a cocktail afterwards. She’s a good egg. She’ll bring a clean-sheet perspective.’ 

Catherine will have much in common with Meghan, describing herself on Twitter profile as a promoter of ‘conversations about women and girls’ rights’ and enjoying  yoga, travelling and spinning. 

The couple, who are breaking away from the monarchy to earn their own money in the US, have had to ditch using Sussex Royal as their brand name.

The Queen and her senior officials were said to have ordered Harry and Meghan to drop the use of the word ‘Royal’ because it could have led to accusations they were cashing in on their royal status.

The Sussexes agreed to the change, but appeared to show their dissatisfaction, with their website previously stating that the monarchy had no jurisdiction over the use of the word ‘royal’ overseas.

On Monday night, the couple shared their final post on the Sussex Royal account on Instagram, with royal expert Omid Scobie saying the account will now be inactive 

From March 31, they were no longer be working royals nor use their HRH styles.

Prince Harry and Meghan have now wound down their UK foundation and shut their Buckingham Palace office.

The duo are now living in California, having carried out their final round of royal duties in Britain, and are planning the launch of their new non-profit organisation for next month. 

The Sussexes are yet to flesh out what their new entity will look like, other than outlining it will support their ‘global charitable, campaign and philanthropic work’. 

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