How Hollywood's biggest stars have changed during quarantine

The self-isolation make-under! How Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have changed during quarantine – without stylists, colorists, and makeup artists to keep them looking red carpet-ready

  • Most of the country has been stuck at home for over a month 
  • California’s shelter-in-place order began March 19 
  • Even celebrities have lost access to hairstylists and cosmetic surgeons 
  • Photos taken after weeks of quarantine show stars looking at quite different than they do on the red carpet

Quarantine and self-isolation have taken a toll on everyone — even the most glamorous among us.

Celebrities aren’t immune to the stress of the pandemic, whether it be from fear of the virus spreading, boredom, loneliness, or even homeschooling their children.

And it shows. Many are still frequently posting photos of themselves on social media, and the pictures tell quite a story — especially compared to what they looked like on the red carpet just a couple of months ago.

Like the rest of us, most stars aren’t wearing nearly as much make up as they did when they had places to go and people to see. Others are seeing their hair go gray and grow a bit too long, or are watching their roots come in.

BoredPanda rounded up some before and after pictures of Hollywood’s biggest names before the pandemic and now. Scroll down to see how much everyone has changed.

At home: Celebrities have posted pictures of themselves after weeks in quarantine — and they’re looking a bit different than they do on the red carpet (pictured: Drew Barrymore)

Surprise! A lot of male celebrities, like Ryan Reynolds are suddenly sporting gray facial hair

Stunner: But going without makeup and stylists just shows how some stars, like Kristen Bell, are naturally very good looking

Hanging out: Many are taking the opportunity to show their more casual side, like Helen Mirren

Bunny: Katy Perry is wearing less makeup in lockdown, but she’s still playing around with fashion

Family time: Gwyneth is letting go of her inner perfectionist these days


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