We are so happy to announce the launch of “Derm-imaging”, the official website of the International Society for Dermatologic Imaging.
This would not have been possible without the utmost efforts of Mr. Simon Pucher.
We are really grateful to him for this kind favour.


6 Responses to Welcome aboard.

  1. Rahila says:

    congratulations doc!
    to launch the official website of Intenational society of Dermatologic Imaging.


  2. Simon Pucher says:

    Shahbaz, it is our pleasure to support you.
    Please continue your wonderful work!
    Best regards,

  3. Thank you Rahila for your interest in joining international society for dermatologic imaging. Please complete the membership form and send it to me. You will be informed as soon as the board approves your membership application.

  4. Madiha says:

    This is indeed a great educational site. Keep up the good work.

  5. Dr. Mubeen Malik, Kharian Cantt-Pakistan says:

    I feel really proud to say that the work done in the field of Dermatology by Dr. Shahbaz Janjua is appreciable & wonderful. He has deep interest in Dermatology & I wish him all the success in future. Dr Mubeen Malik, Kharian Cantt-Pakistan.

  6. A wonderful endeavor on your part to impart knowledge to dermatologists and non-dermatologists alike. I hope Dr Shahbaz that you will fill up the image atlas with the enormous number of cases you have had the personal experience of examining and treating. It is very helpful indeed, to have a look at the images, and our minds just downloads the information we have at times forgotten, or just never had the time to recall. Best of luck for the future.


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