Text: Rosa Taberner

As of March the 16th, the updated version of Photoshop Express (PE) is available free of charge for iOs devices at the app store.

The image quality of the iphone (especially the 4G) allows its use for clinical and dermoscopic imaging (see previous blog: //derm-imaging.org/dermatology/is-mobile-technology-the-way-to-go) and it’s very good news to have an application to easily edit our images on the go.

The app is compatible with iphone 3G, 3Gs, 4G, ipod touch 3rd and 4th generation and ipad 1. Ipad 2 images are not compatible as yet, though an update will very likely solve this inconvenience.

The interface is relatively simple and starts off with the selection of an already existant picture (select photo) or the invitation to take a new one:

Once the image is selected, we proceed to edit by pressing over the pen symbol

A new menu comes up on the top. The first symbol leads to a sub-menu including: crop, straighten, rotate and flip tools.

The second symbol includes the following tools: exposure, saturation, tint, black and white and contrast. With a simple movement of a finger we can adjust contrast and saturation, which very likely are the most interesting tools for dermatologists.

The third symbol opens up the “artistic” menu with sketch, soft focus, sharpen and reduce noise options. The latter are only available for those costumers who paid for the full version of the app.

In this melanoma example we  increased the network’s sharpness.

The last group of tools (stars) are of limited interest to dermatologists as they represent “artistic” modifications.

Finally, the bottom menu offers the possibility to share your modified image with a different set of social networks:

In a nutshell: a simple, effective and so far (mostly) free application for iphone users.


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