(Updated with details provided by the company, new data in red)

Mobile phones seem to be gaining ground to some other alternatives such as compact cameras or other heavy and bulky devices.

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This time we introduce you to an attachable dermoscope for the iphone. Whether this will be available to other mobile platforms is still unknown.

The device consists of a slide-in case to which the iphone gets connected so that the mobile camera gets transformed into a LED illuminated dermoscope with a 20X magnification capability.

The case is slightly different depending on which version of iphone is to be used (only available for 3Gs vs 4G).

Apparently the application that runs the device keeps the same sort of interface that it´s familiar to all iphone users:

images are recorded with its details attached

The body part puppet allows introducing the precise location of the lesion.

In the image gallery the pictures are shown in chronological order

The “email image” option sends the picture with the corresponding information.

Bear in mind that on top of the 1166 Euros (Updated: 495 € + 19% VAT) necessary to get the device, you will also need to pay an extra amount of 10 Euros for the application.

The video within the Website provides with detailed information on how the dermyscope works:


The other most relevant details of the dermyscope are:

-Looks like the battery can be charged using the same connector supplied with the iphone, which obviously is very convenient: (updated: the battery is charged with an USB cable only)

-Zoom x5 to x20 magnification (confirmed, it is selectable).

-Displayable ruler to save a millimetre scale in the picture:

-Recording quality settings depending on our needs:

-Data are kept in the encrypted application and can be password protected. Also email transfer supports SSL allowing to send secure data.

For further details on the handyscope:


The system is certainly a clever one but there still are a few unresolved questions, the main one being: what’s the image quality like?

We are planning on producing a proper review of the device if we manage to get a sample to put it through its paces. In the meantime, we offer you these samples as an appetizer. Stay tunned!

Images are the property of: Dr. Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, Medizinische Universität Graz. They are not to be used without authorization.

click the centre of the images to enlarge them

We are grateful to Dr. Hofmann-Wellenhof for permitting us the use of these sample pictures.


14 Responses to Is mobile technology the way to go? (UPDATED)

  1. Congratulations Leo on your first post which is indeed looking fabulous. Yes, the mobile technology is the way to go. Handyscope is a great device for instant dermoscopy and teledermoscopy. Best wishes, Shahbaz

  2. Rosa Taberner says:

    Congratulations, Leo. I think we’ll learn a lot with the new blog.

  3. Simon Pucher says:

    Dear Shahbaz, Dear Leo,

    you are right!
    In my opinion the mobile market is the next step for the health sector. Every year the devices are getting better and better, also connections like UMTS is available in every country so mobile TeleDermatology is going to be the future…

  4. Maria José says:

    Great article. Congratulations Leo

    Simon your help in Dermatology is invaluable. Thanks

  5. Nerea Landa says:

    Genial. Yo voy a intentar conseguir uno

  6. Alin Tatu says:

    I saw on 3 Gen Dermlite site a similar device with the price-around 30 USD.

  7. Simon Pucher says:

    Hi Alin, this would be awesome! Could you provide us a link?

  8. shahbaz says:

    A lower price also means now more dermatologists will be able to use the device. Thank you Leo for updating the post with new information.

  9. Andy says:

    The 30 USD device is just the adapter kit. You still need the lens system. This is between 500-1000 USD.

  10. Nerea Landa says:

    Me gustaría comprar uno, creo que voy a utilizarlo más que el que tengo, porque parece que las fotos se archivan automatica y ordenadamente. Donde lo habeis adquirido [email protected]?

    • Leo Barco says:

      Nerea, no sé de nadie que lo tenga. Me prestan 1 la semana que viene y haré un análisis que colgaré algún día. No te puedo dar más detalles por ahora. Saludos

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