Text: Leo Barco

The last app update (v 1.5) has recently been launched claiming to fix some minor bugs and most importantly, it also claims to include metadata within the backup  images, something we stressed as an important drawback on our recent review:


It is good to know that manufacturers take seriously customers’ feedback and work to improve their devices.

In this particular case, unfortunately metadata are only visible through exif readers on the iphone but when trying to read those metadata somewhere else outside iphone (I tried Photoshop, Photo mechanic and Lightroom)..well, they are basically only visible as non-structured information and only Photoshop was capable to decipher the info and in such a format that it is of no use.

Exif reader on the iphone displaying image metadata details


Photoshop capture showing metadata details in a rather unusable way

In other words, it was a good try but unless we are able to see those metadata in a “normal” metadata field and properly displayed, I am afraid it is of no real help.


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