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A Spanish group of dermatologists (Dr. P. Jaén, Dr. S. Vañó-Galván and Dr. M. Fernández-Lorente) has created an IPAD application (“DERMOMAP HD”) that has become, in a few days, the most downloaded medical app in Spain and one of the most downloaded apps in other countries such as The United States, Canadá, Portugal or Brasil.

DermoMap HD is a 5,99 Euros application specifically designed for the iPad that provides an extraordinary visual, interactive, and intuitive guide to help in the diagnosis of skin problems. DermoMap HD is a useful tool to guide in the diagnosis of various dermatological conditions. It provides updated information about the general symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of each disease. DermoMap HD helps promote, build up and spread dermatology knowledge.

DERMOMAP features 4 intuitive, visual and practical sections specifically created to enjoy a truly “iPad experience”:

-Search: An alphabetical list of skin diseases, where you can quickly find the disease and access all information and images of the pathology.

-Diagnose: Through a simple interface where you choose location, duration and symptoms of the condition, you will be assisted in the diagnosis of skin lesions. It also enables you to identify, in a few seconds, what disease may cause certain skin lesions.

-Compare: When you are interested in a specific disease, you can select photos of the condition and compare them with your own uploaded pictures.

-Practice: It offers you the possibility to assess the knowledge acquired through the application by taking different types of review exams with images and multiple-choice questions.

DermoMap HD is aimed at general practitioners, students, health personnel (pharmacists, nurses, etc), patients with curiosity about their conditions, and general public interested in dermatological education or information.

The application will also be available for the iphone in the near future.

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  2. This sounds a wonderful educational tool. Is it available in other languages as well. Would it be possible to share some data (images and info )with our colleagues or patients for tele-education.

  3. Sergio Vañó-Galván says:

    Thank you Shahbaz.
    We are thinking about making an interactive tool in the website of DERMOMAP (www.dermomap.com) just to allow physicians and patients to share data for tele-education.
    Our aim is to promote dermatologic knowledge to other collectives and even for young dermatologists (residents…) with a practice and interactive app.

  4. Please check this!
    First Clinical Atlas in the iPhone.

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