Tom Holland Is Living With A Secret Girlfriend?!

Who knew the guy who plays a teen superhero with a secret identity would be so good at hiding his double life?? LOLz!

That’s just one more thing we’re learning about Tom Holland today in a surprise report which claims not only does the Spider-Man: Far From Home star have a girlfriend — they’re already living together!

Yes, according to sources spilling to on Thursday the 23-year-old is in “an official relationship” with an actress named Nadia Parkes, after about three months of quietly dating.

Wait, living together after just THREE MONTHS?? That’s a little extreme, isn’t it? Well, that’s love in the time of corona for ya.

An insider told the outlet it was the sudden implementation of social distancing guidelines which forced the fledgling couple’s hand:

“It was early days for Tom and Nadia when the lockdown was announced in London.”

At that point it was either back off and keep things limited to Zooming (which is ironically a very slow courtship) or jump in with both feet and see how it goes! Fortunately, per the source, it’s going really well!

“They made the decision to isolate together and things have been going great between them. Tom has told friends and family they’re in an official relationship and living together so soon into their romance has only made them stronger.”

Phew! That could have been downright disastrous!

Some couples have found isolating together to be the end of their relationships as we’ve had to sadly report multiple times already this year. This must be particularly tricky for Nadia, seeing as Tom lives in what’s been basically a bachelor pad with his BFF Harrison Osterfield (also 23) and his little brother Harry Holland (21).

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Living with three college age guys can NOT be the easiest plunge for a young woman!

So who is Nadia Parkes anyway?

Well, she’s an actress you may have seen in recent high profile TV roles on the BBC hit Doctor Who or the Starz series The Spanish Princess. The 24-year-old is also accustomed to being around highly scrutinized celebs as she’s good friends with Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner — she was even at Sophie’s bachelorette party (or hen-do as they call them in the UK) before one of her weddings to Joe Jonas.

In fact, it’s believed it was Joe and Sophie who introduced the couple!

Tom has obviously not confirmed the relationship, but then again he’s never confirmed any relationship yet, has he? Not the much-speculated fling with co-star Zendaya nor the rumored nine-month relationship with Olivia Bolton. Like we said, the man is good at keeping secrets…

Do YOU buy this latest relationship rumor??

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