Kourtney Kardashian Only Apologized to Kim Kardashian After Their Fight Because She Had to

If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashian or follow any type of celeb news, you’ll know that the main event of this season was Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian getting into a physical fight. There were punches, kicks, shoving, slapping, yelling, and bloody scratches, so yeah, it was extreme!

Right after returning to the show, Kourtney called it a “toxic environment,” and now, thanks to a new KUWTK clip, it looks like Kourtney also wasn’t too keen on apologizing to Kim after their fight (and reminder: Kourtney is the one who started it when she threw a water bottle at Kim’s face).

In the clip, Khloé and Kim meet Scott Disick at a restaurant to discuss the show-down. Khloé reveals that she was the one to text Kourtney after the fight, saying, “If I didn’t reach out to Kourt, she never would’ve reached out to me, which is crazy.” But Kourtney did talk to Kim afterward, and Kim reveals, “She did reach out to me. And so, she said, ‘Can we meet tonight? ‘Cause, I have a fitting tomorrow.'”

However, Scott points out that Kim and Kourtney are supposed to go on a trip to Armenia in the next few days, and worries what that might mean for their kids. “I’m trying to understand about Armenia, ’cause obviously it has to do with my children. What do you think? Are you just gonna sit down one day prior and then get on a plane across the world?”

With this brought up, Khloé speculates that Kourtney might not have made time to meet with Kim and apologize if they didn’t have the upcoming trip. “I think she’s only apologizing cause there’s a deadline, or else I don’t think she would have done it,” Khloé says.

Obviously, Kourtney and her sisters have worked it all out now, but yikes—it looks like this fight was really dragged out. Watch the clip here:

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