RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2 release date: When will it air? Michelle Visage reveals all

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK first aired last year on BBC Three as the hugely popular competition made its journey across the pond. Before returning for a second outing, exclusively spoke to judge Michelle Visage about what to expect and when it could return.

When will RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2 be released?

Viewers were ecstatic when the hit drag competition RuPaul’s Drag Race launched its first UK version in 2019.

Airing on BBC Three back in October, fans fell in love with the latest iteration of the hit series which put a unique British spin on the show.

After The Vivienne was crowned as the UK’s first Drag Superstar, viewers were also eager to know when the show would be returning.

The BBC has already confirmed it will be coming back with auditions for the series opening back in November 2019.


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However, in the wake of coronavirus COVID-19 shutting down production on television shows across the world, some fans have been wondering when it could be released.

This was especially the case after a BBC spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy filming had been halted on the show back in March.

Now, judge Michelle Visage has given an update on the series in an interview with

She said: “Obviously everybody’s in lockdown so we have to follow government guidelines.

“It’s gonna happen but we just can’t do it in quarantine.

“So once the guidelines are lifted then we’ll have more information but we are excited to get underway.”

Therefore, it’s not clear whether Drag Race will be able to return this October but fans should rest assured it is on its way.

Visage also revealed in the chat a bit about why she wanted to bring the series to the UK so much.


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She added: “Let me tell you I’m a big driving force behind it happening because I came over here like six or seven years ago and started performing in the gay bars.

“And I saw the love and the passion for Drag Race and that’s the reason I did Celebrity Big Brother five years ago, was to bring attention to it.

“I knew that the LGBTQIA+ community in the UK needed their own version.

“These kids craved it, they deserved it. So I fought really hard for this British version to happen.

“It took five years, but it ended up where it belonged at the BBC of all places.

“And it was a huge hit because there’s so much heart and so much love in the UK for the art of drag.


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“You can see it in these kids’ bones, it was just amazing.”

While viewers wait for more episodes of the show, Visage is fronting a brand-new BBC Three series about her lockdown experience.

Called How’s Your Head Hun, fans can follow Visage and her family self-isolating in Los Angeles in the new series on BBC iPlayer.

Airing every Tuesday, each episode focuses on how they’re dealing with quarantine while Visage also catches up with some old friends via video chat.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2 is expected to return later in 2020.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Pushes Back Movie Release in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter Activists

The ‘Hamilton’ creator has decided to postpone the release of his new documentary ‘We Are Freestyle Love Supreme’ amid the nationwide protests against racial injustice.

AceShowbiz -Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda has put the release of his new documentary on hold in light of the Black Lives Matter protests taking place across the U.S.

The “Hamilton” creator and actor had been due to share “We Are Freestyle Love Supreme“, a film about his improv hip-hop group Freestyle Love Supreme, on Hulu this week, but he has since delayed the launch to show solidarity with social and racial justice advocates.

“We will be postponing the release of the We Are Freestyle Love Supreme documentary and look forward to sharing it with you in the future,” reads a group statement posted on Twitter.

The announcement also included ways for followers to help and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The message continued, “We are for the freedom of expression, creativity, inclusion, equality, and most of all, love,” the group said. “Our work has always centered around creating a safe space for those ideals to flourish. Our show does not exist without the operations of brilliant black artists that created two of our most beloved American art forms, jazz and hip-hop.”

“Today our country, our world struggles to reach an end to this systemic racial injustice, intolerance, police brutality and hate. We add our voices to that fight.”

“We Are Freestyle Love Supreme”, which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, chronicles Miranda’s reunion with a number of his Hamilton collaborators, with whom he had performed improv shows before and after the show became a Broadway smash.

A new launch date has yet to be revealed.

It is thought to be the first film to have its release postponed in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white police officer in Minnesota last week.

The news comes days after Miranda personally expressed his deep regret for not taking an official stand on police brutality, racism, and white supremacy issues sooner, branding his previous silence “a moral failure.”

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans sings ‘tell me to leave, I’ll pack my bags’ in bikini amid rumors of another split from David – The Sun

TEEN MOM 2 alum Jenelle Evans sang some cryptic tunes in a bikini as rumors circle of yet another split from husband David Eason.

The on-again-off-again couple has been having some issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jenelle, 28, shared a message with David, 31, on her social media as she sunbathed in her pool with her son Kaiser on Wednesday.

Dressed in a scalloped bikini and laying on a floaty, the mother of three sang Noah Cyrus's July.

She specifically mouthed the words: "So tell me to leave, I'll pack my bags, get on the road."

Just yesterday, The Sun reported that the controversial couple unfollowed each other on social media following a Facebook spat the day before.

The former Teen Mom had written on social media: "God forbid I hangout with my friends.”

This made David snap and he responded in a now-deleted comment: “God forbid I get a baby sitter and try to have a day with my wife before she flips out and deserted me for her drug addict, w***e friend.”

Jenelle also posted on Facebook: “At least my friend can pay for her own bills… uhm… when’s the last time you paid for ANYTHING? History repeats itself lol.”

Jenelle and David are likely referring to Jenelle’s longtime friend Tori Rhyne, as she later tagged Jenelle in a Facebook post that read: “3rd wheeling with toxic couples be lit asf.”

David then wrote on Facebook: “My biggest flaw, I might talk s**t but never get even… I can’t scoop [sic] to your level.”

The couple also got into a fight over social media back in April.

Jenelle hinted she split from David when she posted a series of cryptic messages on her Facebook.

She posted: “Can’t trust a soul… EVER. When will it stop?”

The JE Cosmetics owner said she was “feeling annoyed” and shared: “My phone is smashed so if anyone needs to get a hold of me, message me on here.”

She captioned a video of their daughter, Ensley, 3, and Jace, 10, her son from a previous relationship: “My kids are the only ones that make me happy.”

But in May, Jenelle praised her husband and their relationship.

She captioned a photo of the couple: “I don’t care what they say, I love you no matter what. Here’s to new beginnings. #MarriedLife #HappyWifeHappyLife.”

In October 2019, Jenelle posted on Instagram that she had separated from her husband of two years.

She moved to Nashville, Tennessee with Ensley, and her son Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star also filed a restraining order request against David, where she claimed he was “violent” and abusive.”

She wrote in the order that she was “scared” for her life and for the “well-being” of her children.

But in January, she dropped the restraining order request and they were spotted together in Nashville.

Though she claimed the two were just co-parenting, she moved back into their North Carolina home only months later.

The separation came after David admitted to shooting and killing the family dog in April 2019 for nipping at Ensley.

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John Lewis Appears On ‘CBS This Morning’ To Talk About Protests Following George Floyd’s Death: “You Cannot Stop The Call Of History”

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who is fighting pancreatic cancer, gave his first network interview since the protests to the death of George Floyd started across the country.

“You cannot stop the call of history,” Lewis told co-anchor Gayle King. “You may use troopers. You may use fire hoses and water, but it cannot be stopped. There cannot be any turning back. We have come too far and made too much progress to stop now and go back.”

The civil rights icon, who was chairman of the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee as they staged actions to desegregate the south throughout the 1960s, said that the latest protest movement “feels and looks so different. It is so much more massive and all inclusive. To see people from all over the world taking to the streets, to the roadways, to stand up, to speak out, to do what I call getting in trouble, and with the sense of determination and commitment, there will be no turning back. People now under stand what the struggle was all about.”

Lewis is the last living speaker who addressed crowds at the Lincoln Memorial during the 1963 March on Washington. The memorial has a marker of the spot, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. Lewis was brutally attacked by Alabama state troopers on March 7, 1965 and he and Hosea Williams led marchers in a voting rights protest that took them across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

Lewis said that watching the video of Floyd’s arrest and death and “it made me so sad. It was so painful. It made me cry. I kept saying to myself, ‘How many more? How many more young black men will be murdered? And the madness must stop.”

Lewis said that his health is improving. “I have a wonderful doctor and nurse taking good care of me. I am very hopeful and optimistic,” he said.

King also asked Lewis about the looting that has taken place amid the protests. “There was some looting, there was some disruption,” she said.

He said that “there is something cleansing, something hopeful about being peaceful and orderly, to stand up with a sense of dignity and a sense of pride, and never hate. As “Dr. King said over and over again, ‘Hate is too heavy a burden to bear.’ The way of love is a much better way.”

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Kate Ferdinand breaks down in tears as Rio’s son Lorenz shares a touching tribute to his step-mum on her birthday – The Sun

KATE Ferdinand was left in tears last night as Rio's son Lorenz shared a touching tribute to his step-mum on her birthday.

The former Towie star celebrated her 29th birthday at home with husband Rio, 41, and his kids Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, nine.

Sharing a family photo with the kids' faces blocked by emojis, he wrote: "Happy birthday @xkateferdinand love you loads thank you for everything you do."

She posted it on her Instagram Story with the caption: "OK your making me cry again. love you."

Kate has become a mother figure to Rio's three children after he tragically lost his wife, Rebecca Ellison in 2015 to breast cancer.

Earlier this year she opened up about the realities of becoming a step-mum to her husband’s kids.


Speaking to the Times Magazine, Kate explained how a huge argument with the children had upset her.

"You don't know," one of Rio's children told her, "because you're not a mum."

"The minute they said it, there was a gasp," she said, adding: "They've never said it again."

And it seems the family have come a long way as Kate celebrated her amazing lockdown birthday with balloons, wine and a chill-out zone in the garden.

Kate marked the occasion with a photo in their garden, surrounded by balloons.

She sat on the cushioned seat with a wine glass in one hand, while petting the dog with the other.

Her birthday dress was a long, flowing white gown with sequins on the arms.

She captioned the image: "Had the most fabulous birthday 💗💜💛 …. feeling so loved, lockdown birthday has been surprisingly amazing.

"Thanks for all the messages, sorry I’ve not been on my phone all afternoon 🙈 been enjoying myself with my lovely family.

"Thank you to all my friends & family for making it so special from a far but most of all my husband and Lorenz, Tate & Tia, love you so much"

Her friends and family also shared their happy birthday messages and photos, including from her hen do in Mykonos, Green, in June 2019.

This will come as a nice break for Kate who recently admits she was struggling in lockdown without a routine so created one herself.

Kate wrote: "I'm quite good at recognising what I struggle with so I have tried my best to sort some kind of routine to stay on track & have some small goals – even if a goal is cleaning the kitchen.

"The small goals help me stay focused and my mind busy."

But she also recognised it was alright to have bad days too.

Kate told fans: "Saying that, I'm not too hard on myself if I am struggling."

"Tomorrow we have decided to have a rest day, relax, try not to do too many chores and jobs and I am telling myself THAT'S OK!"

The star also revealed exercise really helps and regularly works out in her custom home gym with footballer husband Rio and her three step-children.

She said: "Exercise also really helps, walking the dog and having some fresh air and also listening to your body.

"If it's time to relax and rest don't put too much pressure on yourself."

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Killing Eve boss reveals why Niko was spared after brutal pitchfork attack in season 3 – The Sun

KILLING Eve boss has revealed why Niko survived season 3, despite being the victim of a brutal pitchfork attack.

The drama has killed off several characters during its run, including poor Kenny (Sean Delaney), but Niko surprisingly escaped being axed.

Executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle admitted the show did consider killing the character, but decided against it for the sake of the storyline.

She explained: "We did debate those both ways, ultimately we really wanted Niko (Owen McDonnell) to have the power to walk away and to say 'piss off' rather than him being dispatched by a third party.

"And I think that's really important for Eve's psyche as well. She gets wounded twice, really. She wounded by somebody trying to kill her husband, and then she's wounded by the fact that her husband has told her to piss off. Which arguably he should have done a lot earlier [laughs]."

The boss also hasn't ruled out a return for Niko in future episodes.

She laughed: "Who the devil knows? He's not dead, as far as we know."

In season 3, episode 4, Niko's time on the show seemed to be at an end after Dasha brutally stabbed him in the neck with a pitchfork.

But two episodes later, it was revealed that Eve's husband somehow survived the attack – but he made it clear that he did not want to see her anymore.

One of the other stars of the show Fiona Shaw, was left feeling 'very disturbed' by Carolyn's first kill in the season 3 finale.

Her character Carolyn Martens committed her first murder when she shot her new boss Paul Bradwell, who turned out to be one of The Twelve.

The actress described how taken aback she was with Carolyn's killing, saying she had never thought of her as a killer.

She told "I don’t believe Carolyn ever killed anyone, sure, the MI6 agent has overseen and perhaps witnessed killings as part of her job, but the actress thought it would be “a long time” before we’d see her character take a life.

“I was very disturbed by it, because I really didn’t think of Carolyn as a killer. I hope the audience didn’t either.”

Watch all episodes of Killing Eve season 3 on BBC iPlayer

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Money Heist season 5 theories: Alicia Sierra and The Professor in double death twist

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The end of the fourth season of Money Heist saw Lisbon (played by Itziar Ituño) drop into the Bank of Spain via a helicopter flown by Marseille (Luka Peroš). She joined the rest of the La Casa De Papel gang to help with their heist however as they celebrated Lisbon’s arrival, The Professor (Alvaro Morte) was stunned when Alicia (Najwa Nimri) arrived in his hidden bunker and pointed a gun at him. Fans now believe the pair will both end up dead when season five hits television screens.

It’s clear that Alicia wants revenge on The Professor for humiliating her and causing her to lose her job.

However fans think that as Alicia and The Professor fight one another, they will both end up dead as they fight for what they believe in.

One fan thinks that as Alicia has lost her job, she may not kill The Professor but simply humiliate him in destroying his escape plan for the Bank of Spain heist.

Reddit user SoberTexts theorised: “Why does everyone think that she’s gonna join the gang? I doubt that the professor would even let her.


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“She caused Nairobi’s death. She’s a f**king bitch and untrustworthy. She’s also pregnant which is very… disadvantageous.

“Just because she is a wanted criminal and has nowhere to go doesn’t mean she tried finding the professor to join.

“I think it’s more of a ‘if I’m going down, then we’re going down together’ situation or maybe she thinks catching the professor and helping the police/government get ahold of him will get her in the government’s good graces again.”

Some fans seemed to agree with one predicting that as she holds The Professor hostage, her waters will break.

“I 100% agree, S5 is for sure gonna be about getting out of the bank AND the professor… but (just a theory), what if Alicia has him captive and her water breaks or some cr*p like that, and he manages to get out…,” they replied.

If Alicia’s waters do break, it could be a moment for The Professor to escape and he could leave her without any help, which may result in her death.

However, The Professor could also try to help Alicia with her baby only for to die during child birth.

With The Professor distracted by Alicia giving birth, could that give the Spanish police enough time to track him down?

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Another theory is Alicia could shoot The Professor only for her to then have her waters break and struggle with the birth of her child.

But there’s also the possibility that Alicia kills The Professor only to then be shot by Lisbon who seeks revenge on her former friend for murdering the man she loved.

Either way, it certainly looks like both Alicia and The Professor may not make it out of season five alive.

It comes after actor Alvaro hinted Lisbon could die as he believes his character The Professor will end up alone.


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Speaking at the Chelsea Film Festival, he said: “I’m aware this comment will make me very unpopular.

“The Professor was a very weird guy, a very lonely guy and what happened with the band and finding love, it’s really small chapter in his life.

“If we’re talking about the end of the character, I think at one point, I’d like to see him go back to that loneliness, that solitary life that he’s more used to and seems more comfortable in.”

Will The Professor really end up alone or will it Lisbon mourning the loss of her beloved?

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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L.A. County Public Health Confirms 46 New Deaths & 1,155 New Cases Of COVID-19

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health today confirmed 46 new deaths and 1,155 new cases of COVID-19.

To date, Public Health has identified 58,234 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of L.A. County, and a total of 2,489 deaths. Ninety-two percent of people who died had underlying health conditions, the department said.

Five deaths were reported by the City of Long Beach.

“L.A. County has suffered a great deal of loss from COVID-19,’ said Barbara Ferrer, the director of public health. “As a community, we are mourning with the families and friends who have passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.”

While the Public Health department issued its support for the protests currently underway, it noted, “Everyone engaging in peaceful protest should always wear a face covering securely over their nose and mouth to protect others and keep six feet apart from people outside their household.”

The current Safer at Work and in the Community Health Officer Order allows for in-person dining at restaurants and hair salons to reopen once the establishments are able to implement the required distancing and infection control directives.

The Health Officer Order specifically requires businesses to follow the COVID-19 infection control protocols. Restaurant and hair salon owners and operators must complete and implement these protocols prior to reopening. Brewpubs, breweries, bars, pubs, craft distilleries, and wineries that do not offer sit-down, dine-in meals are still required to remain closed. Higher-risk businesses remain closed.


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'The Office': Michael Scott's Famous 'That's What She Said' Joke Has a Connection to 'SNL'

The origins of one of the most famous comedy TV catchphrases came from a surprising source — one of the writers of The Office heard it during his college days. When Michael Scott first uttered it, there was no turning back on employing it numerous times throughout the series.

The first time Michael said ‘That’s what she said’

The phrase is first said in The Office Season 2 Episode 2, titled “Sexual Harassment,” in which Michael announces he’s no longer going to say “That’s what she said.” During the Dec. 10, 2019 episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey shared more details about the scene.

As he must be more professional in the workplace, Michael tells the office workers, “I just want you to know that, uh, this is not my decision, but from here on out, we can no longer be friends… and when we talk about things here, we may only discuss, um, work-associated things… and, uh, you can consider this my retirement from comedy.”

“And in the future, if I want to say something funny, or witty, or do an impression, I will no longer ever do any of those things,” he adds.

Jim asks, “Does that include ‘That’s what she said?’ and then teases Michael by saying, “Wow, that is really hard… You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling, so…”

Unable to resist the setup, Michael shouts, “That’s what she said!”

Fischer and Kinsey recalled how they remembered filming the scene, with Kinsey pointing out that when Michael blurts out “That’s what she said,” that “his laugh is so huge and giddy and contagious and he’s so happy and pleased with himself” that the cast almost started laughing.

Kinsey adds that “you catch it in John, for just a second” as he’s seen putting his hand in front of his face to cover his laugh.

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The joke wasn’t original

During the Office Ladies podcast, Fischer revealed that the origin of the catchphrase is courtesy of writer B.J. Novak hearing it while he was in college. Another phrase that B.J. heard in college was used in one of Jim’s talking head interview about how he dislikes Todd Packer. “What has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer,” he says, before pointing his thumbs toward himself to declare, “This guy!”

“That joke of ‘what has two thumbs and likes…’ and also the very famous line from this episode, ‘That’s what she said’ those are not original jokes,” Fischer explained. “We did not make those up, B.J. Novak did not write them… B.J. said those are things that he just heard in college as a college student and he kind of dusted them off and brought them back to this episode.”

“And then they took off, especially ‘that’s what she said,’” Fischer added.

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Period. #TheOffice

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The phrase had a ‘Saturday Night Live’ connection

Fischer also pointed out that the phrase “That’s what she said” was said by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live during a “Weekend Update” segment and it was said in Wayne’s World, too.

“The origin of that joke is a British joke,” the actress pointed out, but the phrase originally was “As the actress said to the bishop.”

The phrase lost popularity, but Ricky Gervais brought it back when he said it on the British version of The Office… and they brought its American equivalent to the U.S. version.

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Outlander deleted scene: Claire and Jamie Fraser mourn devastating loss of their baby

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Outlander fans know and love Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) as she has become as integral to the storyline as her parents. But before Brianna was born, Claire had another daughter – Faith. Unfortunately Faith died after Claire gave birth to her in France in season two. Now an unearthed deleted scene shows the heartbreaking moment Claire and Jamie talk about their child and how they will support one another.

After Mother Hildegarde (Frances de la Tour) buried the stillborn baby in the L’Hôpital des Anges cemetery, Claire returned to her Parisian home she shared with Jamie.

Jamie had been in trouble at the time of Faith’s birth and was unable to comfort his wife.

However, when they were both home, he made a promise to Claire to always be by her side and watch over her as they share the loss of Faith.

In the deleted scene, Claire breaks down and Jamie tells her they will move on together.


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Claire asked: “How can we ever be the same?”

“We can’t ever be,” Jamie replied. “After all the floggings, what happened in Wentworth, I didn’t think anything could hurt as bad but this does.

“Losing our child is worse than the brand on my ribs or the scars on my back.

“I will carry it as long as I love. The same as I carry these scars.”


Turning to Claire, he added: “The weight of what has happened here is too much for anyone of us to bear alone.

“We are the only two people in this world who share this pain.”

“This pain,” Jamie continued holding his heart. “Of losing Faith, the only way we can live with it is to carry it again.”

Crying Claire asked him: “Are you sure you want to do that?”

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Jamie knelt in front of her as if praying before he answered: “The blood of my blood and the bone of my bone remember.

“I gave you my body and soul, until our life shall be done. It is not done.”

Fans have been left devastated over the deleted scene with some begging to know why it didn’t make the final cut.

One asked: “Why in the world did they delete this scene? This is a crucial part of the story! Sam & Cat did wonderfully portraying the pain of losing a child.”


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Another added: “I’ve seen plenty of the “deleted scenes” I could do without.

“Deleting this scene feels almost unfair to both actors since they put so much extra emotional effort into it. This was a wonderful performance and I would have been pissed and I were them.”

“Oh my goodness!!! Why would they cut this scene????? Jamie’s words to Claire are so important!!! I can’t believe they left this out,” a third posted.

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime now.

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