Meghan Markle 'relived painful & personal memories' as she spoke out against racism in video, says body language expert

MEGHAN Markle has spoken out about George Floyd’s death, and appeared to “relive painful and personal” memories, says a body language expert. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, released the heartfelt message to the graduating class of her former high school, Immaculate Heart in LA, and said George’s “life mattered.”

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Body language expert Judi James said Meghan “spoke powerfully and movingly straight to camera, apparently without a script, drawing on her own experiences to make her message even more important.”

She told Fabulous: “She takes several large swallows that suggest building emotions like sadness and then when she talks about her own memories of the LA riots her body language style suggests she is reliving the experience as a visualization as she refers to actual, personal memory details like the smell of the smoke and the charred trees.”

In her video, Meghan said: “George Floyd’s life mattered and Breonna Taylor’s life mattered and Philando Castile’s life mattered and Tamir Rice’s life mattered… and so did so many other people whose names we know and whose names we do not know.”

She added: “I wasn’t sure what I could say to you. I wanted to say the right thing and I was really nervous that it would get picked apart.

“And I realised the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing.”

Judi added that the duchess “didn’t over-act her emotions but the congruence in her body language makes them authentic and real”. 

The body language expert said: “Her eye movement suggests she is creating her messages as she goes along rather than working from a prepared speech and this makes it look as though her thoughts come from the heart.

“At the start her greeting ‘eye smiles’ look warm but there are micro-flickers to announce she has some more serious and possible painful points to make.

“Meghan changes gear slightly for the last part of her talk when she gets to the motivational part of her message. 

“Again this is very powerfully delivered straight to camera as she speaks firmly to the students about re-building.”

The unarmed black man died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week after a cop was filmed kneeling on his neck during his arrest.

The tragedy sparked widespread outrage and protests which have spread across the US and around the world.

Meghan referred to a teacher from the school, who she says gave her the courage to speak out.

She said: "I was thinking about this moment when I was a sophomore, I was 15… it’s the year we do volunteer work.

"And I remember one teachers, Ms Pollia, said to me, ‘always remember to put other’s’ needs above your own fears’.

"That has stuck with me throughout my entire life and I have thought about it more in the last week than ever before."

The former Suits star also remembered living through the 1992 LA riots after the police beating of black man Rodney King.

She said: “I was 11 or 12 years old and it was the LA Riots, which was also triggered by senseless act of racism.

“I remember the curfew and I remember rushing back home and on that drive home, seeing ash fall from the sky and smelling the smoke and seeing the smoke billow out of buildings.

“I remember seeing men in the back of a van just holding guns and rifles.

“I remember pulling up at the house and seeing the tree, that had always been there, completely charred.

“And those memories don't go away.”

Floyd died on May 25 after being arrested for trying to use a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes.

On Tuesday, his daughter Gigi's mum revealed her grief over her former partner's death, saying their six-year-old will never be walked down the aisle by her father.

Gigi also appeared in a video where she proudly declares "daddy changed the world!" after her dad’s death sparked a global protest movement.

Meghan has previously spoken out about racism she has suffered being biracial – and spoke of the time her mum was called the N-word. 

The then-actress Meghan, who had not yet married Prince Harry, adds in the poignant clip from 2012, that she hopes the world will have changed by the time she has kids. 

The video is currently going viral, as protests against racial inequality continue in Britain as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Meghan’s video was shot as part of a #IWontStandForRacism campaign, and features the future duchess speaking about her own experiences. 

She says: “For me I think it hits a really personal note. I’m biracial, most people can’t tell what I’m mixed with and so much of my life has felt like being a fly on the wall.

“And so some of the slurs I’ve heard, the really offensive jokes or the names, it has just hit me in a really strong way. 

“A couple of years ago I heard someone call my mum the ‘n word’. 

“So I think for me beyond being personally affected by racism, to see the landscape of what our country is like right now and certainly the world and to want things to be better.”

Meghan, whose dad Thomas Markle is Caucasian and her mum Doria Ragland is African American, spoke of the accepting world she wanted her future kids to grow up in. 

She said: “I am really proud of my heritage on both sides, I’m really proud of where I’ve come from and where I’m coming. 

“But yeah I hope by the time I have children that people are even more open-minded to how things are changing and that having a mixed world is what it’s all about.

“Certainly it makes it a lot more beautiful and a lot more interesting.”

In the moving video, Meghan admitted that some people look at her differently when they find out her heritage. 


As grieving relatives of George Floyd prepare to attend a memorial service in his honour in the US, protests against racial inequality continue in Britain.

Demos are planned in London, Manchester and Birmingham, calling for the end of police brutality as celebs including singer Harry Styles and comedian Paddy McGuinness say that Floyd's death "can't be in vain".

To say that the death of black American George Floyd has hit a nerve in the UK is a huge understatement.

After video showed white officer, Derek Chauvin, pressing his knee on the neck of the dying man – while he pleaded for air with his hands handcuffed behind him – horrified Brits vowed to “kneel for Floyd in solidarity with protesters in America”.

While tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets across the US, anti-racism demonstrations continue to be held in Britain, with people chanting "Black Lives Matter" and waving placards calling for justice.

London defied lockdown to host a protest on May 31, resulting in some protesters being arrested following scuffles with cops.

She said: “Certain people don’t look at me and see me as a black woman or a biracial woman. 

“They treat me differently I think than they would if they knew what I was mixed with. 

“That can be a struggle as much as it can be a good thing depending on the people you are dealing with.”

We shared how Meghan and Prince Harry’s Commonwealth Trust supports Black Lives Matter after London protest.

Meanwhile, Meghan has been secretly working with animal charity as it battles funding crisis during coronavirus lockdown.

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The Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate his 99th birthday with a light lunch and Zoom calls to the family

PRINCE Philip will celebrate his 99th birthday next week with none other than the Queen, 94,by his side.

Royal sources have confirmed that there were no plans for a larger celebration to mark the occasion, instead the pair will enjoy a simple lunch together at Windsor Castle.

Although the lockdown will prevent the Duke of Edinburgh from celebrating with the rest of the royal family, sources that say that he "characteristically taciturn" about the occasion as it is and does not like to make a fuss.

But the day won't be made without a chat with the family so Philip will enjoy Zoom and phone calls with family and friends –including Prince Charles in Scotland, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Norfolk and Harry and Meghan in Los Angeles.

As with other royal birthdays, there'll no doubt be a post on social media, with family also sharing birthday wishes online online.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace hopes to mark the occasion publicly in some small way, "depending on how His Royal Highness feels", Mail Online reports.

"He’s not one for fuss, as you know," a source said, adding that the whole day will very much be "low key".

According to Philip’s cousin and childhood friend Myra Butter, he has always insisted on "no fuss, no bother".

Meanwhile, Lady Butter, 95 – who shares a great-great-grandfather with Philip – said: "He has such an incredibly active mind. And he’s a great reader, so interested in things.

"He’s got enormous knowledge and I am absolutely certain there must be a link between that and his long and healthy life. He’s such an enigma, really. 

"He has that thirst for knowledge. He still paints, he sees his horses and keeps abreast of everything in the news."

Speaking of the duke's age as of next week, Lady Butter added: "He still enjoys the greatest role of all, supporting the Queen. As for a party to celebrate turning 99? Goodness me, no! He never wants a fuss, ever!"

Philip has been in isolation at Windsor Castle with the Queen since before Easter which has been the longest amount of time the couple have spent there together for as long as anyone can remember, an insider noted. 

Since he retired in 2017, the duke has largely resided at Wood Farm on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate – aside from the occasional visits to Windsor and a longer summer stay at Balmoral.

In other royal news, we told you how the Queen developed a ‘good left hook’ when she was young after having fights with Princess Margaret despite being close

And the Queen has banned the royal family from playing Monopoly as it ‘gets too vicious’.

Meanwhile Meghan Markle has been secretly working with animal charity as it battles funding crisis during coronavirus lockdown.

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Build Up Your Lower Back Strength With This 4-Move Series

Men’s Health/Eric Rosati

If you sit for too long, you’re probably going to experience some low back pain. You might think that ailment comes from an issue with your posture—maybe you hunch forward too much, so that you’re back is more rounded than straight. You might not be totally wrong. But the reason you’re feeling achey where you are might not be why you expect.

“I think people immediately assume their low back pain is associated with the low back—but more often than not it’s typically because of the joint right below, the hip,” says trainer Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S.

If you want to be proactive to prevent this malady, try supplementing your workouts with exercises to help reinforce the connection the lower back has with the muscles of the pelvis/hips by building strength. “The muscles of the low back stabilize the spine, while the muscles of the hip are what moves the spine,” says Atkins. “Thus, hip dominant or butt exercises are what are going to help strengthen the lower back.”

Atkins shared this four-move bodyweight workout as a quick way to do just that, which you can use as part of your routine or as a standalone series. (You can also try the stretches in the article linked above, or these exercises.)

But remember, if you’re feeling more than just an ache, don’t try to work through the hurt yourself. “Obviously get checked out by your doctor, especially if pain is chronic,” Atkins says.

Complete 10 reps of each exercise with a 3-second pause at the top (isometric hold)

Hip Raise – Pause at the top, lower down slowly

SwimmersLift your thighs and opposite arm off the ground, just enough to feel the contraction in the back with a 3-second pause

Single-Leg Hip Raise

Hip Hinge – Stand in front of a wall, then press the tailbone to the wall as you hinge

“Instead of banging these exercises out, try slowing everything down and connecting your breath to the movement,” Atkins advises.

Want to learn more moves from Atkins? Check out our series full of her workout tips, Try Her Move. You can also take on her new 30 day challenge in our streaming All Out Studio app, check out her Le Sweat workout app, and follow her on Instagram to find out when she’s hosting live workouts from her living room.

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My son, five, plays video games for six hours-a-day & spent £700 of my money online – but it's easier than watching him

TV presenter Naomi Isted has revealed she lets her five-year-old son play video games for up to six hours a day, admitting it's easier than constantly watching him.

The mum-of-two, 40, from Epping, Essex, is adamant the screen time doesn't do IT whizz Rocco any harm – saying it's safer than him running around all day.

But it's far from a cheap alternative to a babysitter, with the primary school kid racking up a £700 PayPal bill during lockdown – by buying in-game purchases and toys on eBay and Amazon.

Baffled parents Naomi, a presenter and content creator, and Haydn, 46, who works in property, haven't even been able to gets refunds on most of it – but there's no plans to keep Rocco offline long term.

Naomi has been homeschooling Rocco during lockdown and he returned to primary school part-time on Tuesday.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Naomi explains all…

Rocco's loved tech from a really young age, he'd play games on my phone or iPad from about 18 months.

He'll play on anything he can get his hands on – phones, iPads, laptops. He's so cheeky, he'll try and sneak my phone away from me, or go into our bedroom and grab my phone while I'm in the shower.

Rocco also has his own iPad but it's one of our old ones, we didn't buy it specially for him.

Minecraft and Roblox are his favourite apps – Roblox has hundreds of different games on it.

He's so much of a tech whizz that, within a day of lockdown, he developed four of his own games on Roblox.

I need to keep him occupied – when he's playing on his computer I know he's safe, not running around the house where he could fall and hurt himself

He was like ‘Mummy you’ve got to look at my studio I’ve built some games’. I was like ‘what?’

If he could, Rocco would sit on his iPad all day. I let him play for up to two hours if I'm on a work call and I'm distracted – we break it up but he could be on there for six hours over the course of a day.

I need to keep him occupied when I'm working. When he's playing on his computer I know he's safe, not running around the house where he could fall and hurt himself.

I also know it’s going to keep him quite quiet, so if I get a phone call he won’t be screaming or fighting with his sister Fleur, 10, in the background.

But his hobby is definitely not cheaper than a babysitter. We don't know how he does it, but Rocco has spent £700 during the last eight weeks of lockdown.

He keeps getting into Haydn and my PayPal accounts. He buys Robux, which you use as currency in Roblox, and in-game purchases on Minecraft.

Rocco even bought Paw Patrol toys for himself for his birthday and has ordered stuff off Amazon.

We have no clue how he does it, we've put all the parenting controls on and he's still ordering things.

I think it's been going on for a while – in the past I'd get an alert on my phone for £1.99 or £5.99 going out, and I'd think nothing of it.

But at the start of lockdown, I got a notification saying 'you've spent £89 with the Apple Store'. I thought 'I haven't ordered anything', so I checked and realised he'd ordered Robux.

At the start of lockdown, I got a notification saying 'you've spent £89 with the Apple Store'. He's also bought Paw Patrol toys and stuff off Amazon

Last week, he made a £300 order for Final Cut Pro editing suite. I can laugh about it now but it definitely wasn't funny at the time.

I was horrified, I assume he thinks he's going to start making YouTube videos or something.

They wouldn't give me a refund and neither would Minecraft or Roblox, even though I explained what had happened, which was really disappointing.

When we realised, we told Rocco it was unacceptable and took away his devices for 24 hours, but he doesn't seem to care as he keeps doing it.

We'll change our passwords but he somehow still manages to buy stuff.

Haydn and I have a basket where we put our iPads and laptops when we're trying to keep Rocco off tech.

He's even worked out how to watch YouTube and play games on the smart TV, so we have to hide the remotes from him now.

When Rocco was younger, everyone told me 'you can't have your kids on technology, especially when you're in social media'.

But when you're on your phone all day, how can you tell your kids you can't do the same?

I’m sure lots of parents will think I’m crazy but I don’t care. My kids are actually safer because I understand all these apps they’re on

Rocco's definitely going to work in tech and I think when your kids have a gift from a young age, you should embrace it.

At the beginning of lockdown, I spent four weeks trying to set up computer mirroring so I could link my laptop to the big screen.

It wasn't until I said 'Rocco can you help me?' that he set it all up for me.

He found the cables, downloaded the software, changed the system preferences and he’s five, it is insane.

You can tell he’s got a gift and is very tech savvy. And you know what? He enjoys it.

We've had to set boundaries during lockdown, because he'd be on the computer all day if he could.

Every time I try to get him out for a bike ride, he’ll have a meltdown because he doesn't want to stop playing, screaming and crying.

But when he eventually gets outside, he absolutely loves it. It's all about balance, he's not playing video games all day every day.

When you're on your phone all day, how can you tell your kids you can't do the same?

I know there are a lot of parents who don't agree with their kids having tech, but my job revolves around the internet.

Social media can be scary but if you're a parent who never goes on TikTok or Instagram, I think that's more of a danger than someone like me who understands how it all works.

I’m constantly checking what he's doing, so I know he’s not on there messaging strangers.

I’m sure lots of parents will think I’m crazy but I don’t care. My kids are actually safer because I understand all these apps they’re on.

You can't have an old school mentality when you're bringing up kids, they'll just go on there behind your back.

Naomi has just published her first kids' book, inspired by Rocco. You can buy Teleporting to Funland here.

She also co-hosts a parenting podcast, called Manic Mums, with comedienne Francine Lewis. You can listen here.

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Queen coronation crown: What crown did the Queen wear for her coronation?

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953 in Westminster Abbey. She is the sixth Queen to have been crowned at the location in her own right, the first being Queen Mary on October 1, 1553. The Queen succeeded to the throne after her father, King George VI, died while she was in Kenya.

What did the Queen wear to her coronation?

The Queen’s coronation dress is iconic, and unsurprisingly it was designed just for the occasion.

The dress was designed by British Fashion designer Norman Hartnell.

It was made of white satin and embroidered with the emblems of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in gold and silver thread.

The Queen has only worn the dress six times since, including to the Opening of Parliament in New Zealand and Australia in 1954.

The dress was accompanied by two different crowns. Read on to find out what they were.

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  • Key ways Prince Charles’ coronation could DIFFER from the Queen’s

What crown did the Queen wear for her coronation?

For the start of the coronation, the Queen wore the George IV State Diadem.

Queen Elizabeth is featured on the Royal Mail postage stamps, and this is the crown she is depicted wearing.

The crown dates back to 1820, and was made for George IV to wear at his coronation in 1821.

He wore it over a large velvet Spanish hat at both the ceremony and during the walk to Westminster Abbey.

The crown was reportedly designed by Philip Liebart, Rundells’ chief designer at the time.

The Royal Collection Trust describes the crown as the following: “Openwork silver frame lined with gold and set transparent with diamonds; narrow band edged with pearls, surmounted by four crosses-pattée, the front cross set with a pale yellow brilliant, and four sprays representing the national emblems of the United Kingdom.”

Today, the Queen wears the crown when travelling to and from the State Opening of Parliament.

This wasn’t the only crown the Queen wore at her coronation, though.

The Imperial State Crown, also known as the Crown of State, is the crown the monarch puts on at the end of the coronation ceremony.

This crown was made for the Queen’s father, King George VI, in 1937.

However, it is closely based on a crown designed for Queen Victoria in 1838 by Rundells.

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Why Queen could hand entire jewellery collection to Kate [EXPLAINER]
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  • Royal stability: What are the risks to the future of the monarchy?

The crown is mounted with several historic stones, including St Edward’s Sapphire, Queen Elizabeth’s pearl earrings, the Black Prince’s Ruby, and more.

Each of these stones has a legend attached, making the crown even more precious and significant.

The Royal Collection Trust explained: “The Imperial State Crown is also used on formal occasions, such as the annual State Opening of Parliament.

“The term imperial state crown dates back to the fifteenth century when English monarchs chose a crown design closed by arches, to demonstrate that England was not subject to any other earthly power.”

The crown is extremely intricate, and so needs a detailed description.

The Royal Collection Trust tells you everything you need to know, the site says: “The Imperial State Crown is formed from an openwork gold frame, mounted with three very large stones, and set with 2868 diamonds in silver mounts, largely table-, rose- and brilliant-cut, and coloured stones in gold mounts, including 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 269 pearls.

“At the front of the crown band is the large cushion-shaped brilliant, Cullinan II, the second largest stone cut from the Cullianan Diamond (also known as the Second Star of Africa). At the back of the band is the large oval sapphire known as the ‘Stuart Sapphire’.

“The two large stones are linked by an openwork frieze, containing eight step-cut emeralds and eight sapphires, between two rows of pearls.

“Above the band are two arches (or four half-arches), each springing from a cross-pattée. The front cross is mounted with a large, irregular cabochon red spinel, known as the ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’.

“In its history the stone was pierced for use as a pendant, and the upper hole later plugged with a small cabochon ruby in a gold slip mount.

“The remaining three crosses are each mounted with a step-cut emerald mounted as a lozenge.”

“The crosses alternate with four fleurs-de-lis, each with a mixed-cut ruby in the centre. Both crosses and fleurs-de-lis are further mounted with diamonds.

“The crosses and fleurs-de-lis are linked by swags of diamonds, supported on sapphires.

“The arches are cast as oak leaves, set with diamonds, each having paired pearl acorns in diamond cups projecting from the sides.

“At the intersection of the arches are suspended four large pear-shaped pearls in rose-diamond caps, known as ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Earrings’.

“The arches are surmounted by a monde of fretted silver, pavé-set with brilliants, with a cross-pattée above, set in the centre with an octagonal rose-cut sapphire known as ‘St Edward’s Sapphire’.

“The Crown is fitted with a purple velvet cap and ermine band. Small plates on the reverse of the ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’ and the ‘Stuart Sapphire’ are engraved to commemorate the history of the Crown.”

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Beauty fan praises Poundland's 'flawless' fake tan which gives instant glow with just one layer

CAN you believe it's time to crack out our summer clothes? Because we certainly can't.

Since lockdown began in March, we've been rotating between different sets of tracksuit bottoms and our legs are looking pastier than EVER for it.

Fortunately, beauty fans are singing the praises of a budget-friendly quick fix fake tan – and it only costs £1. Yes, you read that correctly.

Posting on her Tiktok channel, 23-year-old Brittany swears by the fake tanning lotion TOWIE star Jessica Wright created for Poundland.

Labelling it a "£1 MUST-HAVE", Brittany wrote: "Comes out flawless and so dark with just one layer. Instant results and smells lush."

After just one use, Brittany is left with a streak-free golden glow – and the photos speak for themselves.

Posting photos from her bathroom, the beauty fan looks like she's just got back from a long holiday in the Caribbean rather than being cooped up inside for the past 10 weeks.

Unsurprisingly, Brittany's 9,000 followers are now desperate to try the purse-friendly fake tan themselves.

One replied: "I actually bought this last month haven't tried it yet but I'm definitely going to. It looks amazing on you!"



Fancy yourself as a beauty junkie? Or longing for some time in the sun? If the answer to either of those is a yes, vote in our beauty awards now!

We’re giving away £14,000 worth of amazing prizes – including a once in a lifetime adventure holiday to Peru, 4 Dyson Supersonic Hairdryers, the entire Fabulous Beauty Awards shortlist worth over £3,800 and a Champney’s overnight spa break for two.

You can vote for your fave beauty products and enter the prize draws as many times as you like before 11.59pm on June 7, 2020. 

For more beauty tips and tricks, this TikTok star revealed how to get rid of split ends in just five easy steps & people hail her as a genius.

And Victoria Beckham swears by this £10 shampoo – and it’ll preserve your hair colour during lockdown.

Plus Heidi Klum revealed she uses a £1.50 baby shampoo to wash her face each morning to keep her looking young.

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Woman reveals her incredible lockdown garden makeover after just 'two weeks of hard work' using pallets

A WOMAN has shown off her incredible lockdown garden makeover – which she did using pallets in just two weeks.

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, she shared pics of her concrete back yard before the work.

In the before shots, the space has mismatched furniture, random wood pallets and a tired looking brick wall.

She then shared the catalogue worthy after shots, adding: "Our garden after two weeks of hard work.. worth it – love it !!"

In the new pics, the pallets have been made into wooden benches – before being painted and covered with seat cushions from Amazon costing £44.99.

She also added a large bean bag chair from Amazon.

Stylish black wind breakers now line the seating area, in front of the exposed brick walls, while planters with dozens of flowers have been added.

Laminate flooring, a glass table and outdoor patterned rug complete the look.

Commenting on the post, people gushed: "It's lovely", "What a difference" and "Unbelievable!!!!! Well done".

Others raved: "love the garden especially your flower shelves" and "can I come live with you lol".

And one woman said: "Wow that looks incredible. What a transformation. You must be so happy with it. It’s truly stunning."

Yesterday, a mum showed how she made a hotel-worthy day bed for her patio using old pallets.

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Why you should be using a sourdough starter face mask

Amid several different stay-at-home orders across the U.S., people have found a new love in baking bread. Sourdough, in particular, has been a very popular bread to make. In order to make the bread, you need to create sourdough starter, which is made using flour and water. In one simple recipe on Feasting at Home, you mix equal parts of flour and water, then cover the mixture so that it expands. The following day you discard half of the original mixture and add fresh flour and water into the first mixture, repeating the process over six days.

Insider writer Sarah Bence decided to repurpose the discarded mixture from the sourdough starter and used it as a face mask after seeing a thread on Reddit about it. She reported that the facial resulted in amazing results. “After taking off the face mask, my skin felt super fresh and I even think it looked brighter, too,” Bence wrote. “I was floored by how much better my skin felt. I’d expected a sourdough starter face mask to be a silly experiment, so I was shocked at the difference in my skin and how it felt afterwards.”

Sourdough starter has scientific benefits, but there's no proven dermatological use

Various probiotics are created during the process of creating a sourdough starter, and probiotics are great for the skin. Dermatogist Dr. Keira Barr told Insider, “There is mounting evidence highlighting beneficial effects of probiotics for skin health, and sourdough starter contains a high level of probiotics.” Sourdough starter also produces a lot of lactobacillus, which also has skin benefits. Aesthetician and founder of Nia Natural Beauty skincare Celia O’Grady told Insider, “[The] bacteria shut down production of genes responsible for these ‘aging effects.'” She added that lactobacillus can cause brightening and peeling, which promotes cellular renewal on your skin.

Despite the scientific benefits of probiotics for the skin, Dr. Barr and O’Grady didn’t explicitly approve the use of sourdough starter as a face mask. “It would be hard to recommend how long to leave it on and how often to use as it wouldn’t be for everyone’s skin type,” O’Grady told Insider in addition to warning that it should only be trialed with people who don’t have any skin sensitivities.

Insider writer Bence revealed she has sensitive skin so she refrigerated the mask overnight and then applied it for 10 minutes.

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It's Important For Brands to Show Acne in Beauty Ads, So Why Aren't More?

It’s Important For Brands to Show Acne in Beauty Ads, So Why Aren’t More?

Acne is a widespread, common skin concern. Everyone has experienced a breakout or two at least once in their life. Practically every beauty brand on the market makes a product to target it — be it a concealer to cover or a spot treatment to heal — so why is it so hard to find acne in campaign imagery?

You would think that ads for acne-focused products would display some sort of blemish, but that’s rarely the case. In the beauty industry, when a brand announces it will no longer retouch their models, it’s considered a big deal — and don’t get us wrong, we do commend them for it — but it really should be expected.

It’s important to show examples of diverse models with real skin with pimples, and uneven skin texture, and other imperfections. It normalizes all skin conditions and empowers people to feel confident and naturally beautiful without the need to hide part of themselves. Let us explain.

Why Showing Acne in Beauty Campaigns Matters

“Retouched skin in beauty ads greatly contributes to harmful and unrealistic beauty standards that still exist in the industry,” Jasmine Glass, one of the founders of SPKTRM Beauty, told POPSUGAR. As a brand, SPKTRM Beauty launched under this ideology and has banned retouching on all models from the very start. This decision helps make its marketing materials feel more relatable and authentic, rather than unattainable, but it goes even deeper than that.

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