Woman hits back at trolls who call her an ‘attention seeker’ and a ‘narcissist’ for talking about her sex life online

A WOMAN stripped off to defend herself after continually being called an ‘attention seeker’ and a ‘narcissist’ for openly talking about her sex life online, she claims.

Nadia Bokody, 36, is a self-professed sex-positive commentator who often posts candid snaps and videos about her sexual experiences on her Instagram and Youtube channel.

But her barley-there snaps and honest encounters have left her under attack from online trolls who regularly target her, she claims.

Captioning a snap on Instagram, the Australian love-guru insists that she's "not going to hide her body" and that she's "not going to waste her time on people who judge her".

Alongside the snap of her kneeling on bed wearing nothing but a pair of black knickers, she wrote: "I’m not interested in being the woman you want me to be.

“I’m done with living my life for other people's comfort. With wasting my time and my emotional energy on people who jump to judge me before they've taken time to get to know me and what I stand for. ⠀⠀⠀

“I’m not going to hide my body and stay cloaked in shame to keep myself small for anyone anymore.

“I don't want to associate with people who believe women who proudly f*** and show off their bodies are somehow 'lesser than'.

“That speaking about sex makes me an 'attention seeker' and posting nudes makes me a 'narcissist’.”

Nadia explained that she is "done with worrying whether my body, my sexuality, or my boldness offends someone's sensibilities" and with "being anything but authentically, brilliantly f***ing me."

Adding: “If you don't like it, you know where the unfollow button is. My body is mine and mine alone.”

She continued by saying: "Part of owning your sexuality means you don’t have to accept being objectified against your will.

"For that reason, I’ll be blocking and deleting every man who uses this post as an excuse to objectify my body in a public forum.

"Ironically almost all of whom won’t even bother to read this because they place my value in my external appearance rather than in my words. Sorry, not sorry."

The post was supported by a huge amount of Nadia's 60k followers with many admiring her honesty, willpower and bravery in speaking out.

One fan wrote: “Love you and what you stand for!!! You are beautiful inside and out, always stay that way.”

Another said: “I love your honesty and everything you stand for. Thank you for being YOU.”

And a third added: “You have an amazing spirit – such an inspiration to women.

“We all need to unlearn what we’ve been conditioned to in how ‘ladies’ should behave. You my hero.”

Nadia, who confessed to being a sex-addict, revealed how she ‘broke’ her vagina after using her vibrator SIX times a day.

And she explained how a cushion could be a ‘game-changer’ to having better orgasms.

Meanwhile  people are warned not to masturbate with homemade sex toys after a rise in people using iPhones, cucumbers and even pestles.

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