People are sharing an easy hack to prevent ‘chub rub’ using hold-ups – and there are other unmissable tips too – The Sun

AS THE temperature hits highs of 34C this week, people have been discussing ways to avoid uncomfortable and painful chafing between the things.

Many women fall victim to 'chub rub' – the slang name given to chafing between the thighs – every year due to soaring temperatures.

And as the mercury rises, we sweat more, which adds to the pain caused by chafing.

In extreme cases, chub rub can cause the skin to break or come up in spots.

Determined not to let chub rub ruin her summer plans, people are sharing a genius hack for avoiding chafing between the thighs.

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do it, one user suggested: "One for those lovely ladies who suffer from chub rub."

"If you have a pair of hold ups in the draw, cut the bottoms and make your own chub protectors, cooler and cheaper than cycling shorts," she explained.

The tights create a barrier between the thighs, meaning there's less chance for skin-on-skin rubbing to occur.

Several fashion brands have started selling anti-chafe products – although they don't come cheap.

M&S's Cool Comfort Ani-Chafing shorts cost £12, while Next sell a pair for £10 and ASOS's version retails for £8.

Dry shampoo and deodorant were also suggested as tried-and-tested ways to stop chub rubOther members of the Facebook group shared their own tried-and-tested hacks to avoid discomfort in hot weather.

Toiletries like deodorant and hair products were recommended by others as road-tested chafe-busting methods.

One woman suggested: "Batiste dry shampoo. Saves my LIFE."

Another said: "Roll on deodorant works fantastic I did it when I was bridesmaid worked all day and night."
Similarly, several posters sang the praises of Liquid Talc, a 90p baby-safe moisturiser designed to avoid chafing.

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